2016-02-21 You In?
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Tech Star, Impulse, and Spacetime
GMed by {$gm}
Title: You In?

Sunday afternoon in the City. It conjures up images of crowds milling about, shops doing a brisk trade and tourists being equal parts guided and swindled as the hodgepodge that is Manhattan swirls about. But there are signs that this is a city under tension. The crowd is just a bit less numerous than usual, that trade just a bit less brisk and tourists… well, there are always tourists about.

Here in the park, people come to escape the reality of the steel and glass jungle around them, lost for a few hours in the illusion of relaxation; or use the paths as a convenient shortcut avoiding the worst of the foot traffic going uptown. One boy has been sitting on a particular bench for some time now, Yankees cap and NY hoodie marking him as either a tourist trying too hard or a local giving less than zero crap about looking like a tourist. Suntanned, bronzed even, his blue eyes stand out even under the shade of the brim of his cap, which is adjusted every so often to shroud the eyes in deeper shadow. He's watching… waiting… wondering if his information will prove to be correct.

The costumed teen known as Spacetime has been trying to lay low ever since he agreed to help with the rescue missions, secretly sneaking mutants off that island and back to where they were kidnapped from. At least he's been laying as low as he can. He's still one of those superhero types and Sentinels or not, he's been doing things like stopping muggers and rescuing people from trouble as usual. Central Park is one of those areas he's usually spotted in but right now he's not hunting for crime. No, he's appearing in a little flash of blue light not to far from a pretzel vendor who looks less than surprised at the whole thing. Apparently this is normal…or the lady is just a jaded New Yorker. Either way, Spacetime can be seen ordering a pretzel and a bottle of iced tea, unaware of anyone who might be looking for him.

A smile appears under the brim of the cap almost at the same time as a certain superhero arrives in a flash. Just on time, just as expected. Quietly, the boy stands up and meanders over to the pretzel cart, his eyes momentarily drawn to the circular shadow passing by on his right, another thing just as expected… Once Cole is done ordering and has his food, the youngster steps up to the vendor and orders the same. The exact same. And then he calls over his shoulder to Cole "Do you want another one of these? I'm buying."

Spacetime's not that concerned when someone copies his order. He's even tried to get people to do it on previous visits to this particular little cart. What does get his attention is Samuel talking to him. Looking up in confusion, mid-bite into his little meal, Spacetime blinks a few times. "Huh? Uh, dude, you don't have to buy anything for me."

The boy takes the order and walks away from the cart, towards Cole. The smile remains "I don't, as it happens, but I thinks you and me should have a little chat." He nods towards the bench he just stood up from as he walks past Cole. "About mutual friends, in shadows."

A brow is arched behind Spacetime's mask as the boy approaches, Cole frowning a little. "You seem a little familiar," he mutters quietly, having trouble placing why exactly though. "Mutual friends…" he trails off, watching Samuel for a moment. Then it hits him and he quickly follows after the boy. "H-hey, wait…aren't you the voice from those videos?" he asks, tone more hushed this time around.

Neither confirming nor denying, that favored New York pastime, the boy sits down and takes a bite from his pretzel. Salt, sourdough, oil and enough fats to clog a few arteries… Yum. He extends a hand towards Cole, posture utterly relaxed, as if he expects this meeting to go amicably… or knows he doesn't have to worry about things not going as planned. "Sam Stark. And yeah, that was me in the videos. If my information is correct, you helped a lot of people off that island recently. So, let's have that chat?"

Sitting down, Spacetime glances at the offered hand before carefully setting down his drink and shaking it. "Oh man, someone showed me those vids. Got me real ticked. I was gonna start wrecking all the bots left and ri-" he cuts off when Sam mentions him helping out. Looking like he's been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Spacetime just offers an awkward little laugh and declines to clarify as well. "Okay…yeah. We can chat. Name's Spacetime."

"Relax, eat your pretzel." Sam counsels, smiling. He doesn't glance left and right, a move that instantly would make someone look more suspicious, and simply starts talking at a normal volume and a normal pace. Nobody gives a crap about what anyone says in New York, it's one of those certainties… and the reason this situation has gotten so out of hand in the first place. "You met the same people I've met. They're good people, and they're affiliated with one of the bigger agencies looking after world peace… at least, keeping the world from getting any worse. They just can't do it openly, because of all this politics bullshit. I helped them out, until I got grabbed by a Sentinel. And do you know who told me to make those videos and put in all those little clues on how to find the island, and gave me tips on how to escape?" He keeps that smile even, daring Cole to respond to that question.

Spacetime frowns a little but does get back to eating. He's hungry after all. Listening quietly, the teleporter blinks a few times at the news. "Yeah…I hears about that. Illegal or something to stop the robots," he rolls his eyes. "Like hell am I gonna let someone tell me stopping giant, rude, kidnapping, racist, murder-bots is illegal," he says. The daring question just gets a blank look from the masked teen. "Uhh…Flailing Angry Sky Lady with the Skunk Hair?" he guesses.

"She's called Rogue and she's actually quite nice. Used to teach PE." Sam stops for a moment, aware that these statements may be held to be mutually exclusive. "Anyway… no, she didn't. In fact, nobody did. I waited for two weeks before I even thought about escaping, knowing, absolutely certain, that the Avengers were going to come for us. But they didn't. Nobody was coming for us, ever. That does strange things to people, some of the mutants on that island have given up all hope. They were ready to just die on the island before I began the broadcasts… and I paid for those. In the end though, it was up to me. Tell me, now that you've helped them out, you're part of the team right? You know who they work for, what to do next, full membership and all that?"

Killian has been a missing person now for several months and currently has no intentions on being found but then he spotted Samuel talking to the costumed guy and his curiosity got the better of him. Dressed in jeans, a light grey t-shirt and a short-sleeved red flannel shirt, he also seems minus his gloves, Killian is standing a little further away from the two against a tree, eyes closed focusing on the sonic energy from their voices listening in.

"She's a teacher? I did not know that," Spacetime replies. He gets distracted away from imagining Rogue running the world's most dangerous game of dodgeball by Sam speaking more, returing his full attention to the other boy. A deep frown forms on his face as Sam speaks more, Cole's shoulders tensing. "Dunno about any Avengers but…I thought everyone the robots grabbed was dead. I mean it looked a lot like they were just vaporized. And once the videos came out I was trying to think of how to get to…wherever that island is…" he sighs. The questions just have him shrugging. "They…didn't tell me a lot. Didn't join any teams I know of either."

Now is most certainly not the time to tell Cole about X-ball, world's most dangerous form of dodgeball… or that two academies regularly have friendly matches in a fortified arena, although that league has been temporarily suspended due to the crisis. These thoughts chase themselves across Sam's mind for a second before being pushed back down where they belong. The smile is starting to fade. "They don't tell anyone a lot. Not even if you take all the risk. If you're lucky, really lucky, you get a bit of thanks. I've seen one of them since escaping… and she only dropped by to collect every last scrap of Sentinel tech I was able to take with me. Who looks after you when you go after the muggers in Hell's Kitchen? They don't want us in their teams, because we're seen as a liability. We're too young. And when you're young, you're supposed to stash yourself away somewhere and stay out of the way. Except when they need you… oh, then you're expected to step up. I'm done with that. Time we start looking after each other, the younger ones who not only get into danger because of what we know, but who want to make a difference in this entire mess, dealing with the things the other teams can't or won't deal with. No politics, no bullshit. You in?" There is a buzz of something above that tree Killian is hiding next to, a sphere hovering a few feet away and about ten feet higher, peering at Impulse through what appears to be a camera lens.

Killian opens his eyes and glances up at the buzzing noice, he briefly considers destroying the thing before mouthing the words clearly at it /Watching me Sam?/. Just a guess but it wouldn't be the first time his friend has spied on him and from what he's saying to the guy in the suit, boy has stepped up his game.

"I actually got some thanks even if I told them they didn't have to…" Spacetime shrugs it off. "Wait, who wanted Sentinal parts?" he blinks a few times at that. The teleporter falls quiet again to listen to Sam, eyebrows shooting up as he proposes a team. That's not what Cole expected to hear when this whole chat began. "A team of…young heroes? Kicking bad guy butt and saving people?" he asks, just to make sure. After a moment, he grins. "Sure, I'm in. I already help people so it'd be cool to hang out with some other guys that do it too."

"The helping other people is the big part of this." Sam asserts, for a moment looking away, at a tree in the middle distance. "There's already teams of young mutants and young meta humans out there. But they're all either training rosters for the big teams, so they're not allowed in the field, or kept as a secret weapon, so they're not allowed to act. Personally, I think that's bullshit. And you can stop hiding now." Then he turns back to Cole with his usual smile. "We're gonna do this anyway. So we might as well look after each other. That's what a team is for."

Killian sighs a kicks himself away from the tree and walks up to the two, "How long did you know I was there?", between Samuel and Jose it's supprising he ever kept any secrets. He looks at Spacetime, "So you and Boy Wonder here are planning on getting in some trouble?"

"There are? Wait…why would they use them as secret weapons and treat them like they're not ready for field work? That's…that makes no sense. Its total opposite," Spacetime just manages to look confused. "Who's hiding?" he asks, looking around. When Killian appears, Cole blinks. "Uh…hey. Name's Spacetime, not Boy Wonder…"

"Ever since you were on Spectre cam." Sam grins, and the flying orb dips a bit lower in salute, before buzzing off. Literally. "So, pretty much the moment you walked into Central Park. It was keeping an eye out for people. Good to see you again." Standing up, the boy motions from Killian to Cole and back again. "Spacetime, meet Impulse. Impulse, Spacetime. We… guess we can still call each other friend, I suppose? That fair?" Like a conjurer, Sam dips his hands in the pockets of his hoodie and comes back up holding two items in each hand… a mobile phone, and a colored metal dogtag on a chromed chain; red for Killian, purple for Cole. "I don't have a Quinjet or a spyplane to offer, but let's get with the century and at least keep in touch. There's a few more people I need to speak to, and then we'll meet to discuss equipment and all that kind of good stuff. Deal?"

Killian shakes his head, "Should've guessed, actually supprised you didn't find me before now", he gives Spacetime a nod of acknowledgement, he holds up a hand and the two objects offered move into it, clearly he's learned a few things while he was gone, "Any reason I've given to say we can't call each other friend?", he eyes the tag, "No jet but I can get hold of a car".

"Whoa! Hey…" Spacetime watches the camera sphere go buzzing away, looking almost like he might want to chase it for a moment. He shakes that though off before offering a smile to Killian. "Nice to meetcha. Impulse sounds like a pretty cool name," he offers. He looks curious when Sam reaches into his pocket and smiles at the offered items. Accepting them, he examines the phone. "Sweet…" he trails off. His grin returns at the talk of transport though. "Who needs jets and cars when you can," he cuts off, vanishing from the spot. He reappears behind the bench, offers a salute and vanishes again only to reappear where he started. "Teleport."

Sam gives Killian a wink and smiles. "Just making sure. Like I said, good to see you again. Drop by sometime, you know where I live." After both his new team mates have made their choice of transportation clear, he shrugs with another grin. "Guess it's just me and Echo for hoverboards then. Guys, it's been real, but the gap in the Sentinel patrol around the Tower only lasts for another ten minutes, so I have to dash. Give me a call in a few days, don't lose the tags and whatever you do, and this is important… don't lay low." The roar of a plasma engine approaches, and out of the sky comes a humanoid shape, landing with almost impossible grace. The robotic being steps closer behind Sam, opens up and engulfs the young mutant before closing up again. "The code name is Tech Star, by the way. Gotta fly." Blasting off in the sky, it's fair to say he knows how to make an exit…

Killian watches as Sam flies off, "Huh, guess he finally rebuilt it, missed a lot", slipping the tag around his neck and pocketing the phone he looks to Spacetime, "Well it's been interesting, nice teleporting but if I don't get back soon someone is gonna blow up Hell's Kitchen, catch you later", with another nod he turns and heads off.

The robot suit and Sam's exit have Spacetime staring. "Huh…" he trails off, eventually taking a bite of his pretzel. He looks back to Impulse and smiles before almost choking on his food. "Wait, what? Blow up…" he trails off, watching Killian go. The costumed teen stays there a moment before sighing. "Right…better go…uh…just go," he mutters to himself, taking his meal and stepping into a portal that closes soon after he's gone.

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