2017-01-18 Clark and Diana Meet

Themysciran Embassy - Metropolis

Clark Kent
Diana Prince

Outside of the embassy was a man in a grey suit. He slouched a little a bit when standing. The man was wearing a light grey suit that was a few shades darker than concrete, but not by a lot. Peaking out of the suit was a white button up shirt with small criss-cross stripes that were light grey. No tie was there to block off the shits design. Draped over his right shoulder was an old, milk-chocolate brown messenger bag, kept from swaying by how he bent that arm. In his right hand was a pen that he held by grasping it with middlefingers andlower. The index finger was pushing at the button to the embassy.

Cameras would have gotten a look at the man. A top of hishead was raven black hair that matched the thick rims to his glasses that almost ran parallel to the top ofhis nostrils. Dull blue eyes were behind the glasses. They were taking in the details, looking about, trying to figure out if the guests at the embassy were watching or in the area.

Still, the finger pushed at that button, "Ummmm. Excuse me, Miss Prince. My name is Clark Kent, I was want-I would like to get an interview with you," he gave a smile that came across his face very clumsily, like he wanted to smile but was unsure how.

The voice that would answer Kent's call button press would not be that of Diana Prince's, but that of one of the on-duty staff in the Embassy that was less than a year opened. It was an impressive site to behold, as far as buildings went.

Kent would be questioned lightly by the female voice over the communicator but after a moment's time he'd be buzzed in through the front gate. A short walk later to the front door he'd be met by a middle aged woman wearing a nice business-casual pants suit. She'd greet Clark with a friendly smile. "We're honored to have a reporter from the Daily Planet. I have even read some of your stuff, Mister Kent. I am happy to meet you." She was pleasant, very nice even.

Ushering Kent inside the Embassy she'd lead him down the hallways of the posche mansion that served as Diana's headquarters for the public to 'know' who the people ot Themyscira were and are. "You're in luck as Miss Prince was just arriving home today from a trip. So her schedule is clear for the rest of the afternoon."

She'd lead Clark to the double wood doors that would open to the office that Diana's secretary utilized. A -second set- of double wooden doors would give way to Diana's own office, and these were already open.

Diana Prince, was seated behind her desk. Her black hair was tied up into a braided bun atop the crown of her head, she was wearing a skin-tight white turtleneck sweater that went down her lithe/muscled frame and it flared out into a long flowing dress that was hidden behind her desk.

"Mister Kent, of the Daily Planet to see you, Ma'am." The guide announced.

Diana took a moment, her sky-blue eyes on her laptop computer's screen. She would then look over and up to Clark. A moment later a smile appeared on her red lips and she stood up and came around her desk, extending her hand toward him. "Please, come in, Mister Kent." She said in her smooth and calming voice.

Clark responded ot the questions in kind. He explained his purpose was to get an interview for the Daily Planet. While this wasn't his assignment, Clark had seen people asking a lot of questions. Some of the questions were good. Others were bad. They ran parallel to questions asked, and still were being asked, of Superman. The reporter had hoped an interview would have dispelled some concerns and rallied more people behind Diana Prince.

When escorted through he kept up. Moving to the door, he waited for it to be opened. "Thank you. Thank you so much," Clark spoke to the woman in the pants suit that was guiding him through the place.

One set of doors, then another and he saw someone looking at a computer screen. The man smild at her, it rose a little more naturally. "The pleasure is mine, Miss Prince," his hand reached out and he gave the lightest handshake possible. For human standards it was, "Okay." It could have stood to be firmer.

Diana towered, compared to most women, she was at least two inches over six feet, but she was wearing heeled shoes at the moment as well. She smiled at Clark and shook his hand, her own was soft and firm, almost like a hand wrapped in silk. "Please, come in and sit." She said to him motioning toward one of the two chairs that faced her desk's front side.

She herself moved over toward the small kitchen area inside her office. "Let me get you something to drink. Tea or coffee?" She wasn't a coffee drinker, but her staff often prepared it for those guests who came through her office on an almost hourly basis. She prepared herself a large glass of dark tea.

"Thank you," Clark noticed the hand felt like silk, but said nothing. He sat on the chair to the left, her right. "Coffee, please. Not too strong, just a little cream and sugar." His dull blue eyes watched the woman as she was in the kitchen.

Diana prepared the drinks and while doing so she glanced back at him, her dark brows lofting up over her blue eyes. "I was shocked that you did not call ahead, but then I realized that I have been out of town… and perhaps you did and were simply unable to get through?" She said to him in her thickly accented voice, the greek tones in it were sharp on all the edges of every word.

A moment later and she delivered the drink to him precisely as he'd asked for it. She had it on a clear glass plate made for the cup as well and with it were a small spoon for stirring.

"Well either way, it is a pleasure to meet you." She told him while walking herself back around behind her desk, her white dress sweeping about her legs as she went and sat back dow onto her chair with her back straight and her body's posture flawlessly perfect.

"I figured a direct approach was best. I can get names of assistants and secretaries. I I ever get stood up, it validates further calls and helps me get into proper interviews at later dates," Clark looked to the woman. "Everything is done through texts, e-mails and sometimes a hand-written letter or a face-to-face gets you farther. Plus it can be hard to make a phone call for an interview at work. Not all good reporters are above poaching a good story if it's unassigned officially," Clark didn't like politics. He knew how to play the game when needed. Clark was seeing why she was considered to be a "Goddess" by many. She moved with perfection and grace. With drink in hand he took the first sip. "Since this was unexpected if you umm need a moment, that's fine. I don't like to surprise my interviewee with questions when they're not prepared."

Diana listened to everything that Clark said while she sipped at her tea and then set it aside on a wooden coaster on the side of her desk opposite that her laptop sat on. She shifted a few things around on her desk and then her big blue eyes looked up at him and offered a smile at him when he was done talking.

"You are a man out of time, Mister Kent." She tells him. "I have not known someone like you… well…" A gentle dip of her chin then and a little hint of a grin. "A long time."

She folded her hands together atop her desk and then looked over it at him. "I do not need any time, I am ready to answer your official questions, sir. I am eager for more people to get to know me, if only I were able to have a face to face with all of them." Another faint smile then and there.


"I was just raised well, ma'am. If you're looking for more like me, we're ummm…we're in Kansas. Smallville, to be exact. I'm sure they'd love to meet you," he gave a hesitant smile as he was trying to help.

"The job has taught me there is always going to be people that don't believe you. This coul be the best interview in my life, you will always have someone that questions." Before Diana could react he continued, "All I can say to that is don't stop. Whatever you're doing, don't stop. If you truly know your cause is good then keep going."

He waited a moment for Diana to chew upon what was said. With note pad and pen ready he began, "Miss Prince. The world is talking about the photos. Is it real?" he asked and looked to the woman.

Diana's posture remained rigid and she drew in a breath when he asked this question. She had lived a long time in secrecy and had only come out of that hiding for a short time. She had admitted it publicly before but others had a hard time believing it… she would probably be asked it many more times.

"Yes it is true." She told him. "I do not have an exact calendar year for my true 'age' in the traditional sense of how it is measured. I was born approximately three thousand years prior to the birth of Christ." She was being completely honest, she didn't know any other way really. "I am roughly five thousand years old as of today. Give or take a year or two." She added that last part with the hint of a smile and another sip from her tea.

A nod came from Clark as he joted down information. Blue eyes looked to Diana. He was getting her wods, putting in his short hand for other comments. "What does that make you? Many have speculated you're a goddess, others an alien, but with your age people may question you to be the first mutant or meta." Blue eyes looked to the Goddess as he waited for her to speak.

Diana inhaled after hearing this and she set her tea cup down again. "I was born on this world, to a mother who is of this world. My father… is where it gets complicated." She tells hhim then, her hands smoothing out an envelope that was laying atop her desk. She glanced down at it and then looked back up at him. "I understand that my backstory will make others… uncomfortable. But I hope to prove to them that my intentions are of justice and honor. I am, immortal, it is true. My father is the god Zeus. Many may not believe me… but I do not need to prove it to anyone. What I need to do is simply be a good person, and help those who are in need. Is that not what a god or goddess should do? A title I certainly do not want, or ask for… I simply wish to be known as who I am, Diana of Themyscira."

"You're like Thor of the Greek Pantheon? He is the son of a Norse God and you Zeus?" Clark asked trying to make sure on a level of classiifccation the two were even keel. Although the details of intent as he made sure to write those down so there wasn't a detail missed.

"Yes." Diana answered in short. Sure it was more complicated than that, but that was a bare-bones breakdown that would make it easily understandable to most… so she felt she shouldn't try to complicate it. "We live in a world of strange things, Mister Kent." She went on then. "Wonderous things, that fall on a scale that is often attempting to tip in the favor of good, as well as bad. This is what I hope to accomplish with what the Gods have gifted me. I want to see to it that the balance of good will always outweigh that of evil." Her slender face and intense stare looked upon Clark after saying these things, but even still she had a kindness about her that radiated from her.

Clark nodded when appropriate. "The big question: 'Why now?' We had threats between now and then. There was Hitle in World War II, Communist Russia and their affiliates in the cold war, Nam. There are rumors that some heroes fought in World War II. We have no record of the cold war and Nam. Why didn't you intervene then? Some would arue that as of this moment we do not currently have a theat as big as Hilter." Clark looked at the woman. Some questions he hated asking. That was one of them. He figured there were reasons. Still, it was a question that was going to be burning at the tip of tongues, if it wasn't already.

Diana had expected facing questions like this. It wasn't an easy one to hear either. A few moments went before before she replied to him, gathering her thoughts. "Mister Kent. Though I may have been seemingly ageless, when I left my people's Island to come to the world of Man… I was in-fact, essentially a child." She shook her head side to side then. "My people are a warrior people, but we are also a humble people… a simple people. We do not face the same hardships that you and yours face here in the rest of the world." She gently nodded her head.

"Leaving my home, and participating in World War One… it was no easy task for me to experience. I witnessed so many close friends pass away in that war… something I'd never experienced before. Loved ones, cut down in mere moments, where they had been alive and well next to my side just seconds before." She paused shortly to breath quietly. "After the War, I decided that I needed time to learn how to be a better human, how to cope with the grief that the War put into my heart. I felt, for a very long time, that I did not belong in this world at all and that I should stay hidden like an outcast. But that is not to say that I haven't been around, that I haven't been doing what I can, here and there. I simply have been hiding it, up until this point. And I no longer wish to hide. This is why I am an ambassador of my people to the rest of Earth."

"I do not doubt your words. I do not doubt your intent. I am asking questions that will be on the minds of others. This interview is not meant to jump you, but I will not shy away from legitimate issues regardless of my own stance," Clark clarified. He knew the last question was a tough one to hear. However, these were some of the top criticisms to her appearance.

"I am sorry to your loss. What brought you out of hiding? Were you ever among us before showing yourself?" he asked just curious these answers, despite the story dictating that the questions went in this direction.

"Of course." Diana replied to him with a warm smile supponed upon her red painted lips. "The best reporters do as you say, ask the questions that must be asked to uncover the truths." When he apologized for her losses her smile faded and she simply dipped her chin slightly and nodded very faintly, her blue eyes never wavering in their direct contact with that of his own.

"I have been an antiqueties dealer up until this point." She responded then. "It has allowed me to travel the world, learn more of every culture that I could experience and help me grow as a person. In the process I have been re-acquiring lost relics of art and history that were either stolen or lost, through black market dealings or wars such as that of both World War One and Two. A great many wonderful artifacts were lost or stolen during those events, you see."

She paused then. "I have come to the public's eye now, because over the past one hundred years I have watched the world change. We are facing stronger and greater threats every year, through individuals that are display powers of amazing strength, with reckless abondon. In the lifetime I have lived away from my homeland, I have come to love the world for what it can be, what it should be, and I wish to openly strive to protect it and see to it that our next day… is better than the previous."

"How will you make up for lost time? People will want to know why you became a curator and dealer of antiquities when you could have balanced some war scales. You have the abilities that armies of individuals would have killed for. What do you consider to be a worthy threat?" Clark asked. His dull blue eyes looked upon the hero. While he woudln't have questioned her nature. Heroes were still people when they took off the costume. Seeing horrors that were completely alien to her would have driven off the strongest of people, Diana was living proof of that. The world was lucky she ever returned nearly the same way.


A light breath was taken, a sip of tea was had and she smiled at him softly again. "The Embassy of my people is based in the United States, but I am not a weapon that belongs to their army. I am not a weapon belonging to any army. I am, however, a vessel of justice and if I see an injustice going on in this world that is too great a threat to be ignored, then I will react to it. In the mean time, as you said there are no great threats of the same scale as that of… Adolph Hitler… there are many issues still needing a peaceful resolution, and I hope to aide with that."

Diana glanced around the office. "I have been given this Embassy, it is now sovereign territory and is officially property of Themyscira. And from this platform, I simply hope to make a difference. I want the hurting of this world to stop… I will do what I can to accomplish that."


A nod came from Clark as his pen stopped. "Is there anything you want to add?" Clark asked. He believed her. Being in her presence, he focused on her heart beat. Sure, she had deades and even centuries on her side. However, irregular heartbeats could have tipped her hand. There was no real deviation. Sure, there were changes with hard questions, but nothing too radical.


Diana watched him in return, he was a well built man and something about him seemed suggest more confidence than what he was actually showing her today, not just because he had a handsome face either, there was a kindness there that handsome men like him did not often have. That alone was curious to her.

A small smile. "I just hope that people who doubt me, will at least give me an opportunity to show them that I mean what I say. I want to set the unsteady." She nodded her head gently while eyeing him. "I want to be here, for people who want my help." A second later and she summoned a larger smile, then raised her tea cup up to her lips again for another sip.


Clark knew Diana was looking at him different. His reporter's instinct was going off. He was happy this interview was concluding. The pen returned to the pad of papper to get the last quote. When he finished, Diana was given a large smile. "Thank you, Diana," Clark sat up and extended his hand to her for a second time. Afterward he finished his cup of coffee after blowing on it a little bit.


Diana stood up again from her desk then when he offered the hand and she reached over to accept it. "No, thank you." She replied to him, smiling. "Here, keep this…" She turned then and pulled a small simple card from a dark wooden cardholder and extended it over to him. "Should you wish to contact me, there are various ways labeled here. It will let you bypass having to leave messages with my assistants."


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