2017-01-14 The Captain and the Director
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Players: Jacob Tylor, Nick Fury
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Title: The Captain and the Director

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[* New York: Pete's Tavern - Gramercy Park *]

With a jukebox in the far corner of the tavern from the entrance, to the long dark wood bar with shelf after shelf of fine liquor bottles put on display.
Pete's Tavern has appeared in numerous television shows over the years including Seinfeld and Law & Order. Potentially having been serving liquor for as far back as 1851, the Tavern has played house to many famous individuals throughout its years. Once known as the Portman Hotel, it now shares the building with other famous locations within the Gramcary Park historical district.
Also serving as a restaurant there are a number of booths along the eastern wall and a small fenced-in table area out front for patrons to sit outside and enjoy the weather.
Often busy, especially on the weekends, the tavern is a very lively place to go for a drink, if you want someplace with activity.

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Politics, hoops, hurdles. Well at least for the time being things have Settled down for Jacob. Carol's apparently going to sponsor him for SHIELD leadership training. Not that Jacob minds, but still, more hassle to deal with. Sword seems a lot easier to deal with. And His willingness to help Train SWORD and shield on Diplomacy, and intergalactic politics and help train them for battle against known Hostile alien races.

Once more Jacob has come to Pete's tavern, eager to get something to eat. He's been on Earth for months, and still, he prefers to eat fresh cooked home food from earth. Eating alien food for the better part of 24 years well.

Nick Fury is seated in one of the booths along the wall with glass of water in front of him. He has his elbows on the table and steepling his fingers together as he watches people come in and out of the restaurant area of the tavern. He notices Jacob walking in and motions to the waitress. He whispers something to her and then she is heading towards Jacob with a note for him in her hand.

As he receives the note from the man, and reading it. Assuming it is a meant as an invite. Jacob will head over and ask, "Mind if I sit down?" he asks. Jacobs wearings his sunglasses, and his outfit. Somewhat normal considering the weather, not his standard black material outfit. But still he sticks out like a sore thumb even trying to act casually.

Nick gestures to the opposite side of the booth from him and nods. He is dressed in black but the long black coat doesn't seem out of place in the New York City winter. The patch over his eye could be a bit "eye catching" to the others around him, but really, in the city, anything goes. "Thought it was time we finally met."

As he sits down and will ask the waitress for two menus, his treat. He nods and says, "Indeed, is this pleasure? Business, or an offer I can't possibly refuse?" As he will accept the menu having ordered a strong black coffee. Jacob is of course implying is it social, Business for shield, or a group of individuals that have learned of him, and what him to join their ranks and refuse to take no for an answer.

"Business. Always business." Nick Fury takes the menu, but sets it aside for now. He looks over Jacob critically for a moment before speaking next. "I know you have spoken to my agents. I wanted to get my own impression of you before we move forward." He sits back against the booth and says quietly so no one can over hear, "I am Nick Fury. Director of SHIELD."

As he looks over Fury he says, "Pleasure sir. I hope my reviews by your subordinates have been tolerable." he makes sure that only Fury can hear him. He doesn't say anything for all those medical tests. Still he will order a large double cheese burger with everything on it, steak fries. Jacob is fairly calm at the moment, "So what can I do for you Mr. Fury?" he asks. He's learned enough double talk to speak it passively. "I do hope you understand my desires to keep what I have secure. I did grow up in the end of the cold war. Hero this is commie spy sorta issues."

"And I want to keep my information secure too until I learn a bit more about you," Fury says with a nod. "I've been around quite a while now. Seen the Cold War come and go. The only thing that really kills are secrets. I keep mine close to the vest." He sips at the water in front of him. "And I certainly will admit to trust issues. So far, nothing is setting off my personal alarm bells. Otherwise, I wouldn't be sitting here across from you."

With a smile he says, "Wise choice. Trust has to be earned. Doesn't mean I am not going to make mistakes, and I know how costly that can be. I made a few mistakes in my travels that cause people their lives." Drinking his coffee he leans back, "Who would want the paper work of running the world? But this is my home. I want to stay, and I am willing to help prepare people for what is out there. But the problems on Earth, you have to sort those out yourselves. Let's say I cure cancer. Eventually another illness similar will rise to takes it's place. Let's say I cure it? I just destroyed all the medical tech and knowledge that would have been accumulated in attempting to cure it. Then another illness comes around… eventually well even I won't be able to help." He says sadly.

Fury nods as he listens. "Not asking you to be a savior. In my experience, doing it yourself is always the better way. What I would want from you is information. If we run across some alien race, I want to know I can trust the information and tactics you might supply us. Are they friendly? Or not? What kind of energy do they use for propulsion? Weapon Systems. Tactical tendencies. I believe that information is the way we win wars. The actual fighting only comes in second."

"I already provided some information on that to your people, most of it is for this area of the galaxy. The three big empires, Shi'ar, Kree, Skrull. Right now the system is considered neutral territory. You can trust my intel, but it is always possible that you could come upon a rogue group." Jacob says and offers. "I am also willing to help you deal with recovered Alien tech. Oh say like Rosewell happens. I let you know what you can go to town on, I'll let you know what you should bury and for how long. And what you need to turn over to me. I won't deceive you, if I say something is dangerous and needs to be handed over to me for containment or disposal. I am talking doomsday level threat."

Fury mmm hmmms with a slight nod. "Yes. I have looked over what you gave to others. So far it looks interesting and on the money." He drums his fingers on the table softly as he studies the man across from him. "The just handing you anything we find that you /say/ is dangerous might have to wait. For all I know, you are hoping we find something so you can turn it against us."

When he hears the talk of turning the weapon against the Earth, despite his glasses one can see his eyes roll as his food is brought. "If you will forgive me for being blunt honest. Photon torpedo, five pounds antimatter, five pounds matter. San Andreas fault, beam down in an under ground cavern. five second fuse… every volcano in the ring of fire goes active. Why would I do that? What would I do with the Earth if I ruled it? Thirteen years on the Enterprise, by my self operating the ship, that was a handful. When I start training SHIELD and SWORD on board. My troubles will compound." Jacob holds his hands out open, "if you want to keep it and use it as insurance against me by all means. But if i t falls into the wrong hands, I am gonna say I told you so." The very idea that he might want to hurt the Earth or rule it. To him who the hell would want that level of headache?

"Words. I don't know you yet to know if your words mean what you say. I'm getting the impression you are telling the truth as my agents have concluded too." Fury leans back and puts one arm along the back of the bench. "Still, that trust will be a long time coming."

"Indeed. I do see your point." He says and then as his food is delivered. "There is something else. I already informed Carol about it. And I don't have any more information than what I gave her. About a week or so ago, I met a human looking time traveling Archeologist here. She stole one of my french fries." He says with a slight smirk and then turns deadly serious,

"A few days ago she appeared on my ship in the transporter room asked to use my ship's scanners to search for a Temporal disturbance she sensed. She described it as if a huge stone had been chucked into the flow of time. I didn't detect anything. I am keeping my eye out. The only thing I can think of that might cause that is something from out side normal time and space pushes into our universe. I don't know where, when or how, but I have the feeling that sooner or later something will or could happen. I don't know if it will be dangerous, or friendly. I put in a request for some personal to begin training on the Enterprise. I am sorry I don't have any more than what I gave Carol."

Fury nods once more. "Yes, I have seen the list. We are discussing what is the best course of action. For now, help on locating the disturbance is as much as I am willing to work with right now. I'm sorry, but I can't just hand over a list of my agents for training with a still fairly unknown entity." He reaches to the table to get the water glass. He takes a sip but keeps his eye on Jacob. "Show my men if we are missing anything in tracking down this disturbance."

With a nod he says, "As you wish. So far the sensor buoys are not detecting anything. I am going to start going on regular patrols checking things out more actively." He says and leans back as he starts to eat up his sandwich. Right now there is little he can do, except prepare for the worst, hope for the best. "Most likely what will happen is as it gets closer to the event in question I will be able to detect something…. I hope." he says. he's an Engineer, not a Temporal scientist damnit!

Fury just watches him eat for the time being keeping silent. He is thinking about what Jacob has told him. One hand just turns his water glass slowly as almost a tick for the moment. "Right then. For now, we share information. If I find something unusual, I contact you to see if you can make heads or tails of it. If you find something, you bring it to me. So we earn a bit of trust between us."

As Fury seems to be winding down, he says, "Before you go…" and he pulls out a small Classic looking flip top communicator. "I was going to give this to Carol but I think you can make better use of it. Don't take it apart. you might break it and I spent two weeks putting it together to make sure it is a totally secure line between it and the ship. But if something came up that needed my contact. You have a fast line to me or Connie. Unless I am out of range past Jupiter investigating something, I'll get the call. Or outta system answering a distress call."

Fury picks up the communicator and slips it into his pocket. He nods as moves to stand up. "I will keep it handy. Thank you for meeting me, Jacob." He drops some money on the table. "For the tab." He fastens his coat around himself once more and begins to head towards the exit.

With a smile he says. "It was not unpleasant Mr Fury. I hope the two of us can learn to trust each other. And work together in the future. If earth is in danger. You can count on me. This is home." he says softly. Jacob is glad that this meeting did not go as south as he expected.

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