2016-04-09 Down Under Domino's
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Black-Widow, Piper(NPCed byPhantasm), Nico
GMed by Phantasm
Title: Down Under Domino's

~Albany, Australia ~

Although Coober Peddy did get a mention at the briefing, the last known location the beacon was giving off was in Albany. With the tv shoot being based there at the moment, it became the most likely starting point. Perhaps this is why Natasha's flight took her to this airport instead of the one in Coober Peddy initially. Either way, neither airport is impressive. A glorified puddle jumper landing area, when one leaves the airplane, they have to walk across the tarmac to a knee-high, metal picket fence. Wow. Such Security. But then again, this country is mostly 4,000+ Kilometers of 'just about everything will kill you here'.

Natasha was in light clothing, a cream-colored button up shirt that looks like she may have taken it from Clint's closet, she had on dark sunglasses and dark jeans with some black leather boots.

"Thanks." The redhead said to the airport employee that got her bag out of the plane for her and handed it to her. She slung it over her shoulder by its leather strap and looked around at the area around her.

"Lovely." She said as she started off on whatever direction she had intended for this mission.

As Natasha starts to walk, the familiar notes of a ring tone eminate from Natasha's phone. As that is going on, another airport employee holds the door for the crowd. Namely. Natasha. That's it. Yep. Slow airport.

Natasha was rather used to people rushing to open doors for her wherever she went… it was a pretty common thing for her throughout her long adult life, in fact… She was quite used to it by now, but she made sure to give the employee a big… friendly smile… to reward him for the effort. One thing that the superspy knew well is that if she played everyone, everyone, then it may very well result in a positive gain for her should she need something from them.

Romanova's phone is suddenly in her hand and she lifts it up to her right ear beneath her gently flowing firey-red hair. "Romanoff." She said into the device as she walked, navigating around inside the airport now.

There is thick pause of hesitation on the line as the spy's reward before a soft feminine voice speaks up. "I need to see you about a mutual friend. How far are you from Albany?"

"Not far." Natasha responded to the person on the phone and she approached a car rental area. "I'm just going to rent a porsche and then I'll be there in no time." She said in her dry humor, expecting full well to rent some vehicle made in Austraila that had no doors and probably a tire tied to the hood by an old hemp rope… and aligator skin seat covers, right?

"I'll be there quite promptly, so be patient. Lots of wonderful conversation on the horizon."

"A…porsche?" Whoever is on the phone, is not familiar with Natasha's humor, "Ok… come to the Domino's." There's no specification beyond that before the call goes dead.

Let's get to the plot device… let's get to the plot device. Let's get to the ploooooot device! And advance the story.

After tangling with the ever exciting world of car rental selection. (There were just two cars. Nat is likely not happy with what she got but got incredibly good gas mileage out of the deal) Nat found herself not meeting a person at Domino's but instead getting handed the phone at the pizza place over to her to discuss where to go. And so the fuel efficient rental car and Natasha have found themselves now in the port area. There is not much in terms of buildings in the area, each building has much land around it. The Food warehouse Natasha finds herself approaching is no different. Standng by itself, the building looks a little forgotten, certain sections of siding haven fallen off. All in all, it is a quiet area.

Natasha hadn't been happy about being told to go into a pizza place only to receive new directions to a warehouse in the docks area. She now had on a brown leather jacket over her cream colored shirt and a holster harness strapped around her body beneath it. She reached up to remove her sunglasses when she stepped inside the building and she started to look around and walk about at a casual pace.

"This is starting to get frustrating." She muttered. "Enough with the dramatics!" She called out. "Come on out, I brought you a large pizza." Its true, she had. She was holding a large pizza box.

The inside of the building is expansive and rather quiet. With the exception of a few random crates the main area is empty save for the stairs that lead up to the office area. Yep. extremely quiet. Except for the tummy growl coming from beside Natasha when pizza is mentioned. "… what toppings?"

Natasha turns to the person beside her and offers the box. "Pepperoni and hamburger." She says in an even tone. She then tucks her sunglasses into her jacket pocket and looks around again. "So what would you like to talk about?" Was her next question, straight to business.

The speaker looks to the box but doesn't reach for it. "We'll take it up to the office then," the young, brunette woman replies, turning to move in that direction, glancing back to Natasha. "Mike and his friend were attacked in their hotel room late in the evening a couple nights ago." She offers in explanation, "He instructed me to contact you once he drew them far enough away from here."

Natasha followed after her after having relayed the pizza to the woman with the brown hair. "Attacked?" She asked then as they ascended some steps up to this office space. "By who?" She inquired yet further, her hands going inside of her coat pockets in a casual display of just stuffing ones hands into their coat… when in-fact she had her hands on either grips of her pistols as her pockets were without inerior lining, you know… just in case.

"I presume mainly people you are used to dealing with." The brunette responds, going up the stairs towards the office, "I only know of the exception. Mordo." She holds up a hand, urging Natasha to stop in her steps before reaching forward, open palm towards the office door. "Asite'lmatl." A light blue bubble of light fwooms into view before seemingly unwrapping from the office. She glances over to Natasha. "Security measure," she explains.

"Sure beats a pad lock." Natasha replied before she just stood thre with her hands in her coat pockets. "And let me ask you then, how is it that you're aware of Mike's condition?" She tilted her head in a curiosity-style. "This whole operation of yours seems a bit… unlikely something Mike would be involved with. I mean, aside from the magic security measures." She said with a slight smirk.

The girl smiles, "Operation? What on earth do you think I'm up to?" With that, she opens the door, revealing a rather less than stellar looking office. Aside from the desk, there is a subpar sofa missing its pillows With the exposed coils on the sofa, it is no wonder it is not being utilized. The pillows, however are being used, off to the side of the room, piled to act as a make shift bed, they support a rather battered, and unconcious looking Nico. Next to him, an open first aid kit and several bandage wrappers strewn about. "Other than the act of getting one of your friends back to you."

Natasha smirked at the woman before they entered into this room and she immediately spotted Agent Nico on the bed. She saw the medical equipment and frowned softly. "Well thats just not very good." She muttered while walking toward Nico's bedside and she took her hands out of her jacket pockets. "Is he able to wake up?" Nat asked, her green eyes going back to the brown haired woman. "Answer questions?"

"He should be once Mike's spell wears off." The female magic user responds. She nods towards Nico, "He was in a lot of pain, complaining a LOT, and making way too much noise when they're supposed to keep a low profile so…" She shrugs, "Made it easier for me to stop the bleeding when he stopped acting like a baby."

Natasha sat down next to Nico and she leaned over to inspect him a little more closely. She listned to what the woman said in regards to him. "He has always been a bit of a bitch." Romanoff said in a dry and disinterested tone of voice. She was hoping that if he were wake that he may have reacted to that comment.

With an exhale then she looked back over to the woman from where she sat now. "So, Mike. Where is he and whos he doing?" Nat softly shook her head. "I mean, whats he doing." She corrected herself, though she hadn't -really- slipped up and had entirely meant to say that.

The woman's brows rise in surprise at Natasha's initial question. "I only can guess on the relationship thing. Gossip's been kind of low on that recently, annnd I'm assuming he probably took the battle with Mordo outside city limits to prevent casualties and other interference."

Natasha stood up then when the woman said these things. "The Battle with Mordo…" She verbally repeated, her hands pressing against the front of her thighs. "Outside city limits…" An exhale was had then and Natasha pulled her phone out of her jeans front pocket. "I'm going to arrange a pick up of Nico here… a team will arrive shortly to retrieve him." She said. "If you have any idea where I might find this… epic battleground of Mike versus Mordo… I'd love to have the pointers, otherwise, I guess I'll just go snoop around manually."

"I can try dowsing him out but it'll take some time." She nods over towards Nico, "Which I didn't have before while patching him up and getting you here." She pauses, "Honestly he could have gone a lot of places. The only places I could really rule out would be towns that don't share this coast line due to the distance. And as a Phantasm he'd likely do his best to keep the potential damage out of the dream realm."

Natasha had her phone in her hand was thumbing a few things on the screen as she listened to what the woman said. "Start the dousing process then. Whatever it takes to get this done. A rogue Mike is a Mike none of us want to have to fret over. Especially when he's engaged in duels with people named Mordo…" Nat glanced back up to the woman. "What is your name?" She bluntly asked the women as well.

"Piper." The woman responds, moving over to the pizza box to grab a slice, biting into a piece before moving over to a corner of the room. "I think you should be more concerned with Mordo. Of the two, he's probably stronger when there are no titles involved."

"Well." Natasha said then as she put her phone away. "We'll worry about that if I even come face to face with this Mordster." She said then, looking back to Piper and giving her a faint half-cocked smile. "Two people are on their way to pick Nico up." She told the woman. "I'm going to go out to my car. Please call me if you get any leads on where this fight might be going down." The agent said to the pizza-scarfing woman. She gave one more look to the slumbering Nico and then turned to move toward the exit.

Piper nods, turning around. "Yeesh I'll get un nit." She replies, mouth full. She takes another bite as she proceeds to sit down into a cross legged position a certain former sorceror supreme may have taken from time to time.

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