2017-01-29 When Worlds Collide Part 1: Marvel Side
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Players: Illyanna Piotr Jacob River Ojin Elijah
GMed by Wanderer
Title: When Worlds Collide Part 1: Marvel Side

The vast blackness of space has been known by a few on Earth to not be empty. While that fact isn't much of a surprise to those intellectually gifted, what is surprising is the lethality of our galactic neighbors.
In the past weeks the galaxy has gotten darker and darker still, falling silent.
The storm is brewing, the eye of the hurrican is forming and something is coming.
A force.
A harbinger.
On Earth, few are capable of forseeing this threat approaching. Fewer have told others and are making final preparations to intercept the coming storm.

Elijah is working in the Library, his day job…the one that pays the bills. It is common, these days, for him to leaf through books as he shelves them. With his current reading speed, he has read nearly a quarter of the library, and remembers every word of every page. he should consider going for his GED early, so he can spend more time working the job and working the streets.

JAcob is on the bridge of his ship. He's pulled the Enterprise out from behind the moon's orbit into a more direct orbit of the Earth. The cloaking Device is functioning perfectly despite the problems it has with system incompatibilities. Still he has his ship on yellow alert, standing by battle stations. Anything that can make multiple systems with FTL go dark is of concern. He's informed SHIELD of his findings and concerns. And right now, all he can do pending getting a crew is just wait and watch. He has taken several precations. Placing passive sensors in the asteriod belt as a sort of early warning system. He's also built a bomb. Convering one of his shuttles into a massive Bomb hoping praying it won't be needed. It holds 1000 pounds of Matter and Antimatter. It is a bomb with 19520 megatons of destructive force. He has to check over the safeties. Hoping what ever is causing it, can be stopped with out it. If he is too close to earth, he will have a problem. The Shuttle is secured and locked down with Physical restrains. If he needs to, he can have connie blow it blow out the shuttle bay doors, and then launch the shuttle. But for right now the Enterprise is going around in Earth orbit. Cloaked, weapons offline due to the cloak, Shields at half strength. Unlike the fictional cloaks, this one uses the shields to be cloaked. As he is sitting in the captain's chair, Looking over at River who has the Science console where Spock would sit. "Anything on long range River?"

There is a storm coming. And this time, it's not the Doctor…whom River tried to contact. She's warned a couple of people. That's been the best she can do, with the limited time. Now she sits at the console. "Nothing yet." Her voice far calmer than a telepath would read her mind, although there are no telepaths present to do that right now. Thus, she can preserve the illusion…although she might well look as fragile as she feels. "I need more information." MOre time. Ironic, for a time traveler. "Wait, there we go. Energy flux approaching rapidly." She frowns. "I do not know how this will affect my technology." Which is powered down, but…she has NO clue what this is yet. And she might not until it hits.

Illyana is in Limbo, studying her tomes and the scrying crystal. Something is WRONG of late. Everything feels amiss. And… though she can't connect to the leylines of Earth very well, she can tell something is disrupting them. Something magical… and not. She has been scouring her library, using her scrying crystal… but whatever it is is eluding her. Whatever is going on… it's maddening not knowing. She finally sighs, taking one of the tomes with her that she hopes will be relevvant. She opens a stepping disc and teleports back to the Xavier Mansion, looking apprehensive as she looks for her brother. The book is written in demon script - it'd be unreadable to… just about anyone and its words would cause pain to those who behold it. She sits down in the empty Xavier cafeteria with the tome… trying to see if she can figure this out before doom comes on us all.


As he listens, Jacob nods and then he listens and says, "Connie Alert shield of the distrubance. Informing them I am moving to Invesitgate."

Strapped into his command chair He allows the ship to move and turn heading away from earth on an intercept course for what ever it is. He doesn't want to drop cloak just yet.

Hopefully the Hyperlight scanners have given him enough time to intercept it before it reaches earth. "Keep an open channel to Earth Connie." and beside him the Hologram of Connie vanishes as the ship moves off rapidly out of Earth orbit.

With only a second hand connection to either high magic or advanced science, Piotr Rasputin has no real inkling of what miht be coming. Just the most absolutely vague sense of unrest. So he had turned to what he usually does to calm a troubld mind. His art. Sitting in a school like no other, he is working with a charcoal pencil, sketching an image more abstract than most of his art, dark and somewhat disturbing in its lines

The asteroid belt is breached on the north side. East side. From above the solar equator, and below.
It is engulfing the system.
Hundreds of thousands of them.
It is within the Martian orbit in minutes.
A tidal wave of pure anger.


As he listens, Jacob nods and then he listens and says, "Connie Alert shield of the distrubance. Informing them I am moving to Invesitgate."

Strapped into his command chair He allows the ship to move and turn heading away from earth on an intercept course for what ever it is. He doesn't want to drop cloak just yet.

Hopefully the Hyperlight scanners have given him enough time to intercept it before it reaches earth. "Keep an open channel to Earth Connie. What ever it is it just breeched the Asteroid field No positive sensor contact yet. Drop Cloak full power to shields." and beside him the Hologram of Connie vanishes as the ship moves off rapidly out of Earth orbit.

Pepper has arrived.
And River…flinches. "Not an army." Where IS he? Not here. Grey eyes study the viewscreen. "It's already passing Mars." How do you fight an emotion? How do you fight it, furthermore, when you've felt all of those emotions yourself and locked them away. It's easy to forget - she's so functional, seems so normal so much of the time, but the madwoman inside River reacts to that. Mirrors it. Her face tightens for a moment, an inner battle that it's unlikely Jacob would notice. The desire not to fight it but to embrace it. To become one with it. He MIGHT notice that she's not scanning any more.

Elija is feeling uneasy, but there is nothing he can detect, even with his enhanced senses. Still, his intuition says he should go get his gear. He excuses huimself at the desk and goes to his locker. Checking that there is no one about, he removes his duffle bag and changes to the uniform of Patriot, placing his shield on his arm last.

Illyana sighs as she hurries into Piotr's room and sits down, looking agitated. "Piotr… something is wrong. Very wrong… I don't know what it is. But… we need to be ready." She sighs as she puts the book on a table and flips it open, forgetting that its words would be unsettling to those who see it. "The signs point to… something horrible happening. The end of the world itself." She seems a bit agitated, almost hysterical - but she truly believes something is wrong.

Ojin was also on the bridge with the other. He kept his on various scanners and equipment to try and keep up with everything "Its not just comming from the direction of Mars…. what ever it is, seems to be comming from below it as well." he says "It feel like like…. a barrage of emotion" he says confused by this aspect. He checks the navigation equipment to see if anything new was being picked up

Piotr looks up from is artwork. He first smiles at seeing his sister, but he sees the tension in her immediately. Her words certainly do not comfort his mind. He nods, "Da, Yana." He shakes his head, "There is something. in the air, it sis true. BUt I am as ready as I can be without knowing more. He lifts his shift for a moment, showing his sister that he has his combat uniform on underneath. He stands, and as he does sohis paper is knocked off the table and glides across to land at Illyana's feet. It is probably not encouraging that the charcoal sketch looks like a shattered Earth.


JAcob is at first too focused to actually notice the rage as he bares his teeth and finally feels it. Hatred, rage that he has felt so many times. A desire to destroy and kill those who caused him wrong. And just as it had caught him offguard his brainwaves spike. And of course, when River begins to loose focus.

Connie does what shecan to bring them back to focus. Jacob and River song will be grounds. As Connie delivers a mild electrica Shock to both of the Organics through the consoles as she shouts as loud as she can. Trying to force them to regain control.

The Wave of emotion is infecting your minds! Focus on your tasks. Attempting to compesate and alter shields to block out the wave length."

AT this point the Eneterprise shields at full power begins to shift through frequancies and harmonics, attempting to find something that can dampen the emotional attack. she will keep searching until she can find some setting to jam that signal. It is an emotion and at this point it is effectively an energy wave. And With the right harmonics and settings it CAN be blocked.

The Shock is enough to bring JAcob back as he still feels it. "River Fight it, I have not come so far to loose my sanity to some formless emotional wave And neither will you. That is an order!"

River flinches again. "I…never said I *had* any sanity." Formless emotional wave. It may or may not even be an attack. Breathe. Breathe. Recall what she's been taught, what she's been trained in to keep her from falling prey to her own impulses. Connie's trying to shield it out, but she has to…she has to…

The wave surges past the asteroid belt, pracitcally devouring the ancient ring of cosmic dust in its wake. The swarm becomes something tangible as the Enterprise gets closer and realizes it's a mass of ships, varrying in sizes from simple strike fighters to drednaughts, some nearing over five kilometers in length alone. Their speed is mindboggling as they tear through the emptyness on a colision course directly to Earth. Not giving a single moment's glance to the incoming enemy vessle.

Illyana picks up the paper and STARES. "Well. Looks like you're picking up on it too…" She sighs softly. "I think we have to assume that chaos is coming - something is warping the leylines." She drops her book back into limbo with a tiny stepping disk. "Brother… if things go chaotic… you might see me… change. Don't be alarmed… much. Maybe, if we get through all of this, we can discuss what truly happened in Limbo…" She sighs as she steps outside, looking up at the sky, wondering if she can see anything yet, hoping Piotr will follow.

Patriot's mind is struck by unformed Hatred. What does he hate…That is unclear…but as he hears people angrily throwing things and shouting he decides, he hates pointless violance. Rushing out into the main Library, he starts separating battling patrons and efficiently knocking them out with minimal damage…then heads out on the street to deal with the chaos on the street.


"My God! it's an Armada! on a direct course for Earth! Bring weapons online, Battle stations." all that is transmitted to Shield. With the speed and fleet coming this way, JAcob tries to hail and warn them off. But still, He knows that is not goign to work. As the Enterprise Moves in closer for the kill he is prepairing his trump card. The shuttle bomb. It should provide a big enough bang to take out perhaps a good number of the ships. Sadly that means he will be target one. But still it might give a few moments for them to prepare.

The First act of hostility is all the provication he needs, to have the Enterprise open fire. He will of course hold fire until fired upon. But the Enterprise will be ready for evasive maneuvers the moment that hostile action is confirmed.

"That's not how we're going to beat this," River says, quietly. Seriously. Back on her game, it seems. "Connie…" And she moves her hands over the console. She's looking for their comms frequency, hunting for it across the various common frequencies first. "Let me see here." Oh YES she has a plan. It doesn't involve bombs.

Piotr says seriously to his sister, "I have been hoping you would talk to me about that. I would rather id did not take the something quite so dramatic to start that talk." He takes a moment to dump the outer layer of his clothes. The civilian outfit discarded in favor of the combat uniform that is designed to accomodate the change in his size. Then he goes after Ilyana, out into the yard. As the uneasy feeling he already had crystalizes into something so much more intense, he looks up, eyes scanning the sky without any idea what is doing this.

Ojin stays calm even as he sees the armada of ships. Nearly impossible to tell what he is thinking. He brings up several Holograms at his station. "They got hundred of Dreadnaught class ships as well thousands of smaller figher. It may as well be the armada of several homeworlds, not just one. Briging up coordinates of the heaviest armed ships… Now" All needed personal will have a map showing where the heavily armed ships are and possible weak points to hit should the ships be already known "Captain Jacob, this may not be a battle we want to charge head long into." though it clear he was ready too

The waves of ships decend upon the Earth, reaching within the Moon's atmosphere and even eclipsing the great sphere in a grey borderless mass. The ships all close in and decend into the atmosphere. The Enterprise is avoided by mere feet when they do come close to it, but none seem to be concerned by the large ship. The smaller strike fighters breach the atmosphere and curl up and away, an endless barrier protecting one of the largest, capital ships, the thing easily ten kilometers long as it decends into the planet like a brick does not.


"River what ever you are gonna do do it fast!" he says He's trusting her on his ship. Connie will work with River giving her everthing she needs as the Enterprise needs to survive this. For the moment, The ship will be the prime target as she tries to move out of firing solution so that any missed shots will also miss Earth.

This was not something he had expected, an armada of ships suddenly barreling down on Earth. "Connie sensor analysis what the hell are they? Ojin I completely agree with you under any other circumstance I would call discression as the better part of valor." With No actuall fighting or weapons fire the Enterprise holds her fire. Still her shields are Scrapped. As JAcob watches the massive Dreadnaught plummets to Earth. This was something he always feared. An Armada arriving at Earth to show power strength and feutility of resistance. For now the Enterprise is moving trying to get away from the swarm of ships…

the fighting on the street stops as wrople start to notice something above…not just some thing, but many many things. Patriot looks up and starts shouting, "Everyone who can, get off the street now!" If there are giant ships and smaller fighters about to fall upon the city, he thinks it is a good idea to have as few obvious targets as possible.

Illyana whispers, "Doom has fallen upon us all…" She sighs softly. "Why can't my magic work in this world?" she whispers. "Well… there's one way to ensure that I can stand my ground against them…" She glances at Piotr. "I love you, Brother," she murmurs softly as she looks up at the sky. "Alright… my time in Limbo did change me more than you think. Half of my soul was ripped out… and… if I embrace the darkness… I will become more powerful…" She gazes up. "But it won't be pretty. I can get us into that ship… but once there, no idea. I have to embrace… my inner demon…" She closes her eyes as a shimmering aura forms around her - an aura of darkness. She arches her back and screams to the sky - a scream of pain and triumph as her body starts to change… horns sprouting - her skin turning red - her legs twisting to be more goatlike… with the horrific sound of bone grinding and rearranging… Darkchylde is awakening.

"Can't. They're not broadcasting on any frequency I can find. We must be dealing with a hive mind." River frowns. "I'm not going to be able to do anything from here." And all the Enterprise can do is pick them off until they get blown up. "I need to get on that ship." She looks at the other two. "Let me see if I even *can* first." Scanning the barrier to see if it extends into the vortex…is not something Connie's normally programmed to do, but River thinks she can do it, hands moving rapidly across the console.

Piotr answers, "Yana, what are you talking about? Half your soul?" His deep, accented voice is full of concern. And then he sees his sister changing. He recoils in shock. Then he looks to the sky. To the massive ship with its swarm of support. He grits his teeth, "We will tlak of this later." And then he, himself, is changing. Growing as his skin becomes grooved metal.

Ojin quickly picks up the 10 kilimoter Capital Ship. He was running through the options. "If I may be so bold Captain Jacob, I agree with River. We we cannot fight a force this large with one ship. But, We may be able to take control of the entire Armada from the inside of that ship. Especially if we can find whoever is in charge. We take control of them, we take control of army"

The barrier of strikes ships carve through the atmosphere, helping lower the capital ship to hover over manhattan and a single white beam of light, roughly three meters in diameter shines down from the bottom of the ship and a single figure materializes in the gathered, gawking crowd.
The large figure, standing a full head over the tallest men reaches out with an ornate golden glove. His large hand lifts up a woman by her throat and tendrils of red snake out of her back, tearing her clothes and arching through the air to form an infinitesimally small stone in a rescesed section of his gauntlet.
"The indigeous beings posses the final stone!" He says, turning his chin up to the ship above him, his hand dropping the woman like a sack of garbage onto the ground. "Kill them all."


"Agreed. I'll do what I can to get you down there." Jacob says as he is in his heavy armor. And has heavy weapons with him as he gives Connie orders. "Connie once we are down there I want you to leave the system. Try to get word to the Nova corps, Shi'ar, Kree and Skrull about this. An Armada this size needs to be brought to their attention. Do what ever it takes to escape." And Jacob unbuckles from his seat picking up a large assault weapon, and a rifle. He has hoped that he has not sent Connie to her destruction.

As River begins to work the Votex through her, she may have a way to escape if she alters her shields, and deflector in the right way. Through the Vortex it's self granted she may not be un damaged but still. After her interface with the TARDIS, River using the Vortex Manipulator in the ship, and the information she is getting.

Patriot has no idea about what in specific is going on, but he heads as fas as possible towards wha looks like the center of the armada, if there is anything he can do it will probably be there.

Patriot says, "you can punch him…but what good it does you is the question…"

"Hold that thought. Their commander has come out to play." River looks at Ojin and Jacob. "Which saves me the time of searching the ship for him. Ojin, care to come to earth with me?" She stands, holding out her hand to the alien. Finding the command center on that ship would take too long. But the commander just decided to pull a Kirk. SO much easier.

Ojin stands up both as he sees what is going down on earth and at Jacob word. Seems that River read his mind and he takes her hand "Even xenophages could not keep me out of this fight" he was sure Connie could navigate space on her own - the stated empires after all were rather common place. "See you on earth Captain Jacob" all the anger he had been feeling was spilling over as his takes on a more monsterous humanoid form

Illyana just clenches her head, growling. She then senses the nexus of power in the city. She smiply grabs Piotr's arm, porting him to LImbo with her then over to New York City, near Thanos. She stares at him, swishing her tail.

Piotr looks to his siter, "Is irony that we face threat from space together, but without Mikhail." Because he ws, after all, a cosmonaut. A few moments later he finds himself pulled through one stepping disk, and then another. Finding himself facing the being who seems the focus of the enormous craft above, he hesitates for a moment, then speaks up, "If you have come to do harm…" ("If"… a Russian optimiist, who knew such a thing was possible?) "… You will find, I think, that Earth is not without those willing to defend it."

At his order, Thanos looks down just in time to see Illyana and her brother appear from no where, his chapped lips cracking apart as he forms a devilish grin and dematerializes from the city street, returned back to his throne room in the capital ship.
The countless strike and combat ships all lower down, sweeping through the alleyways and corridors of the urban jungle, the tips of the blade like ships beginning to glow a sinister greenish white.
New York.
The United States.
The northern hemisphere.

There seems to be a single ship, a single weapon aimed at every single man, woman, and child.

Before a single shot could be fired, just out of sync with our own, a second, not quite complete Earth appears, almost adjacent to this one. Out of phase, out of sync, and not quite right, the whole blue and green orb begins to shift, moving slightly but rapidly, realigning itself into the proper position.
An entirely new Earth shifting thousands of miles rapidly until it almost, clicks, into place.
Everything is different, yet the same.


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