2017-01-18 Did I just get fired
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Players: April O' Neil, JJ Jameson
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Title: Did I just get fired?

~~~~~< Daily Bugle / Channel 6 Floor >~~~~~~~~~~~~

With the recent acquisition of Channel 6 news and the relocation of the station staff over to their new home. Jonah's office is for once NOT the nicest place in the building. That honor would likely go to the half of the Channel 6 floor that has been finished as the walls have not acquired the coffee stain sheen yet. On that half resides the filming area. And crammed together tightly in the area not caught on camera are the temporary cubicle setups for the staffers that couldn't get a loaner cubicle on one of the newspaper floors. The other half of the building is cut off by industrial strength plastic to keep any of the construction powder away from the pricey film equipment. With no broadcast going on at the moment, the sound of construction is going on.

In an odd move, Jonah has actually set up in one of the cubicles on this floor temporarily, which may explain why the construction crew is actually on schedule. He has taken a manager cubicle but it has been split by a corkboard on the center table to grant a slightly smaller amount of work space should a lesser employee have to be puni- err, graced by Jonah's presence.

April had only been with the team for a year, so this was all fairly new to her still and the move itself was obviously a big hassle for everyone, but thankfully she didn't have much to move as most of her real work she kept at home anyway.

At the staiton today, she was milling about helping people move things when asked, but otherwise once her duties in the morning were over she was sitting at her own cubicle back near the restrooms, she had her laptop with her and she was clattering away on the keyboard, occassionally reaching a hand up to adjust her large black-rimmed glasses over her light blue eyes, or run a hand through her bright fire-red hair.

After glancing to a clock, Jonah sighed, slapping his hand down on the table and pushed himself up. The older man grumped on out of his cubicle and looked to the chaos. Glancing over to a few empty yet reserved cubicles and then over to the ones present but near the construction and restroom areas. Shaking his head, he walks over to the furthest one, looking in at the red head. "When did you get in here today?"

April didn't see JJJ approach, so when he suddenly appeared next to her and barked that out at her she jumped a little, having been looking at her laptop and reviewing some of the articles for the C6 website she was working on. April sat back in her chair and she looked up at hm and smiled. "Oh, uh, hi… and… uh…" She had to process what he asked. "Five AM as per usual, sir." She told him. Working broadcasts in the morning meant she was here bright and early to be sent out on sites with her cameraman, Vernon.

Jonah nods, glancing towards the the empty cubicles, "And when do they come in as per usual?"

April too glanced at the otherwise empty cubicles and she considered his question. "Uh, well… Usually around noon, I think. I mean thats when the team swaps fall into effect." She told him, her light blue eyes returning up to him then as she rocked gently in her squeaky chair.

Jonah looks back to April, giving a nod. "And you leave then?"

April's shoulders shrug inside of the red/black striped sweater that she is wearing today. "Depends on if I have a lot of work to do. If I do, I'll stick around until the late afternoon or not. But since I ride a bike and its winter time… I try to get out before the sun goes down so there's less likely a chance of me being squished by traffic." She smiled softly then.

Jonah snorts at the comment, looking at the nametag on the Cubicle, "Haven't you heard of the Subway or a Taxi, O'Neil?" Stepping away from the door he shakes his head, before nodding in the direction of the elevator, "Walk with me, O'Neil."

April smiled faintly at his words. "They're both slower than a bicycle, sir." She told him as she stood up from her desk when he asked her to walk. She dropped the ink pen she was holding onto her desk and then tried to brush her tied-back hair out of her face (the bangs were always floating around on their own). "Bike gets me here faster, so I thought its best to do that. Plus its good exercise." She walked along with him, straighteining out her sweater and the white-button-up shirt that was peaking out the bottom of it above her blue jeans.

Not even waiting for response, Jonah is already walking towards the elevator, forcing April to hurry more to keep pace with him. Pressing the button, he doesn't even look to her as he replies back "Well I can't argue against the exercise. But after dark, leave the bike and call a cab." He steps in immediately as the doors open up, mashing the button for the floor below.

April followed after him, hurrying at first to keep up with him. She glanced over at him as he gave her this sound advice and she grinned and nodded at him. "I'll do that, sir." She told him, stepping onto the elevator with him she looked a bit uncomfortable because she wasn't sure why the boss of the entire building was wanting to speak to her, let alone guide her somewhere within it.

"Good. Fare's cheaper than the insurance copay." The elevator doors close and the pair stand in silence for the ride down. Upon the door opening, Jonah gives a grunt before leading April over to the supply room, opening the door and pointing to the left of him. "Boxes are over there."

April walked with him, only talking when she was spoken to. When they approached the supply room she glanced around a bit uncomfortably and then glanced inside toward the boxes he was motioning at. "You want me to carry them somewhere for you?" She asked him then.

After giving directions to April, Jonah walks over to a shelf and grabs a pack of round colored stickers and a roll of name tags. "What are you waiting for, O'Neil?" The big boss snaps, "Grab some. About 7 should cover it."

April stepped into the storage room then and she walked over to the boxes to start to pile them up, she put, seven total atop one another and then went to lift them and turned around to look over them at him through her large glasses. "Whats going to be in them?" She asked him then.

"Your belongings." Jonah replies matter of factly as he takes his chosen items and walks out the door, forcing April to chase after him one more time as he mashes the elevator button.

April rushed out after him carrying the boxes, her fire-red hair bobbing around her head. "I'm sorry." She told him in a flat and even voice. "My belongings?" She asked then. "Firstly… that includes some pens, notebooks, an ipad and a couple of troll dolls… so I don't think this many boxes is ncessary." A short pause. "Secondly, are you firing me?" She asked him then.

Jonah steps into the elevator as the door parts open, only turning around to press the floor for Channel six again. "Look at the clues again, O'Neil. If you can't figure this one out, what hope do you have for investigative journalism?"

April looked down at the boxes in her hands and the nametags and she just shook her head a moment later. "Well I assuemd you were going to make some kind of… gift boxes… for people. But if my stuff is going inside of them then I'm honestly at a loss." She glanced at him, reached with her right hand to adjust her glasses and blinked her eyes in his direction.

"If you think I'm going to make it easy on you just because of that Foot story, you've got another thing coming." Jonah replies, shaking his head. "Keep brainstorming."

April smirked at hearing this. "Well, sir…" She started to respond to him in a dry tone of voice. "If its any consolation, I was accosted by those 'Foot' clan members just the other night. Their leader, in-fact, is alive… and he's looking quite awful, and quite angry. So I'm lucky to even be alive with you here today."

Jonah reaches over to smash the elevator stop button. As the car bumps to a halt. He allows for the quiet to linger. "Drop the boxes off at my cubicle and then go get your bike up here as well. Take one of the other 5 AMers with you."

April looked down at the boxes in her hands and then back over to him. "You want me to go downstairs and get my bike, and bring it to your office? With one of my morning co-workers?" She asked him again, sounding more than a little confused by this request.

"Did I mumble?" Jameson asks before answering it himself, "No I didn't. You heard me. Now do it!" Angry voice out of the way, he starts up the elevator once more, completing the trip to channel six's floor.

"O-okay." April said to him, stammering the words. She took the boxes to his cubicle and then went to find Vernon. He was a tall guy, who was flirting with one of the women who worked at the station. April grabbed her cameraman by his elbow and drug him toward the elevator with him making jokes about it the whole way. She went inside the elevator with him and then went downstairs to get her bike, while she tried to explain it.

A few minutes later and they returned, April wheeling her yellow/black 10-speed bike into the offices of the C6 team. She wheeled it over to JJJ's cubicle, looking around for him with Vernon behind her.

As the pair returns, April is greeted to the sight of the entire office grumbling while sorting through their belongings, putting bare essentials into their respective boxes while setting aside other stuff. As for April and Vern, their nametags were moved to the empty cubicles closer to the center of the work area. They too have boxes waiting at their old desks. Jonah stands to the side, near his cubicle, watching the other employees before glancing over to the approaching bike. He turns, reaching out to grab the bike. He looks to the two. "What you can fit in your box, you can keep here. What you can't, goes home with you until construction is finished. Label your box. Boxes go in the divided area of my cubicle when you leave for the day. First come, first serve on the desks. Except for mine."

April parked her bike near to JJJ and she looked at all the confused employees. This was turning out to be a memorable day afterall…. She went to her old desk and boxed her stuff up, as did Vernon Fenwick — her camera man. Coming to the center of the office now she sat the box of her few belongings down on the cubical counter that he'd chosen for her now and then crossed her arms over her stomach.

"Oh One more thing people!" Jonah brings up loudly, causing for the hustle to pause, "The owner of the last red stickered box collected from my cubicle each day will have the PLEASURE of staying put RIGHT there where I can keep an eye on them. Do NOT make me remember your face that way. Be on time! Even better, be early. Early bird gets the worm. Or in this case, the better cubicle. The evening shift, blue stickered people. Same deal for you only your boxes go into Thompson's at the end of the shift. And last one gets to spend time with her.

Welcome to the Bugle, channel six.


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