2017-01-21 Holy Molly Was that a Car?

Finding a poor homeless Molly Hayes in a public park in Salem Center


It is still cold out, and there is still snow on the ground. To those with homes this is not a big deal. To twelve year old homeless kids, however, it can be a bit rough. It is is fairly late now, and the sun has been down for an hour or two. A few families are packing up their winter picnics, and a couple walk along one of the paths, hand-in-hand. It is a nice enough scene for now.

Molly Hayes sits under a tree, not quite in-sight of the path itself. She is dressed in jeans with a bunch of holes in them, faded and scuffed pink and white Converse, and a similarly faded pink shirt under a heavy, far-too-large jacket. A worn cap is pulled down on her forehead, with the face of a bunny on it, and long floppy ears dangling down. The ends of the ears are mittens, which her hands are stuffed into. She peers up at the sky, teeth idly chattering.

Nearby, of course, a group of masked villains prepare to bring trouble to the quaint little park. Not yet, though. But soon.

"Vell yes, Ouiji boards are a complete scam Marie." Wanda says, actually engaging in conversation as she leads the two X-women through the park on a path of trampled and compacted snow. "No one in the vitching vorld actually uses them." The witch continues as she begins to look around, like a blood hound caught on a fresh sent. She holds a leather gloved hand up towards Lorna and Rogue,

"They are near, can you feel them Lorna?" Wanda tries to verify her hunch with the official X-man.


Rogue was walking along with Wanda and they were gabbing, it was night time and there was snow on the ground in the park. "They say Milton Bradley on them, don't they?" She asked about the ouija board to Wanda and then laughed/giggled/snorted in a very crazy-like way which was kind of out-of-place for Marie. "A'course ya'll don't take'em seriously then!" She slapped her mitten-covered hand against Wanda's elbow and then kicked over a snowman that someone had made earlier today. "Death to iceman!" She shouted and giggled insanely again, then reached up to adjust her wool cap, not notcing Molly as of yet.

"Mmmn, there's a cluser of bodies, unusual at this hour." Lorna agrees looking from Wanda to Rogue before looping and arm around the woman's waist and playfully hauling her away from the poor snowman. "Hush, Iceman was sweet." She tells the other woman. "Save your sparta kicks for training." she advises and looks about them, trying to place the bodies she sense around them in the park.

Gambit is seemingly out for a walk himself, and talking on the phone, not noticing the other denizens of the mansion nearby. "Non, Deidre, je ne peux pas. Adressez-vous au maitre de guilde Tyre. Je suis desole, le conseil a rendu sa decision. Je dois m'y tenir. Bien. Je vais parler a Michael pour vous, mais je ne peux rien promettre. Au Revoir." He finishes, powering off his phone and then loks up to see the attractive trio coming towards him. "Hello ladies," He offers them all, though his smile is all for the Southern Belle.

Molly hears people nearby on the path, just on the other side of the shrubs. She blows some breath into her bunny-ear-mittens to try and warm up a bit, and she feels her tummy rumble. The twelve year old considers for a moment or two before she stands up from where she was laying against the tree, and she brushes snow from her jeans. She then hops around the bushes, and ends up standing in front of the X-Men. She doesn't recognize any of them outside of costume, of course (Though she has QUITE the knowledge of publically known heroes and villains!).

"Hey!," the kid calls out to them. "Any of you got a few bucks? I'm super hungry. I'll like…wash your windshield or somethin'?" Her accent is definatly not local. West Coast, for sure. The girl looks totally mundane and human. (Apart from being a clearly homeless preteen, of course).

"Yes Milton-" Sigh.

"Vhat did that snow man ever do to… Oh. You seem to have a fan Marie." Wanda says, moving out to the side of the group as Remy appears, but she turns her head turns to the attention of Molly, where she raises an eyebrow to the down trodden young woman and quickly lifts a hand to her temple, turning away from the girl abruptly. Lorna, step up and don't fail your sis now.

Rogue spun around to face Lorna and Wanda, covered in snow and with a huge smile on her face. "He had it comin'n you know it, Lorny-Baby." She said with a big smile. But thats when Gambit arrived and Rogue spun around, having heard the french speaking over the phone, she sauntered over to him, swaying her hips, her red scarft flowing from where it was tied around her neck. She grinned at him and pushed herself up against him. "Oh, Eh bien maintenant, si ce nest pas lhomme qui qui me fait frmir si merveilleusement." She sputtered the words out in a husky and honey-filled voice for him.

Gambit grins wickedly and kisses Rogue softly on the lips, his own power seeming to blanket out Rogue's own. But when the girl comes up, well… Remy grew up on the streets and he's got a soft spot if there ever was one for kids. He reaches into his coat and pulls out 2 $100 bills, looking at her seriously. "Now yah listen. Yah go get somet'ing ta eat, den yah get a Taxi. Yah tell dem ta take yah to Our Mot'er of Mercy in de city. Yah get dare yah ask Foh Dr. Cecilia Reyes. She a friend of mine. Tell 'er Remy send you. She a good person. What evah got yah out 'ere, she see to it yah taken care of." Of course, Remy has no idea little Molly is a mutant…

"I don't have cash on me, but why don't we get you home-you must be freezing out here." Lorna says, looking at the grubby kid, trying to assess the situation. "Did someone jack your bus money to get home from school or something?" She asks and slips her hands into her pockets thoughtfully before offering one to the girl. "I'm Polaris, this is my friend Scarlet Witch, if we can do anything to help-we'd be happy to." She tells the kid and glances at Rogue. Guess the southern belle is out for the count now.

The little girl reaches out to take the money from Gambit, and she arches an eyebrow at him. "Thanks. And it's cool, don't worry. I used to have a friend with a speech impediment. I could never understand a word she said, either!" Molly flashes him a smile and then blinks when she realises they are one hundred dollar bills, and not ones. She blinks again and takes a few steps back as she glances from him to the girl with emerald green hair, a bit confused now. "Uh. I don't have a home. Uh, I mean…I'm fine. I got a home. I'm just…you know. Out late. Past curfew. I should get going. Peace!" She turns to scurry away.

Molly then gets hit with a thrown car.

Everything goes from peaceful to mayhem in a split second. It happens so fast it is actually hard to tell what is happening at first. First, Molly is scurrying away from the group, and then a car launches through the bushes, a few feet in the air, and hits her. It hits her hard. The car then slams against a tree and cracks the tree in half, before laying in a crumpled heap. The girl is not visible. But NO human being could survive that.

"We got her! Doesn't she have buddies, though? Other kids?," growls a man in a purple and white armored suit as he steps into view. He is completely covered, except for blonde hair sticking out of the top (Like Gambit's weird, famous costume that covers everything but his face and hair), and his mouth and chin. He is soon followed by two more people. One is almost seven feet tall and bright red, and looks to be some kind of alien, with chorded muscles and no nose or ears. The last one is a sleek woman who appears to be made of fire. The snow melts and sizzles around her. "Did you smoosh her?," the woman purrs. "Good. Less work. We can scrape her into a baggy and take her back to L.A. And who gives a crap about the other brats? This is the one we were paid to nab." They don't even seem to notice the others standing nearby at first, likely assuming they are just weird-looking bystanders.

Busy watching the flirts and suppressing her own memories of being a starving eleven year old, Wanda doesn't sense or even have a chance to react to the incoming vehicle before it steamrolls over Molly. She gasps, turning around quickly at the gut wrenching sound of metal and fluids and organics all coming into a cacophony of crumpling death.
Quickly her eyes flare, and her hands seemingly ignite in a white to red flame, red steam lifting away from balled fists before she reaches out to the car and pulls it away from the tree, swinging it just as quickly back towards the foes who launched the car in the first place.
No words, just action, a firey, desire to squish these insignificant vile mortals like the empty soulless beings they all are. She's going to erase them!

Rogue hadn't even noticed Molly up until Remy offered the girl money and then she awed at her. "We can help ya find your way—" Rogue tried to add upon that of what her friends had done to assist the kid.

Thats when the Car landed, rolled and smooshed… it was so sudden and so horrific that the Southern Belle just couldn't really immediately PROCESS it. By the time she started to figure out what had happened she was looking to Wanda and then to Polaris, to see if they…

"What the F***?!" Rogue shouted, having gone from happy to embroiled in anger, in a split second.

Hell hath no fury like a woman who's just seen a car thrown at a kid. Lorna's eyes go white as she zeros in on the three men. Catching the car, she dismantles it into pieces that aim themselves towards the bad guys. "Give us one good reason not to turn you into pulp before we give you to the police." She says darkly, anger visible on her face and in her posture as she slowly raises a hand to release her own version of death by car at the enemies. Looking at Wanda, her white eyes narrow a little. "We should at least try to restrain them before we grind them into a fine paste. Paste can't do jail time." A little louder she adds "Death as a last resort." With a hateful look at the men. "But I won't weep over anyone who attacks a child like that."

Gambit is more or less in Wanda's camp here. He saw himself in that little girl. Living on the streets, stealing and begging…and worse… just to get his next meal.. and then /THAT/ hapened! His hands flick down and three cards appear in between his fingers, flareing suddonly with Magenta fire. He intends to explode the card that Wanda just through right on top of them men… And then Lorna speaks…His breath comes in three slow breaths… and he throws the cards straight up, running over to check the child.

Wanda rips the car from where it is tangled and wedged against the tree, and launches it towards the three attackers. As it sails through the air it is dismantled in an instant by Polaris, and the pieces break apart and hover there. "Whoa!," cries out the man in white and blue. Energy begins to crackle across his body as the big red one snarls and steps in front of the other two, hunkering down a bit. "I'd reccomend standing aside," the woman made of fire sighs. "We're just here to collect a bounty. Step aside and we won't kill you too…" The man in blue and white clearly looks shaken, though, as he eyes the floating metal. "It's like that Magneto guy!"

Gambit starts towards where the splattered twelve year old should be. However, instead of a super-dead-kiddo, everyone catches sight of Molly climbing to her feet. Her clothes are pretty jacked up, but there isn't a scratch on her. Her eyes are glowing an intense pink, with energy crackling and rising off of them.

"You guys again? I thought I lost you jerks in the Dakotas! UGH! I'M NOT GOING HOME!" She reaches down, and wood splinters around her small fingers as she yanks the remains of the tree from the ground. She hefts the tall, heavy tree as if it weighed absolutely nothing.

"Shit! She isn't down!," cries the man in blue and white.


Wanda shoots a glance over to Lorna, almost as ill tempered a glare as she had aimed at the three villains, she's going to let Lorna be the conscious of this group. Wanda then spots the girl and she can't help but be astounded, seeing the girl not only alive but physically okay, even if she is less than clothed for winter, or modesty sake at this point, but that's not what Wanda's worried about any more.

She steps forward, towards the trio, only on the third step she stops touching the ground and is floating towards the group, her eyes solid white with red smoke floating away from her face, her hands glowing still as she prepares to end them.

Lorna was probably going to have to be the moral compass for all three of the X-Men that were witnessing this event, (Or is it 2 X-Men and Wanda?)

Rogue took a step toward them, but the others were so powerful she was merely biding her time for a moment… should this escalate further… she'd wait for that moment to strike. She saw Molly rise up, which was a huge relief, but still…

"Ya'll just made enemies with the wrong people." Rogue chided the bounty hunters though, gently rocking back and forth on her booted feet, ready to supersonic lunge at a moment's notice…

"Fohget about O-MOM kid, Ah t'ink we got a bettah place we c'n take yah." He says casually and then does indeed launch a six card barage at the would be bounty hunters. I mean if they don't have the common sense to back down when Lorna just saved them, well then let's educate the fellows a little bit.


"She's not going anywhere." Lorna says and shifts the car pieces around to circle the bounty hunters. "I'm really quite like Magneto-with one exception, I have no qualms taking down the bad mutants." She growls and adds "Last chance before I lift these car parts and really let the others loose. I've heard Scarlet Witch can do some real wicked things to the people the cross her-and Gambit? Well, he never did like rules." She spares a glance for Molly and looks back. "I don't think I could stop her either, come to think of it. So…really, if I were you-I'd stay in California from now on."

The cards hit the big red guy with the BOOM-BOOM-BOOM sounds that are probably pretty familiar to the X-Men by now. It causes the big noseless guy to take a step back, and he lets out a bellow of pain and rage. Molly, meanwhile, launches the tree at the three side-wise. She throws it like it was nothing, and it hits the big red guy hard, making him fall back against the other two. "Are you two IDIOTS? That's an AVENGER! And those are DEFINATLY powered do-gooders! Let's bolt and fill the Pride in!," cries out the blue and white one (Which appears to be the only one of them with any brains.) He reaches out and places a hand on the woman (Appearing unphased by her flames) and the big guy…and with a crackle of energy and the smell of burnt ozone…they are gone. Not before the woman can cry out, "The Pride says hello, kiddo! I'm sure you'll see them soon!" The spot they were standing on is totally melted, and the ground beneath is scorched from the teleportation.

Molly blinks as they vanish. "Ugh! They did that last time, too!" She turns and kicks a lamppost beside the path, snapping it in half.

Wanda drops from floating, landing on her hands and knees in the snow, coughing and gently lifting her hand up to her face and rubbing the back across her nose. "Not again." She whispers, whiping the blood in the white snow and slowly leaning back to rest on her knees and feet, looking back at the group of X-men and one wanted child.

"Every one okay?" Wanda asks quietly, roling her eyes softly at the broken lamp post. Not right, but she totally understands and will fix it when she can stand.

Looking at Wanda with concern, Lorna places a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, take it easy." she murmurs and looks at Molly. "Hey. Looks like you have some enemies huh? Should have said. There's a place for mutants, young and older, it's safe, and a school, but more importantly, it's a roof, meals, and other kids like you." She tells her and looks to Gambit for his charm.

Gambit watches the would be bounty hunters vanish, rather annoyed that they got away… but he nods at what Lorna says, and tries his best to turn his charm on the girl, saying "De babe wit' de funny 'air… Well one of de babes wit' de funn 'air… Okay de babe wit' de funny /green/ 'air got a point petie. Yah a mutant, den Xavier's where yah wanna be. An' Heck, dey take me in. Yah gotta know dare standards can' be dat 'igh."

Molly glances from one person to the next. She nods slowly to Lorna, as she clearly gets what she is saying. "Well, I'm not gonna tell normal people I'm a Mutant…" She trails of, her eyes crackling and pink and turns to Gambit. She squints up at him. "Dude, are you chewing on something? Is your tongue all swollen? Are you allergic to something? I had a friend who ate peanuts once on accident and his throat and tongue got all swollen and he sounded a lot like you. Does anyone have one of those stabby-pens?" She begins to waver, then, however. Her eyes crackle and turn back to baby-blue…and she topples into the snow. A moment later the sound of rather audible snoring can be heard.

"I vish I could just sleep anyvhere like that." Wanda says, standing up fully slowly and giving Lorna a nod. "I am okay." She says with a grin and pats her hands on her legs, getting the snow off. "Are you goink to take her to the school vithout askink her first?" Wanda inquires of Remy and the rest.

"She's a kid, passed out, in the snow…We'll take her to the school tonight, and if she wants to leave in the morning? We'll drop her off at that church Remy mentioned. Easy as that." Lorna nods and looks at the young mutant. "Winter is no time to be homeless-especially in freezing temps like this." She says and loops and arm in Wanda's and one in Rogue's. "Come on, let's get to the school before we all get colds."

Gambit cradles the poor sleeping child in his arms gently, "Let's go." He says and then add's "Did any of yah drive out 'ere? Ah took mah bike. Ah'd like ta get dis poor girl inta a heared somet'ing as soon as possible,"

"I do not know how to drive." Wanda says to Remy and looks back to Lorna, figuring the green haired goddess could easily drive. "Vhat should ve do about the ruin't car though?" She asks with a glance to the bazillion pieces of metal and plastic scattered in the snow.

"I can't drive to save my life." Lorna admits sheepishly. Considering the car, Lorna makes a face. "I'll tell Scott what happened and he can file a police report or something?" She shrugs and sighs. "Guess Rogue's driving." She hooks a smile and nodes to Remy. "I could drive the car, but not in the snow, I'll never figure out why, but I'm a shoddy driver, I just end up flying the car, and that's horrifically flashy."

Rogue had her car here and she was a great driver, exceptionally great, like frighteningly great driver (Thank you Carol <3).

…Everyone is frightened by Rogue's driving.


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