2016-02-12 The Gameplan
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Lissandra, Phantasm, Spacetime
GMed by .
Title: The Gameplan

The vast green expanse known as Central Park stretches across a large portion of upper mid Manhattan, giving a welcome and refreshing natural element to an environment otherwise crafted of mountains of metal and glass.
Here, trees stretch heavenward and water flows open and free, grass rambles along hill and meadow, and trails wind through, with lights dotting the trails and benches sitting every so often. The park brings a heart and soul to a city most see as overbuilt and cold: this is the natural spirit that elsewhere is denied.
From the lovely memorial to John Lennon known as 'Strawberry Fields' to the towering structure overlooking the large pond here known as 'Belvedere Castle'. The 'Delacorte Theater' is the summer home to the Shakespeare in the Park production. Thousands of theater lovers come here every year making Central Park West a very popular hub of activity.

With things in arrangement with Emma and numbers dropped off with Lissandra, it is now for the two SHIELD connected conspirators to collect the other essential part of their plan. Being that this essential part goes all over the city, the pair have taken the quick route via dream travel. With Mike in costume and Phantasmed out, he has Lissandra by the hand, lending out his ability to her as they both make quick travel time of the city, eventually coming to Central Park courteousy of some homeless guy sleeping on a bench nearby.

To make things a bit easier on Phantasm and to avoid the unlikely but still possible event of her being recognized, Lissandra is wearing her neural bypass micro-frame so that she is able to walk like a normal person for a few hours. She's also wearing a large Navy peacoat and watch cap that her insane hair is braided and tucked into. She'd use her biodrone, but rather doubts that the dream realm is inside her calling plan for keeping in contact with it. So this her being all spy-like and shit. It's a work in progress.

As luck might have it, that homeless guy on a bench isn't too far from that certain other homeless person. Not that he's admitted the whole homeless thing to anyone yet…and remains oblivious to the fact that at least three people have figured him out already. Either way, Spacetime is making his way away from Belvedere Castke. He'd just been checking in with a couple homeless people in the area to make sure no one was hassling them and that they'd be okay out in this weather. In his costume and with the jacket pulled as tightly around himself as he can, he's rubbing his arms as he steps down the path. "Jeez its cold," he mutters, unaware of the other two that appeared nearby.

As Phantasm and STEALTH!Lissandra appear, the hooded, and face hidden, figure matches pace alongside Spacetime. "Well then I'd suggest we head somewhere warm to talk."

Lissandra nods her agreement with Phantasm, "I'm certain there's a Big Belly Burger off thataway." She points off to the nearest edge of the park. She also grins at Cole as she recognizes him from the club and wonders if the reverse will be true.

"Wah!" Spacetime yelps as people step up alongside him, vanishing from the spot and reappearing a few steps back. When he recognizes Phantasm at least, he calms down. "Man, do not do that," he mutters. Lissandra gets a curious look when she draws his attention, the costumed teen nodding. "Sure, let's head that way," he says, letting them lead the way. "Wait…aren't you…" he trails off, looking Lissandra over.

Spacetime's reaction does get a bit of a dark chuckle from Phantasm. Perhaps a shade too dark. The figure shakes his head, before adjusting his steps to go towards the indicated direction of the heart attack inducing franchise. "It's what I do, Spacetime. The sounds of footsteps are a concious thing for me."

Lissandra walks alongside the others as they make their way to greasy paradise. Cole's look gets a small smile and she looks at him from the corner of her eye, "Am I…?"

Spacetime just gives a little frown as he's laughed at but it lets it go. Eyes fall on Phantasm's feet for a few moments but the costumed teen shakes it off and follows quickly. Looking back to Lissandra, he looks her over again and squints at her hat before recognition seems to hit him. "Science lady from the club! Whoa," he blinks. He's definitely got a question but he's stopping himself from asking it for right now. "What's up? Whatcha wanna talk to me about?"

The hidden faced hero glances over to Lissandra as her Stealth mode is broken, shaking his head. "Remember the request a few nights ago for you not to engage the sentinels?"

Lissandra doesn't do more than smile a bit wider as Cole recognizes her. She just does a Jedi hand-wave and intones, "I'm not the droid you're looking for… But we could use your help on a rescue mission, if you're willing." She also shrugs in Phantasm's direction at his head shaking. "I did say I'm not exactly the sneaky type."

Spactime blinks at the handwave and then snickers. He nods to Phantasm, jogging ahead to hold open the door to the burger place for the other two. "I remember," he chimes. Lissandra gets a grin from him. "I'm definitely willing to help. Superhero and all."

"That's alright." Phantasm replies to Lissandra's comment, "I just need you to be all doctory." He pauses, looking around the restaurant, determining where people are positioned before moving towards a corner table, positioning himself to where he can see who approaches the table. He waits for the ones that can eat to get their food.

Lissandra picks up the tab for the food orders, and gets enough food herself to feed a family of eight. If anyone gives her a look or comments she'll just shrug. "Half for now, half for later. The food at the HQ mess hall is good, but sometimes you just need a coronary on a bun." Some doctor she is, right? She slides into her seat at the table, making sure she's supported before turning off her support frame. Best to only use it when she needs to be upright. Takes longer to cook her insides that way.

Spacetime is incredibly grateful for the fact that Lissandra picks up the tab even if he doesn't say it. And while he could likely eat just as much, he just orders a simple meal and a big milkshake. He waits for Lissandra to sit down before taking a seat himself, already eating a few fries. "So," he pauses to swallow. "So what's the plan?"

Phantasm tilts his head down, the shadow fading away to reveal a face. Not his own, but a close enough approximation to a random passerby in the street. He cracks a smile, "Are you familiar with Russian nesting dolls?"

Lissandra starts in on her food, letting Phantasm explain the details to Cole. It's not something she advertises, even amongst her co-workers, but her augmentations burn a lot of calories. Hence her love of this place and others like it.

Taking a sip of his drink, Spacetime blinks. "The ones that open up and have more little ones inside them, right?" he asks. "Yeah. What about 'em?" he asks. The revealed face has the costumed teen curious but he doesn't comment on it.

"Hmm." This might be a bit harder than planned. "Ok. You are capable of bringing a lot of people with you. But your travel range has much to be desired. My capabilities are the opposite. I have great range, but it's an issue to bring a lot of people with me. So…" He grabs two napkins from the table dispenser and moves some of Lissandra's ketchup packets to the other side of the table. "The napkins are us. The packets are the ones on the island. A lot of distance between us and them." He grabs the napkins and moves them over to the ketchup packets and proceeds to wrap them in one of the napkins. "Your ability." He rests the stuffed napkin on top of the other one and slides it to the opposite side of the table. "My ability." He then releases the ketchup packets to the safety of Lissandra's tray.

"And my secret medical facility." Lissandra nods to the tray once the napkins and ketchup have been deposited onto it. "Basically, to get us there you carry me and Phantasm carries you to the island. Then we load you up with evacuees and then Phantasm carries the lot of us to the places I've got set up to patch them up." She says all this between bites and sometimes around a french fry. Very classy, Doc.

Spacetime watches quietly, curiosity obvious on his masked face. Even as he eats, he's paying close attention. He's processing it and perks up just as he understands. Lissandra puts words to it and the costumed teen nods quickly. "Okay, that sounds great!" he says. There's a pause for fries. "Never actually been teleported by someone else before," he admits. "Umm, have you been to whole other dimensions before?" he asks Lissandra.

We hopped through the dream dimensions looking for you." Phantasm responds back, inadvertently answering for Lissandra, "But, I'm assuming yours is a little different."

Lissandra nods her agreement with Phantasm's response. "That's how we found you, like he said. It's a bit trippy, but basically harmless with an escort." She then waits for Spacetime to weigh in on his part in this plan while finishing off a third burger. She may be dainty, but she's also from New Orleans. She knows how to deal with food.

"Dream dimensions…sounds interesting," Spacetime nods. "Pretty sure my space is a bit different. I mean we…could go there and I could show you the place," he says. "Not sure if you'd call it trippy though."

Phantasm nods. "That would probably be a good idea, to get an idea of what we'd be working with." He glances over to Lissandra, "Possible restriction of movement, get an idea of what we can or can not put in there…"

Lissandra considers this, then nods her agreement. "Sounds good. Empirical evidence is best, after all." She nods to Phantasm's thoughts on the issue. "Exactly. And whether or not the specific quantum state of the power will have any affect on my tech. But we might want to do this somewhere other than here." She nods to the restraunt and its patrons.

"Yeah…probably not best to open portals in here," Spacetime agrees with a chuckle. "Sure, right after we're done I'll take you both to check it out," he agrees, getting back to his food.


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