2017-01-18 The Snake Street Race
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Black Widow, Captain America, Dark Caliber, Maria, Nick Fury, Phantasm
GMed by Nick Fury
Title: The Snake Street Race

Little Italy is a neighborhood in lower Manhattan, New York City, once known for its large population of Italians. Today the neighborhood of Little Italy consists of Italian stores and restaurants that mostly line a singular street named, Mulberry.
Noteable locations in the Little Italy area include, the Puck Building that stands near the north end of the street on the southwest corner of Houston Street. Further south is Saint Patrick's Old Cathedral.
Below Prince Street is the former Ravenite Social Club, where wire taps acquired evidence that sent John Gotti to prison.
LIttle Italy rests directly beside Little Chinatown and they're both commonly referred to as the 'lower east side'. Restaurants and shopping line the streets, as do citizens milling about be-it on their daily routes or simply because they are tourists.

Nobody enjoys prisoner escort duty. Nobody. Which is why it improves morale tremendously when big "name" agents and Avengers take their place in the rotation. Which is how Steve Rogers, Captain America, is riding shotgun in the first car - not that he has a gun, of course, just the (in)famous shield. He's relaxed and chatting with the driver.

Maria is in the last armored vehicle because she's understated like that. She is reasonably stern this morning, squinting with dedication and a need for coffee. She glances at the driver next to her, probably with stern assuredness, because she always picks her drivers carefully. She taps her earpiece and says into her microphone, "We're on track, stay alert everyone."

Not technically part of the convoy but reasonably close enough to have a Raven's eye view of it, Phantasm is in the sky following along, keeping an eye out for anything odd. There's really nothing odd about this bird. Nope. Nothing at al- Wait. Is it wearing an earpiece?

Bundled up in dark clothing, with helmet on her head, Agent Romanoff tailed the convoy on a black sport motorcycle. Only she wasn't close to them, she was exactly one city block behind them. The engines of her motorcycle mixed with that of the rest of the morning activities of Manhattan. She was obeying the laws of traffic and was simply keeping tabs on the distance of the convoy ahead of her, pausing and street lights and using her black-leather-gloved hands to rev the engine of her bike to keep it nice and warm on this wintery morning.

Tynan is in the rear car. She was chosen to ride in the back for the fact that she has an odd ability, and needs to see what she needs to use if the situration arises. For now, the woman has a traditional combat shotgun, and 2 pistols for weapons.

Her unique armor kinda stands out a little bit as a Snipers light armor. (For those that know, Sharpshooter type in X-Com 2.) She has the hood pulled up, covering her face while she reads the heads up display under it. She's all cheery and everything that the American Agents arn't, cause she's fairly used to being up this early anyways.

About a half mile up along the route, there are people even at this early morning. Some are tucked into alleys. Some are on fire escapes. A couple are on the roof. They all are wearing similar dark colored hoodies at the moment. The ariel view might notice the similarities as well as a flash of color of costumes below the hoodies. They try to look casual, but heads are turning towards the approaching convoy.

As the convoy gets closer, one hoodie is discarded. The figure appears to be female in shape with green hair, but her face is covered with a black mask that matches the black skin tight outfit she wears as well. She takes a couple steps and then is suddenly running at the same speed as the lead convoy car. She is trying to zip by the lead on the left and cut between the second and third car.

Maria tap taps her earpiece, "People, we've got a meta bogie. She's at 9:00-no 3:00uhh, protect that middle car," she tells people over the intercom. She points at the driver as he looks a bit nervous, "Don't slow down. Captain America and our Eye in the Sky have us covered. Plus we have some backup," she explains. The driver nods even more nervously.

Captain America shifts the position of the shield, casually. "We have a bogie. Drive casual and hold course for now." The door on his side? It's not privacy locked, just in case. "Phantasm, what are you seeing?" The raven has the best view of the situation of any of them.

As the raven swoops over to another building, the feather head turns, taking note of some odd views. Phantasm frowns, "A lot of Company. On Ground, fire escapes, and rooftops. Uniform in appearance. One approaching, Green hair. Black outfit and mask."

The Black Widow's face wasn't visible inside the glossy obsidian motorcycle helmet she wore, the reflection of the city around her shined off of its smooth surface. Listening to everything being spoken over the comms, she calmly continued to follow the convoy. There were many well-trained agents on this run, she didn't need to over extend herself unless things got far worse than one Meta. Her motorcycle revved its engine loudly though, and through the falling snow she sped up, closing to within half a block's distance now.

Tynan stays silent in the back of the last car. She's watching the speedster on the radar of her HUD. THe woman takes in a breath, and lets it out slowly as the safety on the shotgun is thumbed. THe woman hasn't risen the gun yet, but one can tell that she's combat ready.

Black Racer swings around to the second car. She matches the speed of the car as she moves to open the back door. Her hands flash as she works on the lock finally spring it open. There are agents inside that open fire, but she just stops starts and zig zags out of the way. She moves off to the right and drops back in her speed towards the third armored car.

Up ahead, another hoodie is discarded. This man is dressed in mostly red with a white chest and belly. The most unsual thing is that a large tale now curles above his head. It begins to shake and rattle. Sonic vibrations are being sent at the first car in the convoy now. The car begins to shake and become hard to steer. A tire shatters and suddenly it is sliding on the snow slicked road.

Other figures move along the alleys and fire escapes to try and get to the flank of the convoy.

And that, is the point at which the door opens. Cap doesn't stick his head out. He's all the way out, clinging to the side as he throws the shield towards Rattlesnake, or whatever his name is. It's quicker than most could react, and smooth, but they seem to be rather outnumbered. Hopefully they weren't counting on Avengers…

"New player, red and white costume, Rattlesnake tail." Phantasm relays, "I'm starting to think everyone waiting has some type of power. The others are flanking."

"Keep the convoy moving, do not stop at any cost." Natasha said inside of her helmet, keeping her disetance wasn't easy but she had to to maintain her role as backup in this scenario. "This is the lightest that traffic is going to get in this town, and its only going to get worse every passing minute." She was moving her eyes around inside of her motorcycle helmet, trying to scan for additional targets, full faith in Rogers dealing with this incoming Meta… it was the rest of them that worried Romanoff.

Tynan taps the driver. "Heading up.", she tells the driver before unrolling both windows. THe woman slides up to the roof of the car, and puts a safety line on both sides of the car to keep her stable, and not fly off the car. THe woman makes the combat shotgun disappear before her eyes glow a little bit. She makes a slash in the air, and pulls out an assault rifle. Smoke comes off her fingers as she closes the rift.

Tynan starts to take careful aim, before letting loose 3 round bursts into the flanking enemy. Just to keep the first speedster from gtting too close, Ty fires a few shots to keep her away, before going back to the flanking enemy.

Rattler is concentrating on the first car and doesn't even see Cap's shield coming towards him. He is stuck square with it and goes flying backwards. The sonic vibrations shift upward knocking down a couple stones of the building ledge down towards the vans.

Black Racer was going towards the third car but shifts wide as Tynan opens fire. She zooms off to the right and slows down for a second as she starts to come in from the rear now.

From one of the fire escapes, another hoodie is disregarded. It is man with a green Cobra hood up over his head and some sort of purple outfit on his body. He launches himself downward towards Tynan as she is firing at Black Racer and some of the other Serpents on the ground.

From out of the alley way, a man with the body of a snake suddenly sliters out at high speed. Bushmaster moves quickly to try and snatch Captain America out of the door of the first car as the Star Spangled Avenger deals with Rattler. Claws extend from his hands as he uses the tail to spring forward and attack.

"DC! Above you!" Phantasm snaps into the comm, fighting the urge to abandon post to go fight down below as he gives a general play by play. "Another snake guy heading to your car, Cap."

The shield is caught and lifted to bounce one of the stones off of it, even as he turns to face Bushmaster. Deflecting the stone delays him, though, and the other will get a grip on him…but he's stronger than most expect, his feet powering into the snake to try and kick him away. "Grah." Snake-themed villains. Good job none of them are phobic.

When the enemies started to converge is when Natasha, to, converged on the convoy. She might even seem like another attacker if those inside the convoy weren't privvy to her identity. Her motorcycle raced ahead on the NYC pavement that was getting more difficult to drive on by the hour in this weather…

Racing ahead, Natasha aimed her bike for that Snoke Monster and she went to drive RIGHT PAST it… but after passing the Snoke creature, it might notice that the Black Widow had left a gift in the form of a small silver device stuck to its scaley body, and it was blinking with several red lights with a squealing noise growing more high-pitched by the mili-second.

Tynan hears the yell in her comm. She's wondering who it is, and how they got her name. Deal it it later. The woman glances at her radar as she calmly draws a pistol out from her thigh holster. She turns her body a little bit, and aims up, taking shots at the incoming snake. No need to panic, just stay calm. Focused. Hopefully the shots were enough to put that snake down as it falls towards her. After that's dealt with, back to keeping the convoy from being flanked again.

The snake attacking Tynan bends in an almost inhuman manner to avoid the shots coming at him. He doesn't land on Tynan as he was avoiding the shot but he lands on the roof top next to her. He smiles once and then launches himself towards her as he tries to grapple and pull her off the roof.

Bushmaster isn't as strong as Cap, but with the strength of his tail, he can try and get some leverage. Except Widow's device causes him to grab at his ears allowing Cap to kick him backwards. As he is launched backwards, some may see sparks coming from the tail as Bushmaster tries to collect himself, circling on that tail as he moves to strike again.

Another figure steps in front of the first car that is skidding. Her arms begin to enlongate and grabs at the side of the van, trying to flip it backwards towards the second car.

Into his com. "Snake body, vulnerable electricity," he says simply, positioning the shield, but he's hoping to keep the guy focused on him so that Widow can "bite" him again. It's probably more effective than Steve punching away at this point.

"Another one is trying to grab Car 1" The raven belts out, looking around for anymore plays that need calling, "Snake on back car with DC."

Gadgets were the main name of Natasha Romanoff's game, not only did she love spy gadgets… she had a whole arsenal of them on her person at almost all hours of the day. The snakes had been her first targets, as Cap had said over comes, her 'Widow Bites' delivered a massive amount of high voltage to any that they detonated on.

Spinning her motorcycle around on the pavement she saw the target at the front on Car 1 that Mike indicated. Zipping forward on her bike again, Natasha roared down the other side of the convoy and dropped a gas grenade in front of the elongating-arms-woman, it bursts into a dark violet haze of gas that would make even an elephant go to sleep.

Tynan waits just a second. Just for the snake to start to get speed. "Right shield.", she states, ad as the snake comes in, hopefully he'll ram face first into the shield. Ty rolls a little with the impact, using her martial arts skills to guide the snake person up and over her. Which….hopefully puts the snake right in front of the car for a solid and meaty speedbump. Ty uses the pistol to fire a few more shots at the flanking enemies while she works on strapping the assault rifle to a combat sling.

Anaconda is laughing as she grabs at the armored car so she doesn't see Widow coming in. She is caught by the haze of gas and suddenly stumbles to one knee. She then collapses over to her side out like a light.

King Cobra does indeed smack into Tynan's shield and is flipped over. He has enough where with all, however, to slipe under the on coming car and finds a man hole cover. He is down into the sewers and gone.

Bushmaster uses his tail to launch himself again towards Cap. He covers forty feet as if it were nothing, coming down on Cap from above with a cry of fury.

And Cap tosses the shield to meet the descending snake as he scrambles to the side. He's dealt with worse than this. One of the snake people is escaping, Widow has caught another. Maybe he'll get a lucky shield shot in and knock this one out too, by the force of his own leep.

"Car 1 snake down, Last Car Snake went down under, Cap is still fighting one." Phantasm relays to the crew.

"Fury, do I get a head count bonus if I take down the most?", Tynan asks as she finishes strapping the rifle in. She puts the pistol away in its holister. "And I want a beer and a pizza when I return.", the woman says. Is she being serious? Yes, she is.

"Light beer and only a cheese pizza from what I am seeing," comes Fury's voice over the comm. "These Serpents should be already in custody. Quite dancing and just get them taken down. We need Sidewinder in the Vault." With Fury's voice, the second armored car accelerates and is trying to power past the various Serpents that are trying to take it down.

Bushmaster cries out as Cap's shield rips his cybernetic tail. It falls off with a shower of sparks. Bushmaster falls to the ground snarling in fury but unable to do anything but pull himself along with his arms.

Catching the shield, Captain America steps towards the downed snake. "Ready to surrender?" They won't get all of the gang, but they'll have more than they did before the jailbreak attempt. That's…not how jailbreaks are supposed to work.

The Raven looks a little odd just flapping its wings above the wreck and so the bird moves to a nearby building and perches, keeping an eye out for any more late joiners. Man. How do Soccer Announcers do this all the time? Just watching and commenting. That's it.

"…Light…beer? Excuse me?", Tynan says as she takes out her frustration on any still coming. "Light Beer? Thats an insault that I will not stand for. You better be finding something a bit stronger then that! I don't want to wake up until after its dark again, with a splitting headache.", Tynan declares. The woman wants to make another comment, but keeps quiet. Last thing she needs to say is what went through her head just then.

Natasha had held back to deal with the Anaconda woman, securing her to make sure she wouldn't get up and slip away. So moments later, her motorcycle roared back up onto the scene and she slid it into a sudden park alongside Cap. Her black leather boots touched down onto the concrete on either side of the bike and she lifted her hands up to take her helmet off and let her red hair fall about her shoulders. She looked at the… thing… that Steve was addressing.

"Guys, I don't want to be the wet blanket but…" The bird glancs to the source of the growing sunlight, "New York Traffic is going to be waking up soon."

Bushmaster raises his hands up from his helpless position on the ground. "I give. I give." He rolls onto his back to try and then use his hands to back up a little bit, but he isn't running away. "'sides, the Society will get us out in a week," he mutters under his breath.

It looks like the attack has been stopped. The second armored truck, that had Sidewinder on it, does manage to keep moving even as New York is starting to wake up a bit. The third truck continues after the second as the last sentry.

"Well, then." Steve hops into the van that's on its side to get some sets of cuffs, which they definitely have handy. "Let's book *these* guys in and then…" Well, to be honest, Steve's probably going to bed. Super soldier stamina or no.


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