2017-01-04 Dark Heroes in the night.
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2017-04-01 format
Players: Damian Wayne James Weston
GMed by James Weston
Title: Dark Heroes in the Night

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Gotham Harbor, perhaps were a lot of sickness gets into Gotham. In this Case. Penguin's goons are here with the Boss man himself. A shipment of military grade weapons. With the possibility of plasma based weapons. As a result Penguin is here in one of his own warehouses with a truck pulling up. Security is tight, but in Gotham it is not tight enough. The business man who wants to buy them, a Drug lord who wants something that can punch and cut through the dark, and of course bats and birds.

The Penguin is here as he has his people checking out the area as A lone figure has arrived on the scene. The place is not all that secure. There are plenty of holes where one knows where to look, and soon A large tall armored figure begins moving through the roof tops, opening up a window without an issue or tripping an alarm to get in. The behemoth has to be over seven feet tall, despite it moved without nary a sound.

Out on patrol, on his own, Damian knows he's breaking the rules. But how is he supposed to prove that he's his father's equal if he needs to get permission just to go out the front door? Tsk. Ridiculous. All he had to do was make a moderate catch, wrap them all up nice and easy for the GCPD and go back to the Batcave to claim the glory. There'd be the inevitable shouting, of course, but the deed would be done, an undeniable fact in the whole argument sure to follow. And if you want a moderate catch, you check out the harbor, easy enough. What's the worst he could possibly run into? Drug dealers? Smugglers? An illegal gathering of known international arms dealers and a major figure of the Gotham underworld? Yeah… that.

For a few moments Robin watches from afar, perched on a roof top, the lenses in his mask set to moderate magnification to catch the most detail. Definitely The Penguin, there's ol' Oswald himself. Flicking the magnification off, the boy wonder hurries along the edge of the roof, careful not to skyline himself, and vaults his way from cover to cover until he's on top of the warehouse, quiet as… well, a whisper. Catching movement on the other side of the roof, he crouches down and goes still, allowing his cloak to blur his outline and become hidden… watching the massive figure stealthily steal inside through the same route he was going to take. Interesting. Without a sound he opens a different window and climbs inside, perching on the rafters of the warehouse, eyes and ears peeled…

As The Figure enters the warehouse he is waiting for the drug dealer to catch both at the same time. His preparation time is needed while the Drug dealer moves to deal witha ll of them. The figure's armor is dark, black with shadowed Detail as he drops a small line with something in a dark corner. And begins to move through the area. His Visor polarized and the anti glare on the face plate. so that light will not reflect off of it. As he looks around. Thermal vision allows him to see heat signatures, including the one that just enters into the rafters, a fast zoom and instantly he zooms in on the location Batman would not have been that apparent on such, his suit insulates heat from thermal scans better.

And he Identifies it as one of his possible partners. And then he glares at the sight of a CHILD! Oh batman lost some respect from the super soldier as he now has a complications and he uses a Laser light to get the boy's attention as it will shine on part of the wall flashing A Morse code signal. The Light beam is of course invisible till it hits the wall as he uses it to Speak to the Boy.

"Stay up in the rafters neutralize runners." as he begins to use a Cable to slowly slide down to some of the cargo containers tops moving almost like a Ghost as the sounds of a second truck begins to pull up.

For all intents and purposes, Robin is invisible to those below him, and should even have been invisible to anyone up here with him. The cloak and the cowl, dark green and brown, blend in exceptionally well with the shadows, and the anodized metal of his weapons will simply refuse to reflect any light back. So when he can suddenly see the armored figure look at him, the boy is impressed, making a mental note to incorporate more thermal absorbing layers in his outfit. Doubly impressed when the laser starts to flicker in the periphery of his vision, spelling out a quick morse code. "Who am I? Second violin? tsk."

Despite the muted mutter, Robin stays up high, stalking along the rafters until he has a good view of both the entrance and halfway into the warehouse, waiting until the truck rumbles in to draw and then unfold his bow with a muted *click* that should be entirely inaudible over the sound of the engine. He'll deal with runners alright.

As The man in armor on the top of the raftors comes down he is armed to the teeth, High powered military weapons of his own. His suit of armor looks like he could easilly go ten rounds with bane and come out of top. A heavy Machine gun, the type that is normally mounted on jeeps is on his back, a Pump action shotgun, as well. And what looks like a large calibur handgun, desert eagle, from the looks. This guy is packing serious fire power. It should be obvious why he wants the boy to stay in the rafters. What is about to go down is gonna be lowud and very messy if this guy is US special forces.

Drawing out a couple of small disks from his belt he taps the side of them. Finally the drug dealer comes up in his care as he comes out, Bruno Borgia, so called God of gangsters, a man who has aspirations to become the master of all gangs on the east cost of the USA, a man more than willing to kill anyone, man, woman, child to get his message across. A favorite tactic is to go after family of his targets to enrage them to get them to come at him angry and stupid.

Finally As things start to get under way as Bruno carries a large brief case of money, The armored figure allows them to meet in the middle as the soldier throws something a disk that rebounds and impacts bouncing like a skipping stone around a corner, and it bounces up under the rears of the cars. And moments later.

Music starts to Blare over the PA system, Startling the deal makers as the warrior draws his gun and instantly a shot impacts Bruno's head, the music, I STAND ALONE by Godsmack. The desert Eagle fires a wax round to his temple. making him scream out as the Soldier jumps down, and instantly the back ends of the Transports, explode lifting them up and back down breaking the axels and stopping their escape as the fire starts to use his gun, shooting the Penguin in his knee as he goes down.

Despite knowing the inherent value of surprise and chaos, Robin shakes his head at the approach the walking tank is taking. Unless he's bullet proof, that's going to end up getting very messy. More importantly, it means being spotted and that makes a clean hit impossible. The explosions make the boy squint for a moment, feeling the heat of the fireballs rising up to the rafters. Luckily the music and the obvious target are going to make it practically impossible for anyone down there to spot a trained assassin. The first arrow goes through the arm of one of the thugs bringing a machine gun to bear, jamming the breech in the same effort.

Indeed the walking tank is bullet proof. Someone does get a shot off from a machine gun and the bullets just impact the armor and there is no recognition that he has been hurt. Thankfully the Firballs was not that hot nor did it rupture the gas tanks. He is allowing them to take shots as even his helmet is bulletproof. His visor takes a few shots not even blemished. A Number of the gangsters of course on both Penguns side realizing that this is not the batman choose to stay, but some from Bruno borgia and penguin's men do run. They start to try and head through the doors they drove through to escape. Two ends as The man in armor drops some smoke grenades tossing them about the central area filling the area with bright white smoke as more gun shots from the desert eagle can be heard.

The Runners Stumble and bolt trying to escape from the area running screaming of a robot attacking them.

A shake of the head. A sigh. "Why do they always try to run?" The bow is collapsed with a single shake and returned to its scabbard even as Robin drops down from the rafters, cloak streaming behind him in a sight that has become familiar to many Gotham criminals. Familiar and dreaded… it means the Bat isn't far away. Extending his legs as he comes in for a landing, Robin knocks the first runner out by the simple expedient of landing on his head, quickly snap rolling to the side and aiming a high kick to the face of the second while drawing his batons. Two thumps of bodies hitting the floor, and then the smoke rolls over him…

To those who know Robin by sight it's perhaps every bit as frightening as a bulletproof robot. The Bat has come…

As the smoke doesn't impeed Robin the Sight but the smoke is very cold, designed to make thermal signatures stand out even more, and of course the smoke makes them panic as someone screams the Bat is here! People move to start shooting up at the Rafters and then it allows Robin to slide in and attack them bringing him down. Thankfully they are so panicked now that the Batman has a bullet proof robot, to help attacks. As Some get their weapons jammed from uncontrolled firing. As someone yells out, "ROCKET LAUNCHER!" in the middle of the smoke area as, that voice soon is heard screaming as the sound of full automatic weapons fire is heard.

Two thugs go down as the gun fire starts to groan out after they are hit. A few take swings and swipes at Robin when they see his dark frame in the smoke.

It's a truism that is exploited by successful assassins everywhere: humans are very visually oriented. Take away their sight, and even the most disciplined soldier becomes a frightened, panicked animal prone to attack anything in sight. Robin has no such problems, locating thugs by sound alone, even despite the by now constant gunfire. The dark shape that some are attacking might not even be him, but his batons flash out of the smoke again and again, taking down anyone he encounters or has the misfortune of stumbling on him in the smoke. Working his way from the only exit over to the center, he's effectively discouraging anyone from running, because that would mean getting past an invisible Robin… An exercise that always ends in a solid *THUNK* and a body hitting the ground.

Finally the Gunfire stops. And after a few moments the White smoke fades as The armored man is holding up a large metal rod he has torn from a steel box, Bruno borgia is on the ground as he is holding the Penguin by the throat and in a distorted voice.


"BLOODY HELL, he says as he holds the fat man up in the air like he was a feather, "You think your batman?" He pushes the Penguin off and makes him him the back of a metal support beam. As he walks over Then he stabs the metal bar through the support and grabbing hold of the Penguin he lifts him up and then Bends the bar nearly a quarter inch thick steel around his throat as he uses the other end to wrap in over his fat pot belly down between his legs and then jams it into the large thick area as the steel can't be bent by the over weight man. And then taking hold of one of the Penguin's fingers from his throat as he lays all sorts of threats against the armored man there is a crack as the Penguin screams.

"Your right, I'm not batman, I'm worse. There are two hundred six bones in the human body, That's one of them. Where did you get the weapons?" and then when the Penguin refuses to answer he breaks a second bone in his fingers.

Ever the professional, Robin does a headcount to make sure that the number of incapacitated plus the number of bleeding thugs equals the number of lowlives that had come through the door in the first place. No sentries outside, these guys were so sure of themselves… One which is slowly starting to come around is casually kicked in the head while the boy walks past, perching himself on one of the crates to watch the interrogation with an expression that is studiously neutral. By now the rumors must have gone around that Robin isn't the inoffensive sidekick anymore, the deaths of a few high profile criminals in the underworld should have done that at least. This boy wonder didn't play by the rules. The domino mask peers at Penguin, seeing if the man is going to fold or even plead. "Oswald… Batman's not coming to save you. It's just you and us. And you think he's bad, wait until it's my turn."

As Oswald actually screams for Batman to help him he holds his hand and then breaks a bone in his hand as he screams, "Alright alright I have a contact in the military he sells me the equipment! Military hasn't noticed anything missing." and Cobblepot starts singing like a canary. As The thugs have a number of wax bullets on them. They are not dead as The information is taken down and recorded. As He makes sure as he will then hit Cobblepot across the head knocking him out. and starts pulling out metal Zipties that will need bolt cutters to free these guys and he starts Hogtying them. "Do you know the City like the back of your hand like Batman does?"

The Armored warrior knows the boy is out hear without permission now. Batman would never be so reckless to allow such a young partner out on his own. No matter how skillful.

Even while the human tank starts to ziptie the miscreants, Robin breaks open a crate and takes a closer look at those weapons. Most importantly, he's looking for serial numbers, finding the stencils exactly where he was expecting them to be. He only glances at them for a moment, committing the unit and batch numbers to memory before putting the weapons back. The question is ignored for a moment and then the boy stands, still looking over the shipment of weapons before walking towards the other truck. "Spoken like someone who's not from around here. You know, it's generally easier, if you're going to bother keeping these guys alive, not to blow up the evidence. Either you're going for a prosecution, or you're going for a clean up. Can't have it both ways. Learn."

Yes the number sin the crate are there, as he says. "You are out here without permission. You do not know Gotham as well as you want me to believe. The most important thing a Soldier learns is to follow orders. I learned it the hard way in the military." His voice is distorted with a vocalizer "I got my entire squad killed in a simulated battle because I didn't follow orders when I know I should have. I let the heat of the moment to prove myself take over instead of thinking clearly because I didn't have all the information. Why are you out here alone? To prove your self? To show Batman you can do it? Earn his respect?"

"Rule number two, never talk about yourself." Robin continues, utterly ignoring the implied rebuke. His next target is the money Bruno carried, flicking through the stacks … non sequential numbers, of course, and the idiots always seem to think that it'll make it impossible to trace. It was just an enormous amount of effort to go through for absolutely no advantage whatsoever. The movies had a lot to answer for… As with the serial numbers on the weapons, Damian memorizes five bill numbers to track down later, and looks around the area for more clues while finally responding to the Human Tank. "I don't need to prove anything to anyone, least of all to a soldier who couldn't keep his friends alive. In this line of work you stay focused or you get killed. Anger is good. Righteous anger is a weakness."

As the Robin looks at the bills he says. "They are counterfeit. Secret service needs to be informed. Ask your self this. If batman can't trust you to follow his orders? How can he trust you with his life." And in that, The Soldier moves and is gone. That suit has built in audio stealth dampeners allowing him to turn a corner and run cancaling out the sounds of him moving on the contreet as the sound of sirens begin to come into the area.

Robin shakes his head at so obvious a truth, still on his haunches while committing the scene to memory, every last detail of it. "Is that from the department of the bloody obvious, Sherlock?" Fake bills require a level of sophistication that leaves a trail, and usually don't exceed a certain serial range for technical reasons… the machinery required to set up an automatic numbering system alongside with the press is beyond the scope of most counterfeiters, even very good ones, meaning the same numbers will keep reappearing somewhere. Standing finally, after the Human Tank has left, Robin makes a final sweep, hoping to find casings for the gun the man was firing, but comes up empty. "Interesting… you got my attention, soldier boy. You might end up regretting that." Because the most dangerous thing he saw tonight? The new vigilante… he'll have to start a file on the ex-soldier.

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