2017-01-26 DarkOut 3
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: River Ojin Jacob
GMed by {$gm}
Title: DarkOut 3

The Enterprise is on Yellow alert, The cloak is at full power, and the ship is more or less battle ready. The cloaking device is at peek operation. Shields are only at half power, but he key science stations, engineering, tactical stations are up and running as he has the ship ready for battle at the drop of a hat. He has informed SHIELD of the dark systems. Which has him genuinely concerned. So right now, all he can do is get into his armor and get two weapons ready, a rifle, and a pistol. For the moment he wants to be more on guard than hostile.

As for his guest Ojin he doesn't want Ojin to just be a third wheel asking him if he wants to help operate the ship, The truth is that Connie handles most functions like that. But, he is wondering what Ojin's specialities, Tactical, sciense, engineering? When he gets an alert of River wanting to come on board he tells her he needs to speak with her and allows her to Teleport onto the ship. On his bridge.

Shields stop transporters. They don't stop vortex manipulators…so he can leave the shields up while she appears on the bridge in the same swirl of color as before. "Mr. Stark declined the invitation. I'm not going to blame him - not like he knows me."

On the bridge himself, Ojin was in a solid humanoid form. He had his hands clasped behind his back, though both his energy pistols were openly holsted on his waist, ready to go at a moments notice. "Stark? As in Tony Stark?" he asks of the suddenly appearing River. He had come to expect the appearring dissappearing phenomnon at this point. He glances to jacob a moment. His skills were varied, but science and engineering was his specialty, though he had other useful skills

As River comes on the burst of color makes him jump some. It's doubtful that he will get used to it. But he smiles. "Why would Mr. Stark want to refuse coming on my ship? How does he even know about me or the enterprise?" Shield could have told him. "Hello River, River we need to talk. Do you know anything about the Dark Systems?" Because Ojin never told Jacob where he got the information. "What woudl you prefer Ojin, engineering or Sciense?"

"I only know the map Ojin has. And I told him there was a ship. I did not tell him more than that. I told him we will find out what is going on out there." She also assumed SHIELD told him, whether they did or not. "Do we have a holodisplay I can use?"

Ojin grunts glances to Jacob at the rather sudden question "Odd question to ask. You offering a position on your ship or something? I am happy to do both. Though traditionly onboard vessels I handle navigation as well as maitience and repair." A thick tendrill extends from his chest and produces his holodoc "This should do fine, though I am sure Connie has better systems" the holodoc is put down and he turns it on, putting up a map of the Dark Systems that have been found so far

River nods. "Alright. Would be easier if I had a database, I'm going to have to do what I can from memory here. What we need is a five dimensional plot, but we have no way of getting the temporal axis unless I do some jumps, and things have been…odd…lately."

As JAcob was going over a few more things he says. "Well Having people who know how to handle these systems will be good." and the he says. "We can take it to astrometrics." he says and says, "

"Come with me, We can head there and plug the data into the astrometrics and he heads to the Turbo lift to see if the other two will join him."

Ojin picks up the holodock, engulfing it back into his constituted matter "I can handle these systems certainly." he spent the past several days studying the ships systems, well what he could anwyays. "I be willing to help in many areas" as he get on the lift he looks to River "Astrometrics is a bit beyound the holodock, but will likely work well for your needs"

River nods. "Right, but without…well, wait. We working Einsteinian here or post?" Seriousness, from the blonde. Despite her joke to Tony earlier. She moves to follow Jacob to astrometrics. "Because if we're not post, it's actually easier to triangulate and see if we can *track* this thing.

The Astrometrics lab is one of the larger Labs as he says. "Modern. I have upgraded it with some of the more advanced stellar cartography equipment I could get my hands on. Which wasn't cheap." he says and it looks very much like a cross between Voyager's Astrometrics, and The soveriegn's stellar cartography with a chair and holographic display. "There are scans of those areas in the data banks." he says as instantly the room darkens and fills with starlight and a holographic display as a port opens up to accept the Holodock from Ojin

Ojin inserts the holodoc with care "Do not go copying my personal information" he says simply. His holodoc was a very personal item after all. He looks to River "….I do not think any of this equipment uses this…. Eiensteinian work, considering the technolocial difference between earth and this ship." he takes a quick look "Judging by the looks, this is the good stuff. Hyperlight as least. Hmmm, wonder if this does terra reading and composite samplings" he wonders of himself. He was admiring the systems, he rarely gets the chance to work with the high grade stuff

"I didn't think so. Okay. So, what we need to do is work on a way to triangulate and find out which of these systems went dark longest ago and which more recently." She's not openly admiring the systems, of course. She's worked with this level…and above…

AS The Data is downloaded and it is compiled into the system as he allows River to see the numberous blacked out systems as jacob says. "I have the Enterprise on full alert, and ready for battle stations." he says. But River can check the areas out. As JAcob asks, "Do you want me to move the enterprise back outside Sol system?"

"That's not going to give us enough distance to triangulate. But…" She walks around the holodeck. "Hrm."

Jacob nods as he smiles as he says, "I I am sorry, But my ship's engines are exactly designed for ultra fast speeds." He says And then Connie appears and says.

"There is the Hyper warp…." She says And JAcob snaps up.

"Connie no, last time we tried that it nearly tore you apart!" he says firmly.

Ojin raises a brow "Pardon, but wouldn't it be simplist to simply check the dates pass transmission?" he asks "Well it should at least give us a smaller sample to work with. The systems that have been Darkest the longest should have the oldest known read transmission and subspace logs. Should make trangulations easier"

"Duh. That's a simpler way, yes." She might be a genius. She sometimes misses the obvious.

Ojin looks to Jacob and the hologram of Connie "Wait, you have Hyper warp capabilities?" he than looks to Jacob "And it almost tore her apart? Are we saying her as in the ship… or as in Connie herself?" he wonders. Hyper warp, a step up from hyper drive. "….eitherway, I may be able to lend a proper hand here"

As Jacob says. "Yes, The ship wasn't designed with Hyper warp in mind. It was built with and designed from my mind. She can attain, Warp, Stargate, even transwarp. But Hyperwarp. She nearly ripped apart. I took the systems off line and out." he says. And swallowing hard he sits down. "Irronically had I gotten a chance to see the Defiant, Or the Soverign, I could have used it."

Ojin looks to River "Alright, then let go through the ships logs and coordinate it with the Dark sectors we have. We can omit any new ones that come up as those are obviously not old. Though the fastest path without Hyperwarp should be looked at to see how fast we can arrive at the destination" he says

Looking to Jacob he nods "Right. For hyperwarp, a ship typically needs to have a specially reinforced hull and forcefield. One of the few things that typically require both. Hmmm, unless…." he paces in deep thought "Well, no ship has bothered useing a double force field. Mostly because of trouble of maintaining that much power in that capacity"

River nods. "I can go faster, but only to a planet surface and…I COULD take both of you with me, but no more than that." So, what, that teleport device is FTL? Dang. "Alright. Let's see what we can get here. Last dates on received transmissions." She starts messing with the hologram, trying to get the computer to pull those up.

aas he listens and says. "We can trouble shoot it later we are offf topic." he says Granted the ship does have a large supply of matter anitmatter for fuel. But Connie will comply and help River get the dates and times. Of course she will avoid getting any personal data from the decives that has been inserted. After all JAcob has done things he is not proud of, but had to for survival.

Ojin looks to River "I remember you said the amount of mass you can carry is limited. While I do not know my exact mass, I can tell you that by earth standard, I wear a thousand pounds. If that is too much, it can easily be rectified" he says. He nods to Jacob and leaves it at that. Ojin looks over the holograms as they come up brining up the sector that has been darkest the longest.

"Okay. We have a point of origin. Here." River touches a button to light it up. "It's expanding outwards in, well, not a sphere, but…a potato," she says, wryly. "Let me pull up the point of origin."

As River works the console and does the tech so nicely he almost wishes he could convince her to be a part of his crew. But she is a time traveler. Most likely a time lord, but then again, why would she limit to just normal adventure when she was so much more advanced in her desires.

Ojin looks over the shape "…The origin… is from an astroid?" he asks. After all most planets are spheres. Ojin comes closer and look carefully as they continue to zoom in

"No. That's just how it's mapping. Inhabited, highly technological systems aren't evenly distributed. If low tech systems have been attacked, we can't see that." She sounds grim. "This is nasty. I was expecting a line or maybe a cone, but not this." She's…annoyed. "Point of origin is…an uninhabited system that only has catalogue numbers. Huh."

As he approaches the image he looks over the potato like object. as the system seems to be imploding? "Connie Run astrological data of the systems compairing to preveiously attained regional star charts." he says as it was many many months ago over a year and a half , when he got them but he is wondering how they match up and the differences.

Ojin nods slowly as River explains tha it just how the map is expanding. "I see. " but than looks to her as she says where the Point of origin is "Only catalogue numbers? Well that is quite odd. Inhibaited too…. must be a way station to boost signals or something like that. Only way I can think of an ininhabited system to output infomation" he says

"No, that's what it is in the map, it's not broadcasting anything." A pause. "Okay. Let's run the sim and see how quickly it's going to get *here*."

Connie begins to rub the advanced timetable from what it was when he first got the map, the data base on previous movement, and then projects it into the simulated time table with incredible accuracy. And of course any serious deviations will be noted in Red lines…

Ojin nods at River "Aye" he says simply. He than watches as Connie begins to run the timetavle and it's accuracy. He frowns as he sees the red lines "…This is" he dosn't seem like he is sure how to vocalize his thoughts

Connie says. "It is within acceptible margin of error. Any number of things could happen to slightly shift a planet. But for them all to have some varation is normal." and the Variation is by like 1 percent if that on the orbit. Considering they are also moving through space, in the system, and all that.

River nods. "Connie, could you make…five copies of this on Earth-readable media. The map and the simulation only." She won't endanger Ojin's diary.

Ojin stays quiet for the moment. "It does not look like it take too long to reach earth." he notes. "I suggest we all stay prepared for anything that may happen" he says to River and Jacob.

"Working on it." she says as she produces BLUE Ray Disks for it with all the data and computational equations needed. Of course it is omitted where it came from as there is a Replicator in the room for just such a detail. And in it appear five disks that are in clear plastic cases.
River nods. "We still need more information, but I hesitate to risk the ship. Ideally, the Doctor will answer his voice mail." The TARDIS is a much better scoutship than the Enterprise.

"They should work in any standard Blueray."

Then the ball Drops. The Name, The DOCTOR, as As JAcob turns to face her and Says. "THE Doctor, The Legendary time lord of the Time war?" he demands to know from River. He is concerned but oddly hopeful. As he looks at her swallowing hard.
Jacob says, "Is that who you were looking for when we first met?"

"He's not answering his voice mail. He might already be caught up in this." Is that *worry* in her voice?

Ojin looks between River and Jacob. he was out of the loop in this case. Even someone who travels the universe can miss things "Well whoever this Doctor is, let hope he can help and or is not already caught in a bad situation" he says

As he looks at her and says. "By all the… River if we have to use the Enterprise I am willing. But if you want to bring people on board. Let me know who they are before hand alright. Some of them I may need to have words with prior to it." He already has a few ideas on who one of the people might be…

"The Doctor," River explains simply, "Is quite simply one of the smartest people in the universe. And I'm not *too* worried. He's the one person who *might* be better at getting out of scrapes than I am."

Ojin nods slowly and glances to Jacob. Something seemed to be up, but he declines questingly for the moment. "Right, well, seems we got our work cut out for us." he looks to Jacob "if I happen come across anyone that may be of help, I will make sure to consult you about bringing them onboard" he says for future reference

"And Generally he is a good man, but from the stories I heard if you do something to seriously piss him off. You are better off putting a gun to your head and vaporizing your self. At least some versions of him." JAcob says. "Connie actually constructed some mesasure of a time line on him. It's not perfect but judging from some interactions and experiances. Well one reason I hate time travel. No offense River. And too tempting for me to take advantage of for personal gain when I know the loss of life it might entale."

"You want to go back and change something." River lifts a hand. "Don't. You can't change your personal timeline. Your past is your past. The math allows room for changing the world around it, but…yeah. It won't work." Her tone is even, a little calmer. "I, on the other hand, have become an expert." On why you don't try to do that.

Ojin quietly observes the interaction between Jacob and River. There was not to much for him to add here. WHat he does do is begin toying around with the navigation system, charting possible paths on the map.

As JAcob leans over and his age seems to show for a moment a man who has been through personal hell. "River I was abducted with my parents. I was disected alive, multiple times. Put back together. And taken apart repeatedly feeling all the pain. What they did to the others. There are no words for in any language to describe what I saw. When I was rescued a telepath put my mind back together. It took six months to get me functional and not insane. And If I did stop myself from being abducted. There are billions of sentients out there that might be dead without me. And if presented with the chance, the option to spare myself that pain…."

Ojin comments "if your past cannot be changed…. then you will simply go through all that pain at another time, if I am understanding this correctly" he says.

She closes her eyes. "Jacob." Saying nothing more for now, when she opens them the grey gaze is turned away. "I know your pain," she says, very softly. She does? Of course, she hasn't admitted to being a Time Lord. She hasn't admitted to anyone.

"PErhaps but I have an Editic memmory and when My mind goes back to those times. Well you see the temptation would be too great to resist. Anyway River who else do you want to bring on the ship." JAcon says and nods to Ojin.

"Mr. Stark, if he's willing to trust us. One of the disks is for him. Other than that, I'll let you know when I decide." A pause. "And the Doctor when we find him."

Ojin nods slowly "Well The Avengers who work with SHIELD often enough happen to be housed in Stark Tower, if nothing else, perhaps Jacob here can use his SHIELD connection to try and work with Tony" he suggests. He looks to a hologram of planet earth for a long moment

Jacob says he listens to her and nods. "We'll Stark I can handle, And I did run into him, well rather he got on my ship in the engineering second some time ago." and a Hologram appears of a smallish man, with a white suit, balding head, and a umbrella with a questionmark handle.

"Ah, that version. That version is a younger one, so don't tell him any of my stories you might hear as it might bend the timeline a little." River grins. "Of course he got on your ship, same as I did." Poor Jacob. Can't keep out the Time Lords.

Ojin look over the Hologram of The Doctor "Huh, I thought he would have been Taller" he mentions "Well if he can help, I think he would be welcomed"

As he looks to River and says. "He ploped down in my engineering deck next to the warp core. I have five thousand tons of antimatter fuel on this ship. CAn you imagien what would happen if I lost containment?" he says.

Connie says, "He didn't seem to know I was there, so I kept the consoles off line, and alerted the captain. I mean how would you feel if you had a ship and I just landed right in your engine room?" she says almost with mock indignaty. Although the Tardis was much more interesting…"
"Did you say hello to her?" River inquires of Connie. "And don't worry, he can't steer worth beans, but the TARDIS won't let him materialize inside your engine core." Yes, she actually did say the Doctor's a lousy pilot. Probably because it's true.

Ojin raises an eyebrow "So what your saying is, this man, is moving through time, and he can't drive? " he rubs his face "I am not even going to try and think how that works"

"Yes I would. She taught me to fly, after all." A grin from River, then it subsides. "I need to go talk to some eggheads." NOt that she isn't one herself. A pause. "Well, in her timeline, she WILL teach me to fly, hasn't happened for her yet. Probably best she doesn't know." Might mess things up. "But I'll see you around." Another tap of the manipulator…and she's gone again. Keeping up with that woman is enough to make you dizzy.

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