2016-04-21 Recovery Room
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Players: Black Widow, Loki, Maine, Mike
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Title: Recovery Room

This is a small recovering room with a two medical beds separated by a white cloth curtain. The curtain can be drawn around the beds for privacy or pushed back to allow maximum visibility.

The medical beds are large and comfortable looking, with large computer terminals on either side of them that provide detailed medical information to the professionals tending to their patients.

There's a thirty-inch HD televsion hung on the wall opposite of the medical beds and it provides some measure of entertainment for anyone who might be bed-ridden within this recovering room.

Near the main entrance is another large wooden door that leads into a restroom with a sizeable walk-in shower and a large counter with a big round sink and a huge mirror along the wall.

Overall this is your standard medical recovery room with lots of nice high-tech equipment and an abundance of that eerie hospital feeling in the air.

The Recovery room is not the most fun place to be and unlike when Natasha was in here recovering, there is no video game depicting fictional characters having their spine ripped out with a gleeful assassin redhead at the controls. No! Instead, a somewhat groggy Mike is opening his eyes to find the tv in the room turned on to the news. Really? He just got shot up and they leave stories on what the latest middle eastern conflict's body count is set to? Grumbling, he closes his eyes, trying to go back to sleep before the pain makes him accidentally Phantasm out the ivs again. Hmm. Maybe Hydra had a VERY good reason for that circle on the floor after all.

Loki appears with a poof of darker than usual smoke, more black than green. That usually happens when he's in a dark mood, so there is nothing too out of the ordinary there. His boots make no sound on the ground as he walks toward Mike, green eyes glancing down at him with a neutral expression upon his young features.

Natasha had come down to the medical level on a moment of break from her daily work. Having returned to New York after all those days in Aussieland was an odd feeling, but one she welcomed… she did in-fact enjoy hot water and functioning showers.

She stepped up to the open doorway of the dark medical room and she leaned against the doorframe and watched Loki. "Mike owe you money or something?" She asked the Asgardian prince, folding her arms over her stomach and staring flatly across the room toward the two men.

Perhaps it's the sedatives that was pumped into him or the fact no one's jabbing a NEEDLE in his GOD DAMN HEART this time but, there is no lurching forward this time as the Asgardian casts a shadow upon Mike with the assistance of the room's synthetic lighting. Natasha's comment causes a slight twitch of the lip while his eyes take their sweet time to open up again. After all, they just closed. Come on brain, MAKE UP YOUR MIND.

Loki doesn't take his eyes off the mutant and replies. "Foolish woman. We have no need for your pathetic midgardian currency. When will you evolve to a point you are no longer killing each other over paper rectangles or worthless metal disks?" He furrows his brow and looks at some of the monitors, reaching up to start futzing with the knobs. It's still not unlike Loki to both be a dick and be curious about midgardian technology

"Probably around the same time that you start dressing like someone who's not a cast member of the Power Rangers." Natasha replied in a disinterested voice as she unfolded her arms and walked into Mike's hospital room.

She went straight to the table beside his bed and began to eye the food that had been brought to him. She picked up the cup of apple sauce and the spoon beside it then sat down in one of the chairs and crossed her legs together at the knee as she started to open up Mike's applesauce.

"How you doing, cowboy?" She asked, her green eyes locking onto Mike's face then, head slightly tilted.

As Loki ups the sedative intake, Mike's opening eyes drift over to Natasha. "Like I'm part Swiss." He jokes half assedly. He sort of turns his head about an inch to look to the prince. "Back from Asgard?" Yes. Stupid question, but being that he's about to be higher than a kite in a few moments, perhaps pardonable?

"What is a power ranger?" Loki asks, reaching out to pull on the power cord, yanking it out of the wall. "Michael does not look like a cow." He seems to be taking things rather literally. "Yes. I would have thought that to be obvious considering that I am standing here before you, though I do not know why."

Natasha got the apple sauce open and she went about diving the spoon in to take a couple of bites while Loki and Mike chatted.

She glanced over to the Asgard. "Look it up on Youtube. There's a computer station up in the recreation room. I'm sure the other Shield Agents there will love to have you around. You're like a walking party, after all." She said with a soft smile to him.

"So…" She then said to Mike, looking down at the cup of apple sauce in her hands. "Why the hell did I just have to go around the world to save your ass?" Was her first question.

You could be just dialing in." Mike defends, "Maybe it's just an illusi-" He looks to the plug in Loki's hand for a few moments. He frowns slightly. Which isn't hard considering what's been going through his IV before Loki shut it off. Rolling his head back, he looks to Natasha, "Wha?"

Tossing the cord onto the floor, Loki glares hard at Natasha, his stark green eyes piercing. "If you like. Obviously I am not wanted here. I shall access the computer system in the tower." His hand glows green for a brief moment, then he flicks it as he turns, his hair and long leather vest-like outer layer whipping around. The magic hits the wall, frying everything in its path in a shower of sparks and unhappy beeps.

Natasha watches Loki unplug something and she just peers her eyes. "Glad you didn't need that." She said quietly. When the sparks flew upon Loki's departure, Natasha shut her eyes and then just had another spoonful of apple sauce.

"Someday, I want to go to an alien world and act like a giant ass to everyone on it, and pretend like its their problem." She said in a flat tone of voice.

Her eyes opened again and she stared at Mike. "So you're taking on entire legions of Hydra agents by yourself now? Without even inviting anyone else along for the ride? Thats rather rude, don't you think?"

Mike blinks as the sparks rain down and several things of the electronic nature die away. Did he ju- "That's the drugs, right?" He asks, not expecting an answer, blinking. "You got to do that when we killed the demon king." He reminds, eyes getting a little heavy. "F- No. Had to buy time for Nico to get out."

An eye tries to open back up but merely suspends the closing process, "You get him?"

Shortly after Loki departs, small explosions and people yelling can be heard.

Natasha heared the shouts from outside and she knew that the Power Ranger God was out there destroying valuable scientific equipment, and that in a few hours time… Director Fury would be having a heart attack over it all.

Natasha rubbed her dark red lips together as she opened her eyes again. "A little heads up would be nice in the future." She told Mike in a dry tone of voice. "I had to do a hell of a lot of searching to find you, you know." She sat the finished apple sauced container off onto the cabinet beside her chair.

A grumble. "Have your people call Hydra's people, maybe you guys can coordinate future ambushes." The sounds of the yelling causes for Mike to grimace. "He's upset." Mike murmurs, starting to nod off, "Should talk to Lok-" Annnd he's out.

Natasha sighed when the rockstar just passed out. "I'm upset." She said as she rose up to her feet on the smooth hospital floor. She walked over to where Loki had been and she bent over to pick up the unplugged cords and she shoved them back into the sockets that they belonged in, if any of the machines even still functioned.

"All I do is take care of all the damn foolish boys around here." She muttered before pulling Mike's blanket up over him and then going to exit the room and flip off the light… if it was even still on after Loki's antics!

Loki comes back down and stands in the doorway, not a hint of expression upon his face. "He is asleep. You should leave. I find your comparison to the fools called the Power Rangers to be a grave insult." His hands begin to glow slightly. "You should leave. Now." The last is said through his teeth, the glow flaring brightly for a moment as if to punctuate his point.

Natasha was already at the door when the God Prince returned. She showed him a smirk. "You really need to lighten up." She told him. "Its like you were born without a sense of humor, and thats a dangerous emotion to lack." Her green eyes glanced him over again. "Maybe its all that product you up in your hair." She teased him yet further, but she was indeed on her way out of Mike's room.
"There's a cup of jello on the table. Have at it, Green Ranger."

Loki stands there with a frown, looking down at Natasha. "Your ignorance is just as profound as ever." But with a sigh, he stands to the side.

Natasha smirked up at the much taller Loki. "Ignorance is bliss, Slick." She said, in reference to that wonderful hairstyle of his. And when he stepped out of the way she moved out into the main area of the medical ward to see the damage done out here. "You'll probably want to conjur up some of those paper triangles you were ranting about earlier too. You broke a lot of valuable machines around here…. I can't imagine your brother would approve of that, when I mention it to him." She said back over her shoulder to him.

Loki scoffs. "I don't care what my brother has to say. He is not my keeper. Small minded threats from a small minded creature. "

Finally hobbling in to check on Mike, Maine's blank grey eyes linger on Natasha and the other junior avenger, Loki. Maine's ornate cane is still in his hand and he stands there with a blank face as he watches Natasha plug Mike's machine back in. Turning his head after setting his cane in between his legs and leaning on it with both hands.

"Rachel, come check on mike and make sure the hard boot on his machine didn't resest and run the whole battery on him again."

A young nurse in the dark red smocks walks in and moves past everyone and starts to move Mike's whole bed, "The whole battery again sir?!" She almost complains.

Natasha went over to one of the counters to speak to an on-duty medical officer/employee of Shield and she spoke with them a moment before she glanced back to Loki and grinned at him.

"I'd rather be small minded and still capable of knowing that dressing like that…" She looked him over head to toe. "… is equal to screaming 'I'm a giant nerd'." She grinned at him. "And we both know that your brother is your keeper. I've seen it first hand. And if not him, then your father… he's bound to be lurking around here somewhere also. He's rather fond of Earth, is he not?" Natasha glanced over to see Maine as he entered the area, but she didn't speak to him as of yet.

"The Allfather has no reason to speak to you. I dress as is standard in Asgard. Would you speak to Thor or Odin in such a manner? You may attempt to call upon Heimdall to transport you to Asgard…but if you do, be prepared to be immediately seized by the Einherjar."

Upon looking to the display, the nurse's expression switches to one of panic as she adjusts the settings quickly. The dosage machine stops mid dose. Looking over to Mike, she frowns and pushes another button to start the vitals reading process.

"She has spoken like that to Thor." Maine says flatly towards Loki, not wanting to have to silence these two with force while Mike remains unconscious. Turning to Rachel, "Rachel, move him, now." His voice firm and strong, though he does give a knowing glance to Natasha, and then levels his sight upon Loki.

Natasha grinned at Loki as she just stood there out in the hallway with her arms crossed over her stomach, she was in her shield uniform, the dark blue bodysuit.

"I think I'd rather spend my vacation time in North Korea than on the world that taught you your complete lack of manners." She smiled sweetly to him.

When Maine arrived and spoke she nodded to him. "Thor, at least, is an enjoyable conversationalist. Gives me some hope for his kind."

With an angry hiss, Loki balls his hand into a fist, then throws a magic blast at the equipment again, this time not just making sparks, but blowing them up in explosive ways with smoke and fire. "Go ahead," he says, leaning down to look at Natasha with a wicked grin. "Call your precious Thor."

"I will, I just need to make sure tha-" She pauses as a beep and a paper readout rolls out. Looking to the paper, she frowns. "We might need to wait on some of the tests until some of the extra sedative leaves his system." She looks over towards Maine before making adjustments to roll the patient out.

"Well, since I don't have to move the machine now…" The nurse mutters as she quickly starts moving the bed to the door.

Maine's eyes flair, the whites visible in his ire as he turns towards Loki and issues his ultimatum rapidly, the threat carried with the wait of a warrior who's seen and done things many wouldn't even imagine. "You will leave this hospital or you will be considered a threat to SHIELD, Odinson." The man's surname rolls off Maine's tongue as though it was the period of an angry speech.

Natasha didn't seem terribly threatened by the Prince's angered lashing-out. She just stared at him as he shot his magic at the machines and stared at him as Maine threatened him. Its true, she'd pushed his buttons in all the ways she knew would work… but she was admittedly frustrated that he's been around this world for so long, yet still had not learned an ounce of how to interact with others here.

She just remained quiet, and watched, an unimpressed look upon her face.

With a shrug, Loki says, "Fine. I am bored anyway." and disappears. He has learned how to interact with people, but anyone that knows him well would notice something off. But the only person that has is Mike, and he's not likely to have noticed.

Maine blinks after Loki has disappeared and his shoulders visibly lower a bit and he turns back to Rachel, "Keep an eye on him, and run every test and x-ray again…" He's got a hunch about something. "Check all his bandages and wounds also." Maine then turns to Natasha, a silent stare given to the russian.

Rachel gives a nod. Scooting off from the destruction that was the recovery room.

Natasha watched the Asgardian Prince vanish and then she exhale and looked at Maine. After a momentary stare-off she shook her head. "The guy rubs me the wrong way." She told him. "Look: I'm sorry. I'll go upstairs and tell Fury that all of this was my fault. I knew that I was pushing his buttons and I kept doing it. I just don't trust him." And its true, the super spy had zero trust in the one known as Loki and its why she was probably harder on them than she should be.

From a place of authority Maine puts his cane forward to keep her from advancing, but he doesn't speak. The greys in his beard a bit more silver than normal, maybe his age is finally catching up to him, the image assisted by the ornate walking stick. He doesn't speak, but his motions would be clear to Natasha that she's not to report this to anyone, there's no blame or fault. Maine does speak, "How did the contact in Australia work with you?"

Natasha glanced down to Maine's cane and she then looked up at him. After a moment of thought she responded. "She's come back with us. She's here, in fact. She's up on the recreation level at the cafeteria now. She's youung… as green as she can possibly be, but there's potential there." Natasha told him, pausing for a moment. "You should setup a meeting with her and speak to her. I think you might see the potential that I see."

"I'll leave that to you, or would you rather watch Mike in his room." Maine says giving a nod as well in respond to her report. He turns slowly and starts to hobble away back out of the medical labs. He's wanting to go to the gun range but his wound is finally starting to heal back to normal, why ruin a good thing.

Natasha released an exhale then and she shook her head. "Once Mike is healed up and on his feet again, I think I might punch him." She said in a quiet voice. "But thats neither here nor there, at the present." She glanced to Maine as he was hobbling off now. "Thanks for the assist with Moody the Greenguy. I think ther emight be a fight going on in here right now, if you hadn't shown up."

"You'll have to get to him before me then Romanoff." Maine, jokes? That can't be right. He continues to walk down the hallway towards the elevator and doesn't seem to hear, or simply doesn't respond to her 'thank you'. "Keep an eye on Mike and keep me informed of his pupil's on goings."

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