2017-01-15 Raptors in the Sewers?!
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Ojin Rose Zeitgiest River
GMed by Ojin
Title: Raptors in the Sewers?!

In the dark of the cold winter night, something was amiss. People have been dissappearing from all over hells kitchen. Mostly the homeless and down trodden. Their moment before their minds seem to to simply dissappear filled with a breif moment of terror, a blinding light and then nothing. Most of these happen around sewer entrenches of some sort

At the same time, throughout the night, dozens of dimensional temporal disturbances go off co-inciding with these dissappearances, indicating the presence of advanced or alien technology for any able to detect and monitere these signals. The source for the moment, unknown, save for that they were comming from below the streets of Hells Kitchen

A nice, pleasant cafe. During the summer it's a sidewalk cafe. Right now, the outdoor seating area is closed and covered with a nice dusting of snow. Sitting at a table inside the window, wrapped up against the cold, are two blonde women. The one with the mane of curly hair is leaning across the table when her head snaps upward. "I think we have a problem," she says simply, rising to her feet and holding a hand out to her companion.

Rose blinks as she rises, eyebrow raised. "It's so eerie how similar to the Doctor you are sometimes," murmurs Rose. "I've been studying the history of this world on my phone, and one thing keeps coming up. Superheroes. Costumed crime-fighters. One called Captain America is particuarly handsome. Maybe… we could dress up in costume. It might be very useful for me, since, you know, I'm rather dead officially." She shrugs. "Where are we going?"

Zeitgeist is jumping rooftop to rooftop… his cushioned and wrapped sneakers making little sound as he makes his way towards Brooklyn. He's wearing his mask around his neck… needing to use his eyes for the moment to make each jump. The sudden wierdness of people vanishing from the area is alarming, hopefully he'll be able to see where this is coming from.

A alley visible to Rose, River and Zeitgeist suddenly has a blinding flash of light go off. As before, a mind has virtually vanished, and dimensional sensors go off. Not many people are out at this time of night… but those who peeks in. There was nothing odd in the alleyway… just the metalic sound of a sewer cover spinning like a coin before going flat onto face, leaving a gaping hole to the world below. Who or whatever was behind this certainly wasn't attempting to be careful.

"Apparently…we're going that way." River releases Rose's hand as the problem has apparently come to them, pulls a pen out of her purse and jogs over to the open manhole, dropping on one knee to peer at it. The pen…glows just slightly.

Rose nods as her rose-shaped locket chirps in response. "Indeed," she states as she runs over with River. "I've missed this so much," she croons as she looks down at it, grabbing her smartphone and turning onthe flashlight app to try to see down the hole.

Zeitgeist manages the maze of buildings from above easier then on foot below… cause even if it's not super-busy late at night.. there is no traffic at all on rooftops. Just the odd wierdo like himself. He gets to the alleyway and looks down below, observing a moment, "Investigating some oddness as well." says the man dressed in black from baove.

The flash light down the manhole dosn't reveal much yet. Just what one would expect, sewer sluge and running water. Some skittering rats startled by the light as well. But beyound that, there was nothing readibly discernable above the surface

"Well…looks like we get to explore the drains. Don't worry, it's a storm drain." It's under a street, not under a building. yet. Without any regard for the damp - she can fix her clothes later - River jumps in. "And no, I'm not wearing spandex, have you seen how much that stuff wrinkles?"

Zeitgeist does an acrobatic climb down from the rooftop to the alleyway via the outside of the fire escapes.. "Spandex is too new for me." he chuckles, he looks down as well… it's probably telepathically an empty void below so he turns on a small led on his mask.

Rose shrugs. "Well…" she muses as she slides down the ladder. "Yeah… it's not that nasty. I just mean… c'mon. I need some kind of anonymity. I even know what codename I'd use… one I used before, long ago in the distant future…" She looks around, wrinkling her nose.

It wasn't quite a void to telepathy. The world above could easily be sensed. But once below… the presence of Sapient Minds inhuman minds can be felt. If direction can be decerned, these odd minds can be sensed towards the north. However, down in the sewer, now that things can be looked at easily, it is revealed further in that whatever took a person had at least initially headed east. The mark was a large three toed foot print.

Zeitgeist will lead or be lead, whichever the others seem to have the role for him to fall into. The three toed print even if not seen by his own eyes would definite cause him pause, "well.. at least it's a balanced foot shape.. three toes is better then four…"

River frowns, looking at the tracks, then runs the pen over them. "Let's see. Lots of things with three toes out there. Given the temporal disturbances it could even be velociraptors. Let's hope not, though. They're nasty."

Rose murmurs, "Let's just hope it isn't the Silurians," she mutters. "The Doctor mentioned them a few times. Nasty group apparently." She kneels down as she aims her pendant at it, a whirring noise coming from it. "Not that I ever encountered them."

The scans, would reveal River is apparently correct. The foot print is indeed of a Velociraptor, or at least some kind of raptor derived from earths past, possibly further along the genetic path. As if to confirm this, there is a loud reptilian shriek that echos throughout the tunnels, a thump. Another mind has gone blank, someone was taken. All three would be able to hear the sound of heavy claws on metal running, though it was moving away from them.

Zeitgeist blinks a bit, "What the hell was that? Raptor? Seriously?" he puts a hand on the hilt of one of his swords, "Raptors are eating people?"

"Silurians," River points out, narrowing her eyes as she starts to follow the tracks. "Wear shoes." A pause. "However, it could be Silurians with tame velociraptors. Also, they're no nastier than humans. Less, in some ways."

Rose blinks as she glances at Zeitgeist. "You can call me the Bad Wolf," she muses softly. "Maybe I'll make a themed costume - my real name might cause probelms due to… a long list of issues." She then murmurs, "What's your name?" She shrugs. "Well, your scenario is actually preferable - not sure if a rabid wild raptor or a tame one is better…"

While it can certainly be confirmed that theres a raptor, those running clawing footsteps are starting to get farther. A voice in the dark can be heard, barely a whisper "Com'on now, we gottah get these vermin pac'ed up and readin fer grubbin! And no ah didn' skip breakfast. Now git!!!" nope, definitly not Silurian judging by the rather loud boisterous voice. But evidently the fading steps ment they were heading to where ever they may be taking folks.

Zeitgeist says, "Among most they nicknamed me Zeitgeist… but we actually met before without the costume… It's best for anonymity because the minds of the masses shift quite often with you and against you." he speaks softly.. He tries to concentrate towards where those words are coming from… if he can narrow the vocals with the actual 'thoughts' of the words being formed, he can at least get some more thoughts drifting his way."

"Not Silurians." Speaking English, which means there are humans likely involved. She sneaks forward, pen still out, then glances at Zeitgeist. "Minds of the masses. If you've got some good telepathy, can you work out what we're dealing with here?"

Previously on Marvel:Flames of Darkness - After several mysterious dissappearances of minds and an uptick of dimensional activity, several heros have decided to enter the sewers near where the lastest victem and anomly have occured. It has been confirmed that there is a type of velociraptor involved, and that they were not far off. Suspicians of Simulrian activty has been crossed off the list due to the captor speaking english thanks to the investigative efforts of Rose and River

As for Zeitgeist his ability to concentrate on those thoughts and the voice will prove quite useful, as thoughts drift his way. This reveals the captor and his raptor were heading to an abadon subway station that connects to the sewers. This captor was also trying to figure out what would go best with Shroom Juice - Rotasery or Fried human. The mind though sapient and intelligent was definintly animalistic.

Zeitgeist is looking towards the North… he blinks a bit… and he fights out, "He's planning to eat them… Shroom Juice… Rosasery… Fried Human…" The hand grasping the sword tightens around the hilt, "He's heading towards an abannoned subway station. I assume you have some way to fight? If not, I'll handle this.."

"It's not cannibalism if it's not your species," River jokes. "And…I'm not a fighter, I'm a sneaker," she admits. "But…I might be able to take care of part of the problem."

Rose shrugs. "Sometimes I wish I kept some of the Bad Wolf in me," she muses. "Things were so much easier when I could annihilate things with the wave of a hand." She sighs. "Well, let's go sneaking then, River."

Zeitgeist begins to move along quicker, in a jog towards the direction that the tracks are leading… if people are coming they come if not, so be it. His hand on his sheathed blade on his back… he tries to keep up a good pace with minimal sound hopefully though sewers prove to make that hard.

River stays a bit back and murmurs to Rose. "I'll see if I can take care of the velociraptor. And no annihilating. It makes a mess." Whatever her plan is, she's going to sneaksneak for now, until she can see better what's going on.

Rose shrugs. "Dust to dust," she whsipers. "But yes, it was messy… oh, you've met Jack Harkness? Did he ever tell you why he's immortal?" she asks as she then goes quiet, starting to sneak down the corridor along with River.

The sewers were generaly not a quiet place. WIth the running water. dripping pipes and crawling vermin, it was actualy louder than one would think. At least loud enough that the person the three go after dosn't seem to notice - or dosn't seem to care. It's hard to say really. But none the less the foot prints do indeed lead the three to the entrench of said abandon subway station. The voice goes off again, same as before "Of course I don' trust yea! Yea tried ta eat me ye'terday yer darn varmint. Now go do somethin useful. Git!" There was a hissing sound that was reminitent of an annoyed hiss. This was the place

Zeitgeist is therefore probably leading the troupe into darkness… he sticks close to the walls of the water system. He whispers, "Who wants to go first?"

River frowns. "I was hoping it would come our way." The darkness doesn't bother her that much - she's been in worse. But she doesn't sound happy. And apparently it's intelligent, which outs several tactics.

Rose nods slowly as she ponders. "I'm not sure it's aware of us - but I'm not sure what we can do about it - my sonic isn't very powerful as of yet…"

The raptor makes occasionly clicking noises, and was wandering around. It clearly wasn't going to be comming towards the hero. The mysterious captor though seems to be playing a banjoy and singing "Oh, we dance and we sing and rip out their hearts. Cook them in butter and eat them for supper. We travel the stars and we travel in space, going all over, over the place!!!" While the words made sense, he defintly was not the best singer around. This can indicate a lack of survalience, and that they likely still weren't aware of the folks outside the hideout

Zeitgeist says, "I know a distraction method…when your ready.""

"I can think of several," the thief murmurs. "But I'm ready." Distractions are always good…and maybe she can sneak around and, well, check the larder.

Zeitgeist preps to sprint out towards the fellow over the raptor. He's honestily more of the unknown, raptors generally are mouths and claws.. He tosses a telepathic whisper in the opposite direction.. having the guy singing banjo swear he hear, "Over here." as a whisper towards the subway station itself.

Rose nods slowly as she smiles. "Let's go then - I'll stick with my… friend." She nods as she gestures in the direction of the monster.

The Banjo stops playing "Wat in tarnation! Dem damn melon huggers must be back. GIT OUT YOU BADGERS! Scorn, get over here!" The sound of a raptor head walking once again away and quickly this time is heard. WHat also heard is… crashing, slashing and banging. Excitable arn't they? "Gonna kill you damn melons!" And possibly a bit crazy. WHat exactly could they be beating on? As their thought would certainly indicate they fell for the distraction… but that he was attacking something "Scorn, that my foot, git off!"

The sword comes out of it's hilt…it leads him towards the fellow with the banjo, he gets within striking distance, "Down on the Ground and Hands in the Air.. or I remove your head."

And…River's on the move, to sneak past him and into the tunnels to where the victims are. She hopes. Hopefully they won't be unconscious or drugged.
Rose nods, admiring Zeitgeist's techniques - swords are cool. She thinks about getting one somehow as she sneaks along with River. She didn't have time for a first-aid kit - but if necessary, she can summon… transportation.

The tunnels were all empty. And considering it was an abadon subway station… there wasn't many open tunnels. It was mostly open space. No bodies can be found at all. However, near a torn up recliner and a turned over table by the tracks where… odd glowing 5 inch cubes. They glowed a gentle cobolt blue. Dimensional hyper cubes. Within each one one to several people can be found. Well this would explain alot then. One thought wasn't glowing and was instead black and gold in coloring. It would occasionly hop.

As the the man with the banjo? As Zeitgeist got near, who the culprit was… is unexpected. It looked like a deranged cross between a lion and a fenic fox with white fur, sharp teeth and a crazy look in its eye. It was clearly somewhat anthromorphic. It was a HalfWorlder (Alien species recognizable for being basicly anthromorphic animals of earthern species for those in the know). He was also carrying an energy axe. "Well well, them melon hugger got friends…SCORN!!!"

There a sudden screech and a large somewhat armor Velociraptor springs up and towards Zeitgest ready to slash, thrash and clash with the sword weilding man

Zeitgeist blinks a bit, okay, that he couldn't have picked up from the fellow's thoughts, a lion-cat-man that would explain alot. The calling of his 'pet' was expected.. but the glowing axe was not neccessarily expected. The master swordsman however doesn't give much pause in his approach, he does however pull a second sword out of his back sheath, dual-wielding. One blade aimed looking for the approaching raptor, the other at the 'halfworlder', "I'm not here to kill you… but to stop you. Don't have me kill you and your pet."

Okay. This is…well, this part's easy. River gives Rose a hand signal and goes after the one that's trying to escape first, hinting that Rose should start gathering the ones that are behaving. They can worry about un-dimensioning the cubes later.

Rose nods as she starts to pick up the glowing cubes - she's sure something in the TARDIS can manage to fix them. She ponders as she holds up a key, eyebrow raised to River, as if asking her something. (She's hoping to convey her desire to summon her small TARDIS as a getaway.)

Well this 'misbehaving' cube misbehaves further as River goes after it. It gets some extra pop in it's hop. It hops left right, up down and out of her hands, even knocking over some of the other cubes. Whatever was in this particular cube was fiesty, thats for sure. But none the less, with a good grip River CAN get her hands on it! The gold and black coloring within swirls as if whatever inside is moving, aware at least somewhat of its surroundings

Luckily Rose cubes are not nearly so misbehaved. While there are about a dozen cubes, give or take, they stay perfectly stilled and imobile. The minds within asleep an unaware of the surrounding world. There was a circular ring on top of each cube, as if something was supposed to attach to it.

Now as for the little guy facing over agaist Zeitgeist "Oh boo hoo, you might kill meh! I DON"T CAR YOU BELLY RUBBLING MELON HUGGAH!!!!" it screams at him. And at the same time… it become very evident, very quickly, that this little creature is nasty. It strikes out with it's energy axe three times and in a rather fluid motion. First the axe sweeps at Zeitgeist legs as if threatning to cut him down. The second was a powerful upper thrust… and the third? Well the little fella jumps up surprisingly high yelling out "Now get aff Zorks land!!!!" and SWING, a hum of energy as the axe comes across sideways intent on trying to decapitate Zeitgeist.

As for the raptor it was circling about, it seemed to be concentrating oon the fight between Zeitgeist and Zork first. But as it circles… it comes to notice River and Rose. It eyes dilate as it looks at them. More quizaccly, and it wasn't exactly sounding an alarm yet.

River, struggling cube in one hand, nods to Rose, then actually makes a shushing noise at the Raptor. She doesn't have her husband's way with animals, but…
Rose nods as she holds her key, stepping behind River as she closes her eyes and concentrates. A strange grinding noise starts to sound - a bit quieter and higher-pitched, but probably very noticable and strange, echoing in the sewer as… an antique steamer trunk materializes. It only suonds for like ten seconds then stops as Rose opens it, and starts to carry the cubes down inside it, fully disappearing in the realtively small trunk.

The blades seem to be a bit 'stronger' then they appear. He uses both of them to deflect the blows…He deflects the first one with one, the second with his other one. The last one he cross braces with both… scissoring the blade between them… the metal cooks slightly as the energy scorches the metal. Zeitgeist winces, "Get a lifesaver…" as he attempts to kick the fellow off of him as he has his blade busy.

Zork is kicked away, taking his axe with him "Aww, we got a fighter with us eh? Now were… WAT THE HELL YOU DOING!!!!!????" his attention was caught by the sound of Rose calling the TARDIS. Which brings in a new set of actions into motion. The Raptor initially seems like it wasn't going to bother with River and Rose, but soon enough Zork hops onto the Raptors back "Damn badgers takin our food AND our bouty. Well bounty first. CHARGE!!!!" the dude was talkative… but the raptor listens. It leaps over Zeitgeist with a terrifying shriek as it charge towards River just passing the TARDIS suitcase "Give that Back!" axe was raised to take her her down, with Zeitgiest forgotten at the moment

"You want this?" River asks, ducking to the side. Whatever it is is still trying to get away. "Hush you," she tells the cube. "I'm on your side right now."

Rose finishes putting the rest of the cubes into the suitcase and then peeks up out of the suitcase to see what's going on. "River, run for it!" she chirps, leaving the lid open for her to climb in.

The lion-cat man seems to use the raptor for a mount.. leaving him alone and behind him as they rush towards the other heroes. He reaches back and launches one of the swords like a boomerang, the whirling blade is aimed at a leaky pipe on the ceiling…hopefully he can knock some water into the two villians.

The cube was not quite listening, as it tries to escape River grasp. It has surpressing strength practicly forcing her arms to jerk in any one direction occasionly. It wanted -out-. This of course did -not- hinder the fact that River did managed to dodge the oncomming Raptor! With a skidding scratching turn they face the three heros. Zork eye were red in anger "GIVE ET BAAACK!" and they charge again! However the sword Zeitgiest throws at the pipe make it burst. WHile the station may be abandon, it seems the pipe was still in use. The force was enough to knock Zork off the mount and backwards onto the floor, -squeeking adorably- to a stop, water spreading all over the ground. His eyes were closed as he grumbles annoyed

But pipe wasn't enough to stop the raptor. And the intelligence of the creature was showing. It runs left, right right left and slides towards the TARDIS intending to knock it over after rose had chirped out.

And by this time Zork has stood back up. "So that how it going to be" the energy axe hums with power… eletrical power "Well well… fried human it IS!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!" He jumps up and slames the axe into the ground, standing on the pommel of the weapon. The energy though electrical, acted not as science might have it. Instead, arcs of lightning go over from where he placed the axe and jumped outwards in arcs, like a pulse, giving our heros at least a moment to react before getting eletricuted.

And River does her level best to do a neat flip and twist, cube still attacked, into the steamer trunk. It might work. It might be embarrassing. Either way, she's not going to be on the water-covered ground when that hit. "Who says I'm human!?"

Zeitgeist is quick to leap and stick a sword in the ceiling, hung from the ceiling he avoids the electricity below… He grumbles as well, "I found crazies longer then your great great great great grand parents even were born."

Rose squeaks and was about to close the lid… as River dives into the TARDIS right behind her - who crashes right into Rose as she was on the ladder to the vertical door, falling off onto the bottom of the TARDIS with a loud yelp right as the lid closes - then the two are shaken around as the raptor savages the steamer trunk. The cloister bell starts to sound, but so far no damage is happening other than everything being shakena round inside.

The raptor was smart enough to use the TARDIS as an island of safty as well. Zork laughs mainclly "Tarnation, your stubborn folk. You know, I like you…. uh.." he hmms as he stares at Zeitgiest "…blacky. Hell you wear more black than a black hole. I can call you Blacky right? Anyways, I like yea." he hops up taking out the axe, and the electricty dies down. He lands on the ground still soaked "Now Listen here Blacky, how bout yea help me get mah property back, und ah treat yea ta some shroom juice. That or…" he was already taking aim with his axe to throw at Zietgeist "What yea say?"

As for the TARDIS. The raptor wasn't leaving it alone. It kept shoving and biteing and clawing at the TARDIS, causing it to continely shake up as it tries to get inside. Screeching and hissing as it does so.

Zeitgeist says, "I don't eat intelligent creatures… course, I know more about what is intelligent and what is not then you though. I can excuse your ignorance." he looks to the raptor but he's fixed on the axe a moment… he braces against the ceiling and leaps off of it with the sword he had imbended there…. leaping for the sword he had thrown before he scoops it up… rearming himself with both weapons, "Lets continue playing shall we?""

"Can we dematerialize or is she too upset?" River asks Rose. Maybe she can calm her "sister" down.
Rose frowns as she looks at the control panel, hanging on for dear life. "I don't think so - we're floating, and the raptor is really scdratching the paintjob - she's tired and grumpy and if we do… I can't guarantee where we'll end up…" She scowls. "If that raptor would go away, maybe she'll settle down enough for a proper jump.

Zork grins "….oh? Then play we shall!!!!" He pulls out a small orb from his pocket and slams it onto the ground. Thick smoke fills the room! "But it time for a game of chase, I want my bounty and I ain't leaving without it… but i'll leave you HAHAHAHA"

The little creature hops onto the dinosours back as the TARDIS is picked up in it's jaws. They charge off into the tunnels "Come on Scorn, git it open!" the TARDIS was being shaken about mercilessly. But it clear, this time they were trying to get away

River is still trying to hang on to the panel with one hand and the bouncing cube with the other. "I have an idea!" It's a risky one, though…and she's going to have to let go of the panel to do it. Which she does, flying into the wall…and pulling her pen out of her pocket. Fiddling. Yup, she's going to let the bounty OUT.

Rose sighs softly. "I have an idea…" She puts her locket into a socket on the control panel as suddenly a sonic boom comes from the chest. "Ow," mutters Rose, her ears ringing from the sonic blast but hopefully it'll disorient the dino too.

Zeitgeist starts to chase the dinosaur and the small lionman, "First time was a warning, you want me to keep chasing you. No more warnings."

The fiddling works - evidently this cube wasn't active as the contents spill out and go splat agaist a wall. The black and gold goo quivers… ANGRILY. Luckily its sticky enough… to well stick. It flows and oozes towards the ladder and up… untill the sonic boom that is…

The sonic bomb affect BOTH the dinosaur and the ooze (as the ooze was Ojin). The dinosaur falls heads over heals with a screech of pain. This sends Zork flying into a pile of trash. Eeeeeeewwwwww. He get up covered in grim with a flat expression on his face.As for Ojin, before he rech the top, his entire liquid form convulses in pain and a psychic scream that can probably be picked up by telepaths goes off.

For now the TARDIS lies motionless. And the Raptor runs off fearful. Zork screams "GET BACK HERE YOU TWO TIMING GOOD FER NOTHING LIZARD!!!!" he was furious. Dragging the TARDIS let alone breaking into it would take time… so trying to kill Zeitgiest would be faster. He faces the man "Well Blacky… guess this is it, me or you. Only one of us is leavin… and that somewan is me!" the nergy axe sparks up again.

Oops. Poor Ojin… "Ojin." She doesn't ask how he got a price on his head. She also doesn't hear more than the edges of the scream. Unfortunately, guess who's most telepathic here: The TARDIS. Oops.

Zeitgeist grabs his head too.. the echo from the pain is felt by him as well… "Oww.. When the ringing stops.." He holds one blade high and one blade low, he does a mock lunge, "For the good of the many… I'm sorry."

Rose grits her teeth at the TARDIS's loud clanging of the Cloister Bell. She sighs softly. "Ummm… what's Ojin?" she asks softly, just seeing a pile of ooze on the floor. "It's ok girl… I'm sorry for calling you into this situation…" She sighs softly, not sure what's going on as she kneels down by the ooze. "Ummm… is this a life-form?"

Rose pokes the black ooze, not sure what's going on.

The gold and black goo was dazed, but quickly recovers. Well at least the sonic boom helped him to get his head togeather. It pulls it self into a tower humanoid dragon shape. It kept the 'gooey' consitency… but it looked pissed "Yes. And I do not like being poked right now. Thank you for realsing me river" it growls out in an oddly cordial manner despite circumstances, and heads for the ladder and begins to flow up it again.

As for Zork… it didn't catch that it was a 'mock lunge' and lunges forward himself. His axe was heading straight for Zeitgesit stomech, intent on spearing him through. This of course was his biggest mistake as he underestimates Zeitgesit fighting ability… or maby he just wanted to go all out. Hard to say

"An acquaintance," River says. "I'd love to know how you got a price on your head." She glances at the other cubes. No, they can stay put until out of the TARDIS.

Zeitgeist was ready for the attack since it was indeed just a test and mock lunge. He flicks the axe to the side with one of the blades and the other blade slashes across the lion-man's mid-torso, and at the size of the said individual it probably would cleave him in half.

Rose blinks. "So… ummm…." She blinks. "You don't like sonics?" she asks as she pulls the pendant out of the console. "Welcome to my TARDIS." She shrugs. "We're stuck here for a bit - she needs some time to recover to get out of here."

River nods. "But they can't break in." River can't vortex manipulator out of a TARDIS, so they are stuck. "The other prisoners will have to wait. I'll let them out at the nearest hospital." She sticks the pen back into her purse again.

Ojin ends near the top of the ladder "I want out of here!" he reaches up and tries to see if he can ooze througha crack in the entrech, hoping it wasn't air tight "…as for the price. Well I have kidnapped several indivduals technacly speaking as well as hijacked several starships and broken out of jail, plus a bit of con artestry every now and again" he informs them. Apparently he isn't shy about his past

As for Zork? Zietgiest blade cuts him in two. Blood and cuts spill out, and the creatures eyes buldge wide. He he was able to talk is anyone guess "….this… this isn't" gasp "The last you seen of Zork!!!" gasps again. But before he draws his final breath, his body seems to digitize and dissappear. Granted several organs and blood was left, but the rest of him was gone.

Zeitgeist sends a telepathic message to all inside the Tardis and the Ooze Man, (All clear.) If his range of the city would reach them. He sheaths the two swords and walks over to the chest, looking it over for damage.

Zeitgeist mutters to himself, "people who talk in the third person and named after one of the first text-based roleplaying games really shouldn't be roaming without a chaperone."
Rose blinks as she hears a voice in her head. She blinks, the cloister bell silencing - its only respones to the message as she looks at the ladder - but Ojin's on it. "Just turn the latch and it'll open - apparently it's all clear."

"Okay…guess we can get out now." River glances at the cubes, then picks a couple of them up. Rose can bring the others. But she's not letting those poor people out in the sewers. Eww.

Ojin turns the latch and opens the trunk. His takes on a much more amorphouse form and oozes out. Tendrills seek out the wall of the sewers and latch on eventually pulls him up into the pipes where he eveidently seems to blend in "Finaly… open space." well not quite open, but it better than being forcely stuffed inside a box

Zeitgeist says, "I'm sorry to neglect to mention that I'm telepathic… It's not a usual conversation starter. I thought I killed the cat-man, but he sort of poofed and left behind some parts of him.. You guys know this fellow?" he asks"

"The ooze fellow, I know. The cat-man, no idea. Bounty hunter, I'd assume, but if he shows up again I'll find a way to dump him somewhere…interesting." Yes, River would cheerfully maroon the guy.

Ojin responds from the shadows "His name iz Zork, a fenix fox and lion Hybrid from HalfWorld. Nasty bounty Hunter as Ms.River here has said. And feel free to dump him anyways. Dude two days older than hell and twice as mean at times" he claims. His mind and luckly his body shift around observing Zeitgiest "And who are you?" pauses "And who are you Ms?" which seems more directed at Rose

"So…I need to take these people to the nearest hospital and let them out." Opening the cubes shouldn't be hard, at least. "And…hrm. Oh, I can think of a few places a fox lion hybrid would not like at all.

Ojin responds quietly "You can probably let them go on the surface. They more or less been put in Stasis, they'll probably just walk off. But than again, humans can have low constitution" he considers this

"Best I release them somewhere they can get checked out, just in case." She's not worried about their physical condition, although she doesn't voice that.

Ojin hmmmms "It seems a proper thing to do. Do as you and your companion will. Just keep those cubes away from me." he shudders within the dark

"Don't worry. I'll dispose of them once everyone's released." Well, she left one of them in the TARDIS…oh well.

"I have no reason to worry. Though it seems silly to dispose of a good item. Perhaps give them to Captain Jacob if you have no use for them" Ojin suggest "Regardless, they are no longer my buissness"

Rose is alone in the TARDIS now, as she locks the door behind her, sighing softly as she clicks her tongue, unaware of the last cube left behind as she waits for the TARDIS to be ready enough to teleport back home.

River glances at the TARDIS. As Rose doesn't seem inclined to come out, she turns back to Ojin. "Well then. I'd rather not stay down here any longer."

Stays well hidden within the shadows "Then feel free to go. I am quite happy sticking to the shadows. Might visit an old friend. Optins, options" he muses.

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