2016-04-08 Trouble Down Under
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Black Widow, Maine, Bridget Marinos (NPCed by Phantasm)
GMed by .
Title: Trouble Down Under

This is a windowless room with polished concrete floor and four white walls with ten foot high ceilings that have bright white lights. There is a large television monitor on the wall at the head of the room and a glass podium beside it for a Meeting Leader to stand and speak.
The rest of the room is dominated by rows of desks and chairs.

Standing in the back, or the front of the room, depending on your persective, Maine stands in front of a white board that has been used as a projector screen. There's literally a wall of information behind the soldier, and apparently he's making his wounds take longer to heal or they've gone worse as revealed by the oddly ornate cane he's holding in his white hand and almost leaning over. "I'm sure you're all wondering why the impromptu meeting at late notice." The neatly shaven soldier says, his free left hand moving up to caress his goatee in a small habit trying to relax himself.

Natasha is at the back of the room leaning up against a wall with her arms crossed and her eyes forward. She listens to whatever is going on and takes a momen tto pull something out of a pocket on her belt. She lifts the object up and starts to unwrap it. Its a small block of watermelon gum. She wads the wrapper up and turns to the Agent beside her and smiles at him, offers him the wadded up piece of paper and he awkwardly accepts it from the short redheaded woman. "Thanks." She says softly and flirtatiously to him. "Trash man." She teased further before popping the fruity gum into her mouth and chewing on it quite happily.

Maine hobbles over out of the way of the projector and leans on his cane once more, looking out and rolling his eyes at the trash exchange. He's looking significantly older with the limp. "These are the last known coordinates of Nico and Mike." He says, giving a harder glance to Natasha, as she is expected to be his lead in this mission and recovery of the assets. The projector shows three pictures, one a very tight picture of the beacon's location, a second shows a few blocks and the last in a global picture with a white dot indicating the location, "Not where we left them, either of them." He grumbles.

The group inside of the briefing room is a little small filled with various NPCs of a SHIELD PROFESSIONAL pursuasion. Which, makes the blonde number seated off to the side wearing a lab coat and doodling on a legal pad a little odd looking. As Maine speaks up, the formerly rescued Bridget Marinos sets her pen down quickly, and gives a bit of an awkward smile as she pays attention. As she processes the information being said, the smile fades as she leans over to another agent. "That doesn't look like Germany."

Natasha refolded her arms together over her stomach and she stared forward at Maine as he continued his briefing. "Can't Mike just go wherever he wishes?" She asked then. "How do we know that he's not just off the grid somewhere, with a bunch of swimsuit model bimbos?" She admittedly wasn't entirely sure what Mike's sexual orientation was, but she assumed it was the female gender… though she knowingly left gender entirely out of her question, maybe its Male swimsuit model bimbos.

At the Germany question the redheaded spy centered her gaze on the projected images and she studied them some, but didn't comment on them.

As the images showed, the last known location being on the Australian continent, Maine put his grey gaze on Bridget, "You pass fourth grade Marinos." The sarcasm not easily detectable through Maine's lack of emotions, but the soldier continues on his briefing either way. "To an extent Natasha, but his powers have a range. And it wasn't Mike that set the beacon off unless Nico taught him how, and actually gave Mike access to the signal." Maine speaks bluntly, as he doesn't have another method of speach. "And lastly," With a click of a hidden remote, the slide changes to show the same three images, without a white dot, meaning no signal was recieved. "These are from thirty minutes ago." Allowing others to catch on at their own pace, or at Bridget's pace.

Bridget's frown deepens at the response, muttering something under her breath as she goes back to doodling, grumping about. "Maybe the persons who developed the beacons didn't even get to THIRD grade." Yep. Definitely not a SHIELD agent.

Natasha listened and watched the slideshow of Maine's most recent vacation to Idaho… or, rather, the situation report that he was expertly relaying to them.

"So we need to go and investigate the most recent emergency beacon." She said then.

Maine chooses to ignore Bridget with a nod towards Natasha, "Succinct Natasha." He replies gravely, though he adds, "This was an infiltration into Hydra work, so discretion and stealth is key." He says, still mostly to Natasha, but then he addresses the room with his eyes to be safe. "The sooner we get a team to the outback the better."

As Maine looks around the room, Bridget follows in suite before raising a hand questioningly.

Natasha smirks lopsided-like and she talks over Bridge's raised hand, not really interested in being called upon to speak. "The less amount of people on the team the better." She said. "Why don't you just let me go by myself. I'll be back before sunrise." The super spy continued to chew on her amazingly tastey watermelon gum.

Bridget keeps raising her hand.

Maine furrows his eyebrows towards Bridget and then gives Natasha a quick nod. "You're already designated the lead on this mission, do what you feel is necessary." Maine says, moving over towards Bridget and with a motion of his cane, he puts it against her wrist and attempts to put her arm down. "What are you doing?" He speaks while doing so.

The blonde scientist allows for her arm to be lowered, "I'm raising my hand." She answers, "I had a question."

"Then just ask it." Maine says, taking his cane away from her wrist and resting on it once more.

Bridget nods, setting her hands down upon the notepad, folding them calmly as she looks to Maine curiously. "Why did you call me in here?"

"You were involved with Hydra in some capacity correct?" Asks Maine curious if she'd admit such a thing in a room like this. "I need to know if you know of anything they might be doing in Australia."

"Bridget's hands clench tighter as her frown deepens some more. "Oh…" There's a bit of a disappointment to the tone. Head tilting downwards, her eyes close as she focuses on the question. "Australia… There was talk of Coober Pedy, An underground city."

Natasha had nodded when Maine told her that she was in charge of the mission, which meant that she definitely wasn't taking anyone else with her directly. Though she'd have backup not too far away from wherever it was she was going.

"Coober Pedy?" She asked then, looking to Bridget. "That sounds like a bad baseball player's name. Or a good one, I guess."

Bridget turns her head to look to Natasha, mental spell broekn as she responds, "Coober Pedy is a mining town in South Australia, population's about 1 to 2 thousand people. It is a mining town known for their below ground buildings due to the sheer heat of the region. They are also known as the opal capital of the world. It was also a location used to film portions of 'Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome'."

"What was Hydra doing there?" Maine asks, giving Nat a nod, letting her know she's free to go do her own thing.

Natasha listened to what Bridget said about the Aussie town and it piqued her interest a bit but when she glanced to Maine and saw the nod she unfolded her arms from her stomach and turned to leave. "I liked the first Mad Max film the best. It was the least ridiculous, yet still ridiculous…" She said as she started to walk toward the room's exit. "Come on, Trashman, you're with me." She told her favorite NPC Agent who obediently followed the redheaded space extradinaire toward the briefing room's exit.

Bridget looks over to Maine, "I don't know for sure. It's not like they directly tell me these things before they put me in my cell. But considering what area they were working with I would guess they were planning to make it another demonInfest or ritual camp."

Maine nods slowly in responce to Bridget and makes his way towards the door frame. "Romanoff, make sure you contact one of the wizards on retainer, if you plan to stop by Coober." Requests the soldier, knowing that she wont like it, but it could very well keep her alive. "Everyone else, dismissed."

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