2016-04-19 Outback Search and Rescue
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Piper, Natasha, Mike
GMed by Phantasm
Title: Outback Search and Rescue

Areyonga, Australia

With it being ten days since Natasha and Piper first met, the two ladies have had plenty of time to get used to the other's presence. This is an exceptionally good thing as the past 10 days have consisted of following leads. At first they were by phone but as the search progresses further north, the phone has since gone to the side as Piper's Bullroarer had to take over in the search for leads.

The basic story seems consistent with those they have spoken to. Two persons in battle. One description seeming of asian descent while the other, American or European in appearance. As the former starts to turn the fight towards the locals, the latter starts drawing them further into the desert away from them.

Currently this trail of bread crumbs have now led them to Areyonga. Twice as big as Imanpa, not as condensed as the previous, but still a small town. It is also quiet apparent as the pair drive in to town, that they will stick out quite a bit here.

Natasha parked the rental truck just off of the main 'road' in the town. It was a little place, not much going on… lots of kids running around though and many were already running up to the truck to see who'd just driven up to their little village.

Natasha had some dark aviator sunglasses on covering her eyes and she released an exhale and smiled at the kids who were standing outside of her window. She took a moment to rummage through a bag and hand the kids a box of candy she'd picked up in one of the larger towns on the previous day.

Piper was just about to find a radio station that she liked, she KNOWS IT! But Alas, Natasha killed the truck before the euphoric moment could occur, getting a soft grumble from the brunette. "Aww, we were so close to finding that Lady Gaga song. On my life you'd recognize it." She says, climbing out of the passenger seat and quickly reaching into the bed and pulling out her old canvas backpack.

"You keep giving them the chocolates they're gonna keep hanging out and pestering all the red haired dames." Piper smirks and extends her hand, palm up, expecting to get her own bar of candy.

With the arrival of the vehicle and the sounds of children collecting into a small area, one of the nearby adults in the area gets up from her seat on the porch to move to the railing quickly, yelling out to the children in another language. As soon as the sound reached the children's ears and processed to their sugar driven brains, they moved away from the car. WITH the candy that was already given out. More yelling and the children turned, running into a nearby building where another concerned looking adult is looking to the vehicle cautiously.

Natasha got out of the truck when the children became preoccupied with the box of candy. They had to work to get it open, afterall. She looked over at Piper when the woman stepped around and reached out toward her, she glanced at the hand from behind her dark aviators and then smirked as she went to put on her leather jacket… the sun in Aussieland is relentless on one's skin, so maybe it was 80 degrees outside, but putting on a jacket was prefered to having your skin blasted by the unforgiving Space Oven.

"My candy for you is my unbeatable persoanlity." Natasha told Piper in response, sorting her leather jacket out over her shoulders, she had a blank tanktop on underneath to try to stay SOMEwhat cool in this hellish enviroment.

Nat lifted up her left hand and offered a greeting wave to the nearest adult. "I don't suppose you know the language they're speaking?" She asked Piper then.

Piper continues to keep her hand out even after Natasha's response but upon the realization the woman was serious she sighs and drops her arms down in front of her like a child would before a tantrum, "FINE! I suppose." Piper's sarcasm meter was up in the red.

Piper then waves to the two adults and steps forwards, a series of sylables and odd pauses erupt from her lips, loud enough to be heard over the wind and the children across the distance. After a few words she turns back to Nat with a shit eating grin, "Of course I do Shela, wouldn't be much use other wise."

Piper pages, "Piper would explain what they're doing and ask if they've seen anyone fitting mike or mordo's description and where."

With the children removed from the equation and Piper giving a summary of what they're here for the woman on the porch steps out. Her dress allowing for thin but still sun resilient sleeves to grant her protection away from the shade of the porch. Approaching the two, she gives a stern look before gesturing towards the building she came from quickly. "Lemma." Not even bothering to check to see if they're following, she turns towards the building and walks back to the shade of the porch. The other adult looks to Piper and ducks back into the building with the children, slamming the door.

"I think you could translate that one on your own." Piper says turning and giving Nat a pat on the shoulder while following the local.

Natasha watched the woman approach and she offered her a upward turn to the corners of her pink-painted lips. She reached up to remove her sunglasses to attempt to seem more friendly being showing the woman her green eyes. "I hope the candy was okay." With that said she glanced over to PIper and then started to walk to where they were directed, tucking her aviator glasses into a breast pocket inside of her leather jacket that she bought at a nice little wilderness store in one of the other towns.

Upon the three ladies making their way into a sparsely furnished building that is likely a town store, the woman gestures over to a less than comfortable looking bench before closing the door. Glancing out cautiously. She turns, looking to Piper, giving a nod. "Gahan whitefella ni-nginy yurrh-ma magu wel-ba," She lifts a hand, gesturing to the north, "Maman." She lifts the other one, gesturing to the south, frown deepening "Menyin Balangurrk." The southern hand moves towards the waiting northern hand before striking it.

Piper translates for the woman, making sure Natasha understands, "Some white guy was attacked by some other bad wizard up to the north of town." Explains Piper, trying to find the right translations. The young witch sits down on the bench and lifts her hand to brush her hair behind her ear while lifting the glasses up over her forehead to rest on the top of her head.

Piper then asks another question, leaning over to Nat and whispering it again to her, "Do you know where they are now? Which way? We are in a hurry."

"North of town." Natasha repeated softly as she got the translation from Piper. She looked at their 'guide' and then walked toward one of the building's windows and peered through it, mostly just in observation mode as they gathered further intelligence. Natasha wasn't terribly happy with how long this operation was taking, there were a lot of other things that needed her attention back home… so a heavy exhale of warm air was taken into her lungs and slowly released, as it sounded as though they were still behind on this trail.

She mashes her hands together quiet violently. "Menyin whitefella." Her hands extend out towards the east and west. Yowtj-ja whitefella." The hands slap together once more. "Guda. Guda. Guda…" She shakes her head, "ga-ndi whitefella. Labulbul. Gurruwitj. Gurruwitj." She gestures north.

Piper's eyes widen and she stands up quickly, reaching into her pocket and pulls out a handful of silver coins and quickly places them into the woman's palms without question, saying thank you several times before she moves quickly over towards Natasha, "I think Mike's been injured, not far off, we've got ta hustle!" Her hand slipping under Nat's and grabbing her gently above the elbow and pulling towards the door and Piper's in a hurry to the truck.

Natasha turned around from the window when Piper started to translate and came at her. With another heavy exhale the super spy followed the tugging of her forearm and went out the door after Piper. She jogged back to the truck and climbed inside, jamming the key into the ignition and rumbling the old beast back to life.

"Where are we going?" She then asked her partner.

The woman looks to the money put into her hand and frowns. Glancing around, she grabs a bottle of water and starts running towards the car, shoving it to Piper.

Piper tosses her bag uncermoniously into the bed and slams the door behind her, forgoing a belt as she responds, "North. Head north until you see blood and bullet holes."

The girl leans out the window and takes the bottle with a quick 'thank you' and a wave before she turns to Nat, "Mash it!"

The radio is forgetten, there's work to be done, finally.

The truck is sent racing down the old dirt road, kicking up plumes of filth in its wake as it hurried along at a rate that was as fast as its old metal bones could take it.

The Russian spy had never really been trained for missions in Australia as it wasn't really a big concern of the Russian government during her years in training, so this whole trip had been quite an experience thus far for Natasha.

"Blood and bullet holes…" She said in a distracted tone of voice as her eyes scanned around. "That might be a bit hard to find if its in some grassy field, you know."

As the truck roars to life, slamming the occupants back into the headrest, the scenery whizzes on by. Being it's primarily the same thing. (DIRT!) It's not as impressive as the incredibly shrinking view of the town behind them. True to what Piper was able to determine from the limited vocabulary of the woman, there is a clearing consisting of more dirt, some patches of grass, scorch marks, split rocks, and bullet holes. Near the largest gathering, there is a pool of blood. Not sufficient to indicate someone being dead but fresh enough to indicate that the days away is now a mere 'hour or hours away'

Over to the far right, is the cave.

Piper says, "Here!" Piper says as they come upon it, just in case Natasha didn't see it.

Before the truck fully stops, Piper is out and reaching into the bed once more and grabbing her back pack, the water clutched in her other hand as she quickly moves towards the carnage and starts darting around as though she was a bird looking for that one seed in the area.

"Let me know if you spot any wet blood." Says the witch, "Yes, I do know how bad that sounds." Pip says with a half hearted giggle."

Natasha slammed the truck to a stop on the dirt road, not particularly enjoying the shocks on this old tank's undercarriage anyway.

She watched Piper leap out and she herself slinked backward out of the driver's door when she cracked it open and she started around the rear of the vehicle, her eyes scanning.

"Mike!" She shouted, cause… why the hell not. "Michael! This is your mother, you answer me when I call your name!" Cause, hey, you never knows, maybe he's dehydrated and a little loopy and maybe it'd work! She glanced over to Piper then and shook her head. "I'm not really his mother." She said in a flat and dry tone.

"You sure? Cause I was totally getting that momma 'roo and joey vibe." Piper says with a wink before she gets back to the task at hand, checking a few spots, and even spitting on a smear of blood on a rock. The reaction gets a curse word from the Aussie, obviously the blood isn't useable. "I could use a bullet but wet blood would definitely be much better for tracking!" Explains Piper.

As they wander around, they come across a few more spots of blood. Conveniently near some vehicle tracks. Judging from the size of the tracks, NOOOoooot a car or civillian type vehicle.

Natasha lunged down a ditch and jumped over a bush. "Blood!" She shouted up to Piper. "Aaaand a giant spider, wow… Hello." She said, staring at the enormous hairy creature as it crawled over a rock. "More blood." She said outloud once more. "Is any of this useable for your mysterious ways, or what?" The redhead glanced back toward her Aussie counterpart to try to see where she'd gotten off to.

Piper's head pops up over a tumbleweed. "Blood. I vant your bloooooood!" She says, doing an awful Dracula impression as she bounces over and spying the spider she brushes it away with a whisper of her words and a small gust of wind sends it sailing.

"Bye spider-fiend."

Piper bends down and uncaps the bottle of water to take a long pull and gasps before extending it towards Nat to be polite.

Once Nat decides and reacts, Piper lowers the cap to the blood and gets it full before she dumps it into the water and shakes it up. Once homogenized, Piper stands it up in the dirt somewhere and pulls out a shaker of salt and in about a foot radius she makes a circle around the bottle. Once made, she gets on her hands and knees and pushes her will out into the circle and closes her eyes to focus on the heat and sweat of her body, pushing it into the spell she's trying to cast.

Round and round the bottle turns, where it stops nobody knows… Wait, is that how it goes? Well, it stops, pointing east while the tire tracks are heading north, towards the pavement.

Natasha watched the witch dispose of the spider and it made her frown. "Poor thing." She said, folding her arms over her stomach whislt watching Piper do her magic thing.

"You know how many times I've had a man tell me that he knows how to do magic tricks, to try to come on to me?" She glanced up at Piper while she worked. "Lots. Generally its always a really bad card joke or a coin trick… It makes me wonder where people like yourself learn the 'good magic'." She sighed then and reached up to brush her hair out of her face.

"Where are we headed, my faithful hunting dog?" She teased her partner.

"It'll be fine, or it'll land on something else that'll kill it." Piper says without much thought to her words as she was focusing on something else.

Once the magic is cast she looks back at Natasha with a line between her eyebrows. "I can promise I'm not trying to pick you up, but actually Mike (sigh) was my teacher." She glazes her eyes over at his name and then blushes softly before clearing her throat from something that's causing her some form of discomfort. "Ahem, we're going east." Piper says picking up the bottle and watching the blood gather against one side in the water, acting as a compass. "Just follow this." She says while gathering her bag and tossing it in the bed again.

.oO(A giant hand comes from the sky and presses down on a rock which pushes into the ground. The actions of the people in the scene speed up with the high garble as the tape plays through real fast. With several stops to recalibtrate Piper's blood compass, they eventually end up in Finke Gorge National Park. While there were no tire tracks on the pavement, they do eventually pick them up again once more as they reach the park. The hand lifts up and the scene pops back to regular speed)Oo.


Welcome to a national park that is located in the middle of a desert full of things that can kill you. Inside you will find, even more things that can kill you that are now federally protected! (Yay) Does not sound like an enticing vacation option, does it? Perhaps that is why the tire tracks lead here. But on the bright side, the scenery is beautiful, Just like the rock outcropping that the tire tracks lead to before vanishing into the pond situated in front of said rock outcropping.

Natasha had gotten back into the truck and had driven toward the park to the north. She'd seen it on the map and knew it was coming up. She kept glancing over to Piper a little more often now that she knew that Piper had been Mike's 'student'. "So you guys are hot and heavy?" She asked the woman as they continued on their pathway.

At each glance Piper got just a little bit more and more concerned that there might be something on her face and then she coughs and has to toss the bottle onto the dashboard at Natasha's question. "NO! God no. He's really just my teacher. I mean I was a fan of his music, that's how I learned I could use magic, and then he just showed up and started teaching me a while ago, but no… we're not hot and heavy." Piper says leaning towards the window for a moment before turning and asking, "Are you?"

The tire tracks are still near this rock outcropping.

The blood in the bottle surges, pushing against the plastic closest to where the water hole is.

Pond. Water hole. It's shiny.

Natasha laughed softly at what Piper asked and how she replied to her question. "No." She said softly as they neared their target. "I just keep hoping that Mike will settle down with some nice girl and keep his small little ass out of this kind of trouble." She glanced away and shifted the truck's stick into a different gear. "Your country is beautiful and all… but, this isn't exactly how I'd like to experience it."

And with that said the truck comes to a stop soon there-after and Natasha is opening the door again and climbing out once more.

"I've been thinking I'd like to venture somewhere when this is over." Piper says idly before she climbs out of the cab with the bottle in hand and again reaching for her bag. "So, the blood says it's in the water." She says with a frown and starts walking towards the water.

Blooooood in bottled waaaater… pointing to the pond… Dun dun dun, dun dun da duuuun… As they start moving towards the pond area, the water seems to whirlpool, draining away to reveal a large size vehicle speeding out of the opening, hightailing it out of there. From the opening, there is the sound of gunfire and yelling.

"Yeah?" Natasha said as she walked around the truck toward the pond. "I might know a few places where you'd be a welcome addition. If you don't mind the United States." She smirked softly and then stood there and watched the water sink out of the pond.

When the vehicle appeared Natasha swiftly pulled a handgun from within her jacket, aimed down its sights and started to unload the pistol without even thinking about it… aimed at its wheels, not wanting to have to chase this damn vehicle anywhere!

As a front tire goes out, the momentum of the truck causes for it to veer suddenly to one side, combined with the high rate of speed, the top-heavy vehicle flips to its side, and proceeds to roll. The crunching of metal overrides the sounds coming from below the ramp for the time being before a rather angry, yet unfamiliar voice bellows out at the surviving green and yellow decked occupants of the vehicle, "YOU DARE BETRAY ME?!" A man of asian descent flies out, having no regard for being tactful, nor does he pay the girls any heed in his rage.

"I might-" Piper quickly shuts up and lifts her hands, all the wooden jewelry on her arms starts to glow in the runes, not very bright but still, soft greens in all of the carfully chizzled channels on the outward faces. Though she quickly jumps out of the way and lays face down in the dirt.

Natasha has no regard for wasting time or allowing anyone even a second to argue with her. She proceeeds toward the now wrecked vehicle and she instantly starts firing little objects out from under the leather sleeves of her jacket. They zip through the air and intended on attaching themselves to any target within her field of view, high-voltage 'widow bite' shockers.

The Black Widow's expression is one of pure business-mode, narrowed eyes and a down-tilted chin, her pistol in her right hand aimed still and her left arm launching the items out of the bracer hidden beneath her jacket sleeve.

Ow! Z- AUG-

Not noticing the tiny projectiles Natasha is shooting, or even taking the time to notice the agents stopping to do a bit of a dance Mordo unleashes a large blast of searing heat towards the downed vehicle, hitting those within range. The rock outcropping toasts a bit, leaving a singe mark quite similar to what Natasha and Piper found at the last battle scene. "You Should have let me have my revenge and let it be!" Mordo snaps to the already baking Hydra agents.

The ramp appears to have grown quiet and seems to be closing up in a very dramatically slow but imposing fashion.

Piper remains down, not one to step up into a fight, scared by the sounds of gunfire and unsure if she's even able to defend herself from gunfire. Looking around she spies a way down back into the former tank of water. A quick glance to the water bottle convinces her that's the direciton to go. "Natasha! C'mon, I can't help against any of them." She whispers and moves towards the underground.

Natasha eyes this Mordo fellow, but she turns toward Piper and moves to follow after her. She reaches her free hand into her jacket and draws out a second handgun that she clutches in her left hand.

As the pair make their way inside, the door closes up behind them with a final clunk of protection from the psychotic magic user above ground. Sound muffled from the Mordo Massacre, the sounds people moving around rapidly and barking orders can be heard echoing in the hallway to the right. "Check them and prep them. Any room but Recovery 3." The blood in the bottle lurches to the left, pressing against the plastic to point to another hallway.

"This way." Whispers Piper as the bottle leads her the way. "Not sure this is the time to double fist it?" She teases and continues to walk down the hall.

"Its always time for the double fist." Natasha replied to Piper with a dry tone of voice and a lack of any humor on her face as she was just looking down the indicated hallway that the blood in the bottle was pointing them toward. The agent was just simply ready to drop any opposition that may show itself to them.

It appears that most of the fuss so far was in the other hallway but luck can only run so far as the blood shifts, indicating a door. 'Recovery Room 3'

Piper stop with a rudemntary and laughable hand motion. "This is it, oddly enough, we better hope this is Mike's blood." She whispers and then stares at the door handle and then turns to Natasha blinking, not sure how to explain other than, "I don't know how to pick locks." It could very well be unlocked but she's assumes it's locked.

Natasha glanced in the opposite direction that they were going, hearing the voices she only looked back when Piper spoke of lockpicking. Natasha stuffed one of her guns back into the holster on her ribs beneath her jacket and she slapped her hand onto the door handle and twisted it and shoved on the door.

The handle of the door turned allowing for the door to swing open quickly with a bang. There is little complaint given for the one strapped down to the gurney with a saline drip and blood bag positioned near him. Bandages all over, Mike has definitely seen better days as his head oddly enough seems to be the only area that did NOT get damage. It appears that even Mordo respects the 'not the face' mantra. But everything else, definitely damaged but patched up save fore one wound which was left untended. There's a bit of a glint to what ever is hanging out in there.

The room is a bit different than a regular recovery room. In particular the decor of a circle with odd symbls decorating the insides. The gurney is positioned right on top of it. But even more peculiar are the two guards who remained stunned enough at the cajones on the two women to wait until near the end of this pose to aim their guns at Natasha and Piper.

Piper moves out of the line of sight of the two guards and allows Natasha to do her merc-thing. ICE THOSE FOOLS!

Natasha smirked at Piper as the door opened without the need of any lockpicking, she threw it opened and looked around… The guards probably would be a bit stunned, because the hot redhead who just appeared in their life was already rushing at them and by the time their guns were raised she was already climbing up one of them with her black-booted feet, from his knees to his chest and then straddling his shoulders and clutching his neck between her thighs. She leaned backward and grabbed his guard-buddy by the neck and went to brush her lips right up against his, then released her breath and a dark purple gas came out of her mouth and went right into his and up his nostrils.

Time seemed to slow down for a second, with the agent up in this oddly sesnsual position on these two guards, and then a second later it sped up again as she twisted her legs and snapped the guard's neck that was between her thighs, then went slamming back down to the ground and crushing the face of the guard she breathed the purple gas into his mouth, right onto the floor.

Legs up, body twisting and Natasha was back on her feet, her hands going to pull her leather jacket down around her waist and right that black tanktop that had come up a little to expose her stomach.

"Damnit, Mike." She said, staring at him. "Unconscious when I'm having all the fun." She walked toward where the rockstar laid.

"Crikey." Piper says, walking in slowly and even giving a low whistle, "I could imagine Mike having a blast with you." She says with a glance to Nat as she steps up to the circle and looks down at it without crossing the threshhold just yet. Reaching out towards the ink with her foot and a great deal of will going into her toes she smudges the line of the circle, dissipatting the spell around Mike and she then turns towards a cabinet. Rumaging through she finds a plastic bag and rips it open, tossing the contained needle towards Nat, it's still got a cap on so it's safe. "Plunge that into his heart and then depress the button. It should get him up and running for a while." Piper says.

As Mike sleeps through what he might have considered a pretty God damn awesome show, the guards are quickly dispatched by Natasha's Halitosis Stripper Pole manuever. Considering the condition of their charge and the precautions already made. It appears Hydra didn't feel the need to put their best and brightest to watch over a comatose prisoner. You'd think they would have learned from the last time… There's a flash of sickly green as it wraps away from the broken seal, leaving the still unconcious figure to… continue laying there.

Natasha stood beside Mike's bed. "He wishes." She replied to Piper dryly while eying the rockstar as he laid there. She drummed her fingers on the bed's edge until the needle was brought over to her and the order was given. She looked at the device and then down at Mike and she twirled it around in her fingers… and jammed it down into his chest, without a shred of hesitation or squimish effects that most people would have toward that level of medication delivery.

Natasha's green eyes shifted up to Piper as she used her thumb to send the medicine into his heart. "Seen any good movies lately?" She asked the Aussie.

"Saw that batman versus superman flick." Shrugs Piper with a bit of a frown as she waits for Mike to react to the adrenaline she had Natasha pump into him. "Got any boy toys back home in the States?" Piper asks, curious and even more curious who she'd want to avoid when she gets there.

With the needle pushing the adrenaline into his heart, there are a few seconds that go by before the body jerks forth, only to get jolted back onto the gurney as he is still strapped down. Lips cracking open aftr being pressed together for several hours, there is a slightly satisfying feeling to opening the mouth. The breath of air he took afterwards. HURTS LIKE A MOFO. WHAT THE- Wanting to get free of the bed, he starts to Phantasm, shifting into the less than pleasant version of himself briefly to basically roll off the gurney before going human again.

Natasha rolled her eyes at the Batman vs Superman bit and then she rolled them again at the question. "Tons." She said. "Whole villages of boy toys just waiting for me to get home." She smirked then and thats when Mike violently woke up and started to do his Phantasming.

"Mike!" She called out at first so he could hear her voice, she gave him some time though… just turning and following him with her eyes, her right hand came up palm-out toward him. "Mike." She said again finally. "Its me."

"I might need to steal me one." Piper teases with a smile even as Mike does his phantasm thing and wakes up from an asswhoopin' coma.

Piper then adds to Nat's thing, "Mom." With a giggle, "She said it earlier… I guess you had to be there."

Heart pumping like crazy, last few thoughts consisting of getting attacked by Mordo and shot up by a bunch of Hydra a-holes, Mike is not exactly whistling the thme to Happy Days at the moment. His hand grabs at the gurney, already in the process of flipping it at the person nearest to where he landed before the name and the very voice registers. Yay Adrenaline! Boo bullets! He stops his motions as he starts to grasp on to who is around him. "…Nat?"

Natasha glanced at Piper, but didn't react to her words. She started to walk toward the open doorway and she looked out into the hallway and then closed the door until it was just barely open. She turned back around then and walked toward Mike.

"Yes." She said in her cold way that only a Russian could accomplish. "I've brought your girlfriend. We're here to get you out of here. You're in a Hydra facility. We can get out of here, but we need to leave now."

Piper steps up to put Mike's arm around her shoulders so she could support him in some way. "She's teasing about that girlfriend comment Mikey, I gotta sow my oats and all." The Australian chides and tries to get the trio moving in the right direction. "Any bright ideas about getting out of here would be swell."

Mike backs up, shaking his head. "Mo-" The head shakes again as the voice lowers muttering something under his breath. He stills for a few moments before relaxing, "Nat, I haven't dated F-" He pauses, looking to the other magic user. Oh. RIGHT. ALBANY. He glances around the room, eyes lingering on the broken seal with a frown, "I got one but give me a second…" He presses a hand against his side, near the one untended wound. Biting his lip, he proceeds to dig his hand into the wound.

Natasha watched the two of them as the interacted and she kept her one handgun gripped in her right hand as she stood beside the cracked-open door waiting to murder anyone who might step into this room.

She watched Mike digging around in himself and she narrowed her eyes. "What are you doing?" She asked him.

Being trained in first aide and watching someone shove their own hand into a gaping wound are very different things. "What tha?!" Piper chirps loudly and starts to pull away but remains under Mike's shoulder, making sure he doesn't collapse on the ground.

"Natasha, your friends are bloody masochists!" Piper complains in a way both could tell she wasn't directing the statement really at anyone.

Grimacing, the older of the two magic users doesn't answer as he's focusing on digging into the wound on his side, fingers slicking with blood, he glances to the floor as he tries to zone out of the pain without missing out on the detection. With the sound of something being torn out, he pulls out a blood soaked object and tosses it across the room from him. As it breaks on impact, it's safe to presume that the thing tossed was NOT a bullet. He mutters something quietly to himself, shaking his head as he straightens up, wiping the blood off on his pants before Phantasming. Form a bit different than the norm. More humanoid than the clawed form, but not raveny, nor the visage of his stage persona, His weight seems a non-issue now. "Navigate. Carry." He grumbles, extending his ability to the others, "I'll shield."

With their powers combined, Navigation. Shielding. And Ass-Kicking. The trio made it to the awaiting car outside. And as luck would have it, Mordo had already gone elsewhere to finish with his tantrum. While Piper and Natasha got to chat up front about stuff. The adrenaline given to Mike soon wore off. But all is well. In the company of friends and likely later some damn good prescription pain killers, Mike would sleep pretty well for the next few days.


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