2016-02-29 Winter Soldier Wrestling



Natasha was walking through the security room with a few file folders and a black ipad in a Shield-themed cover. She spoke with some of the security outside of Bucky's cell and she handed them the things she was carrying before being permitted access into the cell.
Agent Romanoff passed through the opened doorway then and walked inside, her green eyes immediately going toward where Bucky would be. She was wearing her standard issue Shield jumpsuit with the logos on the shoulders, utility belt and her LTL sidearms were holstered on her hips. She walked into the cell and moved toward a seat that was built into the wall, lowered down onto it and sat down, leaned back against the wall and looked down to a can of soda she was holding… it wasn't opened yet. She had the casual-air of a woamn sitting down in a recreation room.

Where the captured assassin should be is on the other attached seat/cot, one would expect. But when she peers in, that's not where he is. The room seems entirely empty.

Instead an electric jolt fires through the door and handle she's holding, barring adequite insulation. It seems the Soldier was waiting, who knows how long, behind where the door would open.

Natasha never touched the door, in-fact. The guards outside of it, one of them is who touched the door and he's the one who gets the shock. The other guard readies his gun (also and LTL weapon) and he sweeps into the room behind Natasha, who was seated in that chair.
Natasha exhaled then and she opened the can of soda and took a sip from it then sat it aside. "James Buchanan Barnes. You're inside of a cell thats inside of a cell, thats built into another cell thats crawling with well trained guards and the further you get the more deadly their weaposn will become." She says from the chair. "You can attempt to escape, but all you're going to do is end up restrained, or dead." Her voice was dry and uncaring.

It seems he's not in a particularly caring mood himself, for he doesn't even hesitate in slamming the door on the remaining guard when he tries to follow her in. That's going to leave some bruises.

The Soldier, even with his head bandaged and his tac gear traded out for plain cotton prisoner clothes seems entirely determined to get around that door and head out into the hallway himself if the Widow makes no move to stop him.

The guard is downed and crumples to the floor like a big bag of beef. He's not unconscious, he's just stunned and injured. The door doesn't protest to Bucky's desire to leave, it allows him in-fact to do just that.
Natasha remains where she is and she shakes her head. "Please don't damage my ipad. It has all my pictures from my trip to Nebraska on it." She released a heavy sigh and stood up, holding her red-canned Coke in one gloved hand she unholsters her side arm and lifts it up to, undoubhtedly follow him out of the cell…
The only problem is, is Bucky runs out there he'll find about ten more Shield security guards waiting for him, all with their weapons trained on the prison cell from about ten feet away and they do not hesitate to fire if he should step out of the cell.

He does pause when he catches sight of the armed force outside. He pauses, but he doesn't stop. He ducks back in, slamming the door again on the injured guard to stun him further and keep more door between him and the guards outside. He turns on Natasha, then, eyes narrowing. She's drawing a gun, and he has none of his own. What he does have though in his human arm, is a pile of books. He throws the thickest one at Natasha's gun hand and charges.

Deadly literature… Natasha sees the book flying at her and she just steps aside and aims her right right at Bucky's face. Whether he can tell if she's holding an LTL weapon is anyone's guess, considering its a custom Shield-tech item. "JAMES BARNES!" Natasha shouts at him. "I am not your enemy!" She's still holding her coke in her other hand. "You trained me how to shoot these things. Remember?" Agent Romanoff said, voice very sterm as she side stepped now in that wonderful 'dance' of two people about to square off.

He closes to melee range, that left hand raising in front of his face while his elbow strikes upwards at the wrist of her gun hand. His right arm still holds a few books which limits it's use in a fight for the moment at least. He doesn't even blink when she shouts at him, it's like talking to an unhearing robot. If anything at all changes in his expression at her words, it's more a small flash of anger rather than hesitation.

There are two downed guards by the main door to the cell, there are a contingent of ten more guards outside the hallway, the cell door has been shut once again and the guards outside are moving the two downed injured guards.
Inside the cell, Bucky is charging at Natasha who's holding one of her LTL pistols in her right hand and a coke can in her left. She fires off a shot at him but he charges and deflects her hand to send the shot 'pinging' against the wall with a few sparks.
Natasha quickly reacts by sending her left knee up in a potentially devestating 'groin' attack against the Winter Soldier as he charges further into her..

The soldier is apparently not a stranger to such dirty tactics. He twists his feet sideways, trying to catch one foot under her raised knee to trip her down even as that metallic left forearm aims to strike her a blow to the chest. He doesn't seem to be trying to kill her. Perhaps he's trying to disable her as a hostage to use against the guards.

Sometimes, timing works in your favor. Sometimes not. As Phantasm steps out unseen into Bucky's cell. The scene would make him question which way this timing is working, if crazy dreams wasn't fighting with Natasha. Instead, Phantasm ends up throwing the book at Bucky. Seriously. HG Wells' The Time Machine. Ok. FINE. It wasn't really throwing so much as swinging it at the back of the amnesia sufferer's head, concentrating his strength to the surface of impact.
What? Don't judge him.

Natasha wasn't taking this fight very seriously, she didn't think this man was going to kill her and she knew that he oultimately was't going to escape. "Mind the beverage, man!" Natasha said, feeling him try to get her off balance and it worked… probably too easily though because Natasha took hold of him and pulled him ontop of her (and the book from Mike might help destablize him also).
However, Nat was pulling him forward and back down onto the floor to send them both rolling, asses over heads, hoping to end up in a reverse position with her the one ontop of him!

It might come as a shock to Phantasm when Bucky turns to glare right at him as he steps inside…but then Natasha trips him, and even if Phantasm's strike didn't hesitate from the disconcerting look, the book only clips his already bandaged head as he falls. He'd land on her pretty hard, if the widow wasn't -the- expert on using someone's weight against them. The soldier soon finds himself flipped over. He tries to wedge that left arm underneath her and flip her off into the wall, though he's more than a little distracted now, stealing searching glances in Mike's direction. Perhaps he didn't actually see him after all so much as notice the door opening further. Whatever the case, he's not in the most advantageous position.

There is no second go with the book. As Natasha rolls on top of Bucky, the Phantasm steps back slightly, a little preturbed about being looked at. Did he subconciously tip him off? He shakes his head, an action that doesn't give much satisfaction to anyone due to his present state. He looks to the Wizard of Oz book resting oddly on the floor. Resting not in a manner a book should be resting "Like a child." He mutters.

Natasha was only ontop of the Winter Soldier for a matter of moments before he flung her off and she slammed into the wall. She was still holding both her soda and her gun, but her soda had spilled some down her arm in their tumble (which was horribly depressing).
"Enough!" Natasha said in a breathy voice as the cell door was pushed open finally and two more guards started to enter the room.
Nastasha lined her gun up for a shot on Bucky should he move another fraction of an inch!

The Soldier may not have the fluid grace of the widow, but he's rolled back to a crouch in an eyeblink when that gun of hers is leveled his way. He stops. He turns slightly, not approaching, just getting his own back to the wall as more guards pile in. He's looking around the room in wary confusion, knowing something clipped his head, but seeing no one near enough to have done it. At least for now, he's stopped attacking. He hasn't said a word the whole time.
Mike walks towards Bucky quietly. Making no agressive actions but simply stepping around behind Bucky. "You are aware that's not how you're supposed to treat a book, right?"

Natasha keeps her gun on Bucky as he crouches back and seems to pause a moment. There come four guards into the room forming a 'firing line' of sorts all aimed at the Winter Soldier with Natasha on the far end of it. She takes a second to set her coke down on the seat where she'd first rested upon entering the room, before shaking her hand off of the soda that had poured down her arm. "God. Thats going to be a sticky mess."
The agents gun went into her holster and she placed her green eyes onto James. "Barnes." She said to him. "Winter Soldier." She said again, staring flatly at him. "Bucky." She added further. "Which of these do you prefer to be called?" She asked him.

Bucky was almost backed into a wall himself. He looks like he's actually about to stand down when Mike slips behind in the narrow space and speaks. Bucky jolts, spinning around and pressing back halfway across the room into the far corner from Widow and her team. If the movement gets him shot, so be it; he's not staying there with an invisible voice from his dreams behind him. It completely distracts him from the Widow's rather significant question.
As Bucky spins and backs away from him, Phantasm looks on curiously before the simple concept comes to mind. "Oh right." He sighs. "My bad Nat. I startled him."

All of the guards trail after Buck with their rifles but Natasha's left arm (the coke arm) is lefted up. "Don't shoot." She tells them softly.
"He's nuttier'n a shit house rat, ma'am." One of the SHIELD guards says in a thick southern accent.
"Quiet." Natasha sharply retorts to the guard. Her green eyes go to Mike. "Stop freaking him out, Mike." She says to the rockstar.
"James." Natasha said then, taking one step forward. "I'm friends with Steve Rogers." Her eyes locked onto his. "Do you remember that name?" She asked, her voice loud and clear and still in her American accent.

The cornered man blinks in a way he hadn't at his own full name. His eyes are locked on Natasha, and his jaw sets. He still hasn't spoken, but he's clearly paying attention now.

"Sorry," Mike apologizes, moving over towards the fallen book, picking it up, and in turn giving Bucky a reference point for where Phantasm is in the room by it floating in air. "Sometimes it just happens."

Natasha saw the man in this state and she knew that the 'brain washing' was in full effect. She nodded her head slowly a pair of small times. "They've done a number on you, haven't they." She said in a low and husky tone of voice. "I want you to know. Steve is nearby. He wants to see you, but we're not sure its a good time just yet." A breath is taken and released.
"James, we're going to make your head feel better. Make the voices stop, make the pain go away. If you just can hear these words and know that we do not want to harm you, we just want to help you… be you, again."
Nat was sure that she wasn't going to get anything else out of him. This was going to be a process, one that might require the aide of a telepath even.

The man's eyes narrow at her words, and he seems to lose the tension in him. This is familiar, this he knows, even if he doesn't remember. She talks like he does, the man at the desk, just with a different name she wants him to take. He knows well enough what she really means, and it just makes him so incredibly tired. "What do you want me to do?" he asks. Better to just know up front, if she'll actually tell him.
The book opens, pages being flipped through quickly. More for the other guy's benefit than his. "Have your dreams improved any since the last time we talked?"

Natasha glanced between both Mike and Bucky and she listened to what both of them said. She watched Mike flip those pages for a moment before her jade-heued pupils swept back to Barnes. "We want you to just relax and give us time to sort all of this out." She told him. "I used to be in a place like you are now. Its like being lost at sea in a bad storm on an awkwardly small boat… But we can make the rain stop."
She put her gun back into her holster against her right thigh and she picked her can of coke up once more. "In the mean time, stop trying to kill all of us." She put her right hand then over her stomach where he'd shot her.
His eyes follow the motion to her stomach, and the Soldier blinks. He almost looks like he's going to ask… but closes his mouth again. "Fine." he says flatly. "Do it, then." He gives an almost fearful look to Mike, but doesn't respond to him, as if he was concerned doing so would be admitting something he shouldn't.
All shooting us does is slow down your healing process." Mike agrees with Natasha's direction. The pages stop flipping as the book reaches its end. "Bucky, do you know why dreams are good for people?"

Natasha nodded her head slowly once upon hearing Bucky's acceptance of what she said. Part of her was worried by that, wondering if she was truly talking to the man now or if she was talking to the programming… sometimes it could be hard to tell in these situations.
When Mike chimed in she looked at him, unsure of whether or not a rockstar was the right candidate for digging around in someone else's brain to help them, but she was nevertheless glad that he was here to potentially help the man out.

Phantasm waits a few moments in case Bucky says something but upon him not saying anything, he sighs. A monologue it is then. "Ok. Sleep more than one cycle. And to be a healthy person, mentally and physically, you need the right balance of both." The book sways to the side as it is being fiddled with. "Deep Sleep, which you've apparently gotten a lot of is for the physical. Restores the energy, allows for the body to power down a little bit. It's good… BUT the REM cycle, that's the one that's good for the mental side. And judging from what I've seen. You've been kept away from it so long. "
@emit %r%tNatasha didn't blame Bucky for not replying to a floating

Natasha didn't blame Bucky for not replying to a floating book. She probably wouldn't either. The Agent listened to what Mike advised James on and she released a light breath through her small nose. "Mike. I'm not sure this current form is the proper way to address a man in Mister Barnes condition." She dryly said, glancing over to the SHIELD guards who were all still in the room.
"REM. Thats a good band." One of the guards said. Natasha exhaled then and shook her head softly.

This soldier is very very good at listening. Is it just the obliviousness of a childlike mind failing to comprehend, or is he filing whatever they're giving him with their words away for later? In any case, he doesn't reply to Mike's lecture, even if he very well may be noting it. To Natasha though, all he says is, "What are you waiting for?"

"I'm working on that Nat." Phantasm replies as the book sets on the floor. Soon after a raven fades into view, walking over towards Nat. "Okay, So REM sleep, is when your brain kicks on and you start dreaming. The weird stuff you see… Some parts are bits of memory basically being played with by your brain as it's being sorted out." He flies up, perching on top of Nat's head, making a Black Widow - Pole. He fluffs out his feathers, looking like a little puff of purplish black beady eyed cuteness. "Basically, dreams are a sign of your brain trying to sort out your memories. Which is a GOOD thing."

Natasha stared at Bucky. "I'm here to evaluate your current condition, not to perform any treatments on you myse—" A raven just perched on her. She stood perfectly still then and listened to everything that Mike spoke of before she glanced up at the Raven, then down toward James.
"I promise you that this all going to seem normal." She tells him, pausing a moment before adding. "Eventually."

Oddly, seeing the raven doesn't seem to even make the Soldier blink. It seems he has a strange idea of normal to begin with. "Why not now?" he asks. Again, he seems to be avoiding the topic of dreams almost willfully.

The bird gives a shrug of the wings, holding up the tips where they seem more like feathery fingers than a traditional bird wing. Almost cartoony, or comic book-ish. "If it's any consolation, I don't think she was all that amused with me initially either." He pauses, as he studies Bucky for a bit. "Cliffs notes explanation then. Dreams good. You want to dream. Quit freaking out about it. You might remember some unpleasant things so that's why you were provided with a book to read, so you can have something for your brain to use to cut down the intensity a bit."

Natasha stood there with her hands on her hips and her eyes on Bucky. She listened to the dream doctor tell his tale of sleep and slumber and restful bliss. "He used the books to try to disarm me instead." She told the Raven. "Thank you for that, by the way." She told… both of them.
Natasha glanced down to the floor in front of her feet and then back up toward James. "Mike, I think we need to contact a person with more indepth knowledge on this sort of thing. I'm going to recommend Charles Xavier to Director Carter."

The bird looked down, spreading his wings out, "Hey, I told Peggy about the book. She was fine with it." He looks over to Bucky, "Sucks that you did that. Peggy knew about the types of books you liked and was going to track down some of those for you."

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