2017-01-29 When Worlds Collide Part 2 - Darkseid Attacks
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Title: When Worlds Collide Part 2: Darkseid attacks

Lately the Earth has been enjoying a time a peace, though there's been a sense of forbodding rising up in those that have that kind of intuition. Something out there in the skies is going on.

Koriand'r was doing more training exercises with Raven and the new Titans recruit Atalanta - out on the small island the Titans Tower stands on, there are several training dummies for punches designed for the superstrong. Koriand'r is practicing one of her Tamaranean martial arts, hoping one of the others would take her up on it - sometmies a new fighting style can clahs iwth what's already known. Of late she's been more insistent - there's something funny happening - she's had her escort vessel doing patrols of the Sol system looking for trouble.

Atalanta notes, "I am nearly untrained in combat, only some basiuc self defense training, but the proble with your style of combat is it isdesigned for a species whose members can all fly. Some maneuvers simply will not work for us ground bound types. I will be happy for the training though." She is glad of training, she was a reporter before she gained her powers, not a trained hero like Batman.

Raven is not about to spar against Kory right now. She's working on the regular dummy, not using her telekinesis, but just working on hand to hand - it's pretty basic, but she has some training. "Yes. We will have to adapt." She's not turning down the instruction…and while Raven can fly *some*, she's not a true flyer like Kory.

The middle of Metropolis, the most spawling and tightly compacted population on the planet. The vast concentration of heroes and people makes it the ideal choice for a fresh new campaign against life itself.
A sudden scream of meaningless pain echoes out from the roadways in the middle of the day. Starting with a single ton, the voice is joined by another, and two more, and four. fourty. Quickly the screams grow to a full army, the creatures swarming out and up like a thick vile cloud of pure war.

Koriand'r ponders. "Well - there are some Terran martial arts I know…" Suddenly an alarm sounds from the Tower. "Well - looks like training time is over." She gest out a smartphone and checks to see what it says. "Looks like trouble in downtown Metropolis…" She points. "Titans, Go!" She raises up, and prepares to fly over. "Need a lift, Raven?"

Atalanta seems distracted, she looks off towards the midddle of town, "I hear…Screaming. A lot of Screams a long way away. Too much in the way for me to see that far though." Her X-ray vision is pretty limited, and this uis not n a strait line.

"Would be appreciated. Unless you want me to do a quick astral scout?" she asks, although she offers a hand to Kory. "I sense…something. Unclear at this distance. Fear. Panic." Not unreasonable for the situation.

The alley spews out flying bodies, each zooming out and upwards into the sky. The bodies begin to fill the sky, blocking out the sky line as they multiply. A dome of bodies, not only encasing the city, but filling it, and they continue to spread. The sound is beyond deafening it's a roar, beginning to shake the entire planet.
The civilian's are all beginning to panic. Their fear is primal, echoing out harshly into the astral dimensions. They're calling who they can, though there doesn't appear to be much hope for the Metropolis Police Department to do too much about this threat.

Koriand'r nods as she simply picks up Raven in a princess carry and flies towards the disturbance. She then drops Raven off near where the creatures are going on as she starts to fire starbolts at the creatures, making sure Atalanta could keep up. She's assuming they're the bad guys - and isn't going full power yet. She's not sure what's going on.

Bruce Wayne is not at home in Gotham today. In fact, he came to Metropolis to have an incredibly boring business meeting with several individuals on the board of -another- company that Wayne Industries has been considering buying. He needed a day away, anyways. Then, of course, comes the chaos. Bruce stands at the table and looks out the window, along with numerous other civilians, and he frowns softly. Acting like any other panicked citizen, he quickly escapes the expensive restaurant…in a fashion that subtley guides the others out of the building in a safe manner.

From there Bruce makes his way down an alleyway, slipping a tiny ear bud in. "Alfred?" "Yes, sir?" "Activate the Goose Protocol." "Yes, sir." He references, of course, the poem by Mother Goose that includes the famous line, 'Home again, home again.' Gotham isn't the only city with a Batcave. He crouches and pulls a sewer lid from an opening, using his starling strength, and he slides down the ladder and into the darkness. From there it is a quick trip to the smaller cave, where his suit, and other things, await.

Touching down lightly as Koriand'r goes into the fight, Raven…has a different technique. She radiates calm…the kind of calm that will take JUST enough fear away from the civilians that they can make their escape sanely, without panicking, whilst building telekinetic power. "We need more than just the three of us." Her tone is still calm…but then, Raven keeps an iron grip on her own emotions.

Atalanta takes the othere side of the equation, search and rescue. She starts grabbing people and moving them out of danger…three of four at a rime, at such spped that hundreds are romoved in seconds.

The chaos was palpable at this point.

Amidst the darkness of the creatures darkening the sky, a gleaming gold light appears inside the madness. It lances through the sky like a fire-arrow flung from its bow at night… And it streaks down toward one of the tallest buildings in Metropolis, where it halts upon the roof!

Diana Prince stands atop the building now, her blue eyes scanning the darkening horizon. Clad in full Eagle Armor with sword, shield and javelin on her back, she bares witness to whatever has befallen Metropolis on this day, let alone the rest of the planet… trying to decide where one should begin to fight this ominous menace…

The dome of demons around the city continues to spread and grow outwards, consuming the entire state at this point. Each snarls, screams and growls at the awfulness of existence. Each seems to swoop down and nip at the fleeing humans. None of them seem to care about the Titans, or the yellow flash of light from the wonderful woman.

Before the Amazon a red beam streaks down from the skies, shaking the building as the being suddenly stands on top, his back to the woman as the grey skinned being glances out to the carnage his beings cause with a permenant scowl. "Kill." The god commands in a quiet grimace.

The Batwing explodes from the harbor, shooting into the sky. The sleek, batlike ship is insanely fast and maneuverable. Batman sits in the cockpit, and he looks over the various readings in the ship, trying to see what is picked up on the strange demons. Would he know about Parademons? Either way, once he realizes what is happening, he opens fire on the dome of Parademons. He doesn't really believe in using guns himself, but his plane is equipped with all sorts of weapons. Missiles tear off towards the dome of demons, followed by laser blasts.

Koriand'r points as she holds her hands up and fires directly at Darkseid with her strongest starbolts. "You are not welcome here, monster! As Princess of Tamaran, I demand you leave!" She flies around, blasting from all different angles, trying to find a weakness - she knows of Darkseid, but hoped that she'd never meet him. "X'hal help us…" she whispers.

When she sees Darkseid, Atalanta knows these are Parademons, generally people kidnapped from the world to be invaded and transformed by advanced science and brainwashing into demonic shock troops. They generally are little better than robots, she has never heard of one being freed from control, let alone being turned back. She turns around and calls to Kori over her titans communicator, "Prepare to get out of the way…and to catch me is needed." She heads towards Darkseid, drawing her Kryptonial Aura inward as she steps up the speed, causing the air around her to turn into plasma and explode with a sonic boom as she slams into Darkseid…
Which also means empathy will not work on them. So far, Raven has not been attacked, but that might change any moment. Ready to fight back, she turns to look up at their commander. A god. At least, he claims himself to be one. What kind of emotions does *he* radiate, or is he too shielded for her to get anything…or anything through the fear of the fleeing, herded civilians.

Diana'a eyes watch the red streak through the sky as it fell… she trailed after it, a defintiive glare upon her artistically crafted face.

When the being landed, she watched from a higher vantage point… Her arms went up above her head and she pulled her Javelin out from behind her shoulder. Kill? So be it, if thats what this Sinister Being wanted…

Wonder Woman leapt from the tower of the skyscraper she'd perched upon and charged down in a super sonic BURST toward this man who'd just given the kill-order!

The Batwing is busy dealing with the done of parademons, trying to punch holes through. He can see the heroes rallying on the rooftop to face off with the Tyrant, so focuses instead on other factors. That is how a hero operates. He roars through the air, using missiles, laser blasts, stun grenades and net drops to try and incapicate as many of the enemy as possible.

Turning just in time to reach out and intercept Atalanta he moves around her with a pair of steps to put Atalanta's back in between his body and Diana's lance. He's going to have her kill her own kind, a delicious smile parts his lips at the thought.

Koriand'r scowls as she shakes her head, realizingthat this is just a game. "Look out!" she yells to Atalanta, as the two charging warriors are looking like they'er aout to hit each other - she doesn't know what else to do so she keeps up the pressure, firing from her own eyes as well as hands, a barrage of starbolts in beam and bomb forms, just trying to keep Darkseid occupied or distracted. Wishing Superman was here…

Admittedly she has not tried this before, well not to this extent. She has lowered her field to create winds once or twice. She accelerated to a speed where she would fly off the planet if this does not work, then allowed friction to hit, creating a ball of plasma anda sonic boom justr like a meteor strike centering on her. Normally her aura cancels the friction, leaving nothing but a breeze to make her passage. If this works, she will lable the attack her Meteor Strike…Darkseid dodged out of the way, he has very fast reflexes…but hopefully he has not anticipated the explosion. Also she hopes Wonder Woman can dodge because she can't until friction slows her doewn enough for her feet to be on the ground.

The attack from the batwing causes several of the parademons to drop from the sky, though the creatures seem to fill in the holes faster than the Bat can create them. The dome continues to sweel and grow around the entire country and ocean. The demons are starting to openly attack now, slaughtering and killing anything weaker than them without hesitation.
Darkseid turns his gaze up at Kori, his eyes lancing out twin beams to meet each of her attacks with a vibrant red and orange explosions, killing several of his own men without even a hesitation.
Turning just in time to reach out and intercept Atalanta, the explosion was unexpected. It takes a moment for the smoke to clear, and the god has been shoved out of the way of Diana's attack, his back slammed against the wall and he's rising to his feet with a grimace on his lips.
The being Darkseid is not discoverable by Raven or any telepath in the area, he's not only not there mentally, he's a black hole, pulling others back down into him. You could loose your mind trying to explore his.

A quick pull back. Okay. Too powerful to fight that way, likely too strong to TK blast into the middle of next week. Raven lifts a hand to throw a demon back that turns its attention to her, all the while thinking. Thinking. Can't fight him directly, can't fight this many minions. Which means…she needs to get *clever.* They need a distraction. It might not last a moment. It might not even *work* on DarkSeid, but it might work on the minions. With a quick mental apology - he probbaly won't be pleased with her…Raven concentrates and look! It's a bird…it's a plane…it's Superman. Not engaging, because that would blow things right away. It might not work for long, but it *might* just distract people. Especially as one might expect him to show up. he must be buried under Parademons somewhere…

Diana avoided any potentially hazardous collisions with Atalanta (she's not that easily fooled to stab a friendly) and landed after the explosion and she adjusted here javelin's position in her hand, threw it up over her shoulder… caught it and then launched it in a forward arch right at the Villain's chest level!

Her left arm went around then to pull her shield from her back while her right drew her glimmering sword. She lifted the shield up into position and peered over with her sky blue eyes glared forward at their foe.

Koriand'r sighs softly as she tilts her head, clicking her tongue. "Damnit," she states as she rises up, hovering near Darkseid. She isn't sure what else to do, letting Diana handle the melee as she keeps going with the starbolts, not sure what else to do.

Atalanta is flying through the air with the greatest of ease…though stopping is a bit of a problem…it takes her several seconds to e slowed down enough to grab something…plowing through those parademos helped (excelt a few bruises from the collision). Once she has her footing again she rushes back…

Darkseid turns his attention towards the two women standing before him, lowering his hands, palms aimed towards the two heroines. His hand twitches to the side, pushing the javelin's aim off enough to miss him.
Before Darkseid can unleash his own attack at the two, just out of sync with our own, a second, not quite complete Earth appears, almost adjacent to this one. Out of phase, out of sync, and not quite right, the whole blue and green orb begins to shift, moving slightly but rapidly, realigning itself into the proper position.
An entirely new Earth shifting thousands of miles rapidly until it almost, clicks, into place.
Everything is different, yet the same.
Here we will fade to black. Until next time!


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