2016-02-22 Dime Novels and TV Shows
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Players: Maine, Mike, and Peggy
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Title: Dime Novels and TV Shows

Logfile from FlameOfDarkness.

The nothern wall of this room is one large (bullet proof) glass window that looks out onto the grounds of Shield HQ and upstate New York beyond that. The floor of the office is a polished dark marble and it shines in the daytime sunlight. A large gray area rug rests against the far wall, though, and a massive old oak desk atop of it. The oak furnishing seems out of place in this starkly modern room. Two wide screen, flat panel monitors rest on the desk top with a built in keyboard and mouse. A pile of folders also rest in an old fashion inbox. The desktop is a strange mix of modern and archaic.
The other three walls of this office are a solid black in shade and hold mostly black and white photos. The 107th all in their dress uniforms; the first fully operational unit of SHIELD in 1950; Captain America news articles; Peggy, Howard and Dum-Dum Dugan outside of SHIELD's first office building; and lastly, a series of sketches that go from the SSR logo to the SHIELD logo, showing the progression of the design that is used to this day. An old fashioned, knob radio rests against the far wall. There is an overstuffed leather couch and two chairs that flank a low coffee table in the corner. If one looks close, a blanket and pillow can be seen tucked under the couch.
The room is usually kept at around 65 to 70 degrees in temperature. The last fixture, in the far corner, is an ancient Grandfather clock. It's built ala the World War II era and still works, it's plodding ticking echoing quietly through the modern room.

Ok. So Mike is not a SHIELD agent, but with his being an Avenger and… err.. Avengeri- Oh wait no. Being 'on leave'. Right. That's it. Yes. On leave. Doing stuff that is not at all tied to the objectives of SHIELD. Yep. Yep.
Yeaaaahhh…Ok, let's just leave all that on the cutting room floor, okay? *clears throat*
As the evening sets in place and dreams start to flow around the Eastern Coast much more so, expanding the many potential avenues of travel, a Phantasm has taken advantage of one of these new travel paths to end up in SHIELD. Setting foot into the fourth level, the Avenger walks over to Peggy's office. Reaching up a hand to knock. Which, probably would scare the bejeebus out of any security folks with the phantom knocking but hey. Fun times!

Honestly? The computer's informed her of his presence long before he makes it to the office. Peggy has instructed the door to let him in, so just as he reaches up to knock, the door slides open and he's emitted to her office. The bullet hole in the glass has been long repaired and, since the capture of Bucky, things have calmed enough that she's retaken her office instead of hunkering downstairs. She looks up to him, giving a small nod, "Didn't expect to see you, Hannigan. Come in. Sit."

Stepping in before the door can close, an older looking man slips in, a tight dark grey t-shirt tucked into some cargo pants with a large hand gun holstered to his leg. His left arm is pinned to his side and in a sling. There is an odd buldge of a wound and care just under the arm. He steps inside and hands down a report over Mike's shoulder onto Peggy's desk. "Anything else sir?" He inquires, pracitcally ignoring Mike.

The slowly turning visible Avenger moves over to the indicated seat. Eyes glancing to the decor for a moment before putting his rear down. He gives a bit of a sigh, his facial features un-mirroring as he goes back to full out human mode. "Sorry for the lack of an appointment, Director." He stops himself from the use of the first name as he considers the other one in the office, in particular the injury. He pauses, giving Peggy time to respond to the other man.

Well, that wasn't expected. Both of them in her office. Peggy blinks, giving a half smile to them. She's more relaxed now that she's retaken her own office. "It's alright, Hannigan. I'm generally here even during off hours, so it's not a bad call to come if you need to talk. What's on your mind?" She then looks up towards Maine, studying him with still slightly worried eyes as she leans over to take the file and flip it open enough just to give a brief look. "Maine. Medical cleared you to be up and about?" She can hold two conversations at once, she's a woman, as long as the conversations don't bother each other that someone else is in the room.

"I need the perspective of someone who grew up around the time you did." Mike replies, "Books that that you and your friends grew up loving. Before the Second World War."

"Hannigan. The avenger probie?" Maine speaks, his voice solid and deep, but hinting at the thoughts he has about how to answer Peggy. "Cleared enough to back down with a stern glance. Sir." Admits Maine, they would have stopped him if it was absolutely vital. Then Maine interjects once more, "Mike, I may have an assignment for your particular talents." With a final glance to Peggy, and the report that was handed to her.

As Maine mentions a possible assignment, Peggy's brow arches. "…Well, sit and join us then. You two can get to know each other while I read this. And… ah, that's quite an interesting question, Hannigan. I'd have to do some thinking, it's been a long while, you know? And Britian was slightly different from the US, I do imagine…" Peggy is only slightly thrown by the strange request, but the report comes first.

"I also intend to ask Cap when I can catch him at a lighter moment." Mike promises Peggy in regards to her added disclaimer of her locational childhood influence. Mike turns to look to Maine, "I got moved to full status a few months ago." He corrects, "And which talents do you speak of? My abilities have been on a bit of a flux recently."

Maine gives Peggy a quick nod in confirmation, then he looks over to Mike, taking a seat in the remaining chair. "Then I must edit some files." He responds about Mike's promotion, "There is an asignment I feel Hannigan would fit well, along with a more trained agent tailing and reporting on him. His talent and more his notoriety. Famous is what I'm getting at."

"I don't know when we'll see Captain Rogers. Readjusting has been… slow. I am not going to force him back into enlistment when he's not ready, so we operate as if we are carrying on without him." Peggy's voice is utterly neutral of emotion as she mentions the other man from her time. "But I will get you a list, as you need." Then she's looking back over to Maine, brow cocked, "What's the mission?"

"Thanks." Mike replies to Peggy, giving an apperciative smile before looking back to Maine, brow lifting in inquiry. "So… what? You need me to have a concert somewhere so someone can pretend to be a roadie?"

"It's for Hannigan here, and an agent to be his trainer or entourage." Maine says, givng Mike a glance and nothing else before he starts to shake his head. "Rumor has it Hydra is working on propoganda series, but it's a few steps removed, most of those on the set wouldn't be aware. We just need to get you close for an extended period of time."

After the woman gives the file a second read over, she turns it around and hands it in Hannigan's direction, since it's clearly a part of the mission he may be going on. "It might be a good bit of time undercover. Are you willing to be pulled away from your other… Vacation, that you've been helping with down in DC?" Peggy is still concerned about the Sentinel issue, even if she's been hands off for most of it.

Attention shifted to the folder being extended towards him, Mike's posture shifts as he leans forward, taking the offered item. Leaning back into the seat, he opens the folder up and starts skimming through it. Pale eyes flitting about quickly. "Ah yes. The vacation was lovely. Packed light but funny thing about vacations are that you end up bringing back home a lot more than you think you were going to. Interesting place to visit. But I wouldn't want to live there."

Maine falls silent about the sentinel conversation as he hasn't been asigned to that particular task. So he waits, single arm dangling at his side, waiting to hear Peggy's orders, his brown eyes never sitting still as he looks outside, scan's Mike, and Peggy even, never can be too safe.

"Indeed, well, as long as you are ready to get back to work, I cannot see issue assigning you this and sending one of the younger, far less known agents to tail. At worst, it might be an actual almost vacation. At best? We get a bit more interesting information about HYDRA and another sector of their operation to take down." Peggy leans back a bit deeper in her seat, seemingly content to let this all go forward.

Mike pauses as he comes across a small bit in the file, glancing up to look to Maine. "…Neptune studios?"

Maine stands up and starts to move towards the door, looking to Peggy and Mike over his shoulder. "I will go prepare everything." He says, hiding a wince that Peggy might notice, but he does a fantastic job of hiding his discomfort and pain.

"I meant for him to take it easy but…" She sighs and shakes her head, dark eyes turning back towards Mike with a curious flicker to her gaze. "So…why do you need to know about those books?"

Mike looks to the departing Maine before turning back to the director as she changes the topic back to his original purpose. "Well, when I was returning from dropping our fine doctor off here, I stepped through a less than pleasant landscape." The folder closes shut as Mike leans forward. "I have not seen a dreamscape so broken as I did in the Wi-…" He pauses, "Bucky's."

"…He's… from what I can tell, been brainwashed, mentally… manipulated, experimented on… and tortured, for the better part of 70 years. We're lucky he's coherent at all, franky." Peggy murmurs, trying to keep the worry out of her voice and any other of the too strong emotions she feels about this whole situation.

Mike nods. "I did what I could while in there. But the majority of the repair work would be on him." He sighs, "He'll be able to dream again but, I want to be sure he's got dream fodder that can help… temper what memories that might surface when his subconcious starts working things out."

"I…I need to visit him more. Spend time with him. See what memories I can get to resurface…" Peggy murmurs softly, still not quite able to keep the worried edge out of her voice. "I'll get you the kind of books he liked, if that is why you asked? He liked…science fiction. All those awful pulp dime novels."

Mike nods, "That would be great. Right now all I've given him is Wizard of Oz and Tom Sawyer." He gestures to the folder. "I seem to recall my agent mentioning an offer from Neptune for something that wouldn't start until early March. I'm assuming that's why I got pulled into this. So, until I have to head out to that, I'm good for coming by here to help where I can with him."

"Dime novels, the more science fiction, the better. That's what he likes… Liked." Peggy corrects herself gently. She then exhales slowly and gives him a small nod, "Seems a good way to go forward. You are dismissed now."

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