2017-01-23 Its About the Message

Joker and Harley corner Catwoman on a building. Joker has a message for Batman.



Selina Kyle was on the rooftops. Gotham was fat and ripe for the taking. Like some nights, she heard movements in the shadows. Usually those moments led to flirtation, a large game of cat and mouse.

The figures moved in the darkness and one was caught in the light. His reflection was clear in the latest window Selina was working on. A hat concealed most of the face, they had white skin and it was like looking at a grinning grim reaper. This wasn't Batman and one of the many aprtners he carried. This was far worse.

A dark and low voice rumbled, "Just the person I wanted to see," then Selina would have seen a purple gloved hand fling three playing cards toward her.

It wasn't the Dark Knight on the rooftop tonight, it was the Clown Prince and Princess of crime.

Catwoman was on the roof of her marked target tonight, it was a warehouse loaded with stolen goods and she wanted to get in there and the most valuable to stuff into her backpack and make her way out into the night…

She had been on said roof until the thieves inside the warehouse had locked up and left for the night, now she was jimmy'n a window open with tools from her utility belt. But when she lifted the window she caught sight 'that face' behind her and she froze…

Catwoman was dressed in a black bodysuit, it shined like oil on some parts of her body, while on others is a matte-black material designed for her body to bend and move more easily… clearly handmade, but made very nicely. Her cat mask had larger-than normal ears, she'd enjoyed designing this one. Overall it was the catsuit she made entirely just for ease-of-motion and not for protection at all, this job tonight was just about stealth…

"Oh, why… hello there." Catwoman said, slowly turning around to face him in particular. She felt the cards hit her body and glanced down at them where they lay on the gravely roof at her booted feet. "Honestly, you two… what could we possibly have to talk about?" She sounded disinterested.

The cards were razor sarp and clattered when they hit the rooftop. Joker was looking to see if the cads had punctured her skin. "We've got a lot to talk about, why wouldn't we? We do have a few things in common," the Joker spoke darkly as he waited for a counter attack.

Catwoman hadn't noticed at first, because they were so damn sharp… but the cards had cut little slits in her suit and, well… they'd cut her skin beneath as well. That, was fairly unsual for the Joker and Harley, generally they left her alone for the most part. This wasn't good.

"Okay, okay.. thats great." Catwoman said back at them, her green eyes looking at Joker's demented face. "But did you really have to cut my clothes?" She asked then, tilting her head questioningly.

A second later and the Catwoman lunged! Only she didn't lunge for the Joker or Harley, she was lunging for the edge of the roof! She was bolting! Making a run for it!

Joker pulled out Harley's cork gun and he fired it at Catwoman. Normally the impact woudln't have slowed her, but after it struck her suddenly multicolored restraints wrapped her up. She woudln't have made it to the roof's edge. If she did…all nine lives would have been gone.

Catwoman felt the restraints wrap around her and she knew that if she didn't fall down immediately she'd risk tumbling right over the edge of the building and down several stories. So Catwoman cut her losses and hoped for the best, she folded her body up and went down on the gravel covered roof and roooooolled into the edge of the ledge.

Cursing, now, she was writing around on the ground and trying to wiggle herself free while she glared over at them both.

"What did I ever do to either of you!" She hissed out at them. "I purposefully stay away from your turf, both of you!" She shouted further, anger lacing her voice.

"It's not about turf," Joker spoke low. He started to walk with a cane then rose it and lowered it down onto the prone Selina. The metal side that featured a grinning Joker head in gold went to her ribes. "It's not about turf at all, or plans. It's simpler than that." The man waited for her a moment to ask questions between the pain.

Catwoman was wrapped up by those restraints and she laid on her side, glaring up at the twisted man from beneath that dark mask of hers. "Simpler… please." She retorted. "Nothing is ever simple with you, Circus Boy." She snipped back at him, grunting a little as she tried to work out of the restraints once more. Her claws were out and her hands were trying to reach the restraints to cut them…


Opening his left hand he touched Selina several times. She would have felt the surge of electricity from his joy buzzer. Each touch was like getting hit by a taser. She would have felt the muscles siezing up and the pain from the contact point. "Oh, it is. Just need to be still!" The left hand kept touching at the woman as he was waiting until her movements slowed.

Catwoman felt the shocks from the buzzer and she reacted each time. Tazers were strange things, they made your whole body seize up in ways that you just… could never get used to. She shook and froze at the same time. She cried out after each electric blast to her body and when he stopped she was gasping for air and her eyes weren't looking at him any more, they were looking at the roof's surface… she was still awake, just, stunned into silence, for now.

When he was still, Joker snapped the fingers on his right hand. He spoke during the pause, "Messages can be very simple. This one's simple and know you'll find who it's needed for," and he leaned over to whisper something to Cat. A single sentence that made no sense at the time.

Silence lingre for a moment before foot steps broke up the silence. The finger snap was for Harley. She came over and handed him something.

The metal went into his hand and it felt like an old friend greeting him. The moment was fleating because the object in question started to be swung down into Catwoman. Over and over the crowbar went into her body, he was creating breaks and bruises becuase these were swings where he put every ounce of strength behind them. "Just like old times," he said.

Blood gathered on the crowbar just like it did ages ago. The personw as just different now. The joker wasn't trying to kill her, just rough her up…a lot.


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