2017-01-13 Snatch 'n Grab
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Grifter (Cole Cash), Atalanta
GMed by Grifter
Title: Snatch 'n Grab

Laura is with a group of other girls from the Group Home, she is in the mall looking for good discount clothing. She only has $100 to her name, that being given to her by the man who dropped her at the GCPD in the first place when she arrived, so she has to make it go as far as possible. She can not keep wearing her one outfit forever…or CAN she? Somehow it has survived all she has put it through in three different universes…well even if she can, sooner or later someone will notice.

"This was supposed ta be my vacation…"

"What was that, One?"

"Nothin', Six." Grifter — also known to some as 'Cole Cash' — silently berates himself. The blond-haired mercenary is perched on the roof of the Gotham City mall, peering down through the glass at the group of girls making their way through — minding their own business. Cash lifts a gloved hand to his jaw, beneath the crimson, cloth mask he wears over his face, and itches the stubble on his chin. He's here on official business, with a team of commandos at his command, from an organisation he doesn't really know, to do a job — he's been *told* — that is dangerous, a matter of 'national security'…

And he's watching what looks like a class of girls. This bites. "Alright, get ready on my mark," says he into his comlink. "Two, will kill the lights." 'Two' is positioned away to the side, finger on a button. "Three, Four and Five — you move in on the kids. Zero body count. Target is Laura Kent. Single her out and grab her. Alright…"

Grifter takes a breath. "Mark."

And the lights go out.

The discount store is one of the smaller stores on the inside of the mall, no large glass wall letting light in from outside, though the skylights in the conciourse outside shed some light through the interior wall. Typically the storm light should come on if the normal lights go out, but the fact that they do not is disturbing. One thing few people realize is that X-ray vision allows seeing through darkness as well…howe else could you, for example, spot a fossilized rose inside a solid stone where no light reaches it? Laura realizes some people are moving towards her party wearing some kind of goggles, possibly low light or infrared. This does not look good, but Laura waits, following the instructions of the Staff member to "Stay together and keep calm until the lights come back on."

Someone looking like mall security approaches the group of girls with a flashlight — it is a woman, blonde, hair worn back, smiling. "Hi, I'm Meg Lawson. We have people working on the lights now; it shouldn't be long. Would you like to follow me? There's a place to sit and rest if you like."

In the shadows to either side of the group, two more figures approach — but only so far. They are watching. It is probably not the best vibe to be giving off in this situation. Customers around them either stay put — with crying children and the like — or do their best to leave. In the dark.

As 'Meg Lawson' motions for the girls to follow her to a little cafe in a corner unto itself, not far from the restrooms, Grifter murmurs into the comlink:

"Six, you're up."

Behind the girls, someone smashes a shop window. It comes from a direction opposite to where Lawson is trying to lead the girls. Someone screams. Lawson reaches for Kent's hand in an effort to 'guide' her, while Grifter runs along the roof, heading toward the stairs.

"Get the girl!" calls another — it happens to be 'Three', a member of Grifter's team. Dressed as one would expect of mafia henchmen, the commandos go for another of the girls in the group — not Kent.

"Hurry!" urges Lawson. "This way!"

Laura moves…faster than the human eye can follow she frees herself of Lawson's hand and deals with the commandos…not sure about restraining her strength she acts indirectly, gathering clothing off the nearby racks and wrapping it around the "mobsters" before putting herself back where she was (hopefully before she is missed by Lawson).

"Jesus, what — ?!"

"Look alive! Get out of that dress!"

"I — she's gettin' away!"

And so the banter goes between the 'mobsters' and their as-yet-still-unseen team leader, Grifter. 'Three' find himself tied up quite literally in clothing, while 'Four' has a little more luck in freeing himself. One of them makes it to group of girls, and immediately administers a sedative to the necks of a couple of them. In short order, others are quickly sedated.

Lawson, however, continues trying to lead Kent 'away to safety'.

"We have to move," the disguised agent tells Laura. It would appear Lawson has no idea that Kent is the one who tied up the 'henchmen' — or, if she *does*, she also doesn't show it. Grifter continues down the stairs, and waits around the corner. At the moment, the situation should look like the mafia is conducting a kidnapping, but of the 'wrong' child. Police are by now on their way, but the lights are still off, and the mall is in chaos.

"Just around here!" Lawson assures those following her (Laura in particular).

Laura says, "We need to get the others clear. Where is Ms. Sanders and the other girls?" She has noticed that the "Mall security" is not trying to help the other girls. However, she is still playing this covert. She is not ready to confront Lawson yet. First, she starts by looking things over more carefully, looking at the ID in the pockets of all the "bad guys" and Lawson and trying to decide what the true nature of the threat is.

"They're right behind us!" Lawson repies, still trying to hurry Kent — and a few of the other girls — away. True, they are behind… but there is no sign of Ms. Sanders. She might have gone down (sedated) in the first attack. As for the ID worn hidden in her disguise… when Kent examines it, it identifies Lawson as 'Agent Pierce', S.H.A.D.E. but has nothing else.

"I'll get as many of you to safety as possib — ," Lawson starts to say, when a voice on her comlink buzzes: "Did you get her yet?"

Grifter, who also heard the voice (it is 'Six') silently curses. There goes Lawson's cover. The female agent, twice as angry as her team leader, hisses and reaches for a concealed tranq gun to deal with Kent…

Laura relieves Lawson of her weapon, plucking it from the sheath in the moment before Lawson can reach it. She removes the darts from the gun and quickly sticks the other agents and Pierce, if she has enough darts. She wonders what effect it would have on her if it hit her…but is not in the mood to find out. S.H.A.D.E is not familiar to her, but she gets the impression that only black ops agencies would try this rather than, for example, trying to have CPS turn Laura over to them for "protective Custody) or the like. She does not want to hurt them though, they are probably just following orders.

"Subject is…zzz…"


Lawson (or rather, Agent Pierce) slumps to the ground, hitting the wall and trying to grab hold of a door handle to break her fall. She ends up in a twisted — but unharmed — heap by the exit door, her cheek pressed up against the wood.

The other agents equally drop as fast… with the exception of 'Three', who manages to make it around the corner and into the corridor where Kent had been 'escaping'. "St — uhhh…" says he, slurring as he falls head first into a shopping trolley.

This is not going well.

Grifter curses and steps out of hiding…

"Laura!" a familiar voice calls down the corridor. "Laura, please! This way!" It is Ms. Sanders, who looks like she must have hit her head in the first attack. Of Grifter, there is eerily no sign. If he had stepped OUT of hiding, then where is he?

Laura says to the other girls (who probably are confused and frightened), "It is Ms. Sanders, we should go to her." Laura looks around the area, to see where everyone who is down is…both friend and enemy. If she happens to notice Ms. Sanders unconscious on the floor, she will continue to act in character for now…

There is a shoe (with a leg attached) poking out from the far corner of the corridor, that resembles Ms. Sanders' shoe. A very speedy glance back there would reveal that it is the woman in question. The *illusion* of her continues to beckon, as the other orphaned girls rush to her for comfort.

Meanwhile, the mentally invisible Grifter slowly reaches a hand toward Laura, with a tranq ready to use upon her.

"Please, child!" 'Ms. Sanders' implores. "We have to get out of here. God knows what has happened to the other girls by now… Please come with me!"

Laura knows that the calling Sanders is a fake after her x-ray vision reveals the real Sanders, but is unsure if it is an actor, a shape-shifter, or something else. She looks like the real thing, even sounds real to Laura, a shape shifter or possibly even a clone then. Laura decides for the moment to go with the fake until she knows what is being planned, and until she can get the other girls to safety. She opens her super hearing though and glances around to see if there are more agents nearby.

Grifter quickly notices the status of his fellow agents — almost all of them down, leaving just him and 'Two' behind. Agent Two hadn't been with the group when the op 'went South', and there's no sign of him at the moment. He might not have even been in the mall.

The blond mercenary curses under his breath, a slip that Laura would notice. The illusion remains for a matter of seconds… and crumbles. Grifter gives a flick of his wrist, putting the other girls to sleep, and revealing his position (just behind Laura) to his target.

"Don't do anythin' rash, kid," says he, switching out the illusion for a TK-field around himself. He wears a long coat, and still has the crimson mask over his face (not that it would do anything against X-ray vision). "Your friends will be fine — so long as ya come with me. Whaddya say?"

Laura considers her options, apparently this is some kind of illusionist, and a pretty good one to create illusions that convincing. Her best option personally would be to vanish. The question is, what would this S.H.A.D.E. group do if she did? Clearly they are not above causing harm to others, the blackout in the mall could be causing panic and looting (especially here in Gotham). She decides, for now, to cooperate. It is more likely she will find a way to escape later if she does.

Grifter lets out a breath.

"Alright, alright," the man murmurs behind his mask, and he puts the tranq gun away. Something tells him it probably won't work on her. Getting a read on the girl's thoughts is… difficult. He has never encountered a mind that works… quite this fast.

Into his comlink he says, "Two, order a clean-up in aisle… 'This Ain' A Good Idea' for me, wouldya? I've got the girl. She's comin' with me. One, out." To Laura he adds: "I'm awful sorry 'bout this, but — orders."

And he projects a 'sleep' command into her mind — as best he can. "I really hate workin' fer these people…" he mutters to himself.

Unfortunately Laura, other than her thinking speed and advanced senses, has no partiucular defense against psychic attack. Without her father's years of experiences resisting influences, she succubs to the suggestion and collapses into a deep sleep…

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