2016-04-27 Odins Gift
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Piper, Odin, Loki, Phantasm
GMed by n/a
Title: Odin's Gift

Odin walks back into the large main room though his appearance is quite a bit different. He wears a robe with "Tony" on it that seems the arms are a bit streached out, as Odin is a much larger man then Tony. On his shoulder is a single crow that seems to be talking to him as he enters. "All-Father I think you should try the coffee it is quite good!" and that gets a hurmph from him as he moves to the kitchen from before. It is the day after the large meal and still some what early as the sun shines in from the windows around. Odin moves to the coffee maker and looks at it confused.. as the Crow continues to speak to try to explain to him what he is going to need, but exclaims it has no idea where it is. So that is what Odin is doing at this moment looking around the kitchen for coffee to use in this confounded thing Midgardians call a "Coffee Maker"

A raven flies into the penthouse through the wall. Spotting the crow, he flies over and perches next to him, looking to the crow, "Hey, have you seen a female magic user recently? Accident prone? A little bit hyper?"

In walks a young woman, a black tank top on and maybe a pair of Natasha's pants, she's not sure whose they are, but they don't quite fit right is what she does know. Walking slowly with a hand pressed against the side of her head, Piper doesn't seem to need her eyes to know where she's walking. The Australian girl moans her discomfort to the room and without saying a word she puts the back of her hand against Odin's arm and attempts to usher him out of the way of the coffee maker.

"Santa and two black birds." She murmurs to herself while filling the coffee pot with water.

Odin looks up at the raven from his spot of open cabinets. "Ah for a moment I though Hugin had come back.." he thinks as he goes back to searching "Humm.. Female magic user, well there was one dressed in black though she didn't seem to need magic had the smell of blood on her.. Dangerous sort so I don't think it was her." he shrugs, "Sorry.. no idea there." he then pauses and looks over at the other woman. "Ah you.. are you a magic user pershaps?" he asks as he moves out of the way, and the crow hops off his shoulder and onto one of the newly opened cabinets. "I have found it all-father!" is all he says before he grabs it with his beak and lifts it to hand it to the new lady that is now standing infront of the machine. "I told you this last night young one.. I am not what you call Santa.. that is someone else maybe I can take you to visit sometime after we are done with the mess here, but until now I am curious about this.. Coffee. Make it for us, as I have much to do today!" he doesn't seem hung over from the mead last night as Tony did not have enough to truely make Odin drunk.

The raven turns his head, looking to Piper as she comes in. He sighs, looking to the smaller bird, "Nevermind!" He hops over, perching on Piper's head while sticking his head through the cabinet to look for the coffee filters

Piper rolls her eyes and then shakes her head, "Too loud." She mumbles quietly but not quite registering that Odin's offering to take her to meet THE Santa. "Nevermore." She giggles up to the Phantasm as she pours the water into the machine and reaches up and fumbles about with a coffee filter and the some grounds. "Foldgers…" She moans, "Tony is cheap, right birds?" Talking to the ravens.

Odin chuckles, "It has been a while since I have seen a Midgardian just drink down a whole glass like that.. Was quite humorous." he steps back further, and looks for some mugs. "How long with this take I need to sign up for this thing the woman in black called school I am hoping to learn more about this place." he listens for a moment, "I even summoned Sleipnir for travel, as it looks like your streets are quite busy with iron coffins." The raven after giving her the bag of coffee hops over to the Odin is, "All-Father it will be a while coffee needs to be made from what I have seen it takes a while then smoke raises from it before that machine drips it into another container.. which is then poured." Odin frowns, then continues. "Very well.. Go find your brother and scout out for a proper area for my teaching.. go.." and with that the Raven streaches out its wings, and seems to fly into a small portal infront of it as the portal closes with a whoosh there is no-sign the bird was even there. "So.. Young one.. Odin continues. I saved a bit of Mead.. maybe try it again sometime?" and he smirks at her.

"Big words." Piper responds, lifting her free hand and twirling it around at the wrist as she's dismissing most of what he says because she can't handle it yet. With a pause she closes her eyes, after putting the pitcher in it's place and starting it, and flicks her hand towards the side of her head, the wooden bracelet on her wrist growing green trails in the delicate and purposeful carvings. After a moment's concentration Piper turns back to Odin and gives him a soft smile, showing a few of her top teeth. "I might give it another trial, I wasn't quite prepared for that ass whooping." The Ausie responds, as she had simply cured her hangover.

Odin chuckles again, and watches her with intrest as the green flows from her bracelet.. "I joke, but it was very dangerous.. A glass can kill those who are not ready for it, though do not worry I gave you a remedy that night so you though a bit hurting were in no danger." he moves over to her and looks down at her. "That is interesting though.. that trinket I do not recall such a thing. It is interesting, is it a focus or is it in itself magical?" he doesn't touch it or her, but does look at the carvings on it the best he can. He does continue looking back at her.. "Though I am glad you are feeling better.. Flight the day after can be a pain, and I was hoping to bring someone who knows this realm with me."

A closer look would show that she has several other pieces of jewelry similar to the bracelet, most carved out of wood and with shallow carvings in them, "Oh, they are just my foci, nothing all that important." She says with a blush, holding out her hand to let the Father of the Nords admire her work. "I'm glad I'm feeling tip top as well." She smirks, even blushing a little. "Oh, I hope you're not expecting me, I've only been in this city for a few days… I'm from the other side of Earth. … Midgassia." She gets the name WAY wrong but doesn't know.

Odin frowns and rubs his beard… "Very well magician.. You continue to make the coffee.. I need to change, when done I will show you my focus as I also use magic.. Though I also have the Odinforce which is…" he stops thinking about how to explain it.. "It is like magic, if magic was lifeforce, and was more flexable." he tries, "Well.. more then that, but it is like explaining what magic is to someone who has never experienced it." he smiles again and turns heading back to the guest room. "Okay I will return! And I hope for coffee.. whatever this is." as he goes he is jumped from the shadows by a huge wolf.. Though it takes him by surprise they struggle for a moment, before Odin chuckling, adds.. "I can not play right now Freki.." the wolf is huge.. more like a bear in the shape of a wolf, but Odin seems to hold him up easly. "Go watch her.. make sure she gets to coffee ready will ya." and puts the wolf down continuing to move to the back room. The large wolf pads over to the kitchen, and sits at the entrance. He gives her a warning growl, but wether it is fun like he was before, or serious it is hard to tell these things.

Loki appears, feet propped up on the table, hands folded behind his head and his chair tilted back as he watches Odin and Piper quietly.

Piper yelps at the appearance of the dog and she pouts when Odin tells it to watch her. They say that dogs can smell fear, however true that is, it's likely Freki can smell the worry coming off Piper. "He's… Huge." She mumbles and slowly walks back to the coffee maker and just watch as it drips down and slowly fills the pitcher. She doesn't notice Loki as she's busy with her eyes on the wolf.

Odin is gone, but the wolf eyes her.. As she talks to him it snears at her showing very large pointed teeth before it huffs, and sniffs he air.. "Thaaaank you human." it growl-speaks at her.. "But it won't stop me from eatting you if you do not get what the all-father wishes." he glances back at Loki for a moment giving him a nod. Loki may know that he hasn't eatten a human in a long time, but the wolf is doubting this other human has so will see how she reacts. To his credit he watches her like one would a meal he watches her movements carefully.

"Freki, we do not eat the mortals. They taste terrible, anyway. You would find them most unsatisfying."

Piper gasps when she hears the growling and Loki and she's awfully flinchy, then suddenly the shaking in her body suddenly stops. She turns after making sure the coffee is finally starting to drip. She takes a single step forward towards Freki and smiles down to him. "We've got lots of dangerous animals back home, and you've got such a beautiful coat." She compliments the wolf, reaching a hand out to touch and pet the top of his head between the ears.

The wolf snarl-talks again.. "Take all my fun away Loki.. can't even scare a human now." the wolf doesn't move but his ears perk up when she moves to touch him, though he does growl a bit more before she gets closer and closer.. As she is about to touch him a large hand comes out and grabs her arm. Though he tried to be careful as he doesn't want to her her Odin is there in a rush to grab her arm.. "Don't… do that." he looks at the wolf.. "She didn't know be calm.. Go back to the room." he gives Loki a hard look, then shakes his head.. "You wouldn't know.. would you son." he falls quiet as the direwolf heads out. "He is a kind soul, but since a few years back someone tried to hurt him.. doesn't like being touched by any but me. If I hadn't been there would of been that witches lunch so he is fine, but other magic users make him… a bit upset." Odin is in full garb as he lets go of her arm, "I am sorry Midgardian.. I should of warned you.. I hope I did not hut you, but if he had drawn blood it would of been my fault for not saying something. I had hoped he would of liked you more." he holds his hands infront of him and takes a step back. "The danger is gone.. I will be sure to make sure he faces suitable punishment if you are injured."

"Oh, don't hurt him, he's just acting in his nature. I mean I would have tried to beat him off my arm, but I wouldn't have blamed him." She says, frowning a little before she takes her arm back and moves to grab a couple of mugs and pour them each a drink. "Here." Piper says handing over a mug for Odin to consume.

Odin takes the cup.. "It isn't you.. he is different then before, just needs time to heal.." he points to his chest. "On the inside.. I think you would do well with him." he nods and takes a sip, giving a small curse.. "Gods.. this is hot." he breaths heavly for a moment.. He looks at her for a moment then Loki.. "What do you say son.. I think the girl here could use a porotector for a bit.. teach him that not all magic users are bad people." he adds once he is able to speak again. With a blow in the mug he tries again.. He makes a face.. "Oh… that is.. no.." he takes a small container out and pours another liquid in, takes another sip.. "Oh there we go.. that is a bit better at least." While he is drinking he pulls out a tag.. it looks like a dog tag. "This is linked to him.. who has this he will follow as it is my will." he tosses it to her. "I will come and get that back one day but until then he is your guardian… I just wouldn't touch him if I were you… at least until he is ready as next time I will not be there to stop him."

Loki lifts a brow. "I am a magic user. I did not know he was afraid of me. And no, I have never eaten a human, but I have bitten one or two."

While listening to Odin speak, Piper walks to the fridge and opens it to peak inside. She rumages about to find some milk and creamer to fill her coffee up with and add some tasty flavor.

Piper turns around and is blindsided with a wolf-tag, she examines the thing for a moment before she eaches around her neck and undoes her necklace. With a bit of fumbling she slips the tag on the silver chain which nestles nicely with the wooden figure 8 made out of wood already on the chain. "Thank you." She whispers and steps up to give Odin a hug.

Odin glances at Loki.. "Yes, but you have not been around.. I am afraid had you been, it might of been your arm he used as a chew toy. I would not underestimate him Loki.. He is born and bred to fight Asgardians that is one of the reasons I have kept him." he glances down at Piper.. "Oh.. what is this.." he holds his hands up.. He was not hugged he was the king so he did not know how to respond. He thinks for a moment and pats her on the head.. "There there.. Midgardian. It is quite alright I am sure you can put him to better use then I can here." he glances at Loki with a help me expression not sure what to do at this point. Though that alone might be a sign of just some of Loki's problems growing up.

Loki's first instinct is to rise to his feet quickly and draw his dagger. "Unhand the king, mortal." When Odin speaks of Freki, Loki shrugs. "I am a frost giant, remember?"

Piper looks up at Odin and cants her head, her hair bobbing down to the side. She smiles and moves her hands away from him but they move down his arms and she moves his wrist if he'll allow her. "It's a hug, you have to know how to hug. Makes life easier and pleasant." She says, "Like this, move these back there." A look is shot towards Loki with her tongue sticking out towards the adopted kid.

Odin holds a hand up not meaning help like that. "Loki it is okay, and you seem to keep reminding me no-matter how much I try to forget." he sighs.. "Where you are from is irrelevent compaired to where you are now is that not true… son?" he sighs.. "But yes.. he can properly take down a frost giant given time.. though I don't think he will run into that here." he smiles at Piper. "A hug huh." as he is pulled into a hug he pats her on the back he steps back again clearing his throat. "Frigg would appreaciate me hugging another woman." he smiles at her.. "Thank you.. but I know even I fear her wrath.. Now should we move on I have some schools to visit would you join me it should be… interesting."

"I do not believe that mother would feel threatened by a mortal child. What schools are you visiting? You should not travel through Midgard unescorted. I will go with you."

Stepping back and moving to pick up her coffee mug finally to have a drink, Piper lowers the mug onto the island. "I've got to go out and find myself a home." Explains Piper, giving Loki a glance and a wink, just to try and irk him a little. "So, how do I call Freki? Any special words or spells or anything?"

Odin smiles at Loki, "I do not assume to know a womans heart.. I warn you Loki, the moment when you assume you do is when they slip the dagger in." and rubs his beard. He turns, and looks at Piper.. "You do not live here?" he looks around a bit.. "I figured you were just one of the many that stayed in this place." he shrugs.. "Very well magician.. Next time then I am sure we will meet again." he turns, and starts walking out putting his mug on the counter. "All you need to do is call his name, and he will appear. Goodbye.. for now." and with that he walks away heading to the roof. "Come Loki.. if you wish to guard me we best be off." can be heard from the hallway.

Loki looks as though he's jogging along after Odin, but once they're 'gone', Loki plunks his bony backside back into his chair. "I thought he'd never leave." He sighs, folding his hands behind his head, wincing slightly as he brushes the back of his neck, which is still slightly sore. "So you fancy yourself a magician?"

Piper finishes her coffee and goes to rinse the mug out in the sink. "I'm being taught by Michael Hannigan." She responds, "I'm not very good yet though." The witch says plainly and moving over to sit at the table, the pants still not fitting too well.

Loki rolls his eyes. "Really. Mike is not a very powerful sorcerer." He says, flicking a finger at Piper, green magic swirling around her midsection so her pants change size to fit. "Too bad it is forbidden to take mortals to Asgard, or I would take you to learn real magic."

"Wasn't he the Sorcerer Supreme for a while? I thought that meant he was incredibly powerful." Piper shrugs, not too offended by what someone else thinks of her teacher. "What would the wizards in Asgard be able to teach me that he couldn't?" The Aussie witch asks, semi-trying to trick him into a quick lesson.

“Well, I am the most powerful, of course." Loki doesn't look at her as he fiddles with his fingernails. "Amora is sometimes on our side. I would not trust Karnilla, of course, though she did teach me dark magic when I was quite young. Mother never did approve of that. Dark magic can take hold of you without your notice and things can become very bad very fast. The god of mischief with dark magic is a bad combination indeed."

Piper nods along, "That's what Mike said too, I could tell he didn't want to teach too much of anything dark, or even offensive." She notes, pushing herself up from the table and moving towards the front door. "I'm gonna go get a home, maybe find Mike, if you see him, tell him I'm looking for him." Piper says and slips out the door.

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