2016-02-08 She's a killer in bed
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Players: Lissandra, Mike, and Natasha
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Title: She's a killer in bed

This is a small recovering room with a two medical beds separated by a white cloth curtain. The curtain can be drawn around the beds for privacy or pushed back to allow maximum visibility.
The medical beds are large and comfortable looking, with large computer terminals on either side of them that provide detailed medical information to the professionals tending to their patients.
There's a thirty-inch HD televsion hung on the wall opposite of the medical beds and it provides some measure of entertainment for anyone who might be bed-ridden within this recovering room.
Near the main entrance is another large wooden door that leads into a restroom with a sizeable walk-in shower and a large counter with a big round sink and a huge mirror along the wall.
Overall this is your standard medical recovery room with lots of nice high-tech equipment and an abundance of that eerie hospital feeling in the air.

Natasha had been in here far longer than she wanted too, but she had all of SHIELD pratically making her stay in her bed. She'd gone through all of her 'paper work' for the day and was not in her hospital bed… playing video games.

Ben had brought a video game machine in and hooked it up to the television in the room and she was sitting there in her hospital gown with a controller in her lap and was playing some game called Mortal Kombat, playing as a character called Sonya Blade. "Come on! Horseshit!" Natasha said angrily as she got defeated.

As Natasha plays her game, Phantasm quietly forms upon the other bed in the room, watching her quietly as he slowly becomes visible. "Such language." the wild haired, mirror-imaged musician comments before giving a bit of a smile.

Natasha had laid her head back on her pillow and her red hair pooled around her head. Her eyelids closed and she released a long exhale. When Mike appeared and spoke, she simply responded to him. "Hey there, Mike." She said, not terribly shocked that he'd show up in such a sneaky little way. She did open her eyes again though, and turned her head to look at him. "Come to rescue me from this evil prison they have me in?" She asked him with a faint smile.

Mike's smile twists into more of a smirk. "Like you rescued me from my hospital room when I got hurt?" He looks over to the screen, "Looks like you got a bit more contraband than I got. What's that?"

"Its a disgusting video game that sexualizes women, glorifies violence and rots the brain from the inside out." Natsaha said as she averted her gaze forward to the screen across from her bed. "Its kind of fun too." She told him with a lopsided smirk before she offered the controller over to him. "Even your mysterious powers won't help you when the yellow guy shows up and he rips you in half from you crotch up." Her right hand holding the controlled wiggled it a little, enticingly.

Mike looks to the shaken controler quietly before looking to the screen. "Ah yes. Video game violence. To simulate the violence you can't make yourself while confined to bed." He blinks. "I'm trying to imagine the reactions of the parents who bought these games for their kids."

Natasha laughed at that and she shook her head. "Parents who buy this short of shit for thie children don't pay any attention to what they're children are doing, so long as they're not bothering the parents." She said with a grin. Maybe she was a little bitter? She wasn't able to have kids and she had to live on this world for many lifetimes longer than those who could. She'd witnessed families grow old and die, but she couldn't have one herself, at least not in the traditional sense of the word. "I would've pegged you for an avid 'gamer', Mike." She said. "To be quite honest."

Mike lifts a brow, "You'd need money to get into gaming. And my mom and aunt had little of that." He looks to the screen, "And there's no way in hell mom would have let me get into this even if she did. "

Natasha tilted her head as she stared at him and gave him a wicked sinister grin. "Well now I knwo what you're getting for your birthday, big fella." She said to him with a slow nod of her head. She then groaned and flopped her head back onto the pillow. "I need to get out of here. I can feel my legs yelling at my head. They don't know to sit still this long!" She shot a look back over at Mike. "Hey! Smuggle me out! Do that little… thing you do, the voo-doo-that-you-do and wisk me away out of this sterile prison!"

Mike shakes his head, "Nah. I'm good. Don't need video games. I got music and books instead." He leans forward on his selected perch, looking to Natasha, "Remember. How you helped me 'escape' the hospital when I was laid up?"

Natasha listened to him and she released a light laugh and then groaned again as she flopped herr head back on the pillow. "I choose not to remember that." She told Mike who was casually seated on the other bed in the room. "I have no recollection of what happened on that day." She said in a drab and dry words. The super spy had a severe case of cabin fever…

"It's ok." The phantasmed Rocker replies, smile becoming eirrely creepy as it takes unnatural proportions as he nearly mimics the smile of a Titan. Likely purposefully so. "I REMEMBER…"

Natasha glanced at him when he said this and she huffed out a laugh at him. "Weird as ever, Mike." She replied then and then picked up her video game controller again to load up another fight. Fighting some weird hell beast thing. "I like this Sonya Character." She announced for no particular reason. "I think I might use her name on my next undercover assignment… I just need to ask the tech people if they can design me something that will let me rip people's spines out…"

"Once a performer. Always a performer." Mike responds, owning up to the weirdness. He gestures to the character, "You mean you don't know how to do that already?" Mike asks, expression relaxing as his hair and attire shifts, mirrored appearance fading into that of the normal human mode. "I'm shocked, Nat. Utterly shocked. Disappointed. I just assumed you did."

Lissandra enters during this exchange, all official in her SHIELD uniform and lab coat wearing her medical gauntlets. "I probably could. Might already have something in your size, even. But it'd be a bear finding volunteers for you to practice on." Then she stops for thought while her wheelchair continues the drive over to Natasha's bedside. "On the other hand, we could see about capturing more Hydra goons. Line them up along the wall, maybe?" She's not completely serious on this suggestion. Only about ninety percent. She smiles to Mike and then to Nat. "So let's see how your injuries are doing."

"I've tried it a couple of times, but never any success—" Nat looked over at the door when Lissandra came in and said these things. She smirked at the woman and released an exhale. "I'm right as rain, Doc." She said as she paused the game and sat the controller aside. "I can sit up today, so I think that means I'm ready to be reactivated and put back out in the field, right?" She grinned faintly and then aided the doctor's examination by opening that spot of her hospital gown over her wound on her stomach, not giving a strip-tease by any means though, so its not too awkward!

"Or at least she's ok to go back to the tower?" Mike offers up in a brief display of compassion for the poor assassin.

Lissandra just smirks in the manner of doctors everywhere who don't believe a word of it. "We'll see." Her chair raises up to give her easier access as she probes the wound site with her fingers, the sensors in her medical gauntlets doing the work normally done by larger and more intrusive equipment. "Okay… the picosutures have disengaged. No internal bleeding. Your guts are back in working order, the new-grown tissues are integrating well. And the kidney we pulled the bullet out of is just about finished its growth cycle as well." She looks up at Natasha again and lets out a breath. "You're clear to leave here, Agent Romanov, but will need to wait two more days for the kidney to finish rebuilding before you'll be field cleared. However, because the treatment is also replacing your damaged adrenal glands, you're likely to feel some excess agression. Possibly get sudden fight-or-flight reactions while your body rebalances itself. Keep an eye on that, and keep your weapon safeties on please."

"Huh!" Natasha said after hearing all of that. "I didn't expect that to go quite so well for me." She released a heavy exhale and looked at her game. "Did you hear that, you vile trashy electrotainment? I didn't like you afterall.. its just a side effect of being shot. Violents begets virtual violence. How… grossly poetic." Natasha dropped her game controller onto the desk and then started to detach herself from her bed, apparently preparing to just get up and walk out of the room right now…

Mike shifts himself off of the otherwise unoccupied second bed, moving to his feet as his features shift to the wild haired persona. "Do you want to walk out or take the express way out? Express way has the added benefit of no sense of touch."

Knowing that she's likely to have her patient literally vanish on her any moment, Lissandra gets in the last bits of medical advice. "Last bits, Nat, before Mike goes all Dream Lord. You can eat seasoned foods again, no need for a bland hospital diet. But stay away from anything more spicy than black pepper and don't over-salt anything for the next week or so. Also, I'm not stupid enough to tell you 'no booze', but clear liquor only and keep it under four shots. Let your new kidney ease itself in, right?"

She makes a few hand gestures of typing and sliding against what is empty air to anyone but her. "And in the unlikely event that you have any problems come up in the next day, I'm putting Doctor Andrews on your case." She smiles a bit and looks from her invisible displays to Nat and Mike, "Samuel brought me some presents from Mutant Survivor Island. Sentinel parts that I'll be absorbing tonight. Not sure how advanced they are, so I don't know how long I'll be comatose."

Natasha slipped her legs off of the bed and she dangled them there a moment while she listened to both Mike and then the doctor's orders. "You got it, Doc. It won't be a problem… water and vegatables is all I really want right now." She said with a sigh. She regarded Mike then with her green eyes. "I should stick around the HQ for now. I think the Director is going to want to talk to me." She told him. "I'm going to grab my stuff out of the restroom." And with that Nat got off the bed and she walked toward the restroom on her bare feet on the floor. The 5'3" redhead wearing one of those horribly embarrassing hospital gowns that was open in the back. "Soak it in, you two. Soak it in." She said as she assumed they probably saw everything she had to offer back there before she disappeard into the restroom.

Mike clenches his mouth shut as he looks towards the departing As-Oh GLORY TO YOU LORD-assassin. He turns his head quickly, looking to the floor. "Very well." He turns towards Lissandra, "That reminds me." He reaches into a pocket, pulling out an envelope that appears a little less than real. Upon his dropping it onto the bed in front of Lissandra, it does take the appearance of a regular manilla envelope which is definitely not holding papers. "Something extra for you, doctor."

Lissandra is a doctor and Natasha is her patient. That means her interactions in such circumstances are kept on a strictly professional level. So when Nat does her model walk towards the restroom, all she does is chuckle and say, "I already had you shirtless in my arms, so I'm good. Besides, what would Mr. Grimm say?" This last is said in a pseudo-singsong voice clearly meant to tease.

Then Mike pulls out the envelope and she carefully picks it up and looks inside. She carefully avoids touching the parts as she pulls out the photos. "These are from a sentinel as well?" She smiles at Mike gratefully, then gives a dramatic sigh. "So many valentines gifts. Now if only I could get one wearing a little black dress."

"Haven't been cast in a role like that yet." Mike replies with a smirk before nodding to the envelope, "Should be some video on the camera too. Nothing in the law that says we can't record the inside of one."

"Oh, you sneaky bastard." Lissandra's grin only grows as she checks the phone and starts to watch the video Mike took from inside the sentinels during their fight. "This and the photos will be able to give me context. I know the parts you and Sam have brought me will remember a lot about the greater whole." She shrugs one shoulder as she puts things back into the envelope. "Unfortunately, I don't think any of the components have come from their teleportation systems but there's a chance… It would be killer useful if we could just 'port over, grab survivors, and bring them somewhere safe."

Natasha steps back out of the bathroom wearing her red hoodie and blue jeans and some tennis shoes. "Grimm and I are not an item. We're friends." She says as she shuts the door and then lifts up a black baseball cap that she puts on her head cause her hair is a mess. She then moved over to the video game stuff and started to put it all into a bag that Grimm had left, since he was the one who'd brought it all here to entertaing her with.

Mike considers Lissandra's words. "Approximately how far away is this island from the main land? Do we know?"

"Uncertain. That's just one of the things that I'm hoping to learn when I absorb the parts tonight." Lissandra shrugs at the question from Mike and grins at Natasha's disclaimer about Ben. "Sure, sure. Want to see what it looked like when he had you in a bridal carry? I've got the video, and the image is only slightly messed up by the blood, gunfire, and explosions." Lissandra says this in a manner that is clearly teasing. It's always fun to poke at friends. She pulls off her medical gauntlets and sets them on her lap, then puts Mike's envelope there with them. "Well, that's it for my medical rounds today. Just have to send the Director a message that I'm heading down to my lab to start fondling sentinel innards."

Mike nods, smile fading as he considers something, "Hmm. Hypothetical question, Doctor. Say we were able to rescue the sick somehow. What hospital would you recommend?"

Natasha smirked at what they said, specifically what Lissandra said. "Sounds like my kind of wedding." She dryly quipped back about the bridal carry bit. Natasha had things picked up when her phone went off and she checked its screen. "Its eerie how fast they know information upstairs sometimes. I forget that these rooms are bugged sometimes." She looked between the two of them. "Thank you for the above-quality care, Doctor. You're the best." Nat then regarde Mike. "Thanks for coming to see me. Means a lot." She said to him.

"In a perfect world, I'd have them taken to my facility in Maryland or New Orleans." Lissandra's response to Mike is quick and certain. "The security at those sites is better than even here, and there's more than enough capacity and supplies to handle several thousand patients. And plenty of SHIELD medical personnel that would love to help." She smiles to Nat as the shorter red head prepares to leave. "Thank you for keeping still long enough for that care to take. It's a rare thing around here."

"Well of course I've got to visit." Mike replies to Natasha, tone being a little teasing as well, "This is around the time we normally train. Don't want you thinking I'm slacking off, now do I?" He turns over to Lissandra, giving a nod, "And hypothetically, how would someone else locate these facilities?"

Lissandra gives Nat a quick wave as she leaves the room, then turns back to Mike. "Well, in theory one could look them up on Google Maps under 'Umbra Labs Baltimore' and 'Umbra Labs New Orleans'. They're not dark sites, just highly secure. And this hypothetical situation would need some prep time to have medical personnel on hand. And so that the security systems didn't think they were being invaded. No one wants that."

Mike nods. "Hmm. I think I'm going to have to take my leave for a bit. But, if I come up with any more hypothetical situations, do you mind if I pop on by?"

"Go right ahead. Just check where I am before you phase in all the way." Lissandra's grin has a slight evil gleam at the corners. "I spend a lot of time in places with labels like 'Lethal Response In Place' and 'Tresspassers Will Wish We Only Shot Them'."

Mike nods, "Noted." He starts to fade away, "Until later, doctor."

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