2017-01-23 War of the Pizza Toppings
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Title: War of the Pizza Toppings

This Domino's Pizza sits off of the main street outside and its not a very big place at all.
The main entrance to the restaurant is a single door that sits between two large front windows and a big blue/white Domino's sign above it on the outside. There's often a bicycle parked outside the front of the store for the delivery-kid to take orders around. (its chained and locked!).
Inside the restaurant the booths line both walls on either side of the doorway. They have red plastic benches and match red table-tops with various food accesories on each. White painted brick walls stretch toward the back of the restaurant where the counter is located and the register for paying for your orders. A big menu board sits up above the counter and it is loaded with all the eats options.
Behind the counter is the doorway into the kitchen and employees can always be seen back there going about their daily routines.
This restaurant always has a wonderful smell of delicious pizza pie in the air and its most busy in the evenings.

With the major Pizza day having just passed, Domino's is experiencing a lull in its Monday crowd. There's little if any wait for incoming orders which is what makes it an ideal time to make this a pizza night if you're not currently mourning the Steelers and Packers.

Being that Mike's not really into football and he was more of the avian sort anyways. He's one not of the bereaved. And yet, the performer with way too many jobs is dressed in a very dark pallette. Goodwill classics again, with a ballcap stuffing his hair inside. Opening the door, he pauses, stepping to the side to allow those accompanying him to enter in first.

So, what enters next is a blond man, large but still light on his feet. Wearing ordinary civilian clothes, Steve Rogers still can't help but stand out. "Just as long as we can agree on toppings," he quips. Of course, he could probably eat a large by himself…but that's not the point of pizza, right.

"Well. What toppings did you have in mind?" Blonde man, blonde woman. No big deal, or so it would appear, as Bobbi follows Steve through the door, gently nodding to him for holding the door for her. "It was your idea, so you go first. Fair."

"Yo, one Ironman special ready!" comes the call from the counter, the kitchen staff knowing this order fairly well and so the staff knows in which direction to shout. It's a teenager who comes to collect, giving them all his usual smile. "Extra extra garlic, right?"

"Half the garlic in the kitchen, kid. What's wrong with you? Why d'you like that stuff?"

"Vampires." is all Sam replies, leaving the guy standing there shaking his head while the kid walks back to his seat. Pizza time. So far he hasn't looked up to see who has entered, probably for the best given the history of this particular Dominos…

A rather tall built russian looking man in a suit walks in. Possibly a mafia man. He glances around at those gathered before getting into line to order pizza. It's a good thing the order are comming quick as his stomech rumbles. He has a stoic face on as he looks over the menu. Hands in his pocket he asks simply "What is good here?" he wonders asking no one and everyone, bidding anyone willing to give their own opione.

Hey Come on! It was just ONE little group abduction to a hell dimension, let it go already! Geez.

Mike looks over to Steve as he starts to follow in after the other two, pausing as he ends up holding the door for Ojin as well. "You do know that you can do half the pizza one way, and half the pizza another way, right?" He walks over to join the rest of his group. "I think the toppings most people can agree on are the meats and cheeses. Pepperoni and Sausage?"

Steve grins. "Ah, yes, but…agreeing on toppings teaches teamwork," he teases. Then he makes note of the kid ordering extra garlic and grins. "I see we have a young Stark present."

Bobbi smirks and shakes her head. "You were the one who decided you wanted pizza. So, you decide what you're interested in for toppings. If I have an issue with that, I'll start from there and make suggestions." Of course, if pushed Bobbi would admit she prefers white pizza, with chicken, green peppers and black olives. But she also knows she's weird, and does not expect Steve to tolerate her almost unamerican pizza weirdness.

Samuel doesn't look up from his pizza, simply lifting his hand in greeting at the sound of the familiar voice. Scratch that, voices. He had had just enough time to enjoy the sight and smell of his pizza, and now slowly he does look up. Last time he was in this very pizza place with Mike, he hadn't even had a chance to finish his food before… well… if the recorder on his suit was to be believed, actual literal hell. It might therefore not be too surprising there is a slight narrowing of the eyes as he beholds the man, but shakes it off to remain his usual pleasant self around the Captain. "When you're done ordering, plenty of seats around this table."

In a twist of irony the Mafia man recognizes Samuel from last year when he broke in Stark Tower. Was not a good time in his life. And Captain America is one he only recently met at a fire rescue, with the other having no reconition. Still, food A man near him says "The Sardin Pizza is not bad"

With a nod, Ojin using the hijacked body goes to order "One Sardin pizza… and 10 choclate chip cookiez. Small coke" he was firm and confident. He glances to the small group "How are you people doing?" he asks as his order is prepared

There's yet another blonde coming in, hair loose over the darkness of her coat. She pauses near the door, as if warming her hands, but the truth is she's checking out the occupants, a swift headcount and check for alternate exits. Her eyes will flick back towards one form, a glance over that's more than cursory. There's the spark of recognition, as she steps forward. "Hey, Steve."

"Brielle! Join us!" Steve calls. "And how about one pepperoni and sausage and one…" Bobbi won't speak up, so. "Chicken and black olive. Large, of course." If any's left, they'll take it back to HQ.

Mike glances over to Bobbi for some form of visual of audible confirmation. Hmm. Should have tried for the bacon and pineapple instead it seems. He turns towards the counter to place the order. At the greeting the mob looking guy extends to the group. Mike pauses, "Uh hi." He turns back to the counter to order.

"Would you be open to the second being a white pizza?" Bobbi asks Steve, curiously. "I love the chicken and black olive. Personally, I enjoy adding green peppers to that, but I won't cry without them."

"Oh, and hi to you too." Sam says to the rather well dressed man with the russian accent and seemingly no taste in pizza. He was just relaxing with his own pizza, not looking for hassle, just relaxing… why now? He even motions to a seat. "Sit down, take the weight off. Haven't seen you around in a while. Things going better?" Which, considering the context, can be seen as a loaded question. But he has an Avenger here, Steve no less, so he feels like he can be a bit more relaxed around the… creature.

Ojin nods towards Mike, wondering if he got the interaction wrong. Even after all these years… humans confused him. He takes his pizza, soda and cookies and takes a seat at Sams table, saying politely to Steve, Bobbi and Briele "Evening" before sitting. Talking a sea he says "Yes. Though I am amazed you recognized me" he admits. Down goes a cookie

Brielle gives a nod to the man greeting her for the evening. "If your friends won't mind…" She says to Steve, slightly hesitant. She'll wait her turn at the counter, ordering two large pizzas, one bacon and pineapple, one with chicken, bacon and tomatoes. She orders some wings and a soda too. A hand slides into her jeans, handing over cash, before she's glancing at Steve.

"Join us," Steve calls. "And of course white. I forgot that part." He doesn't double take at the sheer amount of food Brielle orders. He turns to the others. "Bumped into her in Hell's Kitchen. She's cool."

"Green peppers? Or no?" Bobbi inquires. It all sounds good to her, from that point. She glances at Brielle, but she's far too careful to ever show any reaction to anything unusual; her face and everything else about her shows what she tells it to, period.

Having already corrected the order during the gap in poses, Mike is in the process of fishing out the cash for th pizza when he pauses, glancing over to Brielle as she orders the bacon and pineapple. What a coincidence. Handing the money over, he shakes his head, "Yeah, I don't mind." He turns, walking over to the table. "Green Peppers added." Mike answers, "Most of us have mastered the art of picking off what we don't want when it comes to group food supplies. So no biggie."

"Try spending two months on a deserted island, that'll teach you to eat anything." Sam mentions nearly off hand, before finally digging into his own pizza. It's mostly meat, except for the tomato sauce base and a liberal coating of cheese. And garlic… everyone within ten feet can be certain of that.

Ojin looks towards STeve and says to Sam "It seems the one known as Captain America wishes for us to Join him" he says to Sam. Though he chuckles "I been trained to eat…. many things. It is undesirable" he picks up his pizza and moves to the table they were invited too.

There's a faint hint of flush as she hears Steve explaining her to the others he is with. And well, she doesn't have much in the way of kitchen supplies, so on and so forth. And she's missed plain old Domino's. She'll take her soda, slide over towards Steve and his accompanying friends. "Just was thinking some home grown chain pizza was going to hit the spot. "

"Brielle…this is Mike, Bobbi, the young one is Samuel and…" Ojin will have to introduce himself, apparently. "Friends of mine." No last names in use, of course. At all.

Mike's lips close, forming a thin line as he sits down. In mixed company there's really not much that can be brought up in response. The performer zones out momentarily but upon seeing what only he can see, he blinks, looking over to Brielle to focus on the socialization, offering a hand, "Hey. So, Hell's Kitchen? You live there?"

Samuel gives a friendly nod to Brielle when he's introduced. He also notices he's introduced as 'Sam' and that means there are things not to be discussed. Not a problem, at the moment he has pizza to keep his mouth busy. He does give a nod towards Ojin. "He's cool. Kinda. Met him a while back, just a bit odd."

Ojin grunts as he finishes off a slice of pizza "Ojin, we met at the fire" he says to Steve. He looks to Mike and Brielle "Hells Kitchen is quite the place, have a few close friends there" before glancing to Sam "Who is not odd on this planet." shoots back with a chuckle.

Brielle will take a moment to shake Mike's hand. "Good coffee in the neighborhood, actually." She's not exactly answering the question, a glance aside at the mention from the man whose name wasn't given making remark on the neighborhood. She rocks back on her heels, hands sliding into her pockets. "So, just pizza craving?"

"Pizza's generally a good thing to share with friends." Steve snags a slice of pepperoni and munches on it. "And…yes, there is." A grin at Brielle.

The hand lowers as Mike nods, reaching over to the pepperoni and sausage pizza (that was delivered to the table rather stealthily )to grab a slice, "Also sometimes it is nice to just head out to eat instead of just staying in."

"There are things in life that don't need reasons." Having set an expectation now that he's going to say something profound, Sam finishes his current slice and then dispenses age old wisdom. "Pizza is one of those things. It doesn't require a framework, it will not beg questions and it doesn't change its moral dimension based on viewpoint. Pizza is eternal, it is existential. Pizza simply is." Hah.

Ojin blinks slowly "…people in new york take their pizza WAAAAY to seriously" he says. "You pop it in, eat it and enjoy. Done" and with that he enjoys his sardine pizza. Though the cookies were dissapearing fast. "So what do you folks do for a living?" he wonders of them

Brielle smirks at Steve. "Way to make me feel like a pig, ordering like I did." She's kidding, of course. She doesn't give much thought to anyone thinking anything about the food she ordered. "Though we all know I ordered it to have leftovers." She looks up as the counter calls her name. "I'll have to catch you later. Have a date with some documentaries. It was nice to see you, again." She'll glance around. "Nice to meet you." She'll move to collect her pizzas and wings, and head out.

"Performer." Mike answers quickly, not mentioning the other jobs. Avoidance? No. Eating Pizza. Chewing, he watches Brielle walk over to collect her food and head out. Turning, he looks to Steve curiously, swallowing. "Doc-" He pauses, looking off to the side, through the window at what looks to be nothing. The slice lowers, "I just remembered something I have to do. Wouldn't DREAM of doing this otherwise but.." He glances to Steve, "Save me a slice?" Without waiting for an answer, Mike heads out of the Domino's with a bit of quickness to his step.

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