2017-01-25 Darkout
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2017-01-25 format
Players: Ojin River
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On the outskirts of the city, between towns, in a desolote place will few if any dare goes, is a warehouse shroud in shadow. Iceecles like fangs lines the overhang. Broken windows long since shattered let in the howling wind. And yet the inside is much warmer than one would expect of this rundown mill. Various odd machinery lie here and there, like a tinker shop.

In matter of fact, it is a tinker shop. One that Ojin has imployed at various times. Many half finished projects. He came here to think, to learn and to get away from the hustle and bustle of the ciy. He was in a thick set orc like form this time around as he looked over his HoloDeck, an advanced piece of alien tech "Why are all these sectors going dark?" he muses in thought

Unpleasant weather. It doesn't seem to be stopping the woman breezing along outside the warehouse, talking to herself in British-accented English. "Hrm. This might work." And…not realizing anyone's in there, she opens a side door. (If it's locked? She still opens it).

Ojin becomes alert as he hears the sound of a door open. Who would come all the way out here? He knew the world has had much trouble, and didn't intend to be caught unaware. His form becomes amphoruse lump of black and gold goo, that quickly scales a nearby wall, hiding within the shadows. Though he accidently left his holodoc out on the table.

Oh, now that's interesting. Apparently, she's not the first person to think this might be a useful place to mess with tech. She walks over to the abandoned holodeck. "Now…now…what are *you*?" Rummaging in her purse, pulling out what looks like a pen in one hand as she walks around the piece of technology. "Not entirely functional, no…"

Ojin sees the intruder was merely River. He oozes down from the ceiling and takes on a human form - Bjorn form to be exact. Though this 'Bjorn' was noticbly taller and more muscular, dressed in an italian styled suit. "Proffessor River Song, I did not expect you to be here" he says simply enough "Welcome to my, work shop" he says

"I was looking for a place to safely tinker. Apparently we think alike." Next time she'll look for one in London. Oh wait, it might have Silurians in it. Again. She glances at the HoloDeck. "Advanced storage system. Your 'external memory' as it were?" A grin at that.
Ojin nods "Yes. It is a hobby of mines that I enjoyed. With how, confusing the human species can be, it was much needed" he says. Blunt as always. He walks over by River "And seeing as you recognize it, you must have come across them before. Infact I would not be surprised if you have had more advanced devices." he comments wirely

"Now, did I ever say I wasn't from this planet?" River says, a twinkle in her grey eyes. "But yes, I know a holographic storage matrix when I see one."

"Well, there something different about you. You look human for sure, but, something is off" Ojin comments with a chuckle. Looking at the holodoc "I been looking to make improvements to it. I think it is malfunctionly. I had it set to check some status in a few galaxies. But, they all gone dark"

"And what might that be?" Oh, she's curious…about what Ojin might be sensing. She's had little direct contact with his species. "And…okay. Let me take a look?"
Ojin hands the holodoc over with worry. Seems since their first encounter, he has mellowed out. "Certainly" he says. "ALso, you are simply, different" he shrugs lightly "Our kind has some latent psychi ability. Such as sensing sapient beings. And well, not all being…. feel the same. I cannot say much more than thought. Even the same species have a different feel to them"

A one shouldered shrug as she examines the device. "Very different. I prefer not to be immediately identified as such, though." She grins. "There are people who would like to study me, recruit me…you know."

With a nod Ojin says "Yes, I quite know. Some seek to take advantage of my speices… and other would rather have us eradicated." he shivers "Been in quite a few places if I am honest. Places I rather not be again. At time I wonder if this place is just as bad"

"I *like* Earth." She sets the holodeck down. Fiddles with it some more. Activates it. Data starts to flow. "Oh…oh this is *not* good at all."

He tilts his head back and forth "Well, earth has a warning label on it, far as I am concerned" he says "Not that I have to worry about it like others of my kind" Ojin than looks to River "What is wrong?" he asks in wonder

"Nothing. That's the problem. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your holodeck." Grey eyes have suddenly gone very grim and quiet. She sets it down. "I," she announces. "Will be right back." She tugs up her left sleeve, revealing a device secured onto her arm, which she fiddles with…and then there's a swirl of gold and color which she kind of steps into and vanishes.

Ojin raises a brow as River vanishes from sight "…That was, rather sudden." he looks to the holodoc "What is going on out there" tendrills from the suit reach out and engulf the holodoc making it dissappear, before returning to Ojin. Though it didn't look like any weight or mass was added to him

And…about two minutes later she reappears. "Okay. We're in real trouble." Still that grim, almost calm note, at odds with the cheer she's shown so far. She rummages in her purse, pulls out a cellphone. Calls. Listens, pacing slightly.

Ojin stays rather calm as he watches River pace somewhat "I am sure things will be fine. Who are you calling?" he wonders of her. Paceing. pacing is never good

"My husband. He's not answering, but if he hasn't seen this, *she* will have." She then murmurs into the cell phone. A series of numbers. Coordinates."

Ojin stands his hands hands clasped behind his back "My guess is a large scale war" he says. "Those are never pleasant." he looks up to a broken skylight and to the stars above "But guess war never is."

The phone is lowered, put back in the purse. "Those dark areas…no information is leaving them. That's all I can tell. I went to a…suitable vantage point so I could get a reading without time lag." Which means this chick just teleported herself light years across the universe. And back. In two minutes.

Ojin rubs his beard in thought at this new infomation "No infomation comming out at all. What is going on up there? Might be time to visit the stars sooner than I thought" his tone about the matter hardly changes. "Hmmmm. Perhaps we should inform Captain Jacob of this development, unless he already knows"

River nods. "His ship might come in handy. My way of travel is faster, but comes with significant limitations on mass." As in, she can't take much with her. "And…I don't know. It could mean those sectors are simply…gone. It could mean some kind of…" She tails off. Hates admitting she doesn't know something. Hates it. "I wonder if this is connected to that anomaly I was hunting the other week. But we have to find out…" And the Doctor's not answering his phone.

"I doubt their gone. Unless there is some super nova star exploding causing maniac on the loose hell bent on dominating the universe" Ojin states - with a completly straight face "Yes. That would be bad. Well, we best meet up sooner than latter regardless"

"I can think of several ways that could be true. Without need for a maniac, although there are a few of those around too." She closes her eyes. Takes a deep breath. He'll show up. Or he'll be working the problem on his end. For a moment, she looks a *lot* younger. More vulnerable.

Ojin eyes fall on River, still not a change of stance or expression. He wasn't sure how to react. There was a big difference in reading how people of earth interact compared to actually doing whats needed. He wished he was able to spend more time 'experincing' being human that fihgting the urge to drain them dry. It is with this that he approches and pats River on the back arkwardly "Do not worry. If things are going to be fine they will be fine. If the universe is going to go to no space, well it goes to no space" well points for effort

River turns slightly towards him. "Talk to Jacob. I will try and find my husband." A pause. "I'm *not* going crying to my husband." Because she's realized how that sounds. She even grins a bit. "He's…a leading authority on weird stuff, temporal mechanics, entropy and other Things That Make The Universe Go Boom."

Ojin cants his head - for apprently that realization is something only from river end "…is that a thing females do?" he wonders. But moving on "But yes, I will talk to Jacob. Better sooner than latter. And your husband sounds like a very intresting person to meet" he comments

River nods. "He is. Just hope I can find a version that's actually met me. Or versions, although *that* causes problems. Meeting yourself is the biggest headache." She's not hiding from Ojin that she's a time traveler, at this point.

Ojin nods slowly "Well, meeting versions of yourself is not all that bad. Course I do not quite see it from a Traveler perspective." yes he put two and two togeather "Though now I wonder what species has come up with the ability to time travel. There have been several accidents… but you sound like it a fairly… common occurance"

River laughs. "Time travel's not as difficult as people make out. But…well…it does take a certain understanding of the universe. I can think of a couple of people on this planet who either have cracked it or will soon, though." Which might be premature. She's… "Which is my big worry. Somebody may have broken time." She sighs. "I'll be back soon…hopefully with more help." She fiddles with the "giant watch" again and vanishes, in much the same way as before. Poof.

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