2017-01-11 The Shredder Returns
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: April O'Neil / Shredder / NPC Foot Ninjas
GMed by N/A
Title: The Shredder Returns


It has been a few months since the defeat of Shredder and the foot clan. The police finding the Hideaway used by the foot clan. And after that The foot like the ninja they are seemed all washed up. At least for the first 24 hours. After that every arrested member of the Foot Clan either escaped, or was aided in their escape. One of the worst debacles in Police history. All evidence, photos, everything Gone. No names nothing.

But the City has been thankfully Quiet on the Crime wave what with Shredder having been apparently crushed in a trash compactor of a garbage truck. So it seems the Ninja have cut their losses and chosen to run. With the cold winter night, for once it almost seems safe to walk at night and not be mugged. And the Woman who cracked the story April O'Neil has a feather in her cap, in addition to being the highest paid reporter in New York City.


April had gotten off work about an hour and a half ago and she'd biked her way back to Brooklyn. Her bike was chained up outside of the Pizzeria down the street from her apartment building and the woman herself was inside picking up an order of three large pizzas and four 2-liters of soda.

It didn't take too long before the door to the pizzeria opened and the young reporter emerged with the huge order of 3 boxes and two plastic bags of pop. She groaned and looked down at her bike. "Nice… well… I guess you're staying here for now, bike. Hope no lockpick thieves come by." With a heavy exhale, April turns around and starts walking with the food. She needed to get to the sewer access tunnel where the turtles lair was not too far from… it was night time out now, it was cool but the weather had been warmer the past few days so all the snow had melt, now everything was just wet and grimey.


As April is moving through the streets it actually seems almost deserted this late at night and as she moves through the burrow of Brooklyn all it takes is one brief moment for her to look away and instantly in front of her are three nightmares, Three members of the foot clan all clad in their purple and black outfits. A brief look reveals that there are are numerous ninja in the street approaching the reporter. Each one moving without a sound.

Just like the night she met Raphael… surrounded by ninja warriors. Saved. The one who appears to be the leader speaks. "Our Master has another message for you. This time he will give it to you personally." he says. And he tilts his head as if to look behind April…


April had glanced down to the boxes of pizza where her phone was resting on top of them. She sighed heavily and was about to text the guys to tell them to come get their food when she caught the sudden appearance of motion in front of her and then she heard the voice. She yelped out an alarmed yelp and then saw the men in their. "Nice, more Pajamas." She said to them, sounding exhausted. "Come on guys… aren't we done with this yet?"

Her hands were filled with foodstuffs so she crouched and lowered the bags of soda to the sidewalk. "I mean really, what could your 'master' even really say other than. 'Oh my god! I'm being crushed alive! Ahhhh! I regret everything! Ahhhh!' April stood up again and laughed a little at the three of them, while reaching into her yellow leather jacket to get at her taser….

As April seems to be standing her ground comes the sound of a zapping sound from behind her. "Looking for this Ms O'Neil" The Zapping sound is perhaps the second worst thing April could hear. But the voice Deep, full of malice, hatred, evil. And should she turn around he is standing there holding her Stun gun as he crushes it in his hand dropping the bplastic to the ground. His armor has been changed. It is sharper, serrated, deadlier looking as he looks at her. Eyes burning with fire and hatred.

Looking down at her as he just stares at her like a man who is intending to kill.

His face under the mask hidden but the area of his eyes that can be seen is covered with cuts and scars.


April heard the voice behind her, it was unmistakable. She spun around, trying to keep hold of her 3 boxes of pizza and not let her phone slide off of the top either… she had a text ready to send but it only talked about the food and not about- "Shredder." April said with a bit of malice of her own in her voice. "How the hell did you get out of that thing" She cut herself off and shook her head slowly.

"You know what? It doesn't matter. The police know you're a thing now… and I know you're alive… So I'm just going to walk myself down to the nearest station and say 'Hey… hey cops… that asshole you know? The Shredder guy? Yeah, he's in Brooklyn, threatening my life! Wanna come get him'." She released a heavy exhale then, realizing that… uh, she might not actually walk away from this at all.


As he stands there in front of her as he smiles at her, his smile can some how be seen through the metal mask that covers his face as he says. "The message is… I" and reaching up to slowly allow her to see the blades on his gauntlet as he slowly takes hold of his mask, "Am not so easily disposed of. This is not over." and slowly he pulls it down to allow her to see his face, marred and scared by the events in the trash compactor, but the side of his face where splinter as a pre mutated rat bit, clawed and scratched him. There is no doubt, no question of who this is and then he lifts his hand up as if to kill her. Most people will cringe and shut there eyes. And with a flourish of wind…


Shredder is gone. The ninja are gone. Leaving her there with her her Pizzas and her broken Stun gun on the ground.


April did cringe when she saw the face and she even backed up a few steps, but the goons behind her grabbed her shoulders, making her squirm a bit and try to get away from them… But she re centered her gaze on the Shredder when he spoke and delivered his message. She watched the hand go upward and feared that he might be about to harm her… or worse. But then it was over as fast as it had come and April was spinning around in a circle trying to find where they had gone…

"God." She gasped out. "I really need to hire a body guard…"

April sat down on the cold wet sidewalk, pizzas in her lap. She texted Donny and told him about the food and that she ran into 'someone' adding that she'd be there soon and needed everyone to gather-up, 'big news, bad news.'

With that done, the report with the fire-red hair, stood up again and grabbed the soda bags and started off toward the sewer access a couple blocks over.



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