2017-01-23 Pizza Parlour
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Jubilee, Spider-Man
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Pizza Parlour

It was a dark and stormy night. And everybody knows that's how the best stories begin. It was the kinda night that makes you willing to ride a Harley in the rain to go get a pepperoni and black olive pizza. In short, it was payday. Jubilee ducked into the pizza parlour out of the rain and dropped the hood of her yellow slicker, stopping to enjoy the delicious aroma as she wiped her pink Converses on the rug.

As a typical New Yorker, Peter Parker exists on a diet of bagels, pizza, burgers, deli meats, doughnuts, and pretty much everything else that nine out of ten doctors would tell you not to eat. But unlike the typical New Yorker, he gets plenty of exercise, both as Peter Parker, the intrepid photographer for the Daily Bugle, an Empire University student, nephew to Aunt May, and of course, gallivanting around as the Amazing Spider-Man.

Curiously, he's popped into the Domino's Pizza as the latter. He jumped down from his webline, doing a somersault, and calmly walked into the fairly empty pizzeria, standing behind an Asian girl in yellow. He waved to the workers. Apparently he was a regular here, coming in for food during his patrols.

"Hey guys, Antonio, how's little Miguel? Still working on that deadball? Yo, Edgar, are you still with Kristell?" And seeing he wasn't the first in line, "hi," he stuck his gloved hand out, "your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, at your service. Man, what a night, huh?"

Jubilee's eyes went a little wide, and she turned to look at the web slinger. "W-wow, I um…Y-you should go first.. I mean ahead of me," she stammered. "I… You're the Spider-Man…"

"No, no, please, go ahead. I line up in the queue just like everybody else. Besides, it's a pizza place. It doesn't really take much time to make a pizza. Most of the time spent is waiting for it to go through the oven," which was on a conveyer belt, so there was no time management issues. When it came out, it was ready. "I'm just glad you don't believe what they say about me in the Daily Bugle."

"Though, that really hasn't been as much of an issue as late. I don't think people are reading newspapers anymore. It's actually pretty troubling," in more ways than she knew, as that was his livelihood. Plus, with cell phones, more and more people were getting shots of him. What was to stop Jonah from using those low quality shots on the webpage and stop buying Peter's photos.

"All right, I'll be fast!" Jubilee's cheeks blushed pink as she stepped up to the counter. "Umm… A medium, double pepperoni, black olives, hand-tossed. P-please!" She was already pushing a ten dollar bill at the register before the kid gave her a total. "Give the change to the kid who tosses the crust, he's awesome at it!" Then, she stepped aside, wondering what kind of pizza a Spider-Man eats. And whether there's a mouth zipper so he can eat, or if he has to take his mask off. Narrowing her eyes, she contemplated.

"No need to rush on my account. In this weather, even Hydro-Man would want to stay indoors. Well, maybe not Hydro-Man. But, how would I be able to tell with all that rain?" He was kidding of course. He raised his right hand over his heart and his left palm up, "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays my patrols of this city. Did you know that the post service has stopped delivering in snow and heavy rain. What's up with that? It's the first two things in the oath!"

After she placed her order, he said, "I'll have my usual." He then reached into a belt around his waist, just under his uniform, and pulled out some money to pay for it. He had exact change. The shirt came down. Though if Jubilee were observant, she would have noticed he was a pale Caucasian under the suit, and with some very nice abs. While his pizza was being made, he moved off to the side in case another customer came in, and explained to Jubilee, "mine's a New York Deli. Italian tomato sauce, pepperoni, Genoa salami, bacon, Canadian bacon, spicy Italian sausage, mozzarella, and cheddar."

Jubilee blinked. "How many animals had to die for that pizza?"

Suddenly Spider-Man feels self-conscious, "oh, yeah… you're right." He was an omnivore, and definitely liked meat, but when she calls him out on it, he felt bad. "This… is going to be an interesting meal." Suddenly, he's lost his appetite.

"Well I mean… they're already dead, right? Might as well en-… uh… -joy them, right? I mean, otherwise they died in vain…" She is clearly trying to stifle a nervous giggle. And doing a horrible job.

"It's okay. I've made my peace with that. But you had pepperoni on yours, so I'm guessing you're not a vegan or a vegetarian." Soon, their pizzas are ready, and Spider-Man asks, "I didn't catch your name, but mine is Spider-Man. You can call me Spidey, Spider, Web Head, Webslinger, Wallcrawler, or anything else you might think of. Even hey you. Wanna eat here, since it's… really bad out there still? What's your name?"

Jubilee was grinning by the time he finished his spiel. "Yeah, I think here's better." A huge flash of lightning and crash of thunder punctuated the statement. "Spidey… that's kinda cute. I'm Jubilation. But most everyone calls me Jubilee. Or Jubes. Or Brat…"

"Brat, you? What kind of things do you do to earn that moniker?" He carried both pizzas as they were offered, and walked to a booth, where set both down, and then he sat down. There were little baggies with napkins in them. Once seated, he opened his, which was a personal pizza. He then lifted up his mask, not enough to reveal his identity, but enough that his lips became visible. He was definitely a white guy, and pretty pale all things considered. No facial hair. Nice jaw line actually.

Jubilee pauses as she moves a slice of her pizza onto a plate, and she is watching the webslinger's mouth distractedly. Something about his lips. She is lost in thought, still hovering the slice of hot pizza over her plate as the cheese and toppings begin to slide off.

"You might want to try that before it slips off, or… is this some kind of post modern art? Very trendy. Is that going to be a Jubilation original? I'd ask to have it and for you to sign, but it would never survive in that rain outside, and I can't stick around until it stops. I have people to save, crooks to stop, and besides, I bet those guys over there would like to close at some point."

Jubilee startled a little and blinked, looking down at her slice. "Oh I… uh. Yeah, no, I got distracted." By now, Jubilee's cafe au lait skin was three shades darker pink than before. She coaxed the toppings back into place with a plastic fork, and shook red pepper flakes on top of it. "I guess you get that a lot, don't you. But even worse cause a lot of girls are just totally forward. No rest for the weary… or for a guy like you."

Spider-Man had been enjoying his pizza. He ate pretty fast, though that was partly because when he did stop to talk, he never stopped talking. He was quite the motormouth. "No, not really." He thinks to himself, who has time for dating between taking care of Aunt May, doing his studies, work for the Daily Bugle, and adventuring as Spider-Man? "There's much to do, and less time to do it in." He was referencing a Mel Brooks movie there.

Smiling at the reference, she nodded matter-of-factly. "Right, right. I'm sure you don't have time for just any girl." She closed her box and began to eat her doctored - up slice of pizza with some haste. "Maybe if you're lucky the rain will let up and you can go sooner, without getting too wet…"

Spider-Man laughed at her comment, "or any girl… it's complicated." He really didn't have time. As Peter, he got plenty of dates, but when he missed the second or third date because he had to do something as Spider-Man, Aunt May needed him, or Jonah needed him, well, you can't be too late or stand up someone and expect them to remain interested in you. It was his lot in life. When he was around, people liked him, but he was never around. "Eh, it's not too bad. This suit is moisture wicking material. So, it breathes really well and doesn't let me get weighted down by the water."

"Good… yeah that's really good. The suit looks like it has really good movement, too. I'm.. I'm a gymnast. It's one of the first things I noticed." Self defense mechanism #2. Change the subject. Focus on anything but his mouth. "Well then don't let me hold you up!"

Any girl mentioning that she's a gymnast is immediately of interest to a guy, even one like Spider-Man. It's just something to do with the male mind. Flexibility equals fun. But fortunately, Spider-Man is far more humble and moral than most. "Thanks. I made it myself. I've been tweaking and refining it over the years." He had mostly finished his pizza, there were only four slices in there anyway, and when he was done, he looked at hers, still a ways to go. "Well, it was nice chatting with you Jubilee. Maybe we'll run into each other again some time?"

"Yeah.. sure. Be safe out there, huh?" She puts the rest of her slice in the box with her pizza, her appetite gone anyway. "Have a good one."

Spider-Man rose from his seat, and took his box to the recycling area. Along the way, he pulled out one of his spider tracers. Then he went back to the table. "I always try to lead a safe and productive lifestyle, but people keep making it dangerous for me." He puts a gloved arm on her shoulder, and casually slips a spider tracer onto her jacket. He was going to make sure that she got home safely tonight, but little did he know how far away she lived. "It's already been a good one because I got to meet you. Take care." And with that, he walked out of the pizza place, shooting off a webline and using the elasticity of it to spring him forward, before he shot another one, and disappeared. He actually doubled back to land on a nearby roof, and wait for her to leave.

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