2016-03-06 Portals, Pizza, and the Paranomal. Oh My!
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Tony Stark, Nolan Voight, Natalia Romanova, and Spacetime
GMed by No one
Title: Portals, Pizza, and the Paranomal. Oh My!

Natasha often brought new recruits here after she beat the shit out of them in training sessions. She rewarded them with cheap pizza and sodas.

Such is the case today… she had an affinity for this rather mundane pizza store and she came here at least once a week. The red headed woman was seated at the second booth on the right when one enters. She has a large soda in front of her and a giant large sized pizza half eaten.

She didn't eat all of that herself, she'd come here with Ben Grimm, but he'd had to leave and she was sitting here now by herself and was reading her iPad.

It may be a mundane pizza place but the person that enters now is anything but. Appearing with a flash of blue light just outside the door, Spacetime makes his way into the pizza place in full costume. The pizza may be cheap but his new friend has him craving the staple of the teenage diet once more. Flashing a grin to the people that look his way, Spacetime makes his way over to the counter.

Tony has been staying out of public view as of late. This is the first time he has been out and he settles across from Natasha taking her drink and sipping at it before taking a bite of pizza. He raises a brow as Cole appears and he glances back at Natasha.

"Ew, Germs." Natasha said in a dry tone of voice as she watched the billionaire playboy take a drink from her soda cup. She gave him a lopsided grin before noticing the arrival of the boy wonder in his fancy suit. "There's a familar face." She said, loud enough for Cole to hear her. She remembered him from his Sentinel harrassing outside of Stark tower. "Some fancy powers you got there, kid." She said to him.

With some pizza and soda of his own paid for thanks to the giftcard Phantasm gave him, Spacetime perked up when he heard Natasha. At first he didn't know she meant him, glancing around. When she mentions powers though, he flashes a grin. "Thanks. They're pretty handy," he chimes.

Tony smirks at Natasha, "First time I've heard you complain." he winks playfully while setting her soda down. He then glances over at the other a moment though says nothing.

Natasha motioned toward the pizza in front of her, it was a hefty sized pizza and Ben had only dug into half of it before he'd had to go. "If you'd like you can have the rest of this." She said to Cole. "My thanks for the efforts you put forth against those Sentinels." Thought Natasha had never stepped outside of Stark Tower during that fight, she'd witnessed it all from within the building's lobby.

Nat looked over at Tony and gave him a smirk. "Where have you been, anyway?" She asked him. "I thought you and Pepper were engaged. Was I not invited to the wedding?" She inquired.

Spacetime hums curiously as he takes a sip of his soda, looking at Tony. "Wait…aren't you…" he trails off, trying to place the name but having a little mental roadblock. Then Natasha brings his attention to the pizza and Cole's eyes wide behind his goggles. "Oh man…you mean it?" he asks. And then he pauses, looking like the kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "Against the Sentinels?" he asks with a nervous chuckle. "What efforts do you mean?" he's not sure if he's supposed to be laying low or not still.

Tony is eating a slice of that pizza, "Tony Stark." he introduces himself to the guy. Looking at Natasha, "I;ve been here and there. No not married." he pokes her in the side with a finger. "You will be in the wailing section." is teased with a wink.

The door to the franchise pizzaria opens with a lound tinkle of the bell and in bolts a lanky, skinny, acne-ridden greasy haired teenager clutching an empty delivery bag. He scoots past patrons, weaves around the counter and almost literally dives through the interior double doors to the kitchens, much to the wide eyes of his fellow employees and more than a few partrons. Of course, being New York, everything will go back to normal with people talking and filling there pizza pie holes in 5… 4… 3… 2…


The outer door opens almost before it has fully closed and in stumbles/limps.. a redheaded guyin a slightly rumbled suits, overcoat and one of those forearm crutches where you slide the arm through the hoop to grab the handle.. There is a clinking sound of a mettal sturrup from the steal and teather brace strapped to his leg. The guy doesn't look ocverly happy, his eyes (mismatched, one blue and one amber) darting around. "Where is that little…" The door closes behind him and he quickly looks over his shoulder. "Yes, I'm sure he came in here" he hisses to.. well.. no one.. Realizing that some people may be looking at him he clears his throat, straightens as best as he can, and limps towards an empty chair. "… What am I doing?" he half whispers out of the side of his mouth as if someone was next to him. "The Kid can't go out the back. He'll come out eventually." He pulls out the chair with the end of his cane and with a painful wince as his braced leg bends, sits down.

Natasha watched Tony grab one of the slices of the pizza and she grinned faintly. "Have at it, but you better hury, Stark here has his game face on for the gluttony competition." She felt the poke to her side and looked back to Tony. "I imagine Pepper would be thrilled to hear that." She told him with a growing smile. To Cole again though, she nodded once. "You've done good out there. I know that much at least."

When Nolan made his entrance she watched him quite curious to see this man's odd actions. The super spy leaned back in the booth she was in and looked over at him when he finally sat down.

"Everything all right there, sir?" She asked him in an flat and even tone of her husky-hued voice.

Pulling up a chair, Spacetime sits down and reaches out to add some slices to the two he bought himself. He pauses when Tony reveals his name though, almost choking. He takes a swig of soda and then shakes the offered hand. "-The- Tony Stark? Like…Stark Tower Tony Stark? Sam's dad?" he asks, memory clearing up a bit more. He looks to Natasha curiously, trying to remember if he's run into her before but the sudden entrances from first the guy with the bag and then Nolan have him frowning. "Okay, I know pizza's awesome but what's the rush?" he jokes. "He's talking to nobody, right?" he whispers towards the other two people at the table with him.

Tony chuckles a bit at the reaction of Cole, "The one and only." he too does look over at the arrival rather confused but lets Natasha do the talking here. "Not sure." he tells Cole lightly. This is the city and he has seen his fair share of others talking to themselves and act weird.

Nolan was setting his canecrutch aside, leaning it against the table, as the femme fatale leans over to speak to him. "Wha…?" The cripple quickly turns his head to her and her friends direction and for a second his eyes go VERY wide as he stares at the (maybe) ex-assasin. The look is strange, his eyes having a manic quality yet.. vague.. almost spaced.. like he is looking THROUGH her a moment. "Is… Oh.. /OH/. Yes.. Yes. Everything is fine." he says, his Native new Yorker accent easily discernable as is the fact he may be lying a little. This mismatched eyes dart to the kitchen doors again, narrowing, then back to her and her table. "Just in a rush, ya know. Hungry and all that…" he quickly picks up the flyer sized menu and tries to look casual… mumbling to himself.. "… Yeah I saw… How could I MISS that much Dark… The other guys seem harmless… No, I think I'm gonna have the Hawaiian… Sue me, I'm hungry…" Okay, it's more like a hushed conversation with himself. "Hey, just because YOU don't eat any more doesn't mean I don't… Yes, Pineapple is a viable topping… Fine, go back to Little Italy then and I'll do this myself… You know /your/ old pizzaria is now an adult theatre right?" The waiter or whatever you call them at Dominoes walks up, looking skeptically at Nolan. He peers up from his menu, clearing his throat and grinning. ANd ordrs a Medium Hawaiian, no sauce, triple cheese with added bacon. And a Diet Coke.

Natasha watched Nolan's little display there and she then swept her gaze back toward Tony and Cole. "Well. I guess this is the joys of living in the big city." She said with a faint smirk then. His stare at her had definitely put an uncomfortableness inside of her form, but she was able to overcome such feelings. She nodded to Cole. "He might adopt you if you need it." She said to Cole and then flashed another grin over to Tony. "I'm still waiting to e adopted too you know." She said that last bit in a softly mocking tone of voice.

Tony sticks his tongue out at Natasha, "Oh hardy har har,,, You couldn't handle me being your daddy." he grabs her cup and stands up goig to refill it for her or himself most likely.

"Oh, okay. Just trying to make sure there's not someone actually there and I'm the only one that can't see them. I mean I'm weird already but that would be extra -weird-," Spacetime continues to try being funny. He gets through two slices of pizza during Nolan's display and is just taking a sip of his drink when Nat makes her joke. And cue Cole almost choking again, coughing a few times and tapping his fist against his chest. "I uh…" he trails off, laughing a bit awkwardly again. Trying to not linger on that thought or connected issues, Cole leans back a little to look at Nolan. "You can tell the little invisible dudes on your shoulders I'm with you. Pineapple is totally a viable topping," he keeps the jokes coming.

Nolan leans back in his chair, leafing through the few pages of the menu, then shakes is head and tosses it aside. He leans forward, elbow on table and chin in palm, his other hand (this one in a fingerless glove, the skin HEAVILY scarred and twisted and the faint signs of prison tattoos on the knuckles) rapping out some random pattern on the formite. He rarely lets his eyes wander from those damned doors, staring at them as if he could burn a hole in it. He only BARELY glanced at Tony as he gets up to refill Natasha's drink, a thoughtful look on his face as he eyes the millionaire. ".. And how do YOU know he's rich?.." he whispers to the empty seat next to him. "No.. I don't recognize him… Tony who?…" he pauses and then blinks as if he got some kind of answer. "No shit?!? Huh.. I thought he looked more like Robert Downey Jr…" he frowns and looks back over his shoulder at the young man… with almost the same piercing stare he gave Nat a moment earlier. "One, The dudes are /a/ dude.. and a /Lady/. Two, She's sitting NEXT to you, not on my shoulder. Three… he pauses a second, head canted as if listening to something.. Youve been skimping on the laundry, young man. You need a /separate/ pair of underwear for each day of the /week/. And you know that anything over 25% cotton makes you break out.

Natasha watched Tony lift up and leave the booth and she watched after him a moment, but he was just off to get more soda for that cup from the machine.

When Cole spoke to Nolan she looked back toward Nolan, watched him… listened to his answer and then regarded Cole again. "Its best to leave that kind of person to their own devices." She softly warned the young Spacetime, her green eyes then glancing down at her iPad in front of her.

Tony returned to the table with his phone out up to his ear and he was chatting with someone about some sort of business. "I'll be right there." He said, setting Natasha's cup down. "Thanks for the pizza, Miss Rushman." He said to Natasha in a teasing voice that she would definitely recognize, but might be missed by others. "Take care, Speedo." Tony said to Cole and stepped outside just as a high-dollar Stark Industries sports car raced up out of no where in front of the Dominos store and Tony put his sunglasses on and stepped outside to move toward the vehicle.

Natasha watched the man leave and she shook her head gently before glancing back down to her iPad. She reached over to grab her cup and take a drink from it.

Spacetime starts out smiling. "Really? I was going for the shoulder-angel and devil thing. I mean last time mine were Link and Gannondorf which totally explains why I-" he stops suddenly when Nolan brings up what the invisible woman says. The color drains from his features, eyes wide behind his goggles. He tries to hide it but there's definitely some pain as he reaches up to put a hand to his head. "Wh-what?" he asks, voice almost a whisper. It feels like something he should recognize but he can't figure out why. His gaze flicks up to Natasha a moment and he offers a little shaky nod before looking back at Nolan. "You…do you…who…you know me?" he asks, missing that Tony's left the building.

Nolan 's eyes have locked on young cole, the blue one seeming to become cold.. oh so cold.. true cerulean. While the amber one almost churns molten with gold flecks. "Know you? No." he says, his voice slightly raspier now. "I know /things/. Whispers here. Snippets there. But hey, I'm just some crzy eccentric young man, right? Maybe You should probably heed the widowmaker's advice, dude. I mean, she /should/ know when to leave people to their own devices, if not her own." he gives Nat a meaningful look… and maybe a bit sad. "Not that we always get a choice."

Nolan's soda arrives, and he picks it up with his god hand, about to take a sip, when it seems he is interrupted by.. whatever. Yeah, the guy is PROBABLY a loon. Hey.. /He/ started it… Yes, Its sad…No, damnit, I dont do pro bono work.. he hisses to the empty chair. He shoots Cole a look, or more exactly, looks past him on each side.. then sighs. Fine… he mumbles and pulls out a small flip open note pad and a pencil HE leans over it.. scribbles something out.. thinks.. scribbles some more, then tears off the sheet and hands itself it down in front of Cole. Youll hafta figure it out, Kid.. Im sorry. he says, almost looking sympathetic. In barely legible handwriting on the paper are the words Oro en paz, fierro en guerra." and the number "92073

Natasha spent several moments just looking at her ipad and reviewing whatever work she had on it. But after a sense hit her that something was up she looked up to Cole and she narrowed her eyes at him. "You okay there?" She asked him, glancing back to Nolan then with an accusatory stare.

Spacetime is quiet, something strange for him. Usually it takes effort to make him shut up. The note from Nolan gets a long look, Cole biting his lip as he tries to figure it out. "I…yeah…thanks," he mutters, accepting the note and staring at it longer. Nat's question makes him jump and he forces a clearly fake smile onto his face. Another awkward laugh and he nods. "Y-yeah. I'm…I'm fine," a clear lie. He slips the note into his belt and glances around before scrubbing gloved hands down his face. "I should…I gotta go. Promised I'd meet Sam…" another lie but he's getting up and opening a portal. Nevermind the swirling blue hole in time and space. Completely normal. He pauses, grabs some more pizza and nods. "Bye. I'll uh…nice to meet you. And thanks for the food," he says, stepping into that portal which closes shortly behind him. Nope, not all that okay.

Most people may stare at a temporal vortex that just suddenly appeared for the young man to step into, but apparently it doesn't really phase Nolan in the slightest. Since he wasn't spoken to, he really shouldn't have anything else to add. But he does. "All water has a perfect memory and is forever trying to get back to where it was." he says, crypticly as he plucks his pizza tray from the waitress who is just gaping at the portal before Cole disapears into it. He sets down the tray and returns Natasha's look, though his is less glare-y now. "He'll be fine." he assures her..

At that exact moment the doors from the kitchen open, just as Nolan is NOT looking. The teen carries a full pizza box high enough to try and hide his face.. Nope, just a generic pizza delivery boy here. But /something/ must tip Nolan off because in one smooth motion he turns and stares in his direction… "Oh good.. Delivery has arrived…" he says as he stands, slipping his good hand into cane's wrist brace and dropping his bad hand to his side.. a dark inkyness flowing down his finger into a whip like shape. He jerks his hand foreward and the whip lashes out, weaving around some people but striking the kid dead in the chest… The kid stiffens, as if he were hit but a taser…. trebles.. and then falls to the ground. But standing where he ONCE stood is a shadow of some sort.. a gost… It looks like an old fashioned Chef from the 1800's crossed with chef boyardee… The semi transparent shade is colorless and holding the delivery the now prone delivery boy was carrying.. making it seem to sort of float in the air.. The shade can't move anything but his eyes, stuck there on the end of Nolan's shadowy whip.

Natasha watches the display of the portal… like everyone else in the pizza place did too…

With a heavy exhale she picked up her ipad and slipped out of the booth she was in. "People need to learn to just use doors and their legs to get around." She muttered before grabbing her leather jacket off of the booth's corner and going to slip it on while she stares at the Crazy Person. But when he turns into this Shade she just exhales then. "Well thats a new one." The agent quietly said.

And thats the thing.. people were STARING at the portal but now… It's like everyone just sat back down and continued eating.. They seem Oblivious to Nolan and the dropped kid.. The ghost. The tendril of strange dark enery linking them.. Only The waitress, who is gawking and Natasha see what is happening.. Which makes Nolan grimace a little. "Crap… I KNOW I shouldn't have talked to you guys.." he murmurs.. and then beside him, as if stepping into his personal space, a similarily greyscale woman appears.. She looks like a 1800's scullery maid. "I told ya, ya daft jig.." she says in a willowy scottish accent. "The veil dinnae work if people were paying ATTENTION to ya.." Another ghost appears next to now, this one looking like a 30's mobster. "She's right, Boss.." Nolan then sighs, a long suffering look on his face as he looks at Nat. "Right… Sorry… COuld we pretend you, uhm.. did't see this? Or this?" he asks, then looks at the trapped Ghost. "Alphonso Caesar… For the poisoning deaths of 28 people you should have went.. wherever you were going. But you didn't." The trapped one seems to struggle but can't break free.. he looks paniced. "If you had just lingered, you would have eventually passed.. But you chose to repeart your crimes.. That cannot stand. So I call upon The takers. The Keepers. I call upon Those-Who-Judge to make swift sentence and take your disgusting soul to wherever it needs be so long as it is out of the Light and passed The Dark." ANd Nolan's eyes become solid black for a moment as another portal appears… It is semi transparent and swirling and made of the opposite of light… LIke a drain it pulls at the ghost who screams, fighting, but hands reach out.. sihouletes that MIGHT have wings.. and they pull him in… and the portal closes.

Natasha rights her jacket on her form and she goes to zip it up to her mid chest while watching Nolan and his odd phantasms appear near him. When he asks her to have not seen any of this she lifted her hands up then and waved them dismissively. "Hey… I went to Shakespear in the Park last summer." She tells him (them?) and shakes her head softly. "As far as I'm concerned, I got enough of this sort of thing then to last me for many more years to come."

She glanced toward the others in the Dominos, waved to the employee she knew well and then stepped toward the doorway, the agent had seen so many odd things in her life that this one… didn't phase her that much.

Nolan 's shoulders slump in relief asNat walks off, that shadowy pall around them lightening as the veil fades. The two other ghosts shakes their heads, the woman resting her slowly evaporating hand on his shoulder. "I'm sure she wilnae blab, Nolan…" The mobster nods in agreement. "Yeah, Boss. She seems ta be a hard lady. Real hard… I mean at all the Ink around…." Nolan quickly makes a hand motion, cutting off the now almost dissapeared pair. "Quiet… she may still hear you… She doesn't need to know what clings to her. Just make sure she's kept an eye on. Triple the rates." Both ghosts make a final nod as they vanish and the veil drops completely. Teh waitress is still staring at Nolan, eyes wide. HE looks at her… his pizza.. then her once more. "So… I can get a takeout box.. right?"

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