2017-01-24 Do I know you?
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Players: Bjorn and Mike
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Title: Do I know you?

Hey! Why don't you take a long walk off a short pi- Oh. Alread heard that one eh? Well, welcome to the docks. This is the Dockiest Dock you ever did see.
The world was cold, the clouds were grey, no sun seen on these dark days. Or so that is how it might feel! Sure the sun has been staying out latter and latter to most people happiness, but still it set early! But life goes on in the afternnon. The docks were somewhat foggy as ships came and went. Many were having various items loaded and unloaded as needed.

And which comes in Bjorn. A simple man, he was in jumpers and wearing a winter hat and worn leather coat. He had just finished his shift and was packing up various items into his pack while also looking over future work loads.

Standing at a railing that separated the streets from the dock work area is Mike. Not dressed to impress, Mike is dressed for the weather. The jacket, ballcap, and remaining clothes all warm. Worn, but warm. He is not finishing up after a shift but instead taking a break, glancing to the water beyond the gaps of the ships.

Bag packed, schedual checked, and the rest of the day planned, Bjorn makes his ways towards the street. He stops by Mike and looks out to the water between the ships. He glances to Mike a moment and back. Wait… and he looks at Mike again "…arn'tcha that singer feller?" he asks outright

The musican blinks, turning his head to look to Bjorn. Huh. Most people don't put things together when Mike's dressed different from his stage persona. But maybe… "Singer feller?"

Bjorn nods "Yea! Go around, playing these old folk songs and what not to them bars. Always wanted ta hear one of your songs. Heard there real good. Tellin stories and what not." Seems he was mistaking this Mike for someone else, or someone that looks similar. He smiles wide

Mike smiles. Excellent. No need to rework the civvy outfit. "Oh, I get that a lot. No, I'm not a folk singer." He turns his head, looking back to the water. "Hope you get time to catch a performance of his." NO CLUE who he is talking about.

Bjorn turns slightly reddish "Oh, erm, sorry! Hope not offend" he says. He turns back to the water "But you and me both. Heard he does an awesome Quest For the Emerald Sword, when he wants ta do rock folk songs" he says "Or something. Never got the difference between things." pause "So, you like the ocean?" he asks

"Quest… for the Emerald Sword?" Mike repeats, not being able to place that song title, he shakes his head "It's a lot calmer than what's behind me." Mike replies. "Seems like a good enough reason to gather my thoughts here."

Bjorn nods "Yea. It about this fello who serves his country and lords. And he goes over mountans and through forest all in the search of the emerald sword he can use to protect his kin." he says. He smiles and looks to the sea "Should see it when it's storming. It still calmer than the city! Well where be mah manners. Bjorn Arturson be the name"

"Mike." Mike responds, not giving the last name. He's a bit distracted as he tries to place the story. Folk songs involving that type of plot…He can't think of any and yet why does the plot seem familiar?

Bjorn chuckle "Ye seem like yer trying to recall the song! Pretty sure it made up and not a real folks song. But I still like it. Kin sing you some of them lyrical notes if yea like!"

"No that's alright." Mike replies, looking over to Bjorn, "Won't be as satisfying as me figuring it out myself." He looks back over to the water, "So, Bjorn. Are you from here originally?"

Bjorn shakes his head "Nah. I be from the iceland" he says "Mah folks still live there. But I came over here. New York is intresting. Much does happen" he says with a light laugh. "How bout yourself Mike?" he wonders. "Chocolate. We need chocolate, and sandwiches" he says rather suddenly

"Born in New York, raised partly in Hobok-" Mike pauses, looking over to Bjorn, "…That's an odd combination." His head tilts inquiringly, "Are you diabetic?"

"no no no" Bjorn says waving a hand dismissivly "I just… like chocolate" he leans on the railing as he looks to the sea as if he was in thought now "I do not know the why of it. Few months ago, I think I had some accident. Since then fuzzy memories, confusing thoughts and one hell of a craving for chocolate." he chuckles "I will have eight, none, even ten king sized choclates bars in one sitting" he admits

Mike's brow raises as Bjorn reveals how much chocolate he has in a sitting, "Wow that is a lot." He frowns. Hmm. "Sounds expensive. Guess it could be worse. You could have woken up craving brains like a zombie… Imagine how bad that would be."

Bjorn chuckles "Well I do have brain cravings. They make for excellent food you know. But it only in the sense of how one would crave a steak or hot dog… you never had brains?" he suddenly wonders. And yes he was serious "But yea, it can be expensive. But I have good job with good pay. No dental though. So, yea, hafta watch my teeth with all the choclate"

Yep. NOT the answer Mike wanted to hear. Shoving his hands into his pocket, he swings his body so that he's facing Bjorn. "Yeah, got to be sure to brush your teeth a lot then." He pauses, "Where on earth do they serve brain in this town?"

Bjorn chuckles "Not sure where they serve em here. But I had some in Louis Missorie as well as Mexico. Got family there" he explains simply. "But yea, it defintly not a common food. Bet I could find it somewhere in this town. They have everything here it seems." His eyes alight with amusement, he knew not many ate brains

Ok. At least the source is possibly ok. Mike shurgs, "I don't think it is at all an American dish but I figured maybe a delicacy in another country. Any idea what type of animal they serve? Got to be sure you don't run the risk of mad cow disease."

Bjorn chuckles "Ironcly it normally cow or calf. Though some places have chicken, and monkey too" he says. He cants his head "Eh, america has all sorts living in it. far as I can tell, most dishes may as well be an american dish. I've gotten bull tail in china town, and fried gator in a little diner in Greenwich."

"It's just very curious to hear in the states." Mike agrees. "There's probably some law against its use in the state because of the concern of disease." He grins, "I have a friend who ended up getting this one dish and he didn't find out until afterwards it was bull penis."

Bjorn laughs "Bull penis!" he slaps the rail with such force it vibrates alot, more then one would expect. A strong man for certain "Well, that not so bad. Ever had Rocky Mountain Oysters? There not reall oyzters" wink wink "But yea, they are restricted! You eat any strange things?"

"Yes but I don't know what to call it." Mike answers. Honestly middle of the Australian Outback on your own while trying to hide from Hydra for days? Beggars can't be choosers, "Kind of was a 'whatever is available" moment."

Bjorn cants his head. He of course didn't have any context for the statement, so assumptions "You must've been hungry if you jump onboard eating new things! That or real drunk. I had nights like that" he nods with a dimwitted grin.

"Well I was a bit woozy at the time after a fight." Mike admits. Yeah. From blood loss. But no point mentioning that part out loud. "So yeah that probably helped with quelling the second guessing."

"Oh, so you THAT kind of drunk! That or real soft" he says jokingly. Bjorn lays backa agist the railing, opening his pack "So tell Bjorn. WHat do you do for job?

"I'm a performer." Mike replies simply, "Which is why I had time to come over here staring at the water while most peple are working regular jobs."

Bjorn nods "Ahhh, I see. Street performer? My pa used to work as that. I took place in some acts myself" he says. "Still the time is nice." he gestures to the ships "I work the docks now. Load and unload. Sometimes fishing too."

Mike turns look to the boisterous dock worker, to the pack being opened, then towards the docks, "Yeah, kind of. What type of acts did you do?"

Bjorn pulls out chocolate and sandwhich, plus water. He also had some superhero comics too that were easily noticble. He offer Mike… a sandwich. The choclate was his. "Oh, all sorts. Story telling, juggling, a few balancing acts. Oh and fire breathing. Well he breathed fire, never let me try it" he chuckles

Mike holds up his hand in a halting manner and the offered sandwich. "It's alright. I ate before coming here. Thanks though." He pauses, looking to Bjorn's spread. "So, you're big on story telling, then?"

Bjorn turns a bit pinkish "I like stories. I wouldnea say I was big on them. I just like them" he is flush as he has never talked about it

"I just assumed as you brought up the Emerald Sword and working as a Story teller." Mike replies, giving a bit of a smile, "I have acted out stories with others before."

Bjorn nods the red not going away "Well, I do love stories. Though some think it is not very mannly" he grumbles a bit, but then hmmmms "You have? WHat stories? You have caught interest!"

"Lets see…" Mike considers, "Are you familiar with 'The Call of the Wild' or 'The Waves of the Phoenix'?"

Bjorn hmmms "The Call of the Wild sounds familiar, bit The Waves of the Phoenix do not ring a bell" he admits.

"I'm… not that surprised that you wouldn't know about the Waves of the Phoenix." Mike comments, "That was more popular with women. Also came out years ago. The movie for Call of the Wild came out last year at least."

Bjorn nods "DO not see movies very often… well adult movies. Often animated movies is way to go" he says with a small smile "Did you act in those movies?" his eyes widen wondering if this is a actor

"Well, I did say I was a performer."

Bjorn eyes have a twinkle "What else have you acted in? Ohhhh, any medivial movies?" he wonders his curiosty boiling now

Mike shrugs, "Oh the usual stuff. Mainly guest roles on TV shows. Mainly crime and supernatural dramas. Closest to Medival was a scene involving a vampire's flashback nothing much with that one."

Bjorn seems dissappointed, but he smiles "It is good you have had many positions to act! Not many be as lucky" he says. He keeps munching on the sandwich, occasionly eating a chocolate bar "You are alright"


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