2016-02-27 It's (Not) Morphin' Time
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Impulse, Tech Star, and Spacetime
GMed by Nobody
Title: It's (Not) Morphin' Time

The call had come over the team phones a short while ago for all members, such as there are, to come to 'The Lab'. Luckily the message had included directions, but no access codes for the elevator to actually get to the 85th floor. Instead, the elevator had closed the moment a team member stepped aboard, and moved without any input whatsoever, a sure sign that they had entered Tech Star's domain. Once on this highly secure floor, home to such marvels as Tony Stark's private Iron Man lab and hanger, LED lighting alongside the hallway carpet led the way to Sam's lab. Music spills out into the corridor through an open vault door leading into a large high-tech facility and there, like a spider in the center of its web, Tech Star is working with his back turned to the entrance, checking the progress of something in a 3D prototyper taller than he is.

The directions were incredibly appreciated by Spacetime. He still gets lost in the city but he finds his way thanks to the message. The elevator moving on its own has him making a little yelp but he resists the urge to teleport, just taking in the sights. It takes a lot more restraint to keep the costumed teen from popping over to check out every little thing that gets his attention, a grin on his masked face. Eventually he follows the lights to the right lab though, humming along with the music. When he spots Tech Star, Spacetime waves. "Heya!" he calls cheerfully.

A couple of minutes after Spacetime arrives so does Killian, he fiddles with something on the ride up in the elevator before slipping it into his pocket and taking off the glove he was wearing. "Seriously with the theatrics? I did used to live here, the cloak and dagger stuff is a bit much", he looks around the room with interest, he's nothing compared to Samuel but he's got an interest in engineering, though his level is much more street level, cars and such.

The tones of 'Scream, Aim, Fire' turn themselves down when Spacetime enters, Sam giving a brief wave without turning around. The lab pulses with life of a sort, with mechanisms and electronic devices everywhere. Several 'Spectre' globes hover near the ceiling, with half a dozen resting in a cradle by the door. After a short while, Sam turns around to face Cole, just in time to see and hear Killian arrive. "Yeah, sorry for all the cryptic stuff guys, but welcome to the lab. Couldn't send out access codes for the elevators, I'm sure you understand." And leaving it at that, he motions for the other teens to follow him further into the lab, where an area has been cleared. "Glad you could make it, by the way."

"Its okay. I mean I didn't really need them. Could've just…" Spacetime trails off, gesturing vaguely as if to mean teleporting. "if the thing didn't move on its own," he chuckles. "Hey, Impulse," he chimes, waving to the other teen as well. He bounces on his heels a moment, looking at everything in the lab with interest. The science and engineering may all go over his head but he still thinks its cool. When gestured to, Cole follows quickly. "Isn't there like…cloak and dagger stuff with us all by default? I mean me and Impulse don't know one another's real names and neither of you have seen under my mask," he shrugs casually.

Killian looks over a few of the devices scattered around the place making sure not to actually touch them as he follows the two into the lab proper. He hmms, "Wonderboy does make a good point, we have something of a trust issue…", he starts walking towards Spacetime, Samuel might just guess what he's considering.

"As far as I'm concerned, you don't need to tell anyone else anything you don't want to." Sam says as he walks over to a console set into the wall, a curiously intense expression on his face. "Sometimes secrets keep you safe. Sometimes, secrets just get other people in trouble. Right now, there is no trust between us, but I'm hoping that pretty soon there will be. I'm not going to force anyone…" and he looks first at Cole and then at Killian "… anyone, to disclose real names unless they want to. But you will work together. That means respecting each other's decision for privacy and secrecy." A sequence of commands is entered, actually by touch for a change, and a series of six tubes slides down from the ceiling. Two of them illuminate, showing a helmeted and armored outfit in each one; one with red details and a red visor, one with purple details and a purple visor. "These suits are designed to keep your identity as safe as the rest of you though." The two illuminated tubes slide open and then retract fully into the ceiling.

"Hey, I'm in no rush. Not pushing anyone to reveal anything, just pointing it out," Spacetime remarks. He looks curious when Killian approaches him, glancing at Samuel. "What's up?" he asks, unaware of what might be considered. "I was hanging with your friend Echo the other night, by the way. He seems pretty cool," he adds towards Sam. The teleporter goes quiet when the tubes appear, whistling at the appearance of the armored outfits. "We're all getting matching outfits?" he asks, a little amused.

Killian stops as he's about to touch Spacetime and eyes the suits, "Well that explains the coloured dogtags", he stops for the moment, but he's still considering simply bringing Spacetime down and finding out what he looks like, the last couple of months have made him a little paranoid, "Plus side, I look good in red".

"Matter of fact, we are." Sam grins at Spacetime, pointedly not commenting on what he believed Killian was about to do, instead responding to his question. "But only when we're obviously out as a team and we're expecting incoming fire. Those panels are rated Level 4 Plus, the rest of the suit is Level 3 Plus. Or, in English, the armored sections will stop a rifle round, the rest of the suit will stop a handgun round. It's all tailored to your exact size, so no swapsies. Each suit has a few unique features, but I'll go over those later." A cursory inspection would reveal that there are no seams in these suits, and nothing seems to come off. How do you even put them on? Sam approaches the middle tube, which obligingly opens and retracts, revealing a black suit with black details, black highlights and a black visor in the black helmet… which appears to be his size. He pulls a black dogtag out of his pocket and slips the metallic oblong in a recesses slot at the top of the chest carapace. The suit clicks and he takes off the helmet, which allows the rest of the front carapace to open in sections all the way down to the legs. "I really hope you didn't lose those tags, like I asked."

"Dude?" Spacetime just blinks behind his goggles when he notices Killian was about to touch him. "What?" he asks, oblivious to intent but still smiling. He glances back to the suits and flashes a quick grin. "Look good in that color too," he chimes playfully, looking curiously at the purple accented suit. "Go go power rangers," he chuckles, amused by the idea. He whistles as Samuel describes how durable the suits are. "Well that's a lot tougher than my current outfit," he says, gesturing at the costume he's wearing. His eyes go wide at the demonstration on how to open things and Spacetime nods. "Nope, I didn't lose mine," he says, opening one of the pouches on his belt to take the tags out and show he still has them.

Killian watches the demo, "And here I was hopeing for an 'it's morphin' time' moment, still clever TS, not lost your touch", his eyes turn bright green and he slips the dogtags out of his shirt, "I can follow simple instructions, the old days may argue against it but I can", he looks over the suit, "Didn't fancy the green colour from the matrix then?", guess Sam's all about stealth nowdays, "These unique features, they take into account the touching thing?"

Rather than donning his suit, Sam watches the others. "They do, actually." he replies to Killian. "The palms of your gauntlets retract. The inner lining is inert so it shouldn't cause you to… well, y'know." Then he turns to Spacetime. "Because you'll probably be the first one in wherever we go, your helmet has built in cameras that transmit to the other suits so we can see what you see. If there's any other features you guys want, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Also, Spectre guessed your sizes as best as was possible from the video it shot in the park, but if anything doesn't fit right, now really is the time to mention it."

"Touching thing?" Spacetime is curious. He went back to quietly checking out his suit as Samuel explained things, whistling at the mention of cameras. He peeked curiously at the helmet before trying out the dog-tag to unlock the suit like he'd just seen Tech Star do. "Don't want to get measurements now or anything?" he asks, taking the helmet off to look inside. "Not sure what features would be good to have. I mean my suit now is just good for moving and kind of bullet-proof," he hums. "Oh! I know, can this thing like…zoom in or have built in binoculars or something? Make it easier to see where I'm porting."

Killian is already pretty much inside the suit, just the helmet to go, "Nope your new robo-PA seems to have got the measurements down just fine, what'd you make it out of?", he bends his arm testing out the flexibility of the suit before sticking the helmet on, "Cool, sight based stuff works just fine with this", Spacetime's query about the 'touching' thing is ignored, he's keeping that quiet for now.

"There's limited zoom using a slider on the side of the helmet. I was going to make it an automatic thing, but then I'd need to put in onboard AI, which would need a bigger power source, and…" Sam trails off there, rewinding his thoughts before they derail again. "Y'know how you can only build rockets so big before they just explode? It's the same with power systems. No fancy electronics or power assisted servos or anything in these. Believe me, I tried." Hang on, doesn't he have a suit of power armor that flies? Hmmm. "The weave is new, it's something me and Carbon came up with a while ago. It's the same stuff I'm gonna use for the Morgan Exploration Suit, a space suit I'm hoping NASA's gonna be interested in for their Mars mission." Yup, he's gotten ambitious in the last few months. "Try it all on, get used to wearing it." Matching deed to word, Sam starts to put on his own suit, having to manually fasten each section due to the lack of powered hinges or solenoids. As he twists his torso to fasten the left arm bracers, you can tell a symbol has been etched on the back of the suit in dark grey, notched circles inside a larger circle. And a quick check would indicate that this symbols is present with slight variations on all suits, in a color matching their detailing.

Spacetime shrugs off being ignored, humming a little tune. 'Go go Power Rangers' if anyone pays attention to recognize it. "Sweet. Guess that means I don't have to carry binoculars anymore," he says, setting the helmet aside and starting to get the rest of the suit on. It's a little snug considering he's putting it on over his costume but he doesn't complain. "Not exploding is always a plus in my book," the teleporter remarks. Mention of the Mars mission just has him glancing up at Sam in surprise. "Wow…you…are pretty awesome," he replies, smiling. He glances at Killian to see how he'll react and then returns his focus to putting on his suit. The symbol gets a curious look but Spacetime pauses as he looks down at his helmet. "Hmm," he frowns. "Okay…so…guess since I mentioned it before I might as well…" he mutters, setting the helmet down. He takes a breath before starting to peel his mask off, knowing it probably wouldn't fit inside the helmet thanks to the goggles build it. Once the mask is out of the way, he shakes his head and offers an awkward smile to the other two teens. "Uh…hey. You guys can call me Cole when we're not doing the whole…superhero day saving thing," he introduces himself, silently hoping this isn't about to bite him in the rear.

Killian is dressed in the full suit leaning against the wall, without thinking he hums along with the power rangers theme, "Exploding never really bothered me but I get your point, the ones I don't cause probably hurt", he watches the symble on the back of the suits and accedentaly lets some geek out, "Thats not Galifrayan is it?". He looks over at the unmasked Cole and nods, unmasking himself saved Killian a job.

As Cole announces his real name, Sam steps forwards and nods to Spacetime, smiling. He doesn't have his helmet on yet, so at least his expression is still visible. "Awesome. Good to meet you, again, Cole. I'm Sam, but I suspect everyone and their dog already knows that after those videos." Since his expressions can still be seen sans helmet, it's easy to see Sam shift from his usual smile to incredulity, blinking and looking at Killian. "It is! How'd you…?"

Cole hides it but he is nervous. The lack of reaction from Killian doesn't really help but thankfully Sam helps him relax. That grin of his return and the worry vanishes from his eyes. "That and you mentioned your name in the park," he points out. "Glad to meet you too," he adds. He just looks curious as he picks up his helmet again. "What's Galigrayan?" he asks, putting his helmet on.

While you can't see it though the helmet Killian goes a little red, he's from a sports obsessed family and really kept the geekyer parts of him quiet, even at Xaviers, "Just a guess, nothing really", he mumbles. He wanders off for a moment to look around at the stuff laying about until its forgotten that he knew something sci-fi related.

"Pretty good guess." Sam mentions before donning his helmet. The next time he speaks, it's as if he's standing right next to people, voice carried over some form of internal comm system of the helmet. "I mean, I only learned it when I met that alien dude and accidentally linked with his spaceship. Awesome thing, was bigger on the inside than on the outside. Was a couple of years ago. It was either that or Galladorian at the back, but I didn't want to give the Wraiths any reason to come after us." Mars? Forget Mars, is he actually talking real aliens here?

There's a quick pause from Spacetime when he hears the comms and the teleporter chuckles. He steps away from anything he might bump into, stretching out and testing how the suit feels to move in. "Bigger on the inside?" he asks, throwing a few test punches at the air as he continues his movement tests. He doesn't seem fazed by nerdiness at all, a bit of a nerd himself. "So what do the symbols mean?" Cole asks, looking between Sam and Killian.

Killian raises an eyebrow at Samuel and figures he's kidding but that does segway into into a question he wanted to ask, "Sam, I'd been meaning to ask, could you build something to detect a particular kind of energy caused by a disruption in the linier timeline?", he looks to Cole, "Ranger X I think".

"Very close. Ranger X and your code name. It'll confuse the hell out of SHIELD if they ever run it through a translator matrix." Even through the comms you can tell from the inflection in his voice that Sam is smiling. He does so enjoy getting one over on major agencies. He seems perfectly comfortable walking around in the suit, but then again he has gotten used to the Tech Star armor so is likely more used to a sudden increase in bulk and dimension. "Ehmm… I suppose I could, but it'd never be precise. I'm still a decade or so away from getting close to temporal sensors, but the disturbance in gravitational waves should be measurable if the event was big enough. Why?" As he asks the question, he walks past Cole and claps him on the right shoulder while walking past on the left, a quick and simple exercise to see if the helmet fits right by observing how much it shakes around as his head turns quickly.

"SHIELD is going to have a problem with us?" Spacetime asks, sounding more curious than concerned. Like its just interesting triva more than something to be worried about. "Ranger X, huh? Sounds cool. Y'know we're gonna get like…all the teasing though," he laughs, not in the least bit bothered by it. "You want to detect time travel?" he asks, looking around when clapped on the shoulder. "Wha?" he asks, helmet fitting nicely.

"I don't need anything precise, I just need a warning if something's going down, I should be able to see it myself afterwoods. I can't really tell you why, more for your safety man", he unclips the helmet and takes it off, "So no Echo showing up? figured you would've asked him too, though chances are he's already know".

"Echo will be here. At some point. You know how he is." Yeah, Sam didn't really have a chance to talk to him, since Jose was out doing whatever he was doing whenever he wasn't around in the tower. Sometimes it's best just not to ask… "Which is why these helmets have an audio pickup that automatically mutes sounds over a certain pressure. Good against flashbangs, explosions and Echo…" He picks up a ball, just a simple ball, and tosses it at Cole "Toss that around." No explanation given, but it's yet another test to see how well these suits fit. Catching and throwing a ball requires a certain level of hand and eye coordination, which may be difficult when wearing gloves and a helmet. If the gloves are the right size and the helmet doesn't restrict or distort vision too much, it should be relatively straightforward to catch and throw a ball with some accuracy. "And SHIELD has a problem with all teams that it doesn't understand or doesn't control. The word terrorist gets used a lot."

"Echo…I don't get him. Says he lives here in this place but he still…" Spacetime trails off, looking towards the door. The helmet hides his frown but it might be caught in his tone of voice. He shakes it off though, listening to the others. "So…there's gonna be some crazy time travel stuff going down?" he asks, shrugging. The ball tossed his way is caught easily enough if a little less gracefully than he would've without the armor. Enhanced reflexes help. He tosses the ball from hand to hand before nodding to Killian and tossing the ball his way. "Huh. Good for SHIELD then."

Killian catches the ball easily, being a good catch is one of the few things he's good at, "No one gets Echo, he's just him, get that and you 'get' him", he throws the ball around a few times before it's passed to Sam, "SHEILD are dicks, learn it now and remember it and no, no time travel, just an issue of my own I need to keep an eye on is all".

"They're not dicks as much as they're just a large agency that sees conspiracies everywhere, probably because there's a lot of stuff going on that most people never hear about." Sam mentions in defense of SHIELD as he catches the ball, throwing it around for a few moments before passing it back to Cole. "And they're not allowed to fight Sentinels, even though they want to. Can't say any more than that, but Cole knows exactly what I'm talking about after the Genosha thing." With no other tests to run, Sam takes off his helmet and starts to take off his suit. "So, everyone happy with the fit?"

Nodding a little, Cole hums. He catches the ball again with one hand this time and sighs. "Well, I'll leave 'em be until they try to mess with us or do something wrong," he says, tossing the ball back to Sam. "Reminds me I gotta talk to someone soon," he mutters, rolling his shoulders. "It feels good. Gonna have to try it without my other suit on underneath later but I don't think it'll be a problem."
"Agree to disagree there shall we Sam", Killian puts the helmet back on, "If SHEILD does make a move leave it to me to deal with it, I've got something going on that could give us an edge there". Patting down the seat Killian nods, "Yup, nice work there Sam, though we could use a field test, see how they hold up".

"I don't want to field test them until I've got the rest of the equipment ready. Only thing I can't get for you guys is weapons, so don't expect a James Bond Q moment next time." That said, he glances over first to Killian "I'll leave them up to you then. But remember dude, I still gotta live with the Avengers a few floors above my room, so … y'know… moderate action an' all that." then to Cole. "If there's anything I can help with, just ask dude. I'm always around to talk to, in person or over that phone."

"If you want but hey, I got your back. Both of you," Spacetime offers, taking off his helmet and grinning. "Don't worry, don't really use weapons," he chuckles. A smile is offered Sam's way a moment later. "Thanks, Sam. This is uh…talking to one of those people we both know about…tropical travel plans," he says awkwardly and vaguely, rubbing the back of his neck. "And if he wants to take another…little island roadtrip anytime soon," he adds, pretty sure Sam will understand. "But hey, either of you guys ever need some teleporting or just wanna hang, gimme a call. I'm usually up for it."

Killian smiles behind his helmet, "When did I ever need a weapon to cause trouble Sam?", he nods, "When am I anything but subtle mate? I'll be good, mostly". He starts heading towards the door, "Am I good to take this with me? Or did you want it left here?"

"Bit pointless if you can't take it with you, isn't it?" Sam grins, giving Killian the permission to wear the suit out if he so wants. "Just store it somewhere safe. It's all new tech, and right now there's nothing linking it either to Stark or any of us. I'd really like to keep it that way." He also gives a nod of understanding to Cole. "I'll give you a number you can call. And if they ask… you can tell 'em I gave it to you."

"Sweet!" Cole declares, reaching up to pull his usual mask back on. "Text me the number?" he asks, opening a portal behind himself. Just your everyday casual swirling blue hole in space. "I'll catch you guys later," he chimes, starting to head into the portal. Apparently he's electing to wear his suit out too.

Killian nods, "No tech, no leaks, got it", watching Cole leave Killian notes he has the right idea, video in the elevator may not be great, "Catch you later Sam, feel free to fill me in about Cole when you get the chance", with a wave he opens a window and drops out of it.

"Catch you guys… later?" Okay… Sam knows how to make an exit, and really did go all out with his park departure, but now he's being upstaged as both his guests leave in spectacular manner, through time and space itself or dropping from the 81st floor of a New York skyscraper. Standing there, half out of his suit, the boy scratches the back of his head. "Damn… I'm gonna have to up my game with these guys around."

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