2017-01-15 Lorna the Cook



Who doesn't like to bake? Lorna, that's who. Despite that, the green haired mutant is baking up a storm. The benefit of multiple cooking stations is multiple doughs can be baked at once. At least it keeps her distracted and busy as she checks between three ovens.

Gambit walks in, chatting with Rogue and smiling. "So dare is my pappa, 'is face completely covered in custerd. Dey 'ad wrestled de joker ta de ground but, de 'ole 'all fell silent. Like dead silent. Yah coulda 'eard a flea fart… And mah pappa take one finger, trace it along 'is cheek, ut it in 'is mouth and says, in a perfectlly calm voice "Ah do believe dat it's pineapple."

Rogue walked beside Remy as they came into the big kitchen that used to serve as the kitchen for parties and events at the Xavier Family House. Now? It was converted for the use of students and the teachers who taught culinary courses at the School. "Pinneable?" Rogue said looking over to Remy and grinning at him. "Well that just sounds darn right delicious… Now I've got the hanke'ahrin for a pinneapple pizza…" She stepped over to the table and grinned at Remy before looking to Lorna. "Heya, Green Peace." She called out to the Dane-ish-girl. "What ya cookin up in here? And how much'a it can I have?"

"All of it, do I look like I can afford to eat cookies?" Lorna wonders and makes a face at Rogue. Remy's descriptive tale draws an eyeroll from the woman as usual. She shifts between ovens looking tense before glancing back up at the pair. "You know what's wrong with baking shows?" She starts and bowl drifts infront of her with a bit of green energy as she grabs it to whisk and talk. "You get all these ideas, and then you think- Sure, why not try macroons, and then you recall you don't know the first thing about them and they take hours-Hours, Rogue!" She sighs and leans against a counter.

Just coming through another door into the kitchen area, Piotr answers Lorna's question, although it wasn't aimed at him. "Da. I do not believe any of women here have figure that could not survive few cookies."

Gambit looks both amused and disgusted. "Pineapple on Pizza chere, Ah t'ink we may 'ave to rediscuss de terms of our relationship." He says in an amused voice, heading in and looking around. He gives Lorna that flirtatious smile he gives everyone with a double X chromosone, "So if yah not gonna partake chere, why yah making so many?" he asks curiously, smirking at Piotr and saying, "It's about willpower an' control mon ami… One Cookie leads to two… Two cookies leads ta double fudge brownies… And from dare it's all down 'ill."

Rogue walked over to Lorna and she leaned her head down onto the other's shoulder when Lorna seemed exasperated. "Just remembe'ah." She said. "Tell ya-self… 'I'm pretty' and everythin'll be just fiiiine." And with that said, Rogue stepped around Gambit and smirked at him. "Don't tell me what t'put on my pizza, you probably put like… shell fish or somethin' on yours." She started to look over the cookies and went to grab at one. When Piotr was registered, Rogue grinned at the big guy. "Here's someone who can put the cookies away, like nobody's business."

"Don't you chere me, Remy." Lorna quips and gives him an exhaspertated look. "I had no idea these little macroon things were made in such large batches, I even split them up to cook faster." She points at the ovens and points to Piotr. "Oh no you don't. This figure CANNOT stand to eat a few cookies, that's for sure." She crosses her arms and looks at the ganache filling with dislike in her eyes. "I should have just opened a bottle of wine and WATCHED cooking instead of trying it."

Piotr looks at Lorna, then looks at Remy and Rogue, "I think perhaps she has not been looking in mirror?" But then he smiles at Lorna, "Then you would just have empty wine bottle, And no cookies. Better to share wine with friends, no? Cookies too, I suppose."
"Of course dare is de fact dat Scott would 'ave fits if yah brought alchol onto school grounds too," Remy says amused, not that it's likey to stop the Cajun but it is a point. Instead he goes to the fridge and gets out the milk jug and fills a glass for himself and Rogue, carring them back and leaving the milk out for anyone else to have some. "But by de same token, what's de oint of livin' life wit' out a few indulgences, non?"

Rogue accepted the milk glass from Remy, clutching it with her green gloved right hand and she grinned while nipping at the edge of a cookied treat. She nodded to what PIotr said as well. "She's prettier'n I am, so I think she might be losin' it. I'm goinna have t'get ahold'a the Professah t'come'n fix this." She grinned a little. Staring at Lorna now, Rogue watched her carefully. "Ya do know that cookin' shows only make ya hungry, right? An' they make all'a this look easy, when its not even remotely easy." She glanced t Remy then and sipped her milk, giving him a silly stare for a moment.

"It isn't even close to easy." Lorna agrees with Rogue and bats off the comment. "I'm greener, not the same thing." She shakes her head and gives the bowl a spin. "Scott isn't my keeper. If I choose to drink in my room, I will. Better than living down at Harry's, Remy. And Piotr, hush. Eat a damn cookie or tweleve will you? I need to get rid of all these." She gestures to the first, none too pretty batch and paces a little as she looks at the ovens again. "I indulge in life plenty, probably." She murmurs more to herself.

Piotr plucks a cookie off the tray. Ugly cookies need love too. And as longa s they aren't burnt too badly, they taste just as good. He answers, "I will eat cookie. I still think you are too hard on self." He pulls up a chair and settles onto it, his towering, muscular frame making it look almost like a child's chair. And he's not even in metal form.

"Il y a deux sortes de femmes dans le monde, ma chere. Toi, et ceux qui souhaitent qu'ils fussent toi." Gambit whispers softly in Rogue's ear, and then lightly kisses her bare neck, using his own power to protect him from her's. Then he takes his cookie and says, "An' Ah don' live at 'Arry's. Dare is a really classy Jazz club in de city dat Ah prefer, t'ank yah very much."

Rogue looked at Lorna with a bit of concern, nodding gently to what PIotr said. "I don't like seein' ya all stressed out and bummed out, Lorna." She said, biting into the cookie again and then sipping the milk once more. "Pete's right, you're beatin' on yourself too much." Thats when Remy whispered in her ear and it made her flash a big grin and she leaned into the neck kiss a little before laughing some. She looked back at him and whispered up at him in return. "Et combien de sortes dhommes est l, doux bavard?" She asked, then glanced at the others. "Talkin' in othe'ah tongue's around people makes us look like jerks." She said with a quiet smirk.

Piotr says dryly, "I would stand here speaking Russian, but I am not fond of talking to self." He reaches for another cookie and looks at Lorna, "You seem troubled. And I do not think it has so much to do with cookies? What is wrong, my friend?"

"Well…who says this is stressed?" Lorna tosses her hair. "I was just trying a new recipe, really. A new, dumb, why bother being domestic recipe." She huffs and crosses her arms looking between the couple and Piotr. "Chill." Glancing back at Remy she sticks out her tongue. "I like Harry's fine, it's a perfectly close, quiet place to shoot pool and drink."

Gambit says, "Des milliers, ma chre. Et chacun d'entre eux souhaite qu'ils soient ici avec vous." He says in response to Rogue's own French, but adds "Oui, Ah know… but it is fun, non?" he asks with a grin, then smirking at Lorna. "Ah go ta de Blue Moon foh de music an' booze. Yah wanna shoot pool we got a rec room, non." He says with a grin. "Yah wanna play? Gambit take yah money any time yah bored wit' it.""

Rogue listened to the response from Remy and she replied with a simple. "Awww…." And it looked as though he melted her wee-litlte heart. She placed a hand on his chest and patted him softly. "You're so cheesey… I love it." She told him, flashing a grin at him before she looked to Piotr. "Russian is actually my second favorite language… its what I want to learn next, but, Spanish, is probably more useful in this country." A little grin was shown to him then. Rogue's milk cup was sipped from again and she eyed Lorna. "You wanna go out drinkin' sometime? My treaet? I'll get ya wasted, let some guys put their shitty moves on ya?" She asked, grinning, milk mustached.

Piotr makes another cookie disappear. He chuckels at Rogue's offer to Lorna. and shakes his head. He offers lightly, "I fell sorry for man who puts unwanted moves on Lorna. Especially if he has big belt bu

Gambit smirks at that and takes another few cookies, dipping them in milk and smirking. "Please let me come… Ah'll stay outta de way an' just record everyt'ing foh youtube."

Snorting on Piotr's impression of her social skills, Lorna shakes her head. "Shit." Looking at the three of them she props her hands on her hips. "Hey! I can date like any other girl, thank you so much. And maybe I happen to be perfectly happy just how I am here…baking sober and putting up with you punks…" She looks towards the door and narrows her eyes. "Who needs dating anyway, really? It's all a waste of time when we could all be…" She gives the mixing spoon a half hearted nudge and watches it slide into the filling for her macroons. "Baking."

Rogue nibbled on her cookie and just listened to them. She wiped her face off with a napkin on the counter and sat down on the corner of the counter, swinging her feet gently beside it, forearms going to the tops of her thighs, she held the milk cup there between said thighs. "So thats a 'No thanks' on drunken girl'n'Remy night?" She asked with a little grin.

Piotr vanishes another cookie. He apparenlty lieks them, no matter how deformed. "I would come too, but for some reason, men are not so fast to approach women I am with. friends have made clear." He looks at Lorna, a dns smiles, "You are beautiful woman. Very skilled. There is person out there, looking for you."He pauses and then says in a flustered tone that it might take a moment to realize is a joke, "And much too smart to be going to bar with two miscreants."

Gambit chuckles a bit at the Russian's words. "And if yah can' find Mister Right, go out an' enjoy a couple Mr. Right-Nows… maybe yah trip ovah 'im by accident." He says with a wolfish grin…

Looking at Piotr, Lorna leans against the counter and idly folds the bowl in front of her around the edges. "You are very kind, but I doubt it-I'm still the crazy metal girl with the evil metal man for a father. I think there's a very good reason smart men don't tend to hang around long." She glances at Gambit and sticks out her tongue. "Same point, those men would have to be a little mad." She rolls a cookie to Rogue. "We can girls night anyway-but no setting me up-it always ends in like-mind control, or kidnapping, or buildings getting destroyed-you know?"

Rogue grabbed the cookie that Lorna rolled over to her and she grinned and lifted it up to nibble at it too. "Ya know." Rogue started, still swinging her feet. She looked from the form of the big russian to the form of the pretty green haired earth sciences teacher and she grinned. "Why don't the two'a you go out for a night on the town?" She sipped her milk then. "Seriously. Piotr has all but confessed his undying attraction to ya right now, in this lovely kitchen… infront'a Remy'n me even… he's single." She looked at Piotr. "I think anyway… And damn, look at them muscles. Think'a how many buildin's the two you could break togethe'a, not t'mention beds'n such." Another cookie nibble was taken then and Rogue leaned over against the Cajun and smiled up at him. So much for what Lorna just asked for, about not being 'set up'.

When Piotr changes color, it's usually to a sort of silvery grey. Right now he goes ain interesting shade of pink. "I was not… I was saying as friend." Then, as his brain latches on to exactly the wrong thing in Rogue's list, "And I do not break things so much any more."

Gambit blinks slightly at Rogue as she makes this declaration, glancing from Pitor to Lorna and back a gain. "He did?" he asks in obvious befuddlement and reaches for another cookie. Apparently completely missing whatever it was that Rogue apparently saw. Still he just shrugs, knowing better then to argue with a woman about such things. PErticularly one that can bench press a hundred times her own body weight.

"Ummm…" Lorna's control slips at Rogue's announcment and the bowl slides across the counter away from her. "Yeah, no. I'm- I'm a wreak. I should go, or something." She adds and waves a hand to shut the ovens off as she makes for the door. "Before I dent more bowls not paying attention." She adds. Clearly that is her concern. "Night, guys."

Rogue cointinued to swing her feet idly while sitting on the counter's edge/corner. She watched everyone's reaction to her declaring those things and then watched Lorna move to go. She stopped swinging her feet then and looked around. "Did I say somethin' bad?" She asked, looking to Remy specifically. "I just thought it'd be a fun date." She said quietly then looked after Lorna. "I'm sorry!" She shouted at the fleeing green haired cookie maker.

Piotr watches the bowl jump and catches it before it topples off the counter. He sets it back down as he he tries to answer Rogue, "Wss not bad. I just, did not mean to give wrong impression." Or right one. It's a little hard to tell. He turns to the retreating green-haired lady, "Don't go. We should not chase you from kitchen. Did not mean to cause problems. You just seemed… upset." He spreads his hands in a gesture that encompasses the other two, "We all wish for friends to be happy, day?"

Gambit give's Rogue's leg a gentle squeeze, then heads in the direction of the fleeing Lorna. Intercept but not impeed. "Lorna, relax chere," he says in that soft, melodic Cajun accent… letting his voice drop into almost silvery tones. "Not'ing ta be ashamed about, Roguey didn't mean ta upset yah." He says softly. "Jus' take a momen'. Breat'e. No one mean' ta embaress yah…" Letting his silver tounge powers do their work on the Green haired bombshell.

"I just…I need to calm down or blow off some steam." Lorna says when Gambit steps into her path. "Please, it's fine, I'm clearly wound up. Thank you for the concern, but I need to go somewhere with less metal. I don't want to break anything." She explains again with a look back and pats Gambit on the chest as she passes. "Good night." She's a little more firm about it, before fumbling with the door and jerking it open to slip out.

Rogue slips off of the counter and turns around to face the other direction. She felt bad about making Lorna upset… so the only thing she really could do now was start cleaning up all the cooking stuff. There was a sizeable mess afterall, so she flipped on one of the sink's streams of water and starting cleaning up dishes and such. "Dumb mouth… dumb dumb dumb." She quietly muttered at herself. She had always been a blunt speaker, ever since she was a little girl… and the absorptions along her lifetime had only made it worse.

Piotr looks after LOrna, a bit torn. Then steals another cookie before he gets up to help Rogue with the clean up. There is, after all, acchance this room might actually be needed for a class tomorrow.

Gambit sighs as Lorna slips away from him. It's hardly the first time his ability to Charm people has failed but then again, it's always a disapointment. So while the russian and the Belle start to clean, he moves to start to cook. "Yah still in de mood foh fried Chicken chere?

Rogue smiled at Piotr when he approached to help with the disshes and she then looked to Remy and nodded her head. "That sounds like a wonde'ahful plan t'me." She told him in a sultry tone'a voice. "I'll have t'make her somethin' special though, or… I dunno. Not entirely sure whats rubbin' her the wrong way so much." She ran a bowl under the hot water and then set it aside.


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