2017-01-24 Revenge of the Shredder
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Warning: PG-13
Players: Leonardo Jose Captain America Patriot, Shredder
GMed by Shredder
Title: Revenge of the Shredder

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The word on the Street in hell's kitchen is that a new Gang is moving into the area. So far, no one seems to know really anything about it. For the most part, there have only been glimpses or signs. But what is known is they call themselves THE FOOT CLAN. But other than that nothing. Several months ago the clan was busted by the police. But within forty-eight hours every arrested member had escaped. All evidence of them, prints, photos, everything was gone. For the most part it is nothing serious as their leader was apparently killed. so few gangs are willing to accept such a weak has been gang in their territory.

But there have been some new recruits into the local gangs. Something that is always troubling. So many young lives wasted in criminal pursuits. And for tonight there is a Gang meeting, A warehouse where they meet, open, wide, lots of areas where they can meet and talk with little chance of an ambush. Many new members are here, to learn the ropes and who is who. But something about this is off.

The Warehouse has a number of Old broken down Vans and trucks in them, heavy crates and boxes, most have been dumped here just to get ride of them, the area is poorly lit as well.

Patriot is looking for Captain America, but so far has not had any luck trying to find him as Eli, so he is out as Patriot, looking to draw attention. He figures if he gets noticed, Cap will come looking for him. He is familiar with gangs, he fought a few of them while he was taking on Drug Dealers a few weeks back. He finds the fact that this one calls itself a CLAN a bit disturbing.

There are some people who will take the Foot clan seriously. And by people, of course, we mean turtles. After April's dire warning about the Shredder, Leo had tried his best to find out more about where the gang was hiding. Turns out it was almost right on top of them, and that was bad news. Even though he told his brothers about the situation, the first recce is his alone by long standing tradition that goes back for at least six hours.

The manhole into the sewers opens and closes, leaving nothing but heat vapor from the nearby vents to waft across the alley. Silently, like a ghost, the figure suborns his way into the warehouse via the roof, slipping unseen into the refuge and disappearing into the shadows.

When it comes to words Echo hardly misses a beat, being always in tune to the rythem of the streets. It is after all where he grew up. The young teen was to the hero business, but used to danger, he simply sought to find out some info before getting out. He simply showed up at the ware house. Actually walked into the ware house. Street clothes, and a pair of headphones on, he blended in readily with the crowed. Hell, he probably knew a few of them, maybe. But still…. something was off. He couldn't place his finger on it as he simply leans against a back wall, eyes closed, letting his ears do the work.

As Jose walks into the Warehouse the whole place seems to be alive, rats, the sounds of animals, breathing. And then the sound of footsteps, several pairs, dozeons coming from both sides. as the Gangs have arrived. The three major Gangs, The Flamers, A group that likes to Burn their victims, like with hot knives and blades, to prove a point. To make sure that those they mark stay marked.

The Vipers, People who have an enjoyment of snakes, and in particular the Vipers.

The Final one The Bruisers, a gang that uses blunt objects favoring beating people black and blue into respecting them. All of them here, armed dangerous, as someone Points out, "Who da Fuck is that?" One says as they begin to move in on Jose, Clearly intending to teach this punk a lesson of trespassing.

And as they come, comes the sound of metal on concrete, heavy armored boots, the sound of chain mail, as a figure wearing bladed armor and a mask holding a massive spear in one hand comes out into the light of one of the lanterns. Numerous guns are Drawn pointed at the Shredder, as he speaks.

"I am the Shredder. And I am taking over your territories. And I share my terms, in a language you under stand." Then he snaps his fingers, and instantly a number of the gang members on all sides start attacking. Not the other gangs. But those they are with, Knives are Drawn and plunged into the backs of the gang… as the massacre begins….

Eli was hiding in the rafters, waiting the right time to make his move. Patriot analyzes the tactical situation, obviously this Shredder is responsible, so he is the one who has to go down. Elijah jumps lightly to the floor near the Shredder and says, "Treason is uncool, shall I show you what I think of traitors and those who place them?" He strikes out with his shield, not trusting the blades on the armor…and not yet certain of the speed and skill of his foe.

A blue masked turtle face peers out over the cover he had been using for a moment when the sound of metal on concrete became obvious. He'd heard that before. He knows that sound! And then the figure appears, armed with spear and more spikes than absolutely required. "Shredder…" And, so it would seem, the Foot Clan. At least that solves the mystery of where they'd gone after vanishing from custody. No wonder they couldn't find the gang, they'd simply joined the other dominant gangs waiting for just this moment. That's Ninja for you, always ready to stab you in the back.

This is also, incidentally, Leonardo's plan as he comes out of cover like a turtle out of hell (never mind the bats) and makes a direct line for the Arch Nemesis. There's no shouting of any challenge, he'd learned that lesson, and even gratefully refrains from warning the other would-be hero to be careful. He'll take any distraction he can get. The last ten feet he covers in a shell slide, before popping back onto his feet, leaping into the air and bringing both razor sharp Katana down towards the Shredder's collar bone, aiming for the joint between helmet and gorget. And then, only then, when his blades are whistling in towards their targets like the heralds of doom does he break silence "Turtle Strike!"

Hell's Kitchen. It tends to fall between the cracks of law enforcement, and although it attracts some attention from superheroes - it's still one of *those* parts of town. Some people have pride in it, some don't. Kids from Brooklyn understand that. Kids from Brooklyn who have grown up…still understand that. But this? Whatever is going on here, Captain America is not happy. He's not even sure what's going on…so his entrance will attract attention. The shield comes first…thrown towards the nearest group of gangsters with the intent to knock them flying and away from each other, his hand extending to catch it on the rebound.

Jose eyes flashed open when he realized that The Bruisers wanted a peice of him. And he was about to get moving untill shredder came up and made his presence known. And then suddenly BLOOD EVERYWHERE. Now the funs begun. With the gangster and traitors fighting, Jose slides himself under a van, hoping people were well distracted not to notice him. Time to sound the alarm, literately. It impossible tell where it coming from, but the sound of a blareing siren goes off. Ear splittingly loud and growing. He was a yeller, not a fighter, normally. Which isn't always a bad thing.

As The attack begins several of the foot are indeed hit with the SHIELD of the arriving Captian America. The young Super Soldier has Shredder's undivided attention, And he is fast, reacting almost instantly. Lashing out with the spear with deadly intent. A master Martial Artist As he flows with his spear bringing his arms through to try and slice through the air, Of course as he moves he also flips. Just as Leonardo was attacking for his head. "YOU!" Shredder Roars in hatred and Instantly He brings the blunt end of his spear up trying to Hit into the Turtle's midsection and then Vault him up and over Through the air, and into the Star Spangled Avenger!

Shredder of course is more than able to dodge and deflect the attack by Leonardo. He may have taken a dumpster dive, but he has lost none of his skills. Sliding and pulling back. Glancing around to make sure the other three reptiles are not coming up he spins and flows at the young Super Soldiers. As The Foot are being assaulted and the alarm is sounded. Shredder decides, it is time.

He Roars out, "BEBOP!"





Instantly from a large Shipping container bursts out slamming the doors open comes a Warthog, Or rather Warthog man with a purple Mowhawk,

From a large Van bursts a Rhino man Dressed in military Fatigues,

From under a large pile of Crates and Boxes comes an explosions as a spiked shell comes up as a large turtle like creature with long vicious claws comes out as he roars out.

The final one a anthro Timber wolf drops down from the Skylight as he issues a howl of rage teeth bared and sharp as the wolf says, "You called Alpha?"

Shredder standing tall points at Leonardo, "This one is mine… Kill the others." And with that the four mutants Lunges at Patriots, And captain America, While shredder's spear suddenly glows with a hellish red light, and transforms into a Katana as he lunges at Leonardo…

The siren is painful to the recently enhanced hearing of the young super soldier. He gits his teeth and concentrates on the threats. Patriot grabs into his pouch and pulls out a handful of throwing stars, sending them unerringly towards the knees of the four hostile mutant animals, though they might dodge it should at least throw them off their strides. He will block any ranged attack and dodge…diving OVER the enemy…any who try to close to Melee.

"Bummer…" is the turtle's only response as he takes the haft of the spear in the armored abdomen and is flung practically to the ceiling of the warehouse. It was never that easy… and now, it seems, the Shredder has sidekicks. This calls for some patented Ninja Turtle wisecracking. As he sails through the air, Leonardo tucks in his legs to go from ballistic reptile to front flip Ninja. "I can be-bop and steady rock a mike" So he lands on Steve's shoulders, giving the man a brief wave before jumping back towards Shredder, in a reciprocal path "Sucka!" The blades are out, and there's an unusual fierceness in his eyes, but the leader of the four most unlikely ninja heroes knows that this is bad. Very bad. The Shredder by himself was dangerous, even if the Foot Clan could be engaged with nearly contemptuous ease. But the new sidekicks? Mondo bad news, bro. And that shape shifting weapon? /Major/ bummer dudes. But for now he needs to fight, even if only to give the others a fighting chance to get out of here. Sirens? They might as well be on Mars, his focus is on his enemy and only his enemy.

Catching the shield in a slight crouch, Steve suddenly finds himself a turtle platform. He actually grins at Leonardo, who's busy…well…Steve has a problem of his own, lifting his shield to block the incoming fatigue-clad rhino as Rocksteady charges him. Okay. These guys are definitely trouble…and although the shield blocks the attack, the super soldier is pushed back along the road, sparks coming up around his feet. Good job his boots are armored!

Jose eyes widen…. not with fear, but with glee. Giant mutant ANIMALS!!!! Forget the blood, this is awesome as far as he is concerned! Sure the death, blood and guts is bad, but animals! Jose completely silences his foot steps as he comes out from under the van to make his way to another van, narrowly avoiding some fights. Up onto another van…. and he GLOMPS Rahzar from above, or at least tries too. Wolf wrangling time!

There is some seriously bad sounds coming from outside, gun fire, screams. Breaking glass. It sounds like a full scale war zone out there. Shredder is keeping the heroes here so that the foot having left and escaped to join their companions out side. Hell's kitchen is gonna be a blood bath come tomorrow. Shredder attacks Leonardo rushing at him then stopping shorts to allow The turtle to go off balance if he was expecting a full charge and then rushes in swinging his katana which shifts suddenly into a Nodachi, a bladed staff, as he rushes swinging his bladed arms, throwing kicks, and spinning around trying to slice and dice the Turtle. He is not called the Shredder for nothing.

"I will finish what I started on the roof, I will send your empty and gutted shell back to the rat, with four bowls of Turtle Soup! So too shall they share the same fate" And As shredder attaches he is also trying to disarm Leondardo of one of his Katana swords catching it in his armored blades to yank from his hands.

The Rhino, Rocksteady brought both fists down onto the shield and is very surprised it survived, but he doesn';t let up as Bebop Rushes in beside his partner tryiung a massive upper cut. With the Shield above Captain America's head. He is vulnerable to the middle. The pair might not be the brightest but they do know team work.

Tokka And Rahzar are on Patriot, Tokka Rushing forward with his large clawwed hands, and he lunges down trying to slash through the shield wielder, the starts hit his knees but they only cause superficial cuts on him as Rahzar has to duck and roll and in that instant he is about to follow up and pounce on Patriot, suddenly he has a sonic screamer on his back which makes him howl in pain. The sound dampening earplugs can only do so much as he stumbles and then pushes back trying to impact the attack on his back into the wall or something. His hands covering his ears as Tokka continues to press his attack slashing wide, strong, claws ripping through steel beams, and through concrete…

One thing is sure, the snapping turtle is STRONG. Patriot can use that against him. He is not paying attention to structural support, but Patriot sees that he is wrecking support pillars, and so he dodges and leads the turtle to wreck another, calculating the action to bring the roof down on the snapper and Shredder…

"You leave my brothers out of this, shredface" He may be covered in shell, but threats to his family get under his skin very easily. Leonardo's attacks become just as vicious as the Shredder's, and it's clear that he's been practicing even after the incident on the roof. It was meant for someone just as dangerous, but he'd never expected to see his arch enemy again. It had been eating him ever since April had passed on the warning, and now it's all coming out. The anger makes him faster, more powerful… much, much more stupid. Ducking, turning, rolling and in many respects almost matching the Shredder blow for blow, many a time blades scrape off his shell in hits that would have killed a human ninja. He's making mistakes… he's leaving openings… and with what almost seems like a growl of frustration, he slices his right Katana across the Nodachi hard enough to raise sparks. Certain that is would blind his opponent momentarily, not thinking straight enough to check first, he uses the moment to slash his left Katana straight down in an artless blow.

And feels his weapon come to a complete stop, unexpectedly, grasped tightly in the Shredder's gauntlet. Ah. Ouch time.

Teamwork, yes. But are they as fast as Steve? He rolls to the side, barely avoiding their blows, although he might be vulnerable for a moment as he comes back up, before he tries to slam the edge of the shield into Bebop's jaw, which happens to be the closest of the two right now.

Echo hangs on as best he can. But unlike some people, he was dumb enough not to come with a weapon, a shield… or anything. He really should try to work on that. Especially considering he gets himself slammed into the side of a Van when Rahzor tries to get him off! It was an audible thump as it happened. The sonic sounds stopped abruptly as he slides to the ground from his spot on the vans wall. "Oi, right, that hurt" he manages to say

As Shredder fights the Turtle he seems to be loosing ground, pulling back step by step to make the Turtle grow more and more over confidant. And then as his blades swing and slash scraping across his shell and belly shell, Shredder realizes that the Turtle's shell is much tougher than he expected. He would need a powerful blow to penetrate it and do serious damage. But He smiles knowing the legs are weak, as are the arms, and then he manages to Catch the Katana in his left hand. Dropping the Nodachi he slashes with his right hand to aim for the legs of the turtle hoping to slash him where his armor is not as thick, to wound him, to bleed him. As he yanks the Katana from Leonardo's hands turns and manages to plant a powerful kick right into his chest where the heart should be spinning around as the sword he removed is now in both hands. Brought up over his head and then


The sword is broken in two by the shredder's bare hands as he tosses the ruined blade away. Jerking his right hand down, the Nodachi burns on the ground and areddish hellfire erupts in his hands, "They will suffer even more knowing they abandoned you to your death. The Rat will come for me, and when he does I will be waiting and I will make him watch as I butcher the others…" And he once more lunges at Leonardo.

BeBop And Rocksteady are surprised by the Guy's agility as Bebop misses the punch and then the shield is knock into his jaw making him squeal like a warthog as Rocksteading comes down again. This time he is bringing his fist down as he opens his hand, he is trying to make Captain America block his attack so he can grab his arms or the shield and rip it out of his hands. But like a Rhino he is a bit on the slow side as Bebop starts to recover.

In the Rafters is a Single foot, a bald man as he holds a Bow, and drawing an arrow he pulls back on the Bow to let it fly at Patriot as he calls out, "Tokka Watch your attacks, You damage the supports!" And Tokka seems "ahhh" and his jaws open as Tatsu starts to Fire arrows carefully aimed and targeted for the Legs of Patriot.

Rahzar wants to make him pay, as the screams stop, his ears bleed some asa he reaches down to grab hold of Jose and then he throws him, throws him right at Patriot as hard as he can, Only to have the Young super Soldier get out of the way and the Sonic screamer is thrown into a bunch of massive cardboard boxes which then EXPLODE, filling the air FULL

of Packing peanuts! well at least the landing was soft for JOSE.

Patriot deflects the arrows with his shield with casual skill, almost like he was not really paying attention. He analyzes the threats and reacts appropriately with hardly any conscious thought. He has to alter his tactics now that Tokka is warned, he waits on the turtle's next attack, then ducks and slams his shield into the snapper's shell, using his own strength to send the Snapper spinning further than planned and slamming him into the wolf.

Up until now, Leonardo had gone on instinct and anger alone, even as his shell was deflecting all of the blows that landed on it. Reality comes flooding back in at exactly the wrong moment, the realization that he's been had… and then the turtle goes flying again, practically horizontal this time and ending up skidding on his back shell along the ground, actually raising sparks as he does. Not his shell, luckily, but some of the hardware he keeps strapped to it, grating along the concrete and making his progress along the hard surface slightly more spectacular than it otherwise would have been. He's just getting upright, and is actually on his knees when he sees his blade being shattered. For a moment that's where he remains, feeling the keenest sense of personal failure and shame… and hopelessness, just like the roof top. He'd been a fool to think he could take on the Shredder by himself, even back then, and now he's back even stronger with four … no, FIVE new lieutenants.

Slowly and deliberately, the turtle rises to his three toed feet, shifting the grip on his remaining katana. From Ninjutsu to Kenjutsu, a style that is far more defensive, less aggressive. And in that pose, he starts to back away. This fight cannot be won.

Fast, yes. The shield, though, can be grabbed…although not taken all the way out of the supersoldier's hands. Steve actually uses it to support himself to shoot both boots into Rocksteady's midsection with full force, which should make him drop it. Or, well, things might get interesting. There's enough force to do some real damage behind that kick.

Thank the lords above for the soft landing! Peanuts, soft styrofoam peanuts everywhere! Echo pops up hands in the air saying "Im'ma live baby! Booyea!!!" this teen was not out of the count. Battered but standing. "It's time to bring the thunder!" clap that is! Sure, Jose can't generate thunder claps with strength, but he can exemplify, modify and amplify the sounds he creates. Clap included! Actually he never gone for something of this scale, but why not! His hands slam together in his own attempt to create a Thunder clap and likewise a concussive force. Hopefully it will do more than just send a few peanuts flying

As Shredder is about to Lunge and finish of Leonardo, for him Time seems to slow down. The sound of Cracking ribs. Rocksteady roaring out in pain. Leonardo can see it, Concern, fear. Shredder breaks his focus on the turtle, not giving him a second glance as Rocksteady coughs up a gouge of blood all over Captain America. Shredder does the one thing that is the most unexpected. He breaks from combat with the Turtle, throwing a choking smoke bomb at the feet of the turtle and lunges at Captain America. Unlike Bebop and Rocksteady he is fast, deadly, Agile. Moving like a flash of deadly fire. He strikes at Captain America, as he roars, "Bebop get Rocksteady to Safety!" he roars to engage, "Tatsu Be ready!"

For Bebop he heeds his master's call as the Rhino man holds his side and then The warthog helps his friend rush out of the ware house as The shredder turns into spinning death.

Tatsu uses a new arrow, an Exploding arrow as he aims not at the ground, but the roof as it flies and explodes bringing down a large number of beams and roofing material. Right onto The Patriot, As he continues to fire the arrows as a few seem to go off course due to the concussion wave.

Tokka and Rahzar are now on the defensive as they listen and see Shredder Run off, and it is the sign to withdraw. The begin to make their own escapes as Rahzar is knocked back due to the concussion wave and he throws a couple grenades, and they land in some of the wooden debris, and instantly start to explode producing massive fire balls. As the fire starts to spread.

Patriot reacts faster than the most well trained normal human, dodging the majority of the falling roof material and blocking the rest as he MOVES across the floor at a sprint that reaches over 60 miles an hour to slam his shield into the back of Shredder's calves…

The smoke is blinding, and the confusion is nearly total. But still Leonardo sees it. For an instant. The chink in the armor… There's no time to dwell on it though, because soon enough the roof starts coming down. Looking around, he experiences that same strange feeling of time slowing down as reflexes faster than most other things alive make sense of his surroundings. Two warriors, clearly capable of taking care of themselves. One teenager that's going to get crushed by a steel beam… His legs are moving before his brain catches up.

About two hundred pounds of chelonian comes in on a flat trajectory, leaping for Jose and tackling the teen to the ground. "Incoming!" Strong turtle arms grab the mutant and hold him tight, rolling him underneath the armored shell. Moments later, the debris starts to clang off Leonardo's back shell.

Truthfully, Steve hadn't meant to hit quite *that* hard. The roof is coming down, but not directly on Steve. The turtle's covering Patriot. He does see all of it even as he swings the shield into place to block Shredder's attack, the metal claws making a hideous nails on chalkboard sound.

Echo has been slammed into a car, thrown into peanuts and now tackled into the ground! All while trying to avoid being killed and help where he can. He not nearly as experinced as the other, and was at first startled by Leonardo tackling him. But startledness quickly turns to relief as he hears the debris clink off Leo's shell "Your not going to go into shell shock after this are you?" he ask managing to keep a sense of humor - though was clearly grateful. "Also, I hate to point this out, but… fire" he was watching the fire spread his protected spot under leo "And it's spreading fast"

As The Shredder is spinning and slashing at Captain America he does manage to catch Patriot in the corner of his eye and then he jumps back away from Steve, as he swings his Nodachi down swinging at the legs, the magic infused blade is razor sharp, and swung with all shredder's strength he does his best to slash at one of his calves if not both of them. Captain America will most likely seek to protect the young boy.

But Shredder doesn't want to kill him. No that would send the captain into a fervor, all he wants to do is impair the movement so Captain America will not follow him. Tokka and Rahzar are withdrawn, As Shredder now throws a second chocking Smoke bomb and uses it to vanish from the field of battle as it fills the area. The sound of the Fighting out side seems to go on and on, but there is a Loud explosion, outside and moments later a large number of pops and bursts as the sound of the fighting starts ti almost instantly fade away….

The Fire starts to Burn as a couple of Fire extinguishers can be seen large ones for large fires. When the smoke clears Shredder is gone, and once the heroes get outside, Hell's kitchen looks like a blood bath. dozens of gang members lay dead, throats cut, hearts stabbed.

Everyone who had gang markings, is dead, or wounded badly. Once a final tally is made, Only gang members have been targeted. Civilians, have been more or less left alone, a few were scared into running off by the Purple clad ninja… But the sounds of groaning and calls for help fill the air. This was a massive attack on the three largest gangs… now cut down several steps.

The Foot Clan, and Shredder have staked their claim to Hell's Kitchen.

Patriot angled his shield as he rolled, a direct hit by the blade would have destroyed the shield, but the glancing blow by the side merely rendered the attack more shallow than planned, Patriot is harmed, but his body will assimilate the wound quickly and close it nearly immediately…he will be limping a while, but before the fire is out he would be back to full strength. He says, "We need to evacuate, the fire will bring the rest of the roof down and set off the fuel tanks on the cars quickly…all those packing peanuts will spread the fire faster too. Oh, and if you have time, I need to talk with you, Cap."

"Hey, that's my line dude." Leonardo mentions to Jose, giving the mutant a grin as he starts to get up, bits of roof and warehouse cascading off his shell as if it was tissue paper, reaching down to offer a hand up. Three fingers only, but that's all he needs to help someone up, and then he starts after the Shredder… but only long enough to realize that he's been had, that the real battle had been outside. Truly it's a day of shame. Heedless of the flames, he walks to the spot where he'd first engaged the Shredder and reverses the grip on his katana. With a roar of anger, he stabs the weapon into the ground with all his strength, straightens up and then snaps the blade, leaving it as broken as the other one. He even leaves the blade sticking out of the ground as he tosses the rest away, stalking off towards the alley to disappear. "One cannot be whole without the other. And I was a fool to think otherwise."

Jose didn't hesitate at the three finger hand. He seen way odder things in his life time. But he also wasn't sticking around. He wasn't fireproof or anything, or had speedful healing. As such he went to get outside and froze. His eye suddenly widen like dear in headlights. Suddenly the sounds of who was alive floods his ears as the weight of the dead lays before. Much like a memory from out of his past. Silence. Frozen. A calm before the thunder.

As the Heroes come to realize the True plan of Shredder, the sounds of Sirens is heard as Police finally show up, in all barely five minutes had past. and in that time The foot Clan seriously thinned all three gangs. And put fear into the heart of the gangs. The Foot will not be taking so lightly again. All the dead are older adults, in the mid to late twenties, the young ones, from the Low twenties to young have been wounded, seriously. But the wounds are not crippling, or Fatal. It seems that it was to remove the older more experienced gang members, while leaving the younger, less experienced, more impressionable members in charge.

Once they get out of jail, Shredder has prime recruitment material for the Foot clan. Scared young gang members who just watched their older members be killed, and scared shitless. They will be easy for the Foot Clan to Cow.

If they are kept in jail and removed from the area, there will be a power vacuum. Either way… the foot gains a good strangle hold on Hell's kitchen.

Patriot finally gets outside, and then realizes that there had been a massive slaughter outside while he was concentrating on his own fight. He collapses and starts crying, it is his job to protect others…and he failed.

Captain America moves up behind the kid. Puts a hand on his shoulder, not saying anything for right now. Just being there. He's not upset like that himself. No. He's angry.

There is shifting of a manhole cover in the alley and moments later the clang of the heavy steel falling back into place. Whoever that turtle figure was, it seems he's not hanging around.

Jose snaps back to the present… and he does what he always does. Runs. Runs from the cops, runs from heroes, runs from the scene. In his wake was a scream. It impossible to tell where it was coming from exactly, but it didn't sound human at all. He just knew he had to run.

When Eli gets himself back together, he says, "Actually Cap, I was here looking for you. Not sure you remember me, but you know my Grandfather, Isaiah Bradley…" Cap knows that name, the Black Captain America, the one of 100 black men given the super soldier serum in 1942 who survived.

"I do indeed." Steve offers Eli a hand up. "We can't…we can't always see what the bad guys will do, Mr. Bradley." Not treating him like a kid at this point. Isaiah's grandson.

Patriot sighs, "This is the second time I have lost a fight this week. It was the first one I wanted to talk about. I was attacked at school by a Doombot, who took a sample of my blood and fled. Since I got a blood transfusion from my Grandfather which gave my my powers, I assume he was after the serum."

Police and Paramedics have arrived, as have fire trucks, As Fire fighters Rush into the Warehouse to start putting out the fire. On one of the large buildings, the Symbol of a Three toed Dragon's foot is spray painted on the side of a large building. The Symbol of the Dragon Dogi, The Symbol of the Foot clan. Still for the time being, things are under control as the wounded gang members are babbling of ninja's attacking them, killing their comrades. The sound in their voices is of fear….

"Alright. Doom…" Steve tails off. "I need to talk to the police real quick, but I will talk to the Avengers and SHIELD and we will see if somebody can retrieve it."

Eli nods, "Thanks Cap, I was very worried about what Doom might do with it…" He will help out the police, firefighters, or paramedics as he can…he still feels like he should have done more.

As the Main police officer in charge looks around at the area as he seems almost in shock, then seeing Captain America he approaches him. "What the hell happened Captain?" he asks in stunned disbelief…

"It actually was ninjas…led by a guy in armor and some animal-type mutants," Steve explains. "Unfortunately…they kept us too busy to be able to stop the damage." He's still angry.

As he listens to the words he closes his eyes. "A Guy in armor covered in blades by the name of Shredder…." He says and pinches the brow of his nose. "Looks like I have a very bad day a head of me." Then looking around as he swallows. "Before the Foot Clan was only about thieving, this…" He says and swallows. "Come down to the eighth Precient and I'll give you what I can on the Foot clan." he can see the anger in Steve's eyes. That is universal.

Eli listens, but lets Cap deal with the police. He is not well enough known to have good relations yet with them.

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