2016-02-25 Late Night in the Park
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Echo and Spacetime
GMed by Nobody
Title: Late Night in the Park

It's a damp, chilly evening in Central Park but there are still people out and about. Perhaps not as many as there might normally be but there are still some. One particular bench finds itself occupied rather suddenly by a costumed teen appearing in a quick flash of light. Spacetime, in costume, has a bag in hand. One from a clothing store judging by the logos. He's used some acquired cash to get a few things but right now he's taking a rest since he's supposed to be laying low. Pulling his hood down, Spacetime frowns as he examines the phone he was recently given. "I wonder if I can get some music on this thing…"

The life of a street Ninja is always changing. Jose aka echo was out in central park, enjoy the time of evening. WHat can he say, he used to life on the streets. But soon enough he hears a familiar voice. It was time for a night of pranks, courtsy of the trickster himself! Jose dosn't much need to see where a person is, just hear them. ANd upon hearing coles comment, it easy enough to know what joke to play. Jose first makes his way closer observing, just to be sure. ANyone can mess up after all. And within a moment Cole will find that his phone is apprently playing "Things out There" sung by Alven and the chipmunks!

Spacetime was just poking at the phone and examining some of what it could do when the music started. Startled, he almost dropped the phone. "What the…the hell?" he yelps, trying to stop the music. "How the…okay phone, stop now."

The phone seems to have a mind of it's own! It instead begins playing "Im a goofy goober!" from spongebob! ANd it wasn't exactly quiet either! Meanwhile Jose is silently laughing to himself as he sees all this going down. Ahh, a good prank gone right warms the heart

After a few more failed attempts to stop the music, Spacetime hits the power button to turn the phone off. "What music is this…even…" he mumbles, confused. "How did it get so loud," the costumed teen is already wondering if he'll have to find his new friend to get him to fix the random music playing.

The music stops playing suddendly. FInally, thank goodness. but SPacetime will immediatly hear a voice behind him. It was the voice of Cable, that mutant that handed him a gun "How your doing Dork?" goes the voice. Of course turning around would reveal it actualy Jose in the flesh

Bristling a bit at the familiar voice, Spacetime turns in his seat. "H-hey!" he frowns, pausing at the sight of Jose. Blinking a few times, he slips the phone into his pocket. "My name is Spacetime," he sighs. "And I'm doing fine. Are you doing better? I heard the robots got you…"

Jose grins "Now where you hear something like that?" he asks. He jumps onto the bench "Anyways I go by Echo" his voice swapped again… but it wasn't any recognizable voice. So chances are it might be his actual voice… mabey.

Shrugging, Spacetime watches the other young man and relaxes in his seat. "Around. Heard a bunch of people got nabbed…and a bunch more got rescued," he adds a little more quietly. "What brings you out here this late, Echo?"

Echo grins "Well… this IS my sleeping bench! It one of the more comfortable ones in my opione" he says. He stretches "And how bout yourself? You must have a reason to be here." he asks back before giving a kookaburra laugh

That news gets Spacetime frowning and he glances at the bench. "Wait…you mean you're…you don't have a place to go?" he asks, concerned now. "I…was just taking a moment before I got moving," he replies. The laugh gets a pause, Spacetime looking around as if searching for a bird. "The heck?"

Echo grins "Thats my laugh man" he says "Don't take no mind to it." he says with a big grin. But than the question is placed "Well, I do. But lived so long on the streets, that it feel more comfortable than staying in a place. It just weird" he says
Letting the laugh go, Spacetime lets out a breath. "Oh…" he trails off. "It does sound kind of weird," he admits. "I mean…unless that place isn't a good one to stay in anyway."

Jose shrugs "Eh, Stark towers. Tonys my bro" he says as if it wasn't a big deal. And likely to Jose it isn't. "But before that, been living on the streets since I was like 10. SO yea, feel really really weird" he says

"Wait," Spacetime does a double-take. "Stark Tower? Like…the Stark Tower?" cue jaw drop moment. "Wow. Hey…do you know that Sam Stark guy?" he asks, curious as well as surprised.

Echo blinks "Sam Stark? Wel I don't know a Sam Stark, but I know A Sam Morgon. Why yea ask?" as a person who is obliviouse to many things, it come to no surprise that he dosn't know Sam has changed his name somewhat! "And pick up your jaw man, it just a tower. Steel and stone nothing more"

"I uh…just met the guy. If they're the same one anyway," Spacetime replies. "He seemed cool," the teleporter adds. "But isn't Stark like…super rich? I didn't think I'd ever meet someone who was bros with him…"

Jose shrugs "Guess he is. I never heard about him till he made an appareance at my old school." yes he is THAT obliviouse to the world. "Well what the guy looks like?" he asks before laying down "Well Sam bros with him too… or is sam his son now? It's a whole weird thing. Family, is never quite what you think it is!"

Spacetime describes Sam, both of them thinking of the same guy. "I don't know," he shrugs. His shoulders lump a little though. "Don't know about family stuff either."

Jose nods "That Sam. Got his technojam going on. He even buit scorpia. This small robot that can tear heavy duty trash cans apart!" he claims "And you don't know bout family. It just something that is." he ponders "I think. SO where you from anyways?"

"Why did he build a robot to fight trash cans?" Spacetime asks, head tilted to the side. He shrugs in response to Jose's comment on family and turns his gaze skyward at the question. For a few moments he just peers at the cloudy night sky and eventually lets out a breath. "Keep it between us?"

"He didn't build it fight trash cans. I'm just saying it can tear them apart. Do you know how hard that is?" he asks. But the moment Spaceitme is asking to keep something secret Jose nods "Ah sure. I keep everyone secrets. Trust me, superhearing ain't all that cracked up to be" he says with a grin

"I've never actually tried," Spacetime admits. "Never had any reason to try tearing a trash can apart," the teleporter chuckles. There's a bit of extended silence before he speaks again, debating whether or not Jose is serious. "I have no clue where I'm from."

Jose hmmms "…so do you know what your real name is, or did you just choose to be Spacetime?" he asks. Evidently he beleives him and dosn't seem to think much of it "I mean, do you think you came from another dimension or mabey an alien planet. I hear thats a thing" always a dose of humor

Spacetime runs a hand through his hair, shaking his head. "I…don't know all of it. I could only remember my first name and well…" he chuckles quietly, gesturing at himself. "Codename," he says. "Pretty sure I'm not an alien…not sure on the other dimension stuff," he says with a small smile.

Jose snaps his fingers, the snap was pretty loud "Ahh. Man had such high hopes too! Now" he peers both ways and leans in "Can you keep a secret?" he looks him up and down seeming serious. Surprisingly so!

Spacetime jumps at the unusually loud snap, looking at Jose with an arched brow. How serious the other teen is surprises the teleporter but he nods. "Yeah, I can keep secrets."

Echo grins "Good. So can I!" apprently he didn't have a secret to share! Or rather… he just good at keeping them. He gives that Kookaburra laugh again "Ah. I ain't really bout them secrets to be honest. There pointless most of the time." he settles back "And sometime have the best stories too!"

Spacetime just gives Echo a flat look but eventually lets it go. "Dude…c'mon. I just…don't want anyone worrying about me. I'm trying to figure this all out," he says, slumping a little in his seat.

Echo nudges SPacetime "Come on what? I didn't say I was going to tell anyone. All I said is, that I'm good at keeping secrets, even if they are pointless. If not I would have already blabbed about " and his voice goes mute despite his mouth moving before it starts up again "See? SO no worries" he nods. He settles back "And I know how you feel, really I do. Figireing stuff out is HARD. But you'll get there. Oh, want some food?"

The sudden mute button effect has Spacetime blinking a few times and eventually smiling. "Thanks," he says. "Hard doesn't even begin to cover it," he chuckles. "I could go for some food," he agrees.

Out comes Jose back and he opens it up "Let see what I got today" he rummages about. He pulls out a box of Lo Mien, and a half eaten apple. "Were the good stuff" he digs a bit more, and pulls out two wrapped 'burgers'. He hands one to Spacetime "Here! Made it myself" sure the burger was good… but it clearly wasn't beef… or chicken.

Spacetime pauses, watching curiously as Jose digs in his backpack. He accepts the burger with a curious noise, examining it. "Thanks," he remarks. "Um…what did you make them of?"

"Rats, bread, some bbq sauce and some lettuce" is Jose answer as he takes a bite of his burger "Not as good as coon burgers, but it works. How yea like it?" he asks with a smile. He clearly has no qualms about eating rats

Spacetime pauses at this news and just stares at the burger. Head tilted to the side, he considered his options. He'd eaten things pulled out of the dumpsters but he hadn't tried to catch any rats. Eventually he takes a bite and hums. "It's pretty good," he eventually says. Its better than he thought it would be anyway.

Echo chuckles "About… how long have you been on your own? You seem pretty new to all of this. Just saying" he notes. He scoffs down his burger and takes a bite of the half bitten apple before offering some to Spacetime "Rule one is, yea can't be picky!"

"No idea," Spacetime sighs. "I mean…I only remember back a couple months. So it could be longer," he shrugs. "I've been getting by…picking things up where I could. And this guy gave me this giftcard thing I can use once a day. Been stretching out my meals that way."

Jose binks "A gift cardyou can use once a day? Thats pretty handy!" he says "Wat the limit on it?" he wonders "And a few months? Hmmm, mabey we can get you memory back somehow." he claims

Nodding, Spacetime takes another bite before accepting some of that offered apple. "It has been. And not a lot. At the most it gets me a little meal. Not that worried. I can skip a few meals unless I have to do some big stuff. Need to eat more after that," he gestures vaguely. "Wait, you know about memory stuff? I've been reading some stuff from the library but it hasn't helped…"
"Well…. I might know a telepath or two" he says slowly "And than there always the classic hit the person over the head with a rock. My preferred method" Jose says a laugh. "And I guess seeing a therpist or somthing might help…. but beyound that, don't got much" he admits

"I've gotten hit in the head. Didn't help," Spacetime admits, rubbing his head. "I'll…think about that stuff. Not sure about telepaths…"

Echo shrugs "WHat arn't you sure about" another bite of burger "Oh, or mabey magic! Met this magic dude who came to hell with me. mabey he could help yea" he offers

"Just…the idea of someone poking around in my head. I mean…it just…not sure I want someone finding secrets I might not even remember," Spacetime admits. "I'd have to meet them," he shrugs. "Magic? Who's the magic dude?"

Echo pauses "You know… I have NOOOOO idea." he shrugs "Sam might know. He tends to look things up!"

Spacetime blinks and then nods. "Okay…so I've got something else to talk to him about then maybe," he says, rubbing the back of his neck.

Jose perks up "Oh? Why the interest in magic?" he turns and faces Cole. There is a cleam in his eye as he eyes SPaceitme with curiosity to spare

"You…brought up magic," Spacetime chuckles. "But I mean…it is interesting. I can teleport but magic stuff just seems awesome. With like…flying and magic missiles."

"Hmmm… I was wrong about you. Your not a dork…. your a nerd" Jose grins "No shame in that! That as far as I'm concerned, Imma happy not having magic. WOrlds got enough of it as far as I'm concerned!" he exclaims

"I guess I could be a nerd. I'm just going with what feels cool," Spacetime admits, finishing off the burger. "I don't have any magic but its still cool to see it," he laughs. "So…you do sound stuff, right? I mean I'm pretty sure that's been you doing all that stuff."

Echo grins "You bet. Their ain't no sound I can't copy, ain't no secret I won't hear. I shift and flow with the rythem of the streets." he says. "That and a pretty good theif if I do say so myself" clearly he has no problems with his past

"A thief?" Spacetime arches a brow. "You just steal for like…food and survival, right?"

Echo waves a hand off "Errr no. Yea no" he says "That what hunting and stuff is for. Granted I have stolen to get money to move states before, but otherwise I steal for the fun of it'" he states. "ANyone and everyone, from everyday thugs to officers of the law. COurse I tend to return what I steal. To me it a game, not a proffesion"

Spacetime just sighs, giving Jose a long look. "Dude…" he trails off, shaking his head. "Game or not, that's still going to get you in a lot of trouble if you get caught," he says. "Move states? You're not from New York?"

Jose waves a hand "You act like I never been caught. Trust me, I have on PLENTY of occasions." he says "And no, not from New York." he says "I'm from lowell technicaly speaking. Then went to florida, and worked my way back up to new york. Even been to lousina one time" he says

Spacetime frowns, brow furrowing behind his mask as he concentrates on those places. None of them seem familiar so he lets it go, leaning back again. "Well, I hope you don't get into any trouble and get caught."

Echo looks mortified "Are you crazy! Don't wish that kind of bad luck on me!" he looks SPacetime up and down as if he just made the worst insult in the world "If I never get caught or in trouble, then I'll never get better with my skillz man! Trying ta curse a brother" hmphs!

"Whaaaa…?" Spacetime just looks confused, head tilted to the side as he looks at Echo. "I wasn't trying to curse you," he says awkwardly. "Uh…sorry?"

Echo crosses his arms "Apology accepted. Hey, even be bridge jumping?" he get that mischouvis grin on his face.

"Bridge jumping? Like jumping off a bridge?" Spacetime asks. A smile forms on his face slowly and he nods. "If its just jumping, then yeah. I jumped off that Brooklyn Bridge once."

Echo grins "Now thats something! I havent' jumped off that bridge yet! But perhaps once day I might." he declares "It just so happens I hate the cold, so if there going to be cold water involved, I at least want warm weather, know what Im saying?"

"Oh, I get it," Spacetime agrees with a nod. "I didn't hit the water though. Teleported before I did," he chuckles. "Didn't have any other clothes then and I didn't want to get soaked."
Jose laughs "Fair enough! Is there anywhere you CAN'T teleport?" he asks now seeming curiouse

That gets Spactime looking thoughtful. He taps his chin a few times and hums. "Well, I have to know where I'm going. Trying to teleport blind doesn't turn out well," he says. "And I do have a limit with how far I can go at a time…not sure on anything else yet."

Jose nods as SPacetime talks. He ponders "So…. how far have you actualy gone?" he wonders now

"Far as I can remember…a couple miles in a single jump," Spacetime replies.

Jose nods slowly "Far as I know, my hearing only goes a mile out" he claims "ANd let me tell you, New York is one flatunet city!"

Spacetime is silent for a long moment, just staring at Jose. And then he cracks up, laughing and shaking his head. "Dude…oh man…seriously?"

Jose laughs "Yes, I am serious. The things you can hear! Super hearing is not al that cracked up to be. Farts, tiolet flushing, fights, trans, cars, I hear it all man" shakes his head "Hear it ALLL!"

"And earplugs won't help?" Spacetime's mostly joking, just teasing a little bit. "Man….at least you can hear trouble coming before it gets to you, right?"

Jose considers this "Sometimes. Depends on the trouble" he admits "As for earplugs" he opens his backpack and pulls out a pair of high tech looking headphones with oversize ear muffs
"Meet MY earplugs. I can change my hearing range with this"

Spacetime leans a little closer to get a better look at the headphones and whistles. "Okay, those looks pretty awesome. So they let you…extend your range or just reduce it?"

Echo grins "Only reduce it. To the point of being deaf. Though on a person with regular hearing, the deaf point comes alot sooner." he says "And, it comes with a lazor!" he claims. The headphones did look pretty advanced. The band that connects to tow ear muffs actualy seems to pulsate in accordance to the noise around it. There was a ring around one of the muff that could past for volume as well

"Wait, lazer?" Spacetime asks, serious now. "Like…the pointer kind cats chase or…" he trails off, making little finger guns and pew-pew lazer noises.

Echo grins "Let just say, it can weld metal OR give cats a fun play time" he says "It adjustable" that mischouce grin again. But than he stands "Anyways I best get going. There a gang meeting in hells kitchen. Plenty of things to steal there. Like pride and honor" he snickers. "Peace out!"

Spacetime nods and picks up his bag again. "I'll see you some other time then, Echo," he chimes. "Be careful there," he adds before vanishing in a little flash of blue light.

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