2017-01-25 Father's Analog
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
2017-01-25 format
Players: Atalanta, Clark Kent
GMed by Atalanta
Title: Father's Analog

Rating: everybody

The Police are here, finally, and Atalanta is giving her statement while a female officer is helping the victim. The four would be rapists are in cuffs and looking a bit worse for wear. Atalanta is saying, "Really, the Atom took down three of them, I was mostly the distraction. I tried to damage the evidence as little as possible, it was the only reason I left the victim tied up."

"Was it really the Atom?" Clark asked one of the officers. Honestly, he wasn't sure because some heroes posed as others against heroes consent. However, he was there to get details about matters. Dull blue eyes looked toward everything unfolding. Clark was slouching, as normal, and dressed in a grey suit with a simple white shirt and an ordinary looking red tie.

The officer says, "Well that young meta there says it was, she calls herself Atalanta, apparently registered just two days ago." Clark will see a woman in a red, blue, and yellow uniform. She has dark hair and blue eyes and moves with deliberation, as if she is either stronger or faster (or both) than normal and is controlling herself. The yellow diamond on the chest is similar to his own, but with a letter A inside, rather than the S-like symbol of hope Superman wears.

Clark moved toward the meta with notepad in hand. Eventually he asked, "Why do you wear the same Diamond shape as Superman?" That was a good question to start with. His eyes were focused on the new hero with some skepticism.

Atalanta had been aware of Clark from the moment he arrived. Well before that actually, but had not been nervous until she realized he was coming here. As a reporter, as Clark. He is far too young to be her father, he looks no older than in his wedding picture, if that old. She says, "If you wish to interview me, Mr. Kent, I shall do so privately. I trust your discretion about what to share."

"I asked you a question Ma'am. I just need a few comments for the article about the apprehension," Clark said as there was a deadline about this incident. However, a future meeting he'd be willing to make only after.

Atalanta says, "Very well, I wear this shield and these colors to honor my father." She will give him that much. He will probably be curious soon and look at her DNA with his microscopic vision, and realize fairly quickly who her genetic parents are.

Clark didn't bother looking yet at the DNA. The answer was enough, "Thank you for your time, Miss?" Clark trailed off waiting for the hero to properly introduce herself.

She says, "In this costume, I call myself Atalanta. I am certain you can research the mythological reference." Diana taught her greek mythology when she would visit when Laura was younger.

A nod came from Clark, "Thank you for your time." Clark started to move toward the group of officers to get what details that could have been gleaned and available at the time. He in' want to publish names that should have been unpublished.

The officer in charge will tell Clark what is known, that the young female meta somehow entered without breaking any doors, after apparently discovered the woman was captive here. The Atom knocked out the first two and the woman dealt with one…apparently without even touching him, then the atom took down the third. The names of the four men will be on the public record, but the name of the woman is to be left out.

Clark was still in disbelief about The Atom. However, he was trying to learn as much as he could. Then he wanted to get the name of the victim. An idea ran through his mind so he was following the lead.

The Police officer will inform Clark that Rape Victim's identities are kept hidden until after the trials. She will, however, suggest that possibly that you may have some information already, as the previous assault reports were in the dockets earlier, it might let you know where the previous girls were found.

Clark nodded and then gathered other information he needed. Then his mind was starting to work quickly. Details about the shield on her chest, the color scheme. Oh, it was enough to set him off.

Clark remembers the previous stories, and realizes the victims had something in common, all of them were members of the college. Atalanta looks about 16, probably too young.

Remember that info, he was just trying to get away from the woman because something was off about the new person. She claimed to be his child (or at least, implied she was), but Clark wasn't sure if those bridges could be crossed.

Atalanta was still answering questions, so Clark can easily leave to file his story. He will have to decide whether to seek out this child…but if she is registered she possibly has a registration profile on public record. It will not have her real name, but might have useful information.

Sure enough Clark used his various resources, databases and other programs available to him. He was trying to find anything that could be found. Her address, her pertinent info and anything else hat could be traced back publicly.

The database has two important details. First power description is primary power is speed, secondary powers enhanced senses and strength. Second, it lists team affiliation as Teen Titans (pending).

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