2016-02-05 Sentinel Observation
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Players: Phantasm Natasha Ojin Spacetime
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Title: Sentinel Observation

Midtown Manhattan, or simply Midtown, represents the middle portion of the borough and island of Manhattan in New York City, as noted along the long axis of the island. Midtown is home to some of the city's most iconic buildings, including the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and the United Nations Headquarters, and it contains world-famous commercial zones such as Rockefeller Center, Broadway, and Times Square. Midtown Manhattan separates Lower Manhattan from Upper Manhattan.

This part of Manhattan is home to several businesses and attractions, being home to Stark Tower and Grand Central Station. It is one of the busier sections with frequent traffic jams and impatient pedestrians. From here, one can enter the subway's major terminal, or head off to Grammercy Park, the Upper East Side or back to Manhattan's lower areas.

Since New Years Eve, Sentinels have been a constant presence in Manhattan. They've become fixture of 'Mutant Law Enforcement' and the one law they were enforcing… 'No Mutants'.

This has lead to the Academy of Tomorrow being completely observed and watched by the giant menacing machines. There are two tall Senintel Warriors standing outside of Stark Tower's main entrance and with Tony Stark busy elsewhere they sit here uncontested by him or the SHIELD-alligned Avengers.

A few times a week the monsterous machines come to life when they spot a Mutant and they instantly begin to move, ordering Humans to stand back and flee the scene, as they move to apprehend the detected mutants… though occurances of this have begun to slow down in recent weeks.

Another day, another Host. That tends to be Ojins life as he works towards unknown goals. Having been living on earth so long, he has started to keep up with much of the human news circulating around. He often rolls his eyes at the idea of sentinels and the 'no mutant' laws saying "Humans are going to make themselves go instinct before they know it"

But of course, that life for you. As it stands, whoever his 'volounteer' host is, happens to be a mutant with only one power. The power to fly. Of course this wasn't on display for all to see, as he was crusing throw New York. More or less hoping his alien dna will mask the Mutant dna. That being said he did his best to avoid any Sentinels. Untill today when he had forgotten himself and was passing near Stark Towers.

Spacetime has been in a pretty unpleasant mood since he was flagged down and shown that video on someone's phoen. And he's been pretty active lately. While he hasn't attacked any Sentinels directly yet, he has been stepping in and ferrying mutants detected to safety. Teleporting them away before the giant metal monsters can get to them. The costumed teen has been considering some more direct strikes though. Like right now, perched atop of a sign not far from the Academy, he's frowning in the direction of the Sentinels. He may not know much about that school but as far as he's concerned, giant killer robots should not be near it. He's just not sure how he can do anything about it at the time.

Standing in the lobby of Stark Tower, a less than enthused Mike stands, arms crossed as he looks to the guards stalking the school. "How is robots kidnapping children from schools NOT a crime? And protecting children is?" He growls.

Natasha stands up beside Mike, holding a cup of coffee in both of her hands she peers out the glass of the front lobby beside him. "Because the people who create these things believe that mutant children are inferior to human children. They've convinced themselves that they're no better than dangerous stray dogs that need to be put in kennels, or put down entirely." Nat said to Mike, glancing over at him before taking a sip of her coffee. She was in her black SHIELD bodysuit and had her LTL pistols strapped to her thighs.

The Sentinels remain motionless, almost like they're slumbering, outside of Stark Tower.

Ojin continues on his path to go by Stark Tower. Technicaly going inside would be ideal… but he had a few things to do first. But none the less as he gets closer and eventualy ends up in front of them, he looks up at the seemingly slumbering robots. "Heh. Same, so many good parts in yea, and being put to waste" he murmers to no one. Even as people who pass by give him an odd look for talking up at the things. He seems to be considering something as he places his hands in his pockets.

When he spots a person approaching the Sentinels, Spacetime perks up. That's potential trouble right there. The costumed teen tugs his hood up over his head and teleports a little closer. Staying out of sight still, Spacetime is ready to move in should the need arise. "Go ahead, ya rustbuckets…make a move. I'll show ya…" he trails off quietly to himself. A beat later, he sighs. "Really gotta stop talking to myself. Sounds crazy."

Mike sighs, eyeing another person wandering nearby, idly wondering. "We have every visible angle covered and mic'ed?"

"All of Manhattan's security system's are at full alert and have been for over a month now." Natasha replied as she took another sip from her drink. She watched as the flow of pedestrian traffic continued outside, as well as the typical packed and busy street here in the heart of the city.

When Ojin's host approached the Sentinels, they didn't move… they just rested there in continued motionless silence. At least, for about a minute anyway! "People of Manhattan. Please clear the area." A robotic voice suddenly boomed as the Sentinels both suddenly woke up and their arms began to reach outward!

This caused a wealth of panic to flood the streets, cars started honking as people began to run out into traffic to try to get away from the machines that were now taking steps forward toward Ojin's location.

There a 'heh' from Ojin. He moves surpingly fast as he backs away just out of reach of those sentinels hands! But than he stops. These guys were really pissing him off. He actualy cracks his knuckles "You know what. I haven't had enough destruction lately. Perhaps I'll take you out." Sure, Ojin was fine with this and all that, the internal Host though was alot more aprehnsive… not that anyone could really tell at the moment

"Oh crud, showtime," Spacetime yelps to himself, jumping up out of his hiding spot and vanishing in a flash of light. He reappears near Ojin and points up at the Sentinels. "Alright, you ruiners of the color purple! Back off and go back where ya came from. You're causing way too much panic here in the city," he calls up at the robots, not recognizing Ojin at the moment. He glances at Ojin and then back to the Sentinels. "And I know you can hear me so don't go ignoring me again! It's just rude."

Not hearing the command with the two of them indoors, Mike merely assumes that something was said when the sentinels start moving towards someone. He frowns, "…I think I know that gu-" He pauses as Spacetime appears next to him. "…and him too." Posture relaxing, he steps back slightly to observe. "Tonight's footage is going to be a bust. I think." He glances downward, shaking his head, concealing the shifting of his features as he taps into his abilities, just in case.

Natasha gets onto her comms and she starts to report the Sentinel action. "Alert the NYPD." She adds to those over the comm.

The Sentinels don't seem dismayed or afraid of any opposition presented to them as civilians on the street scream and run from the robots. Horns honking, tires squealing and the New Yorkers yelling all quite loudly mixes in with the voices of the Sentinels speaking toward Ojin. "Surrender peacefully. You will be detained for your safety." They said as the one on the right of Ojin sweeps in to try and forcefully grab the mutant host.

When a symbiote comes from Space with advanced technlogy…. and combat training. It rather comes in handy. Reflex kick in and as that hand nears, they jump upon the hand "For my safty? May I remind you… Sentinels… that your sending mutants, to an island. WIthout providing food, water or even appropiate shelter." Okay, they may not have A.I advanced enough to comprehend such concepts, but hey it what he is used to

Regardless the symbiote provides the Host with a number of abilities. From Superstrength to enhanced reflexes. WIth that in their minds, they jump up and actualy attempt to punch the sentinel in the head!

Spacetime just ends up scowling when the Sentinels ignore him again. "I know I'm not invisible. I mean people see me…people hear me…" he trails off, cracking his knuckles. Just as he's about to react to the Sentinel attacking Ojin, he ends up staring instead as Ojin leaps into action. Jumping back himself, he sighs. "Hey! Jumpy guy! Don't let them touch you!" he warns. "They have freaky disintergrating fingers!" the costumed teen goes on, keeping close eye on the robots for an opening to attack.

Mike grows quiet from his vantage point in the lobby while the two mutants fight the Sentinels outside the building. He fades from view.

Natasha, watching all of it unfold… was unable to participate. As much as she wanted to, she knew that even if these sentinels were destroyed, two more would spring up in their place more than likely. So she glanced over when Mike vanished then shook her head and sipped her coffee, but remained within Stark Tower's lobby… watching through the glass wall windows.

The Sentinels outside progressed toward Ojin, and when he sprang up at them and took a swipe they did not try to avoid it. The one he hit took the hit and its head turned slightly but then its glowing eyes just locked onto Ojin and tried to grab him with the giant metal hand it used to teleport Mutants away!

The other sentinel looked to Spacetime and its yellow eyes flashed brightly. "You are not Mutant. Please leave the area. For your safety." It told Spacetime. "If you do not vacate the area, you will be detained." The 2nd Sentinel said toward the costumed teen.

Ojin reflex contine to kick in. He jumps over the sentinels head and onto the other shoulder as the hand come for him. He was quick and he knew how to fight. Once on the other shoulder, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out one of his twin pistols. These specity guns hailing from space, are made to do damage and shoot energy instead of metal bullets. He turns the pistol on the sentinel and shoots right into the eye "Going to have to do better than that you bucket of (insert alien swear here)!"

"Oh sure, now ya notice me," Spacetime sighs. Seeing the one Sentinel go all glowy fingers, he gets an idea. "Y'know what?" he asks, concentrating and opening a pair of portals. One opens in front of the hand of the Sentinel reaching with the glowing fingers and another opens next to the head of the Sentinel that spoke to him. If all goes according to plan, the Sentinel hand will reach through the first portal and come out the other just like it were reaching through a hole in a wall and smack the second finger in the face with a teleporting hand. "Talk to the hand!"

It's really not supposed to be this bright at this time of the evening, even in NYC. But as the portals are opened and the symbiote starts to shoot the area becomes bright as noontime on a clear summer day. And the sentinel that had the teleporting hand portaled towards its head gets hit in the back by that brightness, which takes the shape of a costumed woman with wings made from sunlight and flame. The woman is small, but she hits the sentinel with the force of twenty wrecking balls with the intent of making it not capable of dodging that teleporting hand. Her voice rings out, clearly audible for the full city block, EVERYONE GET AWAY FROM THE AREA! STOP GAWKING AND MOVE, NEW YORKERS!

When Ojin fires his space blaster into the Sentinel's eye it bursts into a shower of sparks and the robot actually makes an audible 'Gah!' sound as it takes a step back and then slams its massive metal hands up to try to smash Ojin between the left hand and its teleporting hand! With one eye not functional the robot twists its head fully around to stare at Ojin, hoping to deal with this mutant in a prompt use of force.

The 2nd Sentinel that Spacetime and Ember have engaged seems to not be quite as dumb as they'd hoped. It did not just leap its parts into the created portal and instead it pauses and moves to the side, chasing after Spacetime. "You will now be detained under jurisdiction of the United States government!" It demands over its internal loudspeaker… But thats when Ember does slam into it and the 2nd Sentinel is sent flying toward the street! It slams into a row of cars and roills overtop of them, leaving a shower of glass and hoking horns… and likely very very injured civilians who may have been left inside the vehicles.

Police sirens roar up onto the scene and the NYBD Blue start pouring out of those white and blue cars. "Cease this action immediately!" One of the cops shouts over a loud speaker. "Disperse or we'll open fire!" But were they talking to the Sentinels or the 'mutants' fighting the Sentinels?

Ojin smirks as the sentinel insisted on trying to hit him. But upon the arrival of the police, as well as the the sentinel trying to once again hit him. He manages to jump off and land on the ground with a loud thump. For the moment he freezes, his eyes on both the Police in question and the sentinels. He was Thankfull ofr Ember and SpaceTime help. But for the moment he waits.

Chaos busts out before Spacetime can make a quip. He looks from the damage to the cops and then to the flying smashing lady. "Are you stupid?!" he calls up at her. The cops get an annoyed look from the costumed teen. "Put away the guns! People in those cars are hurt thanks to the stupid robot and need help," he insists, vanishing from the spot. He reappears near one of the smashed vehicles, looking inside to check on the person inside. "Oh man…"

When the sentinel she rammed into doesn't get teleported away, but instead careens into the rush hour traffic jam, Wishfire goes into crisis prevention mode. The robot has moved too far forward for her to do any good by draining its kinetic energy into herself… gravity would just take over again. But what she /CAN/ do is soften its fall and keep people from dying from her grandstanding. So she flies ahead of the falling sentinel and expands her aura AND her core outwards, adding mass but making herself pliant instead of rigid.

What it looks like from the perspective of those watching, Wishfire vanishes from where she was and then there's what look like a giant gel mat with gaps around the cars suddenly there keeping the sentinel's mass from crushing or killing anyone while they get out of their cars. And while she's doing this she's also looking at ever inch of the sentinel's body that's in contact with her, looking for gaps that she can get in through. They don't have to be huge. An air vent or seam between armor plates is enough. But inside is where she can do serious damage, which is her goal in this. She /wants/ this sentinel to think its in serious danger.

Thankfully Ember's powers kept the damage to the cars in the street at a minium considering the magnitude of the impact that could've occurred had the mutant not had quick thinking, however many people are at least badly injured inside their vehicles… but thats the joy of fighting giant robots with wild super powers, isn't it? The unfortunate collatoral damage.

The 2nd Ssntinel, that had previously been going after Spacetime was now out of commission though… and the first was still standing there, with one good eye trained right onto Ojin. It paused and looked toward the row of police cars who all had their guns trained on the entirity of the scene… The police just watched to see if they were all going to abide by their demands to 'stop'—-

Beside Natasha, Mike reappears, smiling as he keeps his hands in his pockets. "Good to go." He looks to her, appearance still a bit of 'phantasm' off. "Think we got anything good outside?"

There a reason why Ojin was keeping an eye on both the police and the sentinels. When that teleportation hand comes down, Ojin rolls out of the way. It wasn't a very good roll, but it was a roll none the less. He was now officaly annoyed! But one thing about Ojin is… he can be marketedly patient and he looks towards the sentinels. He makes his intention quite clear "That hunk of (alien swear) tries hitting me one more time… and I will blow it's other eye out" this was said more to the police.

He had no time to watch as Ember made that Gel like pad to stop the sentinels fall, nor SpaceTime attempt to help those that were in danger. Hopefully this comes to stop soon before more people are possibly hurt! But hey, they were in good hands. Though he couldn't see what was going in the lobby with Mike and Natasha

Ignoring police for the moment, Spacetime is porting here and there. People are rescued from their cars, moved away from the immediate danger where he can. He recruits any civilians that haven't run to help tend to the injured and call for paramedics. "Hey! If you cops can turn off the giant death-bots, now would be a good time to do it. Before they cause more damage than they already have," he calls to some of the police as he comes back to help open another car up and help someone free.

Not one to just sit there and be used as a doormat by a couple hundred tons of mutant hunting robot, Wishfire shifts her form's mass out from under the fallen sentinel once there is no longer anyone underneath it. Once she's clear she collapses her form to more normal proportions, taking on the winged appearance she's adopted as her Wishfire persona. She places herself in front of the downed sentinel's face and staring into its eyes, "What else do you have, tin man?" She keeps her voice at a normal human level, projecting it exclusively at the sentinel and not to all and sundry like before. "What do you see when you look at me with those scanners of yours?" This is a question she's been wondering the answer to. With no DNA for them to scan, can a sentinel tell that she's a mutant?

In the sky, dipping down through the dying light over Manhattan… there are more Sentinels on the way. Other patrols through the city that have been internally redirected to this location. Four more are coming toward this location.

The lead police officer doesn't seem thrilled about any of this, in his khaki trench coat he slams his cruiser door and starts toward the Sentinel and where Ojin is battling it. "Make a damn road here!" He shouts to some people who pull their vehicles out of the way allowing a row of three ambulances to drive through toward where Spacetime is. The lead officer moves toward the Sentinel that was turning to pursue Ojin. "Stop!" He shouted at the machine with the one eye. "Enough!" the 40-something cop yelled at the metal beast.

The Sentinel listened and turned to face the Cop. It stared at the man with its one functioning eye. "Mutants are to be apprehended upon positive identifica—"

"Shut the hell up!" The lead officer shouted. "Your trashing our city! You touch any god damn mutants tonight and I'm going to slam a city bus RIGHT UP your ass!" He had his .45 calibur handgun in his right hand and he lifted it up and aimed at the Sentinel…. The Sentinel silently stared at the officer, motionless.

Mike sighs, looking to the stand off. "Sentinel vs. Cop now… Think THAT would merit assistance?"

Ojin looks between the Cop and the Sentinel. While he would LOVE to just shoot the sentinel right now. It might not be the best idea. But he also knew the law, that anyone who messed with the Sentinels was aprehendable apprently. He wasn't sure if this applied to officers though.

None the less, his first pistol was ready, though lowered for the moment. And a second one is slid from another pocket and also readied. If that sentinel Made a move fro that officer, or himself… or really anyone, he was going full Gunzerker on that things rear. But for now… it felt like the world just stopped

Spacetime is pretty surprised when the cops actually help. He wasn't expecting that at all. He gives a nod of thanks as the ambulances approach, working with any EMTs to help transport the worst cases where they're needed to go. "I can help back that threat up by the way!" he chimes as he passes behind the cop the way to helping another injured person.

When the downed sentinel doesn't respond to her questions, Wishfire's attention is drawn to the police Captain's actions. She remembers what she was told in her briefing on these things… sentinels can act against anyone that tries to interfere with their mission. And if it does try to do something to the cop she's ready to put herself in harm's way to keep him safe. There's a certain comfort in knowing that there's not much in the world that can do you harm, after all.

*fadey mc fade fade*

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