2017-01-23 Wanda Eats a Bug
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Rogue Wanda
GMed by N/A
Title: Wanda Eats a Bug

Xavier School - Classroom - Late at Night

The classroom is supposed to be locked and empty this late at night, but the odd flickering shadow of candles echo beneath the door and out the small window peeking into the classroom.
The middle of the room has been cleared, all the desks pushed against one another at the perimeter of the room. Faintly lit by a handful of small candles, placed strategically around the room. Wanda stands in the vacant spot inside of a triquetra. Her hands are outstretched and glowing, her face aimed low to the floor, with a curtain of hair obscuring her face from view as she works her magic.

Rogue had been working a little after-hours tonight in a classroom down the hall, so when she vacated it and sealed it… she started walking down the east wing hallway toward the foyer… but she caught sight of the lights beneath the door, looked like a fire?

Setting her stuff down on one of the tables in the hall, Rogue went to unlock the door and she cracked it to look inside and stare at the 'ritual' that Wanda was performing… this was definitely something she probably should not interrupt.

Wanda is too enthralled with what she was doing to notice the subtle shift in the air from the door being pulled open. The lights flickered about like the waves before a storm before calming themselves and slowly turning from a dull orange to a radiant reddish pink.
"It's not right." Wanda speaks, her voice sounding distant and muffled, like she was on the other side of a waterfall. Her head snaps back, her spine curled backwards sharply, her hands falling out to the sides keeping her on her feet with the shift of her center of gravity. The witch's eyes snap open, emitting bright white light, her mouth open, spewing forth a mystic light as well.

This was all a bit too… strange… for the southern belle, so when the light started emitting from Wanda, Rogue went to slowly shut the door… Once it was clicked shut again, she stood on the other side of it with her gloved hand still gripping the knob. "Sometimes I wish this were a normal school, really, really badly." She quietly muttered to herself. With a sigh she started thinking of who she should tell this is happening to… the Professor was probably busy… Logan would want to stab Wanda… Storm? She wasn't sure…

Just as abruptly as Wanda curled around her back, Rogue hears a heavy dropping on the floor.
The only night now, the candles all go back to their normal dim orange color.

Rogue heard the thud and she sighed. "Oh god, please don't be a fight…" She muttered andthen twisted the knob on the door and pushed it open to peak back inside…

Wanda's on her back, her chest seizing, fighting for air. Her eyes rolled back up into her head and she's choking on something. The salt triquetra broken and interrupted by her fall, the mystic forces disbanded in her collapse.

Rogue rushed over to Wanda, seeing her like that… she was trained in first aide, through taking a refresher course for being a teacher, and additionally due to training she'd stolen from others in her past. "Wanda!" Rogue called out to her, kneeling beside her. She reached a hand out to touch the woman's face and she tried to get her to respond… seeing it was a choking situation, Rogue cursed and moved to Wanda's side to perform chest compressions… which was doubly hard for her due to her super strength…

Wanda's eye's lowered, though she is unable to focus on anything. Her mouth explodes open, a pool of red, crimson and black spewing out and back down onto her face and the floor, though she's still struggling for air. Something is blocking her throat. Wanda's body is rigid, struggling vainly to survive, though compared to Rogue's strength she is a twig.

Rogue hadn't actually ever used this training before… not herself anyway, and it kept changing all the time… or so it seemed anyway. "Come on, Wanda." Rogue encouraged her friend verbally and then went to adjust her head again and she cleared her mouth, trying to get 'whatever' just spewed out out of the way… her gloves were totally ruined now, but thats okay.

Rogue opened Wanda's mouth and then stuck her first two fingers inside to try to clear the passage before going back to quick, sharp, shallow, chest compressions with her hands together over Wanda's chest.

Rogue's fingers mets some resistance, but it seemed to latch onto the fabric of her glove. Pulling it out took no effort for the southerner, and Wanda starts coughing, able to breath on her own once more with a deep breath after a moment.

Rogue went to roll the woman onto her side away from where she was kneeling, but she lifted her up to rest her on her lap over her jeans-covered legs. "Wanda…" She said. "Its Marie… I'm here." She tried to reassure the woman. "I just found ya chokin' on something." She wasn't entirely sure what it was yet either.

In Rogue's hand is a thick oily looking centipede, squirming and attempting to bite at the young X-men.
Wanda slowly rolls over to look at who saved her "Thank yo- KILL IT!" She screams shortly, trying to back away from the solid black creature, even still recovering she's not willing to be near it.

Rogue went cross-eyed at the bug in her hand, she hated bugs… and she just pulled that out of Wanda's mouth? When the order to kill it came, it was actually about a milisecond too-late because Rogue's hand was already clamping down to crush it in her grip! (So thankfully that was the right course of action) "Gross!" Rogue shouted when the bug was destroyed in her glove… which was soaked through to her skin beneath now…

Unlike most bugs, this was entirely made of black liquid and some sort of bone. Rogue's hand would be covered in the black goop and a single bone, looking like a small chicken wing, but twisted and brown, rotten.
"Did you pull that out of my mouth?" Wanda asks almost revolted and as disgusted as Rogue is.

Rogue wiped her glove off on Wanda's sleeve and she nodded her head. "Yes." She said to the woman. "I'm afraid that you did." She exhaled and shook her head, looking around the room. "Just what in the hell was goin' on in here anyhow?"

Wanda dry heaves as Rogue wipes her glove on her sleeve and the witch lifts her arm to look at it closer with a hugely revolted look and extending her tongue out. "Vhy does magic have to be so gross sometimes?" She asks using her pointer and thumb to pick out the bone and hold it in her other palm close to her face. While examining the bone, Wanda goes on to explain. "I vas vorkink on a spell, I have been having a very peculiar feelink that somethink is not right." She pauses to look around the messed up room and stops, her eyes locked onto Rogue, "I know somethink is wronk, but I do not know vhat."

Rogue shook her head at the question. "I'll stick with rabbits in hats an' little metal rings that mysteriously loop an' unloop… thats the kinda magic that I know an' am completely comfortable with." She looked around the room then. "Whateve'ah you got goin' on, girl? Its more like Voodoo… Maybe Remy's more familar with it then me." She said with a light smirk. "You okay though? Can ya stand?"

"I-Yes." Wanda says weekly, lowering the hand with the bone in it and slowly standing up. "I vill get you a new glove Marie." Says the witch with a very weak smile and she shakily gets to her feet and drops the bone in the trash can. "Vho is Remy? Vas he that guy you vere kissink the other day?"

Rogue rose up to her feet with an ease that not even someone her age should have (flight powers rock). She looked down at her glove and shook her head. "Don't fret on it, Wanda… I orde'ah these damn things in bulk. Got a whole box'a different ones. The only real damn problem is that they get lost an' I end up wearin' mismatched ones an' spend the resta the day pretendin' that I'm trying t'be a 'unique spirit' about it." She smirked and then nodded her head. "Remy is the Cajun that is always tryin' to sweet talk me outta my undies, yeah."

Wanda takes a deep breath as she uses her hex powers to put out the candles and gather all the salt up off the ground and pulls them all into a small leather bag under her jacket. Then turning to Rogue, and lifting her arm to wrap around the girls shoulder, Wanda asks, "Vill you help me to a nice quite place?" Then with a quirked eyebrow, "That guy, he is the one you vere talkink about. He makes you feel like a warm molten piece of chocolate? I do not think he knows anythink about real magic Marie, but I have been vronk before." Says the witch, her tone totally deadpan and serious.

"Maybe not…" Rogue said about Remy knowing any magic. "He's pretty good with cards though… ain't that a sign of'a magician?" Sometimes Rogue was pretty naive. Rogue turned then with Wanda's arm around her shoulder and she went to open the door. "Quiet place?" She asked. "Sure, I guess. So long as it ain't off'a property. I gotta get to bed tonight pretty early."

"A bed sounds nice." Wanda says faintly, coughing slightly as she walks. "Tarot cards or do you mean the regular ace of spades kind of cards. Because that does not count either Marie." The witch says with a soft sigh before looking back at Anna and her eyebrows furrow, "Do you have to sleep to take of your panties for Remy?" Innocence, pure ignorance. And completely awkward. Aren't witches the best.

"Ace o'Spades, m'dear." Rogue said back at her with a sly grin. Dinner time was going on in the Dining Hall so the majority of students and faculty were in there, but some were filtering in and out of the foyer toward the west wing, or back up to the main staircase and Rogue lead Wanda toward the stairs. She smirked at Wanda's question. "I'm startin' t'think that you've never been with a man before, Wanda… which is kinda endeerin' and kinda disheartenin' at the same damn time."

"That is not the kind of magic that vill help the vorld Marie." Wanda says flatly, lifting her free hand to wipe the blood off her face with a frown and a scowl. "So I have not been vith a man. You have been vith plenty enough for the two of us, correct?" Wanda asks, not knowing if that could even be considered offensive or not.

Rogue when to to asecend the stairs with Wanda beside her and she smirked and shook her head. "-No-" She said in a mocking sort of way as they took a right at the mid-section of the staircase and then went up to the second level. "Just the one, thank you very much!" She smirked then. "Ain't important though, I mean if thats not your priority then its not your thing. Whatevs, ya know?" The southern gal told the other. "You sure you don't want some dinner? I don't think the last thing I'd want in my mouth before I went to bed, would be a giant bug… but thats just me."

"No, I've never been vith a man." She says almost defiantly with a shake of her head, "I vould like to clean up though. I am not too hungry, but a shower sounds nice." Wanda adds, thankful for the southerner helping her out when she's at her weakest. "But if somethink is important to a friend of mine, it should be important to me too, correct?"

Rogue shook her head. "Don't fret on it, sug." She replied to her. "I think the room aside to Jean's is open. The teache'ah that lived in it last semester has moved on to some Ivy League school gig, abandoning us." She said with a slight smile while leading Wanda up another set of stairs to the third floor and down to the female teacher's wing on the west side. "Should have your own restroom so ya can get the bug spunk outta your mouth." She grinned lightly. "I'm gonna burn this damn glove, maybe both of'em when I get back t'my room."

"I am goink to fret on it now that you brought it up Marie." Wanda says with a playful tone, pulling her arm back off of Rogue once they reach the third floor landing. "You do not sound bitter at all, sarcasm." Wanda says, not quite getting the hang of sarcasm at times. "Vhy, you can leave it vith me and I vill make sure to clean it for you." Wanda says kindly as they near the doorway.

"Nah don't worry about it." Rogue replied to her as they approached the door past Jean's and she reached out to test the knob and then she shoved it open. It was a vacant room. She lead Wanda in then and moved her toward one of the chairs pushed up against the side of the perfectly made bed. "I'd constantly be reminded'a the bug that blew up between my finge'ahs while wearin' it. Burnin' is the only option… BURN IT WITH FIRE!" She said loudly and then chuckled a litle at herself, Rogue's jokes were usually aimed at herself more than anyhone else.

"Too late, I am goink to vorry about it. A lot." Wanda says with a faint wink and looks around the room, unsure if she'll be able to sleep in such a place. She lifts one arm to hold onto the other as she's not quite comfortable. She looks at Rogue and opens her mouth to speak but turns around and moves towards the bathroom, "Thank you Marie." Wanda says with a hint of sadness in her tone.

Rogue parted from the other and she took off her gloves and rolled them up into a ball, she then tossed her hair a bit with her bare right hand and she looked up to Wanda and smiled softly. "Don't worry about it." She tells her. "I'm a few doors down if ya need anything, just knock or whateve'ah." She told her and then turned back to the door, fully intending to go clean herself up too, cause bugs, gross!


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