2016-02-13 Doing Good
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Warning: N/A
2016-02-13 format
Players: Phantasm and Spacetime
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Doing Good

In the outside world, Spacetime's portals are swirling blue holes in space but inside his portal space they take a silvery-white hue. Several are open right now as the costumed teen steps back into his personal pocket dimension. Pushing his hood down, he frowns and closes most of them. "Alright…all the people accounted for," he mutters, eyes scanning the seemingly endless space as he stands on the small piece of land floating in it. The only solid surface aside from the floating Sentinel pieces and a few bits of rubble here and there. There's a small tent on that bit of land too but its been zipped up tight ever since Spacetime let people in to the portal space for this rescue mission. "Man…I don't think I've had a power work out like that in a long time…" he remarks to no one.

With the mass transport of people to hospitals, it made sense that one might pop in to help double check. With Thing and Lissandra assisting with the injured and sick, that left the task to Mike. With things finished, the very much dressed down rocker sighs, looking around from the safety of Cole's little island. Even if Cole makes the comment to no one in particular, Mike does take it in himself to respond. "Hopefully you won't have to work that hard next time." He cracks a smile to the younger hero, "Not bad, Spacetime. Not bad at all."

Jumping slightly, Spacetime quickly clears his throat and grins. "Hey, I'll work as hard as it takes," he says, puffing out his chest and trying not to look as worn out as he feels. He ends up rubbing the back of his neck in reply to the praise though. "Thanks. Pretty awesome job yourself. That was a cool trip."

Mike slides a hand into his pocket, "We were a bit fortunate there were plenty of stable dreams to make the path possible." He pauses, "So you're good with us doing this again as much as the ones remaining on the island need it?"

"Dreams," Spacetime lets out a breath. "I still can't believe we actually walked through dreams. First time I ever teleported any way but my own," he chuckles. The question makes him blink a few times before he smiles and offers a thumbs up. "Sure, no problem. I signed on to help and I'll give it my all. Even if that means we have to fight those giant bots."

"Ideally, we won't come in conflict with the Sentinels." Mike responds, frowning, "Actually engaging them in combat would put this particular plan at risk." He grows quiet for a few moments before glancing down, "That reminds me…" He pauses, pulling a card out of his pocket.

"Well yeah," Spacetime waves it off. "I just mean I don't have a problem with the danger and risk and stuff," the teen chuckles. "Stealth is the idea though. I got it," he confirms. He's quiet as well, blinking in surprise when the card appears. "Huh?"

Mike shows the card to Spacetime, showing it to be a Visa gift card. "You seem to have a have a hold on the shelter thing which is good. And you leant it out to a lot of people today in order to help them, which is even better. I would like you to take this for yourself to help make sure you're able to keep helping people." The card shifts in hand as the musician is now
extending the card towards Cole. "It isn't much. But it should be enough for you to get at least one decent meal a day. More if you are smart with it. I have it set to reload on a weekly basis."

Squinting from behind his goggles, Cole looks a bit surprised when he realizes what the card is. His gaze shifts back to Mike as the rocker goes on and the costumed teen looks a little embarrassed. He's been trying not to let on to the whole homeless thing but he's sure he's been figured out today. Spacetime hesitates, reaching out to take the card as its offered. "You…really don't have to…"

"No I don't." Mike agrees, letting Cole take the card. "But I want to." His head tilts, "It may have been awhile ago, but I still know what it's like not to have enough food. It sucks." The muscian frowns, "If you want, you can think of me as investing in your ability to help others."

Spacetime looks the card over briefly before attention returns to Mike. He's surprised again at the rockstar's admission. "You were without food too…" he trails off. The costumed teen shifts awkwardly, looking down. He's quiet for a few moments, eventually sighing. "Can you…not tell anyone that I'm…that I live in here? Or that I…" he trails off again, gesturing at the card.

Mike shrugs, "Hey, Not all of us are born into wealth." He looks to the card, "The only way they'll find out is if you let them find out. I'm not going to tell." The hands slide into his pockets once more. "If people ask about the card you could always play it off as a budgeting technique you do to make sure you don't overspend on things."

Spacetime just smiles a little at the commet about being born into wealth. He takes a breath and nods. "Alright," he says. "Thanks. Things…are complicated for me right now. I just don't wanna make anyone worry too much," he says. "So…thanks…for the card."

"No need for thanks," Mike replies, sliding his hands out of his pockets to hold them up in a halting manner, "As far as I'm concerned, you earned it today." He points over to one of the glowing lights indicating an exit, "I'm going to pop on back home. Need a long distance trip back?"

Glancing at the still open portal, Spacetime lets out a breath. "Yeah, I could use a hand getting back to New York," he says, gesturing for Mike to follow as he heads for the portal. "We got all the people moved and all of Science Lady's stuff back where she wanted it so I think we're all good."

"And she's got my number if and when she wants back." Mike continues, following suit, "I can handle two people on my own easily enough."

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