2016-04-22 I'm getting too old for this sh-
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Players: Black Widow, Maine, Mike
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Title: I'm getting too old for this sh-

This is a small recovering room with a two medical beds separated by a white cloth curtain. The curtain can be drawn around the beds for privacy or pushed back to allow maximum visibility.
The medical beds are large and comfortable looking, with large computer terminals on either side of them that provide detailed medical information to the professionals tending to their patients.
There's a thirty-inch HD televsion hung on the wall opposite of the medical beds and it provides some measure of entertainment for anyone who might be bed-ridden within this recovering room.
Near the main entrance is another large wooden door that leads into a restroom with a sizeable walk-in shower and a large counter with a big round sink and a huge mirror along the wall.
Overall this is your standard medical recovery room with lots of nice high-tech equipment and an abundance of that eerie hospital feeling in the air.

After yet another barage of tests and x-rays, Mike was rolled back into Recovery Room 1. While the room's been cleaned up, all forms of electronics have been removed from the room to prevent future Asgardian induced accidental overdoses. Which means, more nurse visits to inject Mike at regular intervals and occasionally change out the saline. Yay. :|

In a rare instance, Mike is awake and currently he is reading a copy of The Good Earth. On the bright side, the news is not playing on the tv. Since. Well, that went bye bye as well.

Natasha returns to the medical ward the following night after her shift training some other agents all day.

With a sigh she knocked on the door and walked inside to find Mike reading a book. "Broadening your mind's horizon?" She asked as she moved back toward that chair she'd occupied the night before. She eyed his food tray this time, but didn't see anything appealing on it to be had tonight, what a shame.

Mike had already eaten the applesauce and pudding. As he couldn't identify the remaining item on his tray, that got left alone and rolled as far away from him as possible without having to untangle what cords he was still connected to. "More of a memory lane reading I guess." Mike replies, glancing to the cover. "Last reading assignment in high school before-" He pauses, shaking his head, closing the book. "Long time ago." He looks over to Natasha, "I don't think you answered it last time I asked, nor have I really caught anyone else to ask but, You guys did get Nico back, right?"

Natasha was just leaned back in the chair with her left arm draped over its back and her right hand on the top of her knee. "He's back and fine, yes." She said, before adding. "I mean, he's absolutely awful at his job, but he's still alive to continue said job."

She glanced out the door at a medical staffer walking past the doorway. "So, why were you hunting Hydra by yourself?" She asked, looking back to the bed-ridden one.

Mike lifts a brow. "I wasn't." He answers, setting the book down on his lap. "I was in the finishing stages of a film shoot for a mini series. Nico was the one doing the hunting and playing at being my trainer." He shakes his head, "And then Mordo comes blasting through the hotel wall, we were getting shot at, Nico got hit and well. It was fucked up."

"Sounds like you had quite the little adventure there, Mic Dundee." Natasha said with a dry tone of voice. She took a moment to breath quietly and sit there in her chair before her hand on the back of it came up and rubbed at the side of her head.

"So why, exactly, was this Mordo person…. was, is… Angry enough at you, particularly, to come after you like this?"

"Cliffs notes or full explanation as I understand it?"

"Full explanation, Mister Cosby. Throw it at me right now." Natasha one-lines back at Mike.

Holding a yellow envelope in one hand at the same time as a cane isn't exactly easy but Maine manages as he walks in without speaking to anyone while he takes one of the few seats in the room and looks between the red haired spy and the bandaged musician. He too seems equally interested in the 'full explanation' from Mike.

"Ok." Mike sighs, "You know those guys who become cops or agents not to help people but solely for the power and end up getting passed over for big promotions because they're so much of an asshole that the higherups are even going, 'Fuck this guy. I don't care if he's good at this. Don't put him in charge.'?" Mike tilts his head, "That would be Mordo. Only with the Sorceror Supreme title." He shifts, grimacing as he changes positions and hinting to why he's coherent at the moment. "Seems his big thing is to prove to his teacher that he should be SS by defeating the current Sorceror Supreme but…" He shrugs, "Strange got that title back so he shouldn't even be looking at me now."

Natasha listened to Mike's long winded words and she didn't seem to fully understand what he was saying, or… just wasn't sure how to even include herself in the magical and mystical realm of the Sorcerer Supreme's world.

"All that power, and yet they still just could really benefit from cracking open an E-mail inbox and sending each other a few correspondent messages."

With that said, Nat turned her eyes to look upon Maine from where she was seated in the chair across from Mike's bed.

Maine doesn't seem to react to Mike's story other than to ask a single question, "Do you think he's targetting you or the title?" Seems like he's not out right dismissing this whole realm of magic like some or most people in the world has been and constantly does. He's not saying it's completely real either, but it's something he has to take into account as a member of SHIELD.

As Maine speaks, Mike turns his head slightly to look over to Maine. "I've only encountered him in two instances. But all he talks about is that God damn title." He frowns, "Which is why it doesn't make any sense he'd go after me when I don't have the title anymore." He sighs, bringing a hand up to rub at his temples, "Maybe Strange is dimension hopping again and Mordo got bored. Don't know…"

Natasha's phone buzzed and she pulled it out of a pouch on her belt (what a nerd) and started to thumb at the screen. She was still listening to both of them however and she replied after Mike. "Maybe he simply does't like knowing that you had that sort of power, and feels you shouldn't be left to live afterward?" She asked, glancing up at the both of them.

"I'm thinking the same thing. If you had the title last time Strange was removed, then maybe he's trying to remove you before finishing off Strange." Maine says, it's a sound tactic, unless someone else got the title of Sorcerer Supreme, but that's out of Maine's pay grade. Maine looks down at the envelope that he relocated to his right leg and then back to Mike, "Do you feel you're safe in SHIELD protection?"

Mike looks over to Natasha, "Well that's a fun little thought." He pauses, looking over to Maine, "As opposed to where else? The recording studio that got set on fire? The mansion that got blown up?"

Natasha just softly shook her head hearing of that destruction. "Keep it up, Rocky and they're going to toss you ot of the boxing federation." She wondered after saying that if boxing was a federation or a league, or a… whatever.

"I'm sure he's safe with us. Why all we have to do if something bad starts happening, is tell Loki where the bad is and that its calling him a Power Ranger. He'll take care of all of it then for us."

"I do not care where you stay Drago." Maine says standing up, extending the folder across the bed to Natasha and then speaking to her, "I expect a more proactive approach to protection Romanoff." The authority figure speaks before he limps over towards the door.

Mike cracks a small smile before it dies away. "Joking aside, that beacon Nico had." He shakes his head, "It's no good. Hydra was tracking it. We had to disable it and do a plan D."

Natasha looked over and up at Maine. "How am I supposed to protect this man when he leaves, tells none of us where he is going. Then gives vague answers after I save his scrawny ass and drag him three thousand miles back home?" She asked then, standing up from her chair.

"I'm not Mike's protector." She adds. "If he doesn't want to die, then he's going to have to start playing by the rules like the rest of us do. At least those of us who don't want to end up in underlake Hydra reserach facilities." She glanced back to Mike and then moved to leave the room.

"Tell the crew in the tech labs Drago. They're constantly in need of updates to the field tools." Maine retorts with a glance back to Mike but he stops in the door way as Natasha starts speaking. He lets her finish but his eye remain on Mike, "Either he starts playing by the rules or he'll wind up dead or worse. He was lucky you and Piper recovered him in that lake…" Maine stops mid sentence and looks back to Natasha like something just hit him but he shakes it off with a shake of his head and looks back at Mike. Still blocking the way out. "You're not his protector-" A glint appears in the man's eyes before he continues, "You two are partners."

Mike watches as the two agents cluster around the door fighting for the dramatic exit. "What the fuck are you talking about, Nat?! If you didn't know where I went, take it up with him and Nico. The GODDAMN RULES are what got us in this mess!" Mike replies, gesturing to Maine, "If you want more detailed answers after the fact, don't ask me right after someone OD'ed me on sedatives!"

Natasha listened to Maine and heard his little game and she just smirked at it. "Yeah, right." She said then and glanced back to Mike when he started shouting. "Thats exactly why I don't plan to be partnered with him. He yells and curses like a drunken sailor. He's too reckless to be anywhere near my level."

"You two are working together on the next mission." Maine didin't expect clear answers, thanks Loki. Nor does he think the rules got them killed but they did save their lives, one way or another. "Both of you have to learn how to work with other people, and who better than people you don't but have to trust." Maine says, seems like Peggy certainly wore off on him a little. "Drago, report in with me as soon as you're cleared by the medical staff." Maine says, finally turning and making his way out of the door.

"It's Hanni-" Annnnd Maine's gone, "-gan." He frowns, "What, just happened?"


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