2017-01-22 The Doll was Watching
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Warning: N/A
Players: Ojin (as Bjorn) River Wyndolyn
GMed by No One
Title: The Doll was Watching

Hell's Kitchen, also known as Clinton and Midtown West, is a neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City that includes roughly the area between 34th Street and 57th Street, from 8th Avenue to the Hudson River.
This section of NYC is a bustling hub of traffic at nearly all hours of the day, but its notorious for its dangerous nightlife. Those that prey on the helpless stalk the alleys and side streets of this district, using the shadows as refuge to stalk their victims. Hell's Kitchen is not known for being friendly to those who take their safety lightly.
The streets themselves are not particularly dirty, but not particularly clean either, the district is somewhere in-between these two levels. However, the alleys that reside between the aging buildings are definitely on the filthy side of things, where homeless gather and loiter in their own makeshift homes.
Brownstone apartment complexes, old warehouses, low income commercial shops and storefronts… these are the buildings that make up the contents of this city district. Hell's Kitchen is constantly under pressure from both sides of its denizens, the lawful and those who would break the law for personal gain.

It's late afternoon in New York city. The sun has already begun it's decent, the sky a brillian orange, as one would expect during the days of winter. Though it was an oddly warm day, nothing much was needed beyound a simple coat. And it seems that the end of a rush hour has just ended, the streets mostly calm

Bjorn though looking a bit tired, was in a good mode. He worked the docks as usual, followed by an intense workout at the gym. ANd finally with that over, he had stopped to buy comics and more choclate. Couldn't get enough of the stuff. Worn leather coat on, backpack strapped, he walks down the sidewalk always wary of possible danger with Hells Kithcne.

An alleyway. Well, a short cut, really. Nobody saw the blonde woman go into said alleyway. Quite a few people see her stride out of it. She spots Bjorn and gives him a finger wave, remembering him from the other day. With the weird teleporter.

Wyrdstone knew now to keep a firm eye on the streets and side passages of Hell's Kitchen after a previous altercation on these streets. Tonight her stone was set into a small doll, barely six inches high, and she was sat upon a street lamp gazing up and down the streets. Most indeed would not notice the small porcelain doll seated so high up, and the rare gaze which fell upon her would hardly notice if she happened to move as darkness began to fall, simply passing her off as a small oddity. Tonight she was watchful.

Bjorn takes pause as he sees the blonde women from the other day. The one who apparently had trouble with a cult, and had no problems with a demon. He looks to the left and right of her and behind himself. After seeming satisfied there was no demon he says "Greeting Proffesor River Song" he says. He was just under the steet lamp Wyrdstone was setted atop of, and indeed he was unaware of her presence at the current moment.

River nods. "Greetings. And don't worry, the woman who invited us to hell doesn't appear to be in the area." She's oblivious of the intelligent doll.

Wyrdstone is content for now in her usual role of watcher, and indeed the phrasing River uses gets her attention. The small head turns down, leaning over and laying atop the street lamp so she can keep her attention on the two who have started talking, curious. Was it simply a reference to the name of this place? Or perhaps they refered to something else.

Bjorn nods slowly "Good. Lords know I ended up checking all over my house for signs of demons." he scowls lightly. He really did not like that. "So…. ummm. Errmm" he seemed unsure what to say despite having been a chatter box the other day "You like fish?" from demons to fish. He scratches his head

"I don't think she was as dangerous as she made out, but I have some…advantages." She glances up. Did she feel somebody watching her. "And I like fish and chips," she quips. With that accent, hardly surprising.

Peering over the edge of the streetlamp, the small head and shoulders of a porcelain doll would be difficult, though not impossible to see. At the mention of demons, she tilts her head curiously, a few oft blinks as she begins to think. Things were starting to veer, it sounded, into her area of expertise.

Bjorn hehs "It not the girl I was worried about. It the demon she brought that bother me" he states flatly. But he notices River looking up and soon follows her gaze upwards. He sees Wyrdstone peeking over the edge of the lamp. He blinks. "…how did a doll get up there?"
"Telekinetic with a sense of humor, probably," River says, calmly. Now she's seeing the doll…it's a small one. Wait. Did it move?

Helpfully, and evidently oblivious to the oddity of a moving, let alone talking doll, she replies "Gateway spell." in a high pitched voice to Bjorn, mouth and porcelain skin moving with surprising realism.

Helpfully, and evidently oblivious to the oddity of a moving, let alone talking doll, she replies "Gateway spell actually." in a high pitched voice, mouth and porcelain skin moving with surprising realism. The doll did indeed move! And continues to for that matter. "Forgive my overhearing, an unfortunate habbit of my profession, but it sounds a topic I may have some degree of expertise in should you require aid." Well, it sounded friendly at the very least.
Bjorn eyes widen. He bleeps out an icelandic curse at the dolls movement. Much like with the demon, his eyes were wide. A possessed doll. He was defintly regarding it warily "….ummm… do we disturb you spirit?" he asks.

"Oh, I don't think so. She was just trying to scare us." And in River's case failing utterly. The doll isn't upsetting her either. As if she's seen weirder.

Wyrdstone frowns at Bjorn, saying softly "Well there's no cause for that sort of language…" as though mildly offended. Standing up, the doll begins to walk along the air, as though descending an invisible spiral staircase. "And I was not trying to scare you… I simply overheard." she adds in a mild pout, pausing her descent around shoulder level. "I wished to enquire if I could assist."

Bjorn goes crosseyed as the doll floats there… at shoulder level. He stumbles with his words a bit "Oh umm, sorry… it just.. ermmm. You, well…." he was at a lost for words before saying "I am not sure. I was just… making sure there was no demon or anything around." or spirits he thinks to himself

"I didn't mean you." River shrugs. "Not that much scares me." Bjorn, though, seems to be a pretty ordinary guy. "And I don't think so right now. Maybe if she comes back." There's nothing mystical about her, by the way. NOthing unusual to those kinds of senses.
Ojin nods

Wyrdstone seems to take River's lack of reaction in stride, as though it was ordinary and Bjorn was acting oddly. Indeed she looks over Bjorn with mild concern as he stutters. "Another fruitless night then it would seem." she says dejectedly, giving a languid stretch that at points reveals the ball joints of her wrists and elbows. "Forgive my intrusion again. I am Wyndolyn Wyrd, proprietor of the Den of Fate in Chinatown. I fear I haven't asked your names?" Friendly and polite. So nice to see something strange and out there that isn't trying to kill everyone for once.

Bjorn hears the name and blinks. He takes out a card a women, well manican? He wasn't quite sure, she just… fell apart and put herself togeather again. None the less he takes out a card "Wyndolyn…. oh! You are lady from the yesterday!" he seems to relax some "Oh, hope them fellos not give you moar trouble." Bjorn is indeed seems rather ordinary on the surface of things

"Trouble?" River inquires, moving to lean against the nearest building and rummaging in her purse. "As Bjorn said…Professor River Song." She doesn't mention professor of *what* of course.

Wyrdstone says "Ah!" and points at Bjorn, as though having found the answer to a puzzle. "Yes. Yes I remember you.", and to River, a slight bow, smiling passively. "A pleasure, proffessor." She does not yet enquire. "No, no. T'was hardly troublesome at the time, merely a tad irritating. Simply a few modern briggands. Of far more concern to me is talk of demons. I have lost much time, and in the few months since my return I have yet to properly acclimatise to cults and rituals of the time."

Bjorn hmmms "I… try to avoid digging into cults and the likes. That is a road that leads to trouble" he says firmly. "…whats a Briggand?" he wonders. he blinks "Oh, right, name. Bjorn" he says

"Robber. Thief." River shrugs. "Can't help on that, I prefer other ways of enforcing my will on the universe than rituals and demon summoning." Which is her way of saying she's a scientist, not a magician.

Nodding to River, Wyndolyn adds "Roughian, thug. Many words for the same plague. A pleasure to meet, and indeed remeet each of you." Here and there, she was glancing at River with the same expression usually held by people trying to figure out if they've seen someone before or not. "And indeed t'is important to have specialists in many fields, not merely one. What is it you >do< study professor?" she enquires politely.

Bjorn nods at the deifnitions given. He chuckles "Well there not all so bad… some are just in bad spots. Still… it is not a good thing." he muses. He hmms and looks to Wyndolyn and than to River. he never thought to ask the question himself

"Archaeology, for the most part." Which doesn't quite fit what she said about will and the universe, but…well. It's a science in its way, right?

"Ah! How fascinating. A study of what has come before is always important in understanding the perils we may face in future. A noble endevor indeed. I myself find interest in relics of the past, though as you say, more to the lines of 'rituals and demon summoning' than of what may be seen as traditional science. Indeed my shop is a wide assortment of examples of mysticism throughout the ages and worlds.". Worlds? Plural? "And what of you Bjorn. What is it you endevor in?" she asks, smiling politely.

Bjorn ears are a bit pink now. One studies achology, the other mysticism. He felt a bit out of his league, but he none the less does state his postion proudly "I'm a dock worker" he says "You know, heavy labor kind of thing"

River nods. "Perhaps I will have to check it out…although again, mysticism is not my thing." She shrugs. "Nothing wrong with that."

Wyrdstone says, "If not lore and research, at least I may offer tea and conversation should you chose to visit." pleasantly, and she reaches into a small, increadibly small pouch at her side. Perplexingly, she then proceeds to draw from this pouch a tiny folded slip, which unfolds into a stiff business card almost twice as tall as she is, no hint of a crease upon it. This she offers to River, adding "Besides. Perhaps a time may come where my expertise may serve you.".

"There is no shame to be had in manual labor." she says to Bjorn, smiling. "T'is a task which I am ill suited myself, if not permitted to rely on my arts. There are many roles which support the rise of civilization, and I fear many in positions of power could do to remember that."

Bjorn nods "I know there no shame in it. But, I am certain that you two have probably… well know alot more than little old me" he says with an amused chuckle before sighing "Yea." he munches on choclate bar "So… how did you come to study these things?"

River accepts it, slipping it into her purse. "Perhaps," she says, "But there's a difference between knowing a lot more and being smarter…or more useful. And, well. I was trying to solve a mystery and got hooked."

Wyrdstone says, "Indeed knowledge is useful, but is far from the end of all things.", nodding to River in agreement. "T'is only a shame so few understand the value in each other, great and slight. Indeed I have met many a scholar with tomes upon tomes of memorized fact, yet very little common sense.".

Bjorn rubs his beard in thought "Well, my folks have a saying. Common sense is not common!" he says. But he then seems confused "…whats the difference between knowing alot and being smarter? Arn't they the same thing?" he asks.

"Not remotely. Consider the guy who first invented fire. Would you say he was stupid?" River asks. She's heading for a point.

Wyrdstone opens her mouth to reply, but smiles at River's comment, deciding to allow the professor to elucidate.

Bjorn hmms at this "….um… I thought nature invented fire." with a lack of sarcasm, it clear he was serioes. But he seems to be in thought, or stareing into space - might be one and the same for him "…but I guess if a fella can make fire on there own… then there not very dumb"

"Right, but they didn't know the sun was a star, something a modern western kid learns before puberty. See what I mean?" River grins. "Besides, a very wise man said the only thing you really have to know is the location of the library."

Wyrdstone says, "Do they now?" appreciatively, sounding quite surprised by that bit of information. "Well I am certainly glad to hear education has been improving over the centuries. I really must do more to acclimatise…"."

Bjorn nods, but it seem he dosn't quite understand. Intelligence didn't seem to be his strong point, or had to do with his foggy memory. But something seems to register "Centuries? Ummm… how old are you ladies?" he has to wonder suddenly

"Now, now, that's NOT a question you ask a lady." Nor one River, for one, seems prepared to answer. Wyrdstone can make her own response.

Evidently unabashed herself, Wyndolyn cheerfully proclaims "Three hundred and… and…" then falls silent. There's a brief pause where she seems to be doing some hard thinking, and finally asks "What year is it?"

Bjorn hmmms "I was raised to never be afriad to ask questions." he chimes to River. But than he stareing at Wyndolyne when she mentions being three hundred something. It takes a moment to respond "…it's 2017 miss" he says

River shrugs. "2017," she echoes. Although from her tone she's used to people not being entirely sure when they are.

Wyrdstone says, "Ah! Thirty eight." beaming to herself. As River, she seems completely unaware of just how odd it is to reach such an age. "Forgive me, it's been some time since I have been… erm… active." she adds bashfully."

Bjorn blinks again. He stares at Wyrdstone. Of all the strangeness that has happened.. he never knowingly met someone THAT old. "That is, quite and advanced age" he says unsure how to respond to this knowledge

"Not a bad age at all," River muses. Older than her, for that matter, although she tends to lose track. Time travel does that.

Wyrdstone eyes Bjorn almost warningly after he struggles to assemble words and thoughts, and seems a teensy bit frowny by the answer she got, however worse it could have been. River gets an appreciative nod on the other hand. "I suppose it is not common.. I did not have the chance to grow old in a mortal body. I am not sure if that upsets me or not, truth be told."
Bjorn rubs his head "A mortal body? Wait… so this isn't a real body?" he asks. He had assumed Wydolyne was a mutant that just happened to have some odd powers. Nope, apparently her mortal body went out the door. He looks to River "Hmmm, I wouldn't mind living to be that old if I am honest"

"Most people wouldn't. 'Course, there comes a point when some people get tired of it." She shrugs a bit. "I'd also note that longer lived people tend to perceive time a bit differently."

Wyrdstone demonstrates an answer for Bjorn, reaching up and gently cupping her head, then lifting it. With a small 'pop', the head of the doll comes free of the ball joint for it's neck, and her face smiles softly. "A doll. I have mannequins and wax figures as well, but t'is easier to command a smaller body, and indeed when watch duty is my goal, there are advnatages to having less of a physical presence.". Afterwards, placing her head back properly on her body and giving a little stretch, she adds "I thankfully do not yet tire of my role in this world, yet still I hope to train others to follow in my stead when some day I am less fortunate."

Bjorn nods slowly as the head is popped off and than back on. A shiver runs up his spine. The other day he was pretty well distracted, but watching someone pull their head off was unsettling. "Well, I don't know what role I have in the world. Somedays I wish I can just fall into a barrel of toxic waste and turn into a hero. Course, seeing how folks react to mutants…. probably wouldn't work out" he nots in thought

River considers that, thoughtfully. "You don't have to," she says finally. "You don't need to be tremendously powerful to be a hero. You need to be *resourceful.*"

Wyrdstone says, "I imagine that would not have the effect you desire.", her face a little concerned. She nods in agreement with River, adding "Everyone must start somewhere. For me, t'was an education in the gifts and abilities I have proficiency in. For you, clearly, your strength is a source of proficiency, and I am sure there is more to be had."

Bjorn rubs the back of his head "I not that strong really. Just ordinary. " so says the guy who looks to regularly engage in strongman training! He looks between the two "It just, well… guess I just feel like if I was more than I am, that I could do more than I ever could.

"Look," River says quietly. "I know ordinary people…people nobody who would look twice at…who, when the time comes, step forward to save entire worlds. I've seen battles won by one person in the right place, at the right time. You don't need superpowers to make a difference. You don't need to be a supergenius, or a disembodied spirit who possesses dolls, or a super soldier, or…whatever. You just need to see the time when it's *your* time to stand forward."

Wyrdstone is nodding in agreement to River, up until the reference most likely linking to hers, at which she blinks and gives a glance at River, but mentions nothing. Instead she sighs. "I have witnessed demons, warlords, kings and more fall to the might of a single 'commoner'. Those whom are given little regard nor respect are often those to be most wary of. Take heart in the fact that you desire to stand up and do what must be done, and waste not time lamenting that which you can not do. For it is what you CAN that will make all the difference. It is your spirit, not your body nor your mind, which shall bear the most fruit.
(OOC:) River grins. Hopes this helps Bjorn's development.

Bjorn loooks from one to the other "Heh. It is easier said than done. Lords know my mnd been going. I have trouble even remembering my own name, haven called myself Ojin. Not even sure where thats from" he scratches his head "everything a blur or dosn't make sense. And I not exactly getting younger here" he was an older man, but in surprisingly good shape, better than most men in their prime even. "But…. I guess your are right. One does have to do their best. Pa used to say I had the spirit of a bear, it why he called me Bjorn!" he laughs. But then his eyes widen, and it almost a childish demineer he has "Kings and warlords… oh. It like in the comics I like to read! It about this commoner who get empowered with magic armor and always wanted to be a knight and hero. And so he goes about helping folks, even though no one knows who he is. And even when he loses the power he gained, he keeps helping people. Keeps fighting for a better tommorow. There some downsides, make me wonder if it's worth it. But still, it great!" he evidently has forgotten his woes in talking of his favorit comic.

River laughs. "Comics, eh?" She grins a bit. "I honestly prefer a good mystery novel myself, but I do understand the appeal." And yes, he's forgotten his woes. Which is a good thing - nobody should be unhappy.

Wyrdstone now simply smiles and observes, less knowledgable about comic books. She knew a thing or two about magic armors… but perhaps that may not be the best thing to encourage for the man just yet. Such things needed… care… to be trusted with others. "I am a fond of mysteries myself. I remember a wonderful syndication back in 1887… I must see if there are records… a Sherwood Homes… or.. Shamrock Humes…" she ponders.

Bjorn nods ehtuasticly "Well, I like mysterios too! Actualy, graphic books and novels are my favorite!" he exclaims cheerily "I am more of what is called a visual person. And in truth, I am not overly good at reading. Not that I can't, just not good. But still a good story makes for a good time" he says to River and Wydolstone. He pauses "Sherlock Holmes. Said ta be one of teh greatest detectives! Use logic, observation and reasoning to solve even the hardest of crimes." he says "One of his best statements was - When you eliminated the impossible, that which remains must be the truth no matter how improbable!"

"Holmes was awesome." And then she grins. "And a lot of the time the truth is far, far more improbable than any story written." River seems quite cheerful at that.

Wyrdstone smiling mischeviously she says softly as she leans forward on thin air. "Here now, look how knowledgable you prove to be." to Bjorn, as though she had in some way tricked him.
Bjorn turns bright red and he stumbles his words "Errm… umm. Well, everyone knows that .." seeming to have realized it was a trick in some way. But in this case he was turning redder and redder. But at the end he say murmer quietly "Erm, thanks" he ends with. He rubs his stomech and reaches into his pack and blinks "…out of chocolate! Bit I just had some!" and he ate it all. He tsks and looks to the ladies "Ummm, excuse me ladies. But I best run to the store before I go home. Sun still setting and I not want to walk home in the night here"

Wyrdstone says, "Hwm… perhaps it best I return to my shop." says the doll, stretching once again and turning on the spot, reveiling the flawless, rather large amethyst set into her back. "If either of you have need, I trust you each have my contact information. I look forward to whence we are drawn together again.". Politely, she waves over her shoulder, and takes a few steps forward, seeming to vanish into thin air."

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