2016-08-20 A tale of Song and Sushi
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Warning: N/A
Players: Mike and Natasha
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Title: A tale of song and sushi

~Inakaya Restaurant and Tsubaki Lounge~

Wish to get your sing on or have some really awesome Japanese food? Well look no more because with the restaurant and kareokee lounge being owned by the same family, there is the happy convenience of the kitchen being used for both businesses. So over a quiet meal or listening to the out of tune wails of tiny old japanese women, drunk college students, and an assortments of people thinking they're the next music star while you stuff rice and seaweed wrapped fish in your mouth, this is the place for you!

After a rather late evening of… classified type stuff, Two hungry, hungry Avengers walk into a Kareokee bar. No, they do not wish to get their sing on. But with the restaurant that shares the kitchen with the bar, this was the only way to get access to the blissful food that Inakaya was known for. Dressed down as far as Mike can be, he looks to the crowded lounge, frowns, and looks over to the host greeting them. "Any chance any of the private rooms are available?"

Natasha followed in after Mike. She'd been unsure of this location, but she was a trained soldier and spy, she could bare through almost anything. The food was supposed to be good afterall.

She had a blank tanktop on, black jeans and black leather boots, her hands were half inside her jeans pockets when she looked to the building's interior and took in the activities going on. Her eyes then went to Mike when he was picking their seating location. "Nice enough place." She mumbled to him.

The lounge had an earthy tone to it. Bar, wooden, walls a pale, pale yellow, the carpet, a deep red that went up even the steps to the lifted area that was the stage. Over to the corner of the stage, standing next to a chair, a smaller statured woman in thick glasses was wailing something in japanese while the rest of what could be a bridge club sang along from the comfort of their own table. Over to the side of the bar a large bank of kareokee machines are stacked with several post it notes containing number combinations are plastered on the wall nearby. Over to another side of the room there appears to be a bachelorette party going full tilt with the pride to be wearing an inflatable hat depicting… well. Yeah. That.

"We only have the large room." The host replies looking over to Nat and then back to him, frowning "You'd have to sing a lot of songs or order a lot of food to make it worth the rate for just two."

Mike's eyes follow over to the door that leads to the larger room, considering it. A highly out of tune chorus of screams triggers a wince before he reaches over, grabs Nat's hand and starts towards the room, "We'll take it."

Natasha's eyes were wandering over the interior of the place even more as the employee spoke of the room. She was specifically letting her eyes linger over that of the bachelorette party. Whne Mike took her hand and pulled her along she looked back to him with a deadpan expression. "You're going to sing?" She asked him then. Knowing full-well that she sure as hell wasn't going to sing. He was the musician, not her!

Mike shakes his head, bringing Natasha into a room that is a large rectangle with seating set in a big 'U' shape around a large table. To the side that lacks chairs, a large tv display and several more of the kareokee machines. Upon them being situated inside, the musician lets go of Natasha's hand, waving over to the seats. "After you."

The host looks to the pair heading to the large room and sighs, moving over to his stand to mark the room as occupied before grabbing a couple of menus to bring after the pair. Giving a look between the two and all of the empty space left in the room, he shakes his head again and sets to work, setting the menus down opposite of each other. "Would you like to start off with a drink?" He asks, turning to grab the remote and the english language song listing binder. "The room rental rate is by the hour. An extra half hour is included with the first one. Do you need instructions on how to run the machines?"

Natasha let her eyes roam around the room after Mike pulled her into it. "This seems oddly more enjoyable to me." She said in a dry tone of voice. Not having it filled with a bunch of laughing drunk women was a serious upgrade to the aged superspy. Her green eyes went to the employee when he asked those questions. "I'll take whatever is your strongest alcholic beverage." She told him. "And I'll pay you extra not to ask about the singing machines anymore." She pulled a seat out and lowered herself down into it, her hands first going to her lap befor ethen up to the table.

"Hitachino." Mike answers simply on the drink order as he sits down in the chair opposite from Natasha, opening up the menu to look it over.

The host nods, setting the remote and binder down in front of Natasha. "Very well. Enjoy your Kareokee." Turning, he heads out, closing the door behind him.

The room, is uncomfortably quiet save for the soft hum of the monitor displaying a creepy screensaver of japanese children mouthing something while cartoon letters come out of their mouths.

Natasha leaned back in her chair then and she folded her arms across her stomach as she stared across the table at Mike. She allowed the silence to go on for a little while, her eyes glanced at the monitor with the japanese children on it, but she looked back to Mike. "Why did you wish to come here if you're not here to show off your pipes?" She asked him then. "I assumed you wanted to come here to impress all the women in that party out there."

Mike's quiet perusal of the menu takes pause as he glances up from it, "The lounge shares the kitchen and cooking staff with the restaurant next door. But the restaurant was already closed. So…" He gestures to the menu in his hand. "Also considering how it's not even in the AMs yet, the sounds out there are only going to get worse. So…" He gestures to the empty, enclosed room that is only letting a small amount of sound of the main lounge area in. "Worth it."

Natasha let her eyes wander around the room a moment again and she then looked back to him. "So is this a regular hangout for you?" She asked him then. "Because if so, then I'd prefer you order what you think I would enjoy. New restaurants are not a very enjoyable prospect to me. I don't like ordering something that turns out to be a massive disappointment." She said with a soft smirk. "It seems like a nice place though. I haven't gotten out much lately, so thank you for suggesting it."

Mike looks back to the menu. "You can probably skip the Teriyaki Burger and the Curry. Teriyaki chicken and beef tips are good, So is the sushi and tempura. The fried Octopus balls are kind of hit or miss. Depends on the person." As the screensaver repeats and starts the cartoon words bit all over again, Mike looks to the screen and then reaches over to the remote, typing in a few random numbers before hitting enter. The microphone is still left untouched as wordless music starts to pipe in and the creepy kids disappear from the screen. Unfortuately he managed to type in the number for "Camptown Ladies'. Oops. "Wade and Jack did kareokee a lot when they were in college." He volunteers, "They were best friends. Like me and Rod were. So well, when our friends got killed…" He shrugs. "Kind of a vaccuum effect I guess."

Natasha nodded her head softly a single time at the man's words. "Death comes for everyone." She said in a somber tone of voice. "All we can do is celebrate the moments we had with our favorite people. Remember them, and all their great deeds." She then reached up and unrolled the eating utensils on the table, spread them out with her right hand and drew the cloth napkin onto her lap. "Sushi it is then." She said, showing a faint soft smile.

Mike smiles, flipping to the back of the menu to pull out a one of the paper inserts listing the sushis available to order along with boxes next to each item for customers to write in how many they want. Reaching over to the center of the table, he grabs a stray pencil and slides both paper and pencil over to Natasha, "There you go."

The song playing in the background reaches its end and soon the creepy kids are back on the screen.

The door opens and one of the wait staff comes in with the drinks, "Hitachino?" He shifts over, setting the beer in front of Mike upon the musician making an indication of who ordered that drink. With one drink being left, that gets left in front of Natasha by default. "Do you know what you would like or do you need a few more minutes?"

Natasha accepted the menu and she flashed a smile then started to run her eyes over all the information on it. When the music ended she glanced back at the machine. "Put something else on." She told him, not liking that repetitive creepy video that played.

When the waiter arrived, she took her drink and sipped it tentatively. She then lifted the menu up and pointed at what she wanted for the waiter. "This will do." She told him in her stern and unyield Russian way.

Mike reaches over and types in another random combination of numbers, queuing up the theme to Lambchop's song that never ends. A brow arches as Mike looks accusingly at the screen, "What monster even made this a song option?" The waiter leans over to look at what Natasha has picked out and jots it down before looking over to the STILL-NOT-SINGING Mike, the screen, and then back to Mike, "And you?"

"The Six degrees of Sushi." Mike replies, closing up the menu, setting it aside instead of handing it to the waiter.

Orders taken, the waiter steps out of the room.

Natasha was happy to have her drink now and she was happily sipping at it while the waiter finished up and then left. Once he was gone she stared at Mike. "Have you been keeping up with your staff combat skills?" She asked him then, setting her drink back down she considered the music that he'd selected now, not entirely familar with that song, but then again she didn't keep up with popular music, of today or of any era.

"Maintaining skills, yes." Mike replies, taking the beer in hand, "But I could do with more of the combat simulation. Haven't had much opportunity recently to use it in that way." He reaches over, hitting the cancel button before typing in something else random and hitting enter. And now they're playing Do-Re-Mi. "Took much longer than I was expecting to be cleared to practice after Australia despite the usage of healing spells."

Natasha listened to what he said and she smiled faintly at the tail end of it. "Yes, well." She started. "They tend to like to check on other things, more than simply our physical health. Especially after the things we've gone through are as… strange… as what you went through, down under." She tapped her fingers on the edge of the table. "Speaking of Strange. Have you been devoid of your BFF's company?" She questioned that with a bit more intrigue laced along her words.

"Not a peep from him. " Mike replies, "Strange has been, busy. And so long as he has that title, he always will be." He gives a shake of his head. "I wouldn't be surprised if the next time I see him isn't until his duties overlaps with mine again. That's the nature of things though."

Natasha let these words settle in the air for a moment. She took another sip from her drink and considered a few things internally as she listened to the music. Finally though, she spoke again, her eyes going back up and across the table toward Mike. "Does his powerset include the ability to manipulate time?" She asked. "So as to say, go back in in time or forward in it?" She softly shook her head and smirked faintly. "I always wondered about that, but never had the opportunity to ask that question to him, let alone to you."

Mike's jaw clenches. Looking to his drink. "Short or lengthy response?"

Natasha's lopsided smirk then turned into a larger smile as she sat her drink down onto the table. "Lengthy, please, by all means." She told him, going on a second later to add further. "I assure you, its just my own curiosity too. Nothing… shield-related behind its asking."

"I thought you'd pick that option." Mike comments, leaning back in his seat, pausing to take a sip of his drink in preparation. "Kind of. Do you remember getting teleported out of a Domino's to go fight in a hell dimension?"

Natasha softly shook her head. "I do not remember that." She told him. "But I do know of that event. Because apparently it was recorded on multiple devices through technology in Stark's gear as well as the mutant boy, Samuel, yes?"

Mike nods. "Yeah, well. We were in Domino's. Strange came for me. And well since you guys were there he decided to take you along too. Surge tried using his power on a magic being which caused for a backlash of sorts which sent most of you guys back where and when you were. That technically could have been reversing time there. However, Surge could have just as easily killed you guys back there had his timing been any different." He pauses, "Strange had already lost his title after he broke a rule to save you and I hadn't even realized that it passed to me so neither of us actively caused it to happen. But, it can be triggered. Plus there's the whole time differences between dimensions and stuff."

Natasha listened and sipped at her drink. She was no Neil deGrasse Tyson when it came to time and physics, but she did her best to keep up. "Okay. So its possible, but it comes with a lot of caveats. I suppose that makes sense." She said with a faint smile shown then for a moment or two. "I was merely curious if he could pass through time, as easily as he seemed to pass through dimensions and… other plains of existence."

"It'd be possible." Mike replies, "But he'd need help in some form." He looks to his drink quietly in consideration as the song in the background loops to the begining yet again. "If it's any consolation. Yeah it might seem like he's got a lot of power in his grasp but all the conditions, rules, and responsibilities that come with it is frustrating as hell. If I wasn't for that asshole Mordo, I'd probably have told the Ancient One to go shove it when he pulled me to his plane for the orientation speech… again."

The door opens once more and the waiter comes in with two plates. One loaded up with 6 styles of sushi and… Natasha's plate.

Natasha nodded at Mike and she smiled again. "Well, I honestly take some comfort in knowing that a powerful person such as he… has to follow rules and regulations like the rest of us shmoes." She flashed a larger smile then as their food arrived, she'd ordered a plate of sushi as well, she'd simply been running an angle on the waiter when she'd placed the order. She'd pointed at the menu to get him to lean over to read it, so she could look inside his jacket to check if he'd been hiding a gun, or a weapon in-general. But he hadn't been. Call it old habbits.

"Looks delicious, thank you." She told the waiter then, smiling to him as well.

The waiter smiles briefly before looking to the Kareokee screen that is displaying the lyrics without anyone actively singing. He looks back to the two, "Enjoy your food. I'll stop by later to see if you need anything else." With that, he heads out of the room.

Mike waits until the door closes before he looks back to Natasha. "Good to know." Growing quiet, Mike grabs his chopsticks and starts to enjoy his meal.


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