2017-01-25 Small Problem
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Warning: Adult Situations
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Players: Atalanta, Ray Palmer
GMed by Ray Palmer
Title: Small Problem

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The spring semester has started with some disturbing rumors going around campus. Rumors of girls going to parties, or bars… and waking up in strange places the next morning with no memory of the night, but with ample evidence of sexual activity. . Suspicions of the use of a date rape drug are running high., but so far no evidence of who is at fault has turned up.

And that is a circumstance that one professor, in particular, does not intend to allow to continue. Which is how Professor Ray Palmer finds himself attending a frat party. Although perhaps "attending" is a little too strong a word. "Observing from within" is probably a better description,. He has been sitting on a bookshelf, all of 3 inches tall, and watching the room where most of the party activities are going on. He's has been keeping a particular eye on girl's drinks, alert for anything being added to them surreptitiously

Laura Kent is near the campus…well actually she is near the Daily Planet Building. She is longing to go inside, to see how much it is different from her former place of work. Does her mother work there? Does her father, or is he working at Galaxy Communications instead? Is Jimmy Olsen there as editor? The globe and the rest of the outside of the building so remind her of where she came from, it is making her homesick.

Her super hearing picks up on something, it sounds like someone…a woman…trying to yell or scream through a gag. Her X-ray vision is pretty limited, she will have to be close to find anything. She stands, trying to get an estimate of direction…

The Frat boy leaning against Atom's bookshelf is approached by one of his brothers, The second boy taps him on the should, "Dude, you're missing the fun! Come on." The boy pushes away from the shelf and Atom has to steady himself against the trophy he was hiding behind. He says to the second boy, "Already? Man, that was quick, Zig. Who'd they get this time." The second boy, apparently called "Zig" (ah, pledge names) Says. "You know Becky? The one with the huge…" And he makes a gesture in front of his chest, with obvious meaning." The first boy answers, "Aw sweet. I've been eying that rack for two semesters. Can't wait to get my hands on it." Zig answers with a lascivious laugh, "And a few other things?", to which his friend just nods

Hearing this exchange, the Atom leaps down, hitching a ride in the pushed back hood of the letter hoodie that "Zig" is wearing." The two boys leave the party, exiting the frat house hosting it to go into another several doors down. It is from a room in that second frat house that the muffled sounds are coming.

The thing about Directional Hearing is it is extremely narrow in focus, That means it can be used to locate something, but it can easily miss what is being said only a short distance away. Atalanta manages to figure out the direction to the muffled woman, and heads that way…moving at a brisk walk because she is new at this and constantly adjusting her focus takes effort. If she tried moving fast, she would lose the thread of sound. She soon finds herself standing outside a frat house where there is clearly a party going on. Since she is clearly underage they are not likely to just let her walk in…

The two frat boys walk from the party to their own frat house, the tiny man riding along as passenger in one's hood. The two are clearly exited (and a bit inebriated). They talk rapidly back and forth, "Aw, man, this is going to be so sweet. She's so fucking hot. Damn, I bet there's going to be a line." The other answers, 'You know it, dude. I bet two or three are going at her already." Their conversation gets cruder from there, and more descriptive. Meanwhile, within their frat house, A girl with an oddly glazed look in her eyes is trying to talk past a gag made from her own panties while two boys peel the rest of her clothing from her.

Laura vanishes…she has spent the last few days recovering and is back up to roughly her full strength and speed. It is a matter of seconds to run to the Titans Tower and get her costume and return…well half a minute possibly, it is a few miles and over water. Atalanta returns and runs up to the roof of the building, looking down where there is less solid matter between her and the person, she can see the details. Step one, report the matter to the police…unless there is a police scanner in the building (she checks). As soon as they are notified, get inside as quickly and quietly as possible.

Zip and his unnamed friend enter the building like they belong there. Which they do. They head straight to the room where the girl is now naked with the two other boys. One of those two turns, "What took you guys so long? Nevermind. I don't want to go after Lancelot again, anyway." This provokes laugher from the other three boys, and gives a name (sort of) to Zip's companion, who commends, "Damn, she's even hotter than I thought. Then, as one of the two boys standing buy the girl starts to undo his pants, the oddest thing happens. suddenly his head whips to one side like he just took a solid punch, and he drops to the floor. A second later, the boy at her other side takes a similar hit. It would be easy to miss the figure, all of about 5 inches tall, doing the hitting.

When the door to the frat house was open, no one noticed a slight breeze as Atalanta moved by. She followed the others down, waiting for some one else to open the door and moving immediately into a hiding place. She sees the first person react, though it takes a moment for her to focus on why. She locates the Atom and decides to pretend, for a moment, that SHE did it. She moves invisibly fast to between the girl and the remaining frat boys, seemingly appearing before their eyes and saying "I suggest you surrender, I let those two off easy." She picks up a bowling ball that was left in the room and crushes it between her hands like so much Styrofoam.

The two boys who went to the ground are both clutching their cheeks, and the two who remain standing freeze in place for a moment, then start talking at once, "What the hell?" says one, "Where'd you come from?" Says the other. An odd sound by the door of the room, and suddenly there is a 6 food man ina red and blue outfit standing with his arms crossed, "I think you boys have an awful lot of explaining to do."

Atalanta is trying to preserve the crime scene for the police as much as possible…and also not to hurt anyone. It would be nice if the frat boys would simply surrender, but they know they will be facing felony sexual assault and kidnapping, so there is a strong chance they will not. THAT is why she did the display of strength, it is visible and physically impressive. She decides to try something. She makes a striking motion as if hitting one of the two frat boys…but does it at about 300 miles an hour. This creates a burst of wind that spreads out before it hits, causing it to impact with much less force…

Still the boy caught in the wind blast lets out an "Oof!" as he is blown back into the wall behind him. He tears a poster in half on his way down, and leaving a pin up girl torn in half, but decidedly more modest. The naked girl on the bed groans just as the one boy remaining on his feet tries to bolt past the Atom and shove him to the side in the process. Unfortunately for that boy(which happens to be Zig, whose hood he rode in on), Ray's fighting style knows exactly what to do with someone trying to shove him. He grabs Zig's hand an, with a pull and a twist of his hips, Zig is up, over, and then down, flat on his back. In a moment of poetic justice, Zig's heel comes down in the groin of the boy who was earlier trying to open his pants, prompting a yelp, followed by a lot of rolling, groaning, and holding his private parts.

Atalanta nods to Atom, "Thanks, I was not sure I could stop them without killing someone…I am a bit new at this. I would free the girl, but I thought the police would need to collect the evidence first." She would LIKE to free the girl, but it might wind up leaving the boys go free, she would rather avoid that.

Ray nods to the girl across the room, Honestly, you saved me a lot of trouble… and probably ended up doing less damage than I would have, in the end." He pauses, and glances to the rubble on the floor, "Well, except perhaps to the bowling ball." Another pause, and then he adds, "I think we can remove the poor girl's gag, at least. And throw a blanket over her?" HE moves to put his words into action, going for the blanket first.

Atalanta turns to the girl, "I will not let anyone hurt you, the police will be here soon." She will let Atom take the lead on this, he is probably more experienced with how to preserve important evidence for a conviction than she is.

Ray looks at Atalanta and considers, "I seem to remember you in the papers. I seem to recall something about Kryptonian blood, if I am correct? You certain move like it."

Atalanta states, "Anything about my having Kryptonian Blood in the papers is pure speculation based on a similarity between my uniform and that of Superman." She pauses, trying to decide whether to say anything more, but decides it would be better to be private if she does. Right now, there is at leas one other who can hear us. SHE has only mentioned her ancestry to one person in this world, and Raven probably has not talked.

Ray nods, "It is sometimes hard to separate speculation from truth as presented in the papers. My apologies." He extends a hand to her, making an introduction as they await the arrival of the authorities, "You can call me the Atom."

Laura responds, "Speculation, as long as it is interesting and not libelous, sells papers. You may call me Atalanta." She cautiously shake's Atom's hand, not wanting to crush it.

Ray 's handshake is firm, for a human. Not an attempt to crush the life out of her hand or test her strength, just a sure and confident grip. "A pleasure to meet you. And I'm glad the two of got here in time to stop anything worse. A police siren can be heard approaching now. Or at leas t can be heard by the humans for the first time. Atom looks up "The police should be here in a moment. I'll let you do the talking here. I'll let you explain. I should be going."

Atalanta nods, "I will give you credit, you did most of the work." She has known the police were on the way for some time. For the college student, the main ordeal will be over soon…though the investigation is likely to be another ordeal in itself.

Ray looks to her and nods, "Stay with her, if you can. The other girls this has been happening to woke up without memory of it. It may be helpful for her to have an account from someone who was here, rather than wondering." He pauses, then adds, "And someone female is likely to be more comforting." Then he makes a leap and shrinks down to a truly infinitesimal size, vanishing entirely from sight.

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