2017-01-22 Welcome home, Steve
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Players: Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Welcome home, Steve

It had been an eventful last couple of days for Colonel Stephen Rockwell-Trevor. But, he hoped against hope, that there might be one thing in this world that would bring a little normalcy to him. He had heard that Wonder Woman was still active, still a hero. He had heard about her on the news. He assumed that the Themyscarian Embassy would still be in effect and existence, so he made his way there. How would he be received? Would he be received at all? It was worth a shot. So, wearing his flight jacket and World War One era uniform, which could really use a cleaning, he approached the embassy doors. There was no guard. But then he saw a little button, which he pressed. A voice appeared out of the metal box. "Yes, um, hello. My name is Steve Trevor, and I would like to see Diana, if she's still here?"

The voice on the other end was a middle aged woman's, she spoke back through the filtered comm with a calm retort.

"The Lady is currently indisposed in meetings." A small pause. "But, Mister Trevor. You may come inside and wait in the lobby. I cannot say how long she will be, but if you are a patient man then you might get the opportunity to speak with her."

A second later and the gate was unlocked with an electric buzz and then a metallic clank.

He knew how absurd his story was going to be. He had been gone for a very long time, almost a hundred years. He assumed that the Wonder Woman of now was a descendent, but, this was the closest thing to family he had in this world. And he had no idea on whether or not Amazons aged like men did. So, he was pleasantly surprised when they allowed him in, without an appointment.

He moved through the gates when they were unlocked with the electric buzz, and made his way into the embassy, finding the lobby. He greeted the receptionist, introducing himself in person, before heading for a chair, to sit and wait, hopefully. He looked around. Things had changed, but not that much since he was last here.

The receptionist in the main hall was pleasant to Steve, after all he was a handsome man and was wearing military-styled clothing, that made most good people respond positively toward someone.

"She shouldn't be too long, Mister Trevor. At least I hope not." The woman would say, sometimes repeating herself in various ways every ten minutes or so.

It ended up taking forty five minutes before any noise was heard from an adjacent hallway, but eventually two men in black suits emerged from the hallway, flanking her on either side. She was taller than them both by nearly an entire head, they were Japanese men, and they didn't go even higher than her shoulders.

Speaking in Japanese to both of them, Diana bowed gently and smiled at them. She was wearing a white sweater that was fairly slim fit, around her waist was a silver belt and beneath that hung a flowing white dress. It was not some 'relative' of Diana's either, it was legitimately 'her' and she hadn't aged a DAY since he'd last seen her.

Diana escorted the two men out of the lobby and they left the building, then she approached the receptionist desk and talked to her about the two men, having not noticed Steve as of yet.

Steve Trevor had heard about relatives looking similar, but this was simply not possible. The woman with the two Japanese men, that wasn't a granddaughter or great granddaughter. That was Diana. His Diana! She was alive, and she was young, just like him. He blinked several times, rubbing his eyes and even pinched himself, saying, "owe," in a cute way as he pinched his own cheek a little too hard.

He stood up, not wanting to interrupt her as she said goodbye to the two men. It was probably important, whatever it was, but he couldn't help himself. He looked at her, starry eyed. He wanted to say so much. To ask so much. But he couldn't. His brain wouldn't respond. In the end, the only thing he could think to say was, "hello Angel." Yes, that was Steve. He was alive. And he was young. But how?

Diana was speaking to the middle aged woman who sat behind her desk, the receptionist had tried to tell her about Steve twice, but Diana was too talkative about the meeting she'd just had.

It wasn't until Steve spoke that Diana's sky-blue eyes turned and she looked over her right shoulder at the man. Her black hair was tied up into a bun atop the crown of her head and it had little gold-laces braided into the hair.

She stared at him, silently… It would probably feel like it was silence that lasted for as long as they hadn't seen each other.

Slowly though, Diana turned to face him, a blank expression on her face. She wasn't the kind of woman to 'faint' just because of shock, even if it shock on this level. No, Diana was the kind of woman to be quite in control of herself. She walked toward him instead, but stopped a little over arm's length away.

"Who are you?" She asked him, her voice was still laced with that thick Greek accent like he may remember.

She started to pace in a circle around him, her stare was still emotionless.

He didn't expect that response. Perhaps he had been wrong. He thought she was Diana. She looked the part. But she was far too young. Could it be possible? She didn't even seem to recognise him. Maybe he had his hopes up. "Sorry, ma'am. It's just, you look like someone I used to know. Used to… care about." But she did ask him who he was, and since this was an embassy, he did his best to snap to attention, giving her a salute. "Colonel Stephen Rockwell-Trevor, United States Army Air Service. Retired I imagine. It's… a long story."

He was wearing a period uniform. He smelt correctly. Even the grease under his fingertips. He had showered in the hotel, but he had nowhere to change his clothes, no clothes to change into. Just getting the hotel was a hell of a time. Thankfully he still had some old currency in his pocket and the guy at the desk was a fan of old currency. He was able to trade his in for much greater value.

But it was Steve Trevor. How could it be. "Don't laugh, but um, I… I think I knew your great grandmother."

Diana didn't do a full circle around him, though she was tempted to… She just went side to side and then eventually came to settle in front of him again. She heard what he said, it was his first as she remembered it a century ago, but how was it possible?

Last week, the reporter from the Daily Planet had brought up 'the photo' that had exposed her to the world as an immortal. Later that night she'd looked at it again herself, for the countless time since it was taken.

"How is this possible?" She asked him, her Greek accent just he would remember it. "You died, one hundred years ago." She told him, her head gently shaking. "And I am no granddaughter. I am Diana. The very same who found you on the beach, all the way back then…" Sure she was far far far older than that in the grand scheme of things, but since coming to the Patriach's World, time had flowed different than her ages of years on Themyscira.

He continued her thought, "where you said, 'you're a man' and I answered back, "yeah… I mean, don't I look like one?" He remembered that. How could he ever forget it. He woke up on an island he came to think of as Paradise Island. Sure, it had a different name, a hard to spell and pronounce name, but it would always be Paradise Island to him.

"I don't know. One minute, I was dog fighting with a Hun," yeah, back in the day, racist comments were completely acceptable. Plus, it was war. "And the next, the sky turned this beautiful shade of red, orange, and yellow, like a sunset, but crackling with some kind of blue energy. And the next, I'm flying over New York, and there's this guy, swinging from a cable that came out of his arm, another ones on fire, just, floating in the sky. Whatever that energy cloud was, I got trapped in it again and then I would up flying over Gotham."

"I… I landed the plane, nearly got shot down by my own people! And, they wanted to lock me away in a looney bin, but I had to see you, to find you. And… it's been a century. How is any of this possible?" He was at his heart, just a regular guy, a hero, a brave man, but a guy. He wasn't ready for this. And why did the cloud, or whatever it was, choose him of all people?"

"Look… I don't know what's going on. The whole damn world has changed around me except… for you?"

It was hard for Diana to understand 'why' or how this could have happened. She had searched for him back then, high and low… for months. But once the US Military had officially labelled him as KIA she'd been told to stop, and had had to get away from it all. To never look back.

She just stared at him, not saying anything, though hints of emotion were starting to show on her face… at the corners of her eyes and the tense muscles in her jaw line.

Diana's eyes closed. "If this is a trick." She whispered aloud, talking to the Gods that she knew were always playing games, even of those games were often far more overt and violent than this sort of angle. "I will, not, stand for it." She continued to whisper, her voice might even be hard for him to hear.

The Princess once more opened her eyes and looked at him. "I do not know…" She gently shook her head. "All I can say is that this is… the reality that I last saw you. It has simply been, an entire lifetime since I last saw you. Since I watched your plane leave. Not to return." Her head shook. "I don't know if you are real, or how to react to you standing here and now. I am — at a loss."

Diana glanced to her assistant who was standing up at her desk now, watching all of this. "Gladus, please postpone the rest of my appointments for the day. Re-schedule them, either tomorrow or later in the week."

Diana looked back to Steve then.

"If it's a trick, it's the greatest one of my life. I lost almost a hundred years. I can't believe I'm saying this. This is the kind of thing that Jules Verne wrote about." The man sounded like Steve, he looked like Steve, and he acted like Steve. "I… I'll understand if you don't want to help me. If you've moved on. God knows I wouldn't have blamed you. I was; I lost… a hundred years. People are walking around with radios attached to their heads and there are moving pictures everywhere."

"But I still feel about you, the way I felt, what I think of, as yesterday. And I could use your help. What do you say, Angel?" He smiled at her. He wanted to hug her so badly. But he didn't want to scare her. He was scared himself. This was all so new. They never trained him for this kind of thing. Nothing could have prepared him. "I flew into this red cloud in the sky. How come you still look, like you?"

"I am the daughter of a God." Was Diana's quiet and short response to 'why' she still looked the same? "I — I searched for you, for a very long time. They ordered me to stop, told me that the world was not ready to find out about me. I was forced to be hidden, so… I hid. But the world today is no longer like it was then. I do not have to hide any longer."

She was saying all of this but her mind was elsewhere. Diana paused and glanced back to Gladus. "Gladdie?"

"Yes, mam?" The assistant says.

"Please call for Doctor Wittaker. Tell him it's urgent." Diana said again, then turned back to Steve and gently dipped her chin. "Would you be okay with staying here?" She asked him, curiosity on her expression now. "To have a trusted medical professional see you, for my own peace of mind?"

It made sense. She was an Amazon. Did that mean, if they ever did get together, that he'd die of old age, and she'd still be young? He had never thought of that until now. But to him, he had seen her only days ago. So, it kind of hit him a little harder than it would have otherwise. The world changed, but she did not.

He listened to her story, feeling sorry for her at parts, and happy at others. "I'm glad you can be free to be yourself again. You never had to hide from me." When she asks him to see a doctor, he nods his head, "Diana, I… there is no place I would rather be." He still loves her. "But, yes, have him do whatever tests he wants on me. I can't really explain it, but it's me, and I'm here."

He took a step forward, wanting so desperately to hold her again. He moved into her personal space, "I'm sorry you had to search for me. I… you know I would never have left you, if I had a choice in the matter."

Diana's right hand came up when he approached her and she placed it on his chest, it was warm and soft… but the muscle behind it was undeniable. She stared right into his eyes, her large sky-blue pupils locked onto his own.

It took her a handful of seconds before she replied. "I know." She told him softly. "What happened has happened however… we will figure out where to go from here…" Her eyes lingered moments longer before she turned away from him.

Diana's hand dropped and she went to walk away, pausing for just a moment. "Dinner will be ready in the main dining hall in an hour. You are welcome to join us. I will have Adrastea prepare a room for you." Steve might even remember the name Adrastea from his brief time on Paradise Island.

"I need to be alone for a little while, to collect my thoughts." She told him. "I will see you at dinner…" And with that she turned to go to her office hallway.

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