2017-01-23 Yamas
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Warning: N/A
Players: David Xanatos and Elektra
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Yamas

The luxury car had arrived outside of Elektra Natchios's penthouse apartment, and a man in a very nice suit stepped out. He made his way into the lobby, spoke briefly with the doorman, who was in charge of the elevator, before he made his way up to her apartment. He didn't have an appointment, but when a man from Xanatos Enterprises arrives, very few people say no, and the security wasn't about to become one of them.

He had knocked on the door, and delivered a message. "Mr. David Xanatos would like to see you are your earliest convenience. A car is available downstairs and I have been instructed to wait until such time as you are ready." It was short, he didn't know anything more, and if he did, he wasn't telling her. He would then return, and wait for her.

When she finally did come down, he promptly drove her to the Eyrie Building, escorting her up to the top floor. It was the tallest building in New York, so even with an advanced elevator; it took some time to reach Castle Wyvern. "Please, this way." He gestured, and led her through the courtyard, into the castle, through some corridors, into a great hall, and eventually, a private office.

"Mr. Xanatos, Elektra Natchios to see you."

The room was spacious, with one wall being a single and very large pane of glass. Looking out, you couldn't see any buildings, unless you looked down. It was an impressive achievement for New York, to rise so high above the skyline. The carpet was a blue-grey, as were the walls. It was fairly dark, and yet well lit. None of the colours reflected light particularly well.

Instead, it focused on the natural light through the window, as it was dark, but not pitch black yet. There was a fern near the window, a bank of monitors on one side, obviously with a built in computer and sound system, a few paintings, sculptures, and a large desk, with a light shining down on it. There, sat David Xanatos.%R%RHe rose from his seat, smiling, "Ah, Elektra Natchios, I'm so pleased you could come." He closed the distance so that he could offer his right hand in greeting.

Elektra would be sceptical of anyone seeking her door, so the man delivering the invitation would be met with caution, her mind on the stashed weapon in the stand by the entrance when greeting him. But he came on behalf of Xanatos, a name that managed to draw out a slight look of interest on otherwise cold, stone face. "..Mh, I will be down in a minute."

Not long after she finds herself downstairs in the awaiting ride, being whisked away through the city to come upon the iconic building that is the Eyrie. A long elevator ride and just as long as a tour through the castle, Xanatos' messenger finally delivers her to her destination. His office.

Door opening for her, her attire is revealed to be business with a touch of casual, her tall physique accentuated by a black pant suit, a dark red top just cresting the bottom of her closed jacket's lapel while equally dark red heels complete the look.

Her gaze is quick to sweep the Spartan room upon entry, memorising the layout before settling on David, no smile to greet him and her tone neutral. "David Xanatos… A pleasure to be here. May I ask what the occasion is?" Meeting him halfway, her own hand extends for a proper shake.

"Ah, down to business, I like that. I had planned to offer you a tour of the Castle, perhaps some fine wine, cheese, caviar, but, as you wish. I would like to hire you on retainer. I know of your skills, and they are quite extensive. I don't have anything specific for you in mind as of right now," actually he did, but he wasn't about to tell her that, "so, to begin with, it would simply be some easy money, assisting with security, ensuring that things are up to scratch. If… you can help to make my home difficult for even you to infiltrate, well then, that would be money well spent."

Elektra would have denied the niceties either way, so she figured it best to avoid it right out of the gate. Retracting her hand, she folds them neatly at her lower back, falling silent to listen to his request; interest peaked when he mentions her work. So he has connections, it seems. No surprise, given his wealth and status.

"If money were easy, everyone would be rich." Elektra states plainly, though a touch of humour flows at the end as low-lashed gaze leaves him to overlook the room once more. "So you wish to use my skills…" She muses while stepping around him, taking stock as she approaches the large window and peers out. The man knows how to choose a lookout point, for sure. "… But you must understand my services are not as a common guard. My living is killing, so if you wish for some… beefed up security, expect it to be lethal."

A slight pivot at the waist has her turning to glance over her shoulder, strong figure silhouetted by the city lights in the distance. "Is that what you're looking for?"

"My dear, if your measures are able to kill… my nuisances, I would be very surprised. The travelling salesmen who frequent my ventures are exceedingly persistent." He was joking there, but at the same time, he did reveal that he was dealing with some next level issues.

He turned and headed over to his wall computer panel, which sensed his presence, and began showing video of creatures, very large, powerful, winged creatures, that seemed to glide on currents of wind. There were clips of their impressive agility, strength, coordination. Whatever they were, they were impressive. One seemed to rip a steel door right out of the wall.

It then showed some human issues, like what seemed to be mercenaries, a few other super beings, mostly heroes, some known, others she might not have recognised. "As you can see, I've had my fare share of unwanted solicitations."

Moving to his desk, he poured himself a glass of wine, "would you care to partake, my dear?" If he was drinking it, it was probably a very expensive vintage. If she had looked at the bottle, it was from a Greek vineyard, and was close to a hundred years old.

"There is always a way to kill something." Elektra replies and turns back to him fully, interest drawing her to stand before the computer, watching the footage with a mild quirk to her brow. Mercenaries and superheroes are one thing, but the beasts are quite intriguing.

"Mh… No, thank you." Attention shifts to the wine for a brief moment before shifting to him. Elektra isn't one to be so easily plied, especially when talking business. "These creatures, however. A regular problem for you?"

"They are the former residents of this castle. It's a sore spot, I understand." He wasn't quite yet ready to reveal everything. She hadn't signed on. "But, I do have… a number of ongoing problems. It might necessitate a prolonged investment in this project on your part. Perhaps even residence? Would that be a problem?" It was a castle, and besides that, there were a number of apartments lower in the building, so it wasn't much of a stretch for him to offer her a place to stay as part of the package.

It wasn't uncommon for Elektra to live in a certain place during a mission or contract. But being invited to pretty much live here earns a mildly scrutinous look from her. "I'm not entirely accustomed to working… in-house. How long exactly were you expecting to hire my services for?" It's been some time since she last had an extended contract, so she wants to make sure this is all laid out. "I also require more information as to who I'll be dealing with. Secrets can get a man killed, Mr. Xanatos, so if I have to protect your life or take another's, I prefer to know what I'm up against beforehand."

"Why limit oneself? I'm sure that we could come up with an offer that would be more than equitable, and it could be set up as a rolling contract, with termination permissible from either party, but with shall we say, a minimum of one month's notice?" Meaning, he'd have to pay her for another month before terminating her, and she would have to work for a month after informing him of her intention to leave. "Though, this won't be an all-consuming assignment. Provided they don't conflict, you'd be more than welcome to take up side contracts?"

"As for secrets, if you're in, all will be revealed. But until that time, certain securities must be maintained, even from a potential employee. And, from what I know of you, I imagine that we could work well together, very well." She was intelligent, skilled, experienced, and beautiful. Best of all, she seemed to have a certain disregard for laws and ethics. She was perfect. At least, from first and second glance.

And so comes the part of business Elektra enjoys most. Negotiation. A fire lights behind that icy gaze, her posture straight-backed and professional as she eyes him up. There's consideration on her face, thinking it through before she finally answers, "Hm.. I will agree only if termination is same day. Keeping an employee around who doesn't wish to work is bad for business, myself especially." Note the 'turning on employers' history.

"…And a small room would be agreeable. I don't need much." She worked in worse, after all.

"Hmm, termination the same day could potentially leave me in the lurch." If she switched sides for example, she could work for him in the morning, and work against him in the evening. She would know things about his security. His projects. It was a risky proposition. "Two weeks notice." He countered, and he'd probably settle for one. Ah, negotiation. "Your room is already prepared, actually." He assumed she would accept.

Such is the price of hiring an assassin to go through your security network. Lucky for him Elektra appears pleased enough with two weeks, her hand reaching out once more to shake in confirmation. "Agreed."

Ah… Of course he already has a room made up for her. A dark brow lofts and, in a rare moment, the edges of her crimson lips quirk up faintly. "A man who plans ahead. Perhaps we will work well together. ..I think I would enjoy some of that wine now. And perhaps a tour."

David Xanatos plans ahead. In fact, he plans for multiple contingencies. In fact, he had several other operatives in line, should the situation with her become untenable. He smiled at her, pleased that she has accepted his offer, and pours her a glass of the wine. "Gladly, my dear. I understand this is from your family's ancestral estates, 1923. So, where would you like to begin the tour? I'm sure you know your way around a castle."

Reaching, Elektra takes the offered stemware in a graceful, fluid movement, swirling it gently and partaking of its scent before glass meet lips and she takes a sip. "Is that so…?" He's done his research on her. Interesting… "Well, they had great taste. And I believe the courtyard would be a nice place to start. But first…"

Sharp gaze meets his, that lingering smile still dusting her lips as she raises her glass to tap gently with his, connecting glassware chiming softly should he join. "Yamas." To their health. And his especially.

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