2016-02-13 A most unusual ambulance
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Players: Emma, Phantasm, Rogue, Spacetime, The Thing, Umbra
GMed by {$gm}
Title: A most unusual ambulance

Just west of the market there are houses all in a row that lead to a large stretch of beach. The sands here are white and the water is crystal clear. Walking too far north will lead to a large group of trees and into the rocky foothills of the Ridgeback Mountains.

With the people and facilities lined up, it was time to execute on the 'sooner rather than later' aspect of Emma's timeframe request. With a Lissandra stashed away in a pocket dimension, along with a considerably larger assortment of supplies than Mike's last trip over, Phantasm is now escorting Mr. Spacetime on a walk through some less than pleasant looking Sentinel on an island dream.

Walking through dreams is not something Spacetime has ever done. "Okay, yeah…like my own nightmares weren't enough," he mutters, rubbing the back of his neck. He's eager to help though, even having grabbed a shower at the gym Ben got him a spot at beforehand. "How much longer?" he asks, ready to go. Of course his pocket dimension is a much less interesting place to wait. A chunk of floating land amid a lot of swirling blue infinity. There's some pieces of sentinel floating around in there to be creeped out by at least. But its a safe place for Lissandra and the supplies at least and soon to be for the people they're rescuing.

… 'We all float down here' …

Hanging around inside Cole's portal space isn't too troubling for Lissandra. The space tends to affect a weightless effect, and that's at least something she's familiar with. She's got her neural bypass harness on but not active, conserving its active time for when the door out opens. All around here is a constellation of equipment; medical gear, stacks of scrubs for clothing, food, medicine, and a couple dozen person-size zero-tau pods for those that are in too bad of shape to transport easily. In short, she's ready for landing.

Emma is working out in between the complexes, the cape she was teleported with is now a poncho, protecting her corset and skin from the sometimes harsh wind and the elements. She has a few of her most trusted NPCs standing in front of her, one of them a large man constructed of large rocks and another is a young girl with pink hair. "We need to work on getting the wall near the south side of the island secured with a watch tower, It'd be safer if we could see anything coming, and know if anyone else appears on the island too." Emma requests and the two quickly walk off and start on the work requested.

"Drama drama drama," Phantasm comments nonchalantly. Not really paying the sentinels much heed. Perfectly functional dream. Easy navigation. No interference needed with this dream. Carry on. Move along. "We're pretty much here. Just need to find the right spot to…" The image of the inside of a medical building fades into view, trading off with the view of the sentinel ridden beach. He pulls Cole through the wall to where they're not going to panic people by just suddenly appearing. As he unphantasms the pair, his typical costume is not presnt, instead showing Mike Hannigan in beach attire. Dressed down, stubbly, man bunned, and DEFINITELY not in his usual attire. Surprise, Cole.

"This is definitely different than how I travel," Spacetime remarks. Being pulled catches him off guard and he makes a little 'erk!' sound, stumbling but catching himself. The costumed teen reaches up to push his hood off his head and looks around with a frown. "Okay so we're here. Anywhere special you want me to open up the…" he trails off when his gaze lands on Mike. There's a pause before he flails a little. "Wha?! It's you?" he tries to keep his voice down atleast. Yep, surprise.

Lissandra has been passing the time during transit by running her bare hand along any sentinel scrap that passes within reach. But while there have been a few flashes when she encounters a new intact component there is depressingly little new added to what she has already absorbed about the sentinels. And it all points in one direction… someone has managed to disrupt or destroy a lot of lives over what in many ways ammounts to a huge con. It worries her that she hasn't yet found a technological explanation for the sentinel's teleport ability, but the rest of their construction? Strictly mundane. They barely qualify as twenty-first century tech and aren't even 'Ford Tough'. It's embarassing, really. Honestly, she's already come up with variations on existing SHIELD tech that can turn them into so much inactive statuary. Just a matter of production, which is high on the priority list…

Such are the rambling thoughts of an inventory without something immediately at hand. Once the portal is opened she'll be focused and on-task, but until then it's plots, plans, and mental tinkering.

Meanwhile, inside of portal-space, Ben sits next to a big pile of supplies, his hands on his knees, "This feel's really wierd." A beat latter, "I shoulda brought a magazine."

Rogue doesn't know what she's doing. She's been just walking around the village of mutants since she got here lifting heavy things for those who needed heavy things lifted. She'd break up fights or go out and get food from the forested area when asked to. Her power set was pretty useful in a situation like this so this is how she was being used, as security… as muscle… as a hunter.

"You were going to find out sooner or later on this trip." Mike responds, looking over to Cole. "Don't open it yet. We're waiting for our contact first to let us know where we can set up."

Spacetime gives another little flail and tries to come up with the right words but eventually just lets his arms drop to his sides and nods. "Okay…" he trails off. "Who's our contact?" he asks, curious. Of course inside that portal space, Ben might get the confirmation of something he'd suspected. Along with the supplies and floating Sentinel bits, there's a tent and sleeping bag on the only chunk of ground in there.

Mike glances around, "Be on the lookout for a southern sounding girl with skunk hair."

"Skunk hair…" Spacetime trails off, getting a strange mental image. "Uh, sure. I'll…look…" he trails off, pushing up on the tips of his toes and holding his hands over his eyes like a visor to search.

Rogue wouldn't be too hard to find, her white and brown hair was pretty easy to spot in a crowd. She was wering a tanktop with a leather jacket on over it and some gloves on her hands, jeans on her lower body and some tennis shoes. She looked pretty worn-out but she was doing what she had to do, carrying some building parts across the village lawn over her shoulder… her wild hair was tossled and filled with leaves and twigs cause she'd been out hunting earlier that day.

Mike also looks out for the described contact, looking around. "…There." Stepping out, Mike walks over towards Rogue, lifting up a hand to give a wave of greeting and a slight smile. "Hey there."

Spacetime blinks when he spots Rogue. "Oh hey! Angry Flailing Sky Lady," he chimes cheerfully. A beat later, he winces. "I hope she's not as angry and flaily today…" he trails off quietly. Clearing his throat, Spacetime follows Mike quickly. As he does, the teen reaches into his belt to take out a small notebook and pencil. He quickly scribbles down a note and teleports the paper into his portal space. It'll appear floating near Lissandra with a little flash of light. Just a simple note saying: 'Almost time. Meeting contact now.'

Rogue stopped suddenly when the appearance of a celebrity suddenly just… caught the southern belle off guard. "What the f***." She just suddenly announced and dropped the big heavy stuff she was carrying. "You're that singah fella… how the hell did you get here?" She asked him, walking up to him and reaching out with a gloved hand to poke at his chest. "You a mutant?" She asked… then looked over at Spacetime… she peered her green eyes in his direction. "I remembah you… You distracted me at the mall and thats when the Sentinels grabbed me. Thanks for that, by the way." She said that last part in a dry tone of voice.

Mike turns his head to look at Spacetime. "Angry, flailing…" He shakes his head. He looks back towards Rogue, "Um, we are here with the supplies and the discrete exit strategy for your sick and injured." He puts a bit of emphasis on the phrase 'discrete' "Emma said to look for you when we got here. Where should we set up to avoid detection from the eyes in the sky?"

Spacetime winces again, rubbing the back of his neck. "Sorry…really sorry," he says. "I was trying to give you a way away from the stupid robots…" he trailes off, edging slightly behind Mike. He falls otherwise quiet, letting Mike and Rogue sort things out.

Anna-Marie had become sort of a village 'elder' if such a term was considered appropriate, due to her strength and abilities… as well as that in-your-face personality, people looked up to her. She glanced toward the sky where there were drones flowing around high up there. "They don't give a shit what we do down here, just so long as we stay down here." She told Mike, turning to walk toward their infirmary… they'd acomplished a lot here, actually, the buildings were well made log bagins and thatch-roofed chomes.

"Don't fret on it." Rogue said to Spacetime. "People here needed my help anyhow, so helpin' me get here was a good thing, ultimately." She pulled the thatch door open and ushered them inside. "Who the hell sent you people here and how the hell did you get here?" She asked, bluntly.

"Officially, no one sent us." Mike replies, matter of factly. "The less others know of our involvement, the better for everyone." He pauses, "Did Emma not brief you on the arrangement we came to the last time I came here?" Shaking his head he looks over to Rogue upon them coming inside. "We also have a medic and an ever loving blue eyed thing hanging out in a pocket dimension to help with the move once we have a drop spot." He glances around, seeing plenty of empty space in one section of the structure. "Is here fine?"

"If it helps, I don't actually work for anyone. Total freelance superhero here," Spacetime chimes cheerfully once they're inside. "Here to help cause its the right thing to do and thwarting the schemes of rude, racist, murderbots is totally something a superhero should do," he goes on. He around and hums. "Pretty much any spot big enough to fit a person through can do…"

"No." Rogue said to Mike, now inside of the shady hut. There was electricity, Samuel had gotten solar panels working. Rogue put her gloved hands onto her hips and she looked between the two of them, suspicious maybe a little. "Emma doesn't tell anyone shit, evah. Its her 'thing', you might say." She told them with a light exhale.

There were people gathering around outside the doors they'd just come through… And there were people in this hut sleeping. MOst of them were here with exhaustion or injuries sustained during the hardships of survival living.

"This is the biggest buildin' we got, so this is our best to offah ya, strangahs." Rogue told the two of them.

I was thinking more about clearance for the supplies that would come with the persons." Mike replies back. He looks over to Cole, "Alright, time to unpack." Turning back to Rogue he gestures over to the side, "Alright. I'm going to have to give you a bit of cliffsnotes on what's going on then…"

"Right! Spacetime Shipping Shipping Service is open for business!" Spacetime declares, cracking his knuckles. He stretches a few times and picks open spots before smirking. "Showtime," he says, making finger-guns and laser-noises at various spots. In each spot, a swirling blue hole in space opens and deposits some of the supplies. He starts with the medical ones, the objects disappear from around Lissandra in matching flashes. Eventually, Spacetime opens another portal but keeps this one open. Leaning in, he appears leaning out of thin air in the portal space. "Science Lady?" he calls. "You wanna come out here and see how things are going?" he asks, offering a gloved hand.

With the heads-up note appearing to join the other flotsam, Lissandra activates the controls on the equipment pods she has everything packed away in. The pods gather together, their transit systems linked up all neat and tidy so that she can call on exactly what she needs at a given moment. And since she's the only doctor along for this leg of the trip, the first thing she'll need is a quick way to do diagnostics and triage. So she makes sure she's holding onto a gear pod containing her medical drones. Then she grits her teeth and activates the neural bypass on the support frame she's wearing. Now at least she'll be mobile under her own power when Cole summons her back into the world.

And then back into the world she is. She's wearing a standard SHIELD jumpsuit under her support frame, just with the logos removed for deniability. And she's all business once that happens. She takes a quick asessment of the area, then nods briskly. "I can work with this." She pats Thing's shoulder as he emerges. "Ben, I need you to set up those pods," she points to the person size cyllinders that house the zero-tau stasis pods, "along that wall so we can get those who are in the worst shape taken care of quickly once I identify them." With her small medical drones, Thing to do his… well, his thing, and all the supplies they brought, Lissandra could do the work of several while here. She looks over and spots Rogue as the obvious HBIC and walks over to offer the southern belle her own gloved hand. "Medical and evacuation services compliments of Project Aegis. Sorry it's taken us this long. Finding this place was a stone bitch."

Rogue first watched Mike, but she didn't have much to reply to him about. So she then listened and watched Spacetime. "Do you add 'time' to the end of everythin' you say?" She teased him with a faint smirk. When the portal opened up she slipped her hands off of her hips and watched as the pretty show revealed Lissandra and… well, huh. Impressive. She'd seen portals before from other mutants, but no one on the island right now was capable of that power.

Rogue regarded Lissandra with a soft nod of her head and she reached out to shake the other's gloved hand. "We're glad that ya did." She said softly to the doctor. "There's a lotta folk that need to be gotten off this place." She tells them. "I'd prefer it if I go last. T'make sure… its all, savvy." She states this, glancing to all three of them.

Mike nods at Lissandra's summary about finding the place, "Honestly if it wasn't for Sam's footage of the island, I would have taken longer determining whose dreams came from here." He takes a deep breath. "Okay cliffs notes. Space Time over there has carrying capacity but no distance with his teleporting. I have distance but am much more restricted on how many people I can take with me. So with the two of us combined you have a supply chain and medivac service." He gestures to Lissandra, "She knows her medicine so she'll be able to determine who needs to go to which medical facility. And Ben…" He gestures to the Thing. "He's to help with moving the big stuff and give us additional security should it be needed." His smile fades, "Now the bad news. We can't take everyone with us. There has to be someone on this side who provides the entrance Emma said that was not an issue as some folks have expressed interest in remaining. Hence, the supplies…"

"Nope. Just lined up happy like that," Spacetime laughs, keeping portals open for things to be moved through more. He waits for Mike to finish explaining before nodding. "Probably more comfortable not to cram a whole island's worth of people in there too," he says, jerking a thumb at the nearest portal. He's got about seven open across the infirmary, brow furrowed in concentration. "Fair warning, it's going to be…floaty in there. You can sort of swim if you really need to move or take a break on the little patch of grass. Just stay away from the tent in there and be careful of the wrecked bits of Sentinel," he says.

Lissandra nods her understanding to Rogue, then jerks a thumb in Mike's direction. "I'll let him do the talking while I get down to business, then." She walks over to the entrance of the infirmary where some of the locals have gathered. "I need anyone that's badly injured or sick to be brought here as quickly as possible. This guy," she waves Thing over to join her. "can help with getting them here." She does a 'now shoo' gesture to get people moving then gets down to business with those already in the infirmary. Her bedside manner is brisk but warm, always emphasizing that she's here to take them somewhere safe.

"Not everyone is leaving." Rogue does reply then to Mike and the others, after giving this big Thing-guy a look over, he was an impressive one. "Some folks say they got a bettah life here than they do back in the states and I'm inclinde t'believe'em. Some'a these folks have been livin' in the sewers for f***s sake." She muttered that last part and walked over to one of the support beams inside of the medical ward, she folded her arms over her stomach and looked to Spacetime. "Fancy portals, mistah." She told him. "I'll be interested to see'em once those who are goin' are gone." She looked toward the doctor…

Those who were gathering were already moving to go get their stuff, to prepare to leave. Those who were injured were right around them all right now, so they weren't hard to retrieve what-so-ever.

Rogue just leaned there on the wooden beam and watched.

Mike nods, "I'll stop by around this time next week to see if any more have expressed interest in leaving or if there's anything else supply related that's needed. Small things or one or two people I can manage. But the large scale stuff will require more coordination of course."

"Aren't you coming?" Spacetime asks, actually holding still as he holds the portals open. He's happy to chat with people but he's got a job to do so he's giving that the majority of his attention. Glancing at Mike, the costumed teen blinks. "So…you'll need me to stick around closer to you for awhile?" he asks.

Lissandra nods to Rogue's comment about some of the mutants wanting to stick around. "I can help with that, too. This first trip is purely medical and evac, but I also have a few loads ready that can be brought over to help do some real construction. Give those who are staying a solid foundation to work from." She talks while she's working on administering medical care to the injured in the building. Given how few of them seem to be in truly bad shape, she has to push away thoughts of those who died in the days and weeks before they could get here to help.

Rogue looked between them all and she glanced down toward her feet which were in some old dirty sneakers. "I ain't leavin' until I'm the last of those who DO want to leave." She said again. "I mean, don't get me wrong… its not that this island is a bad place or nothin'… its actually the first tropical island I have evah seen in my whole life. Its f'n gorgeous, in-fact. I seen shit here that belongs on a damn postcard." She glanced toward the door where people were lining up to leave.

"If the Sentinels start spottin' mutants back in the States who're thought to be on this island? Won't they just raid this village t'find out whats goin' on in here to get people to escape? This stuff may not last forevah." She said softly then, lookin at them again. "This fancy plan'a ya'lls."

Mike smiles, looking over to Spacetime, "Are you okay with that?" Looking to Lissandra he considers, "Hmm, maybe a second trip sooner than planned." When Rogue speaks up about her concern he nods, "That is a risk, true. But when the other option is to do nothing…" He shrugs, "Ideally by the time that would be considered, enough of a stink will have been caused by news of what's gone on here that we either have that damn law repealed, or there's an open trade with the island to where you can get your resources that way."

Spacetime is quiet for a few moments, eventually nodding. "Sure…as long as you don't mind me hanging around wherever you've got me to hang…" he trails off. "I think we might need to do a little more than hope the law gets repealed. I mean…this seems like the kinda problem that needs to get its butt kicked at the source…smash up wherever they build these things and control them," he shrugs.

"The plan isn't really all that fancy, to be honest." Lissandra works quickly, her skills and supplies allowing her to treat the worst injuries enough to get them settled safely in stasis pods for transport in only a few moments. It's a bit rough in places, but that's the nature of triage and stabilization. "We'll be taking the evacuees to a secure facility of mine. There's personnel ready to get real healing done, as well as room and board for them to lie low in if that's what they choose to do." She pauses while she finishes working on giving a mutant with signs of gangrene a couple of shots to stem its advance. "Taking care of the sentinels themselves is Stage Two. I've recently come into posession of their full design schematics. I'm working on a way to block their ability to locate mutants, and then to disable them entirely."

"A discussion for another time." Mike replies, looking over to Spacetime, "Our current priority is to make sure the ones needing medical attention, GET medical attention and the ones remaining have enough resources to where they can make it on their own if need be. Speaking of which…" He looks over to Lissandra as Ben is already moving the last of the secured patients into the portal. "Let me know when you're ready, doctor."

Rogue finally for the first time showed a smile. "Well, f*** it, lets just get these people outta here and worry about the rest later." She said to them all, mostly to Mike though. She regarded Spacetime then and nodded. "Nothin' on this planet would please me more than smashin' the ever livin' shit outta the factory that churns out these f'ing machines."

Rogue looked to Lissandra. "If I were a bettin' woman, I'd wager you were somehow related to little Sammy. The way you talk… sounds almost just like him." She said with a slight grin.

Nodding, Spacetime falls quiet. He's focusing on the portals now and making sure everyone that needs to get through will. When they finish transporting everyone to Lissandra's facility, he'll need a rest but for now he's focusing on helping. He'll be ready to go whenever the others are.

Lissandra snorts at the comment about Samuel, "Ha. He only wishes he had my tech. Sometimes I'll show him a piece of the good stuff just to watch him drool." She finishes with the last patient that needs to be put into stasis for transport, then the stasis pods float into a cluster which she guides through one of Cole's portals. "Alright. That's everyone that needs medical care. All of these are here to be used by anyone staying behind." She gestures to the stack of food, clothing, tools, and medical supplies she's leaving. Then she steps through the portal herself. The initial work is done, now it's time to go do the next part, so little need to stand on any kind of ceremony.

Mike nods, watching Lissandra step back in. "Alright Spacetime. Close it up it's time to get moving." He looks back to Rogue, his appearance shifting as his beach attire gets switched out with a darker color scheme, facial features mirroring what was there before as his hair gets wilder. Effectively a mirror image of his stage persona stands before the X-man. "Until later…"


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