2017-01-17 The Entertainer and The Captain
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Captain America, Phantasm
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: The Entertainer and The Captain

The center of the commons area is where one finds the metalic doors into the elevators that run up the middle of Stark Tower. Here is where people can enter the area and find themselves on a floor designed for comfort, relaxation and enjoyment.

The commons floor is lined with different walks ways and areas to sit and relax on all four sides of the floor.

There is a large bar area with a metallic base counter with pale blue lights along the trip and a black hard top, behind the bar is glass shelves with white light wall illuminating the bottles. Not far from the bar is an area for a band that includes a small stage and a grand piano. There is a dance floor here also with small tables lining around it.

The lounge areas offer a bit more intimate seating, with large comfortable sofas and chairs that are close together, glass coffee tables between them. Here is where people can relax in groups for nice conversation or just to rest.

The commons area also ahve glass doorways that lead into a game room, a library and a formal dining hall.

After what seems like ages of constant touring of the world and spur of the moment team ups with the Sorceror Supreme, Mike Hannigan is taking time off from his Defending ways and doing his best to relax. Seated at the piano, a glass of beer resting on one of the piano ledges, there is a soft tinkle of the keys as the room essentially sounds like elevator music. Nothing but soft, relaxing, not at all mistaken for work, music. To add to the relaxating mood? Mike is still channelling his inner Goodwill patron for attire, minus the knit cap.

Out of costume, Steve Rogers wanders into the lounge, tilting his head a little at the music that drifts through the door. Ah. Mike's found the piano again. He offers a smile as he heads over towards the bar.

As the one song fades away, Mike's feet shift on the foot pedals, allowing for the ring to last for awhile. All the better for him to grab his drink, take a sip and set it back on the ledge. A hand lifts, fingers flailing about as he tries to losen them up. Hand moving towards the keys, he starts to go into the St. Louis Blues. "Hey Steve."

Steve waves. "Hey there, Mike. Back from chasing sorcerers around?" Steve seems relaxed. He's ducking into the fridge behind the bar. "Want anything?"

"I certainly hope so. These unannounced quests are really biting into my training schedule. Nat probably forgot what she was training me in." As the song progresses, so does the tempo, eventually getting into a much bouncier tempo. "And no thanks. Already got my drink." The pianist's finger tips become a bit of a blur as they move rapidly along the white and black lane of keys.

"Got it." Steve rummages in the fridge for a moment, comes out with a Blue Moon, which he cracks open. "Nat doesn't forget things easily. Not important things like that, anyway."

"In that case I better get my piano playing out of the way today." Mike surmises, fingers starting to slow their dance to a slow stride before gliding away. The piano falls silent. "Because I imagine my knuckles are going to be plenty bloody after I get caught up."

Steve grins. "And we both know she won't go easy on you because you've been busy." LIkely the exact opposite, in fact. Nat doesn't go easy on anyone she considers worth training. It's a compliment.

"I know." Mike responds with a dramatic sigh as he turns on the bench to better speak to Steve. Using the opportunity to grab his beer off the piano ledge as well. "I should have said Bloodied, Bruised, and probably stiff for a few days after."

"Better bruises in practice, remember." Steve takes a swig of the beer. "She doesn't go easy on *me* either." Of course, when THOSE two spar, it's pretty scary to watch.

"Peril of the jobs." Mike surmises, taking a sip, "I will deny it later if you tell her, but I did start to miss the sessions. Even with her kicking my butt consistently." The glass raises up once more for some more of the contents to be taken.

"Don't worry, I can keep some secrets." Steve is rather known around SHIELD for not being the best liar around. He isn't bothering with a glass, mind. Beer straight from the bottle.

"SOME." Mike repeats, shaking his head. "I'm doomed."

Steve laughs. "Look, you realize the people who accuse me of being incapable are professional…of course, so is Nat." Yeah. Mike's doomed.

Mike tilts his head downwards, eyes still looking to Steve as one brow lifts in response. "Why oh WHY did I share a secret with the boyscout living in the den of spies?"

"Because I was here?" Steve glances at Mike's glass. "Because of the contents of that?" He's not sure if it was alcohol.

"Or it could be that I'm not a spy and I don't naturally think that way?" Mike considers, sipping his beer. "And this is my first one. We haven't reached the blame the drink state yet."

"Generally best not to head to that particular state too often," Steve notes. Which given how much it takes to get him there is, well, completely not fair.

"Fortunately that state is a long drive away." Mike agrees indirectly, pausing to down the remainder of his drink in point before holding the empty glass up. "Yay genetics."

"I cheat," Steve points out, wryly. He was a complete lightweight before. Which might be why he never tries to push it.

And…Steve's pager goes off. "Apparently there's a job. Coming?" It won't take him long to suit up…and neither of them are close to Blame The Drink, so it should be okay.

Mike nods, standing up and setting the glass down. "Sure thing."

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