2017-01-29 When Worlds Collide Part 3 - The Battle of Billions
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Raven, River, Ojin, Starfire, IronMan, TechStar, Calvary, Atalanta, Colossus, Deadpool, Umbra, WonderWoman, Weston, Ember
Missing Pages: Jacob, Dusty, Illyana, Patriot
GMed by Wanderer
Title: When Worlds Collide Part 3 - The Battle of Billions

Chaos. Webster's defines chaos as, complete disorder and confusion. -This is no longer chaos.
This is the apocolypse.
A second version of earth appeared and seemed to merge with the current one without warning. The landscapes mostly aligned smoothly, it's the man made objects that are problematic. Buildings, vehicles, the two groups of multiple BILLION aliens invading simultaneously! The mad titan has returned to his capital ship, a vessel nearly ten kilometers in length and almost one tall. He has returned to his throne room, having learned that some beings (Mutants specifically) posses the final infinity gem within their very DNA.
Thanos' forces have just been given the order to kill every humanoid on the planet, the deftly manueverable strike fighters poised to level the population to zero were just beginning to unleash their volley on the planet when the merger happened. Billions of ships, blanketing the atmosphere and more were intercepted by just as many or more parademons.
Near countless beings of pure obedience to their one master, all just given the command to kill all the humans. To bore into the subconsciousnesses of all, Darkseid beliving they have the knowledge to the Anti-Life Equation burried in their puny feeble brains. He is floating in the air, with a golden javelin burried into to the brick of the wall behind him, calmly ignoring the attacks from Kori and Raven, watching as the rooftop Atalanta and Diana were on collapses from the force of the explosion caused by the speedster moments ago.
The merger has completed itself, three entirely different forces begin to wage war against one another. Two for galactic universes, a third for their very survival.

Three figures kind of tumble out of the vortex - River, Jacob, and Ojin - and the blonde woman looks up. She frowns. "Incursion." A full-blown incursion, and she did not see it coming, she sensed nothing. And now she's in the chaos…and she does what any (in)sane thief would do: She dives for cover. She can't fight this, not directly. But maybe they'll take enough of each other out. Of course, if Jacob knows the meaning of THAT word…

Narrowing her eyes, Raven uses telekinetic force to push away an alien. This…this is not good. And she has no clue how to stop it, and dark urges come up within her. No. That would not help. Control. She has to keep control, locking down her emotions, locking down her fears. The illusion she created disappears. It's not going to help at this point. No, she needs to come up with something else. And stay alive long enough to…

Dusty is not really a hero, no matter how he pretends to be one, but when there is no escape, it is not being a hero, it is just survival. So Red Squire is out…fighting. Well, so he is usuing is portal to bause enemy forces to crash into each other by wrapping the portal around him at one end and putting the other a short distance away…oin front of some other enemy. So far it is working.

Having witnessed the apparent leader of the invasion smirk at him and depart, Colossus sighs, "I suppose then, you do mean harm>" And then the strike fighers are taking up their positions, and there is no more time to talk. The sudden lurch in reality as worlds merge leaves him facing a startled Parademon, who goes on the offensive a memoent later. Assuming this is all part of the same invasion, Colossus grabs the parademon, swings him around, and uses him as a projectile aimed for the nearest of Thanos's strike fighters.

Patriot is trying to work his way to Stark Tower, he figures if there is an organized resistance, it will start there and art the Four Freedom Plaza. He is having to fight Parademons hand to hand and dodge fliers though, so it is slow going.

Koriand'r stops her annoyance of Darkseid, just STARING around at the chaos. She has no idea waht happened - but everything is different now. "What is this…?" she whispers, shaking her head, now seeing a colossal starship having come out of nowhere above the city. She shakes her head, not sure waht's going on.

Meanwhile, Illyana is having issues herself as she was about to port onto that flagship, sighing happily. "Ready to go, brother? We're going to take that ship…" But the parademons are everywhere as she jumps on another, and tears it asunder with a feral scream.

As Things suddenly go to hell, The merged worlds, the two groups of heroes. Jacob is for the most part very relaxed. He knows that chances of earth's survival is slim, if not impossible. The only hope is some how Connie get's help. Or an Act of God. But either will do. And then he realizes the warzone as he holds a rapid fire disruptor rifle in his hands and starts to open fire to Draw fire away from River Song and then unleashing his large energy cannon, designed for a small shuttle the weapon could destroy a large swath as he heads off. "River Do your thing!" he says and he hopes prays that Connie escaped in the chaos, unaware she used the Time vortex to slip through the cracks. As he begins firing at any of the aggressive aliens. His rifle hits them as he makes a mad dash across the battle field, his energy shields and armor designed for this sort of warfare.

That large cannon he has could destroy a fully armed and shield military patrol ship. But it can only fire once every ten seconds at best, as he aims it at a fighter in the sky to try and down it. For now he uses the rapid fire rifle to target Parademons.

So much for a quiet time at home, Tony headed to the tower roof he glances towards the sky in confusion. Backing up he takes a dive off the edge of the tower and as he freefalls his suit begins to assemble itself on his body and once its complete he jets up into the sky his sensors scanning some of the enemies before sending out pulse shots. "Any Avengers that can hear this call. We could use you out here." he radios and using a remote sensor he takes over the speakers of New York, "Welcome to Earth! Now get off my planet." he says over it before allowing 'Shoot to Thrill' by ACDC to fill the air now.

The world is in danger. Where would SHIELD agents be? Right in the damned thick of things. "This is crazy." Agent Morse comments over the comms. "But, crazy is what they pay us the tiny bucks to deal with. Weapons hot, folks. Blast 'em or die trying." And with that, a quinjet streams through the sky and engages against the storm of Thanos' fleet of fighters. This is not going to go well.

Somewhere amongst the mess of the merged cities, the populace scrambles in terror. All of that fear beats down upon the heart and mind of an empath, and in spite of herself, Priscilla Kitaen can't ignore it all. She'd love to, but she can't. Which means she has to engage against the parademons. Of benefit, she is capable of making them fight each other. But there's no way she can control them all. For now, she's doing the best she can. What a mess.

Atalanta says, "Note to self, avoid using the meteor strike when collateral damage is a problem." As she speaks she runs along the collapsing surface of the building onto firmer ground, gathering bricks and then throwing them at supersonic speed to clear the area of lesser enemies.

A crumbling building was no hinderance to Wonder Woman. She lifted off of it and hovered up in the air… Her eyes scanned around the carnage and apocalyptic chaos. She was unsure of how to stop this threat, but her target would remain the same. Behead the man who looked to be in charge, so with sword and shield, Diana would track him and attempt do just that.

What the hell? One moment, SHIELD Agent Melinda May was directing agents to help with getting civilians out of the battle area and into the subway tunnels, underground shelters, hell, the sewers if need be. Anywhere away from the incoming attackers. The next moment, there are MORE civilians and MORE enemies. She has to throw herself out of the way of a car that is just suddenly there, and mutters a curse under her breath. "Morse, keep me posted. Umbra, be alert and keep searching for injured civilians. Our orders stand. Get everyone you can out of these buildings and underground. And don't bet on already cleared areas being clear now. SOmething… weird just happened." And she passed on being part of the quinjet flights to do ground command. Serves her right.

Talk about a sudden upset… Sam is actually in his room, reading, when the skies seem to erupt. Moments later there is the sound of Iron Man launching, and within moments the teenaged mutant is on his feet, running out the door and into the hallway. Doesn't even bother to put on shoes… "JARVIS, spool it up!" By the time he gets to the balcony, Techstar is standing there, waiting for its pilot. Sam runs across the decking, literally leaps into his suit and lets the momentum topple him over the edge. Halfway down, the repulsors fire and the suit starts to angle to match Iron Man's flight path. "Roger that, flight lead, Techstar responding. Where do you want me?" He might be unarmed, but that hasn't stopped him before. But seeing the sky filled with aliens, he can only wonder how they're going to get out of this one.

When the massed fleets of Thanos began their incursion into the solar systen, the X-Men's wandering sentient energy matrix (formerly the fleshy mutant called Ember) was taking a break from her mystic studies to enjoy a nice week of sunbathing (read as: taking a long nap inside the actual sun). The attack, and then the MASSIVE surge of dimensional energy as the second Earth started appearing both got her attention in a big way. Seven minutes later she arrived back home, angling her flight through the mass of ships and… Other Things headed for the massive flagship. It's where she feels she can do the most good. She doesn't do finesse with so many enemies to take down. She just keeps her core to its smallest size for protection, grows her aura out to its maximum 100 yard radius, and starts flying straight through the masses of enemies with her event horizon absorbing the energy from Parademon and attack fighter alike. She heads straight to Thanos' flagship. Yes, that means she eliminates fewer of the enemy swarms, but in something like this the swarms are less important than the leaders. And if any of the other X-Men are here, then that's where she's likely to meet up with them.

"I'm a thief, not a superhero," River grumbles, although she's already rummaging in her purse. She knows she can't disrupt communications, but maybe she can do something. Those flying…are those *flying cybermen*. Joy. But if they're cyborgs, then the right… "I need something to generate…aha. Cover me." And she runs towards a building, ducking inside it.

Narrowed eyes from Raven. And then she reaches her hand up, glances at Voodoo - she senses that - and decides to lend her a hand by adding into the mix illusory opponents to increase the confusion. Keep them fighting each other while the civilians get out of the way. Wraiths. Ghosts. Almost demonic…


The Dark Hero Soldier has only just arrived on the scene when all hell breaks loose. He knows Darkside's troops, he's packing an experimental State of the art Rail cannon. A sniper rifle that uses .50 calibur Anti Tank, armor piercing Tungston carbide rounds. He also has an assault rifle, loaded with .30 calibur rounds of the same material. And his final weapon is an experimental energy plasma rifle. Lots of ammo, rapid fire. Heat problems have only just been rectified. Instead of materials designed to resist, they channel the head into a capasator that stores it allowing him to unleash a short range plasma wave infront of him.

Instantly he opens fire, His right hand holding the assault Rifle, and in his left holding the plasma Rifle. As the two worlds unite he takes rapid stock of the situation and Spoting the armored flying hero. And in that instant The Dark Hero begins to look at him and tries to ID him as Friend, Then is attempting to send him a Data file, transfering to the armored man a large packet of information on Darkseid and his forces. So he knows what he is up against as well as all relivant tactical Data. Knowledge is Power.

And as he fires off a number of plasma shots at some Parademons, and when they get close he unleash a massive plasma wave infront of him at over 3000 degrees farennheit, as it is should be enough to keep him realitively effectivly.


Colossus backfists a parademon away from his sister while saying something in Russian that their mother would not at all approve of. For once, he is not holding back his strength, which puts that paradmon on a ballistic trajectory that takes it out of sight. He sazys to Darkchylde, "We shoul not go alone, 'Yana. WE need to find allies." He fights as he talks, metal fists hitting with all the impact of muscles that can lift a hundred ton weight.

Inside a taco truck, sits a relaxed Deadpool in the driver's seat. He's listening to some kind of crappy music. What's he listening to? Shiny Toy Guns. Yep. He has bad taste in music. Anyway, Wade's sitting there in full combat gear with weapons and all in the passenger seat. He begins to look around and he gasps as one of his devices goes off. "Ah shit. I'm right where I need to be but is this really what I need to be doing? He hops out of the truck, grabbing his neon pink Hello Kitty duffle bag full of god knows what and his phone. "I'll catch every last mother clucking one of you before I die. I promise you that, Pokemon Go! Even if no one else is still playing, I'll catch everyone of you!" He then looks at the Parademons in the air, "Shit, the gym battles have gotten even uglier." He turns his phone now into something useful by swiping on it. "Hullo, SHIELD? What's the order?"


JAcob Stays near River Song. He knows she can do something so as enemies get close to him, he will open fire. His armor able to take a hit or two. Really hoping River picked up armro and personal shields from his armory. He can't spot Ojin but in the Chaos he begins to fire and take fire. His shields able to absorb an Impack. And when a group of enemies gets too close he will unleash a sway of fire in their direction, three shot bursts as he brings that large cannon around and then fires a burst of fire from to impact the enemy.

"This has got to be the strangest day of my life, and for me, that's saying something," came out of the man in the red and blue tights as he rode a web line down through a city street and plucked a kid out of the way of some falling rubble. That rubble cut his webline, so he had to switch hands, which clutched the kid, and fire off a new webline to take them to safety. If it had been part of a rollercoaster, the kid would be screaming with delight, but as it was, the kid was just screaming. It was deafening, ringing in his ears, "shh, it's okay, everything'll be all right. You're safe now." He tried to reassure her, as he did a somersault, landing near Melinda May and some of the emeregency personnel. He handed the kid over to someone who was dressed in the appropriate clothes and seemed to be an official, "I don't have anything to go on except that she nearly got crushed by a falling stone Gargoyle." Then, he turned around, his eyes wide with surprise, and he fired off two more weblines, tugging some other people by the back of their jackets and pulling them out from more falling debris. He then started working on building a canopy to catch some of the objects, "see, this is why you can't skimp on the steel girders. They're what keep these buildings up!"

Agent May frowns as Wade's unfamiliar voice breaks into her comm's chatter. "Whoever you are, get off the line, you're interfering with emergency rescue operations." Yeah, she sounds even more than her usual deadpan. She sounds frustrated and impatient and ready to put down anyone who tries to hinder SHIELD's attempts to get civilians clear of the chaos happening overhead.

This will teach her to cut her vacation short because she was bored. Well, technically on paper it was 'medical leave' under orders from Director Carter but… yeah. SHIELD agent Dr. Lissandra Vorhes hadn't even gotten her luggage off her custom quinjet before Agent May called out the All Hands on Deck. Sending her quinjet up and on a trajectory for the rendevouz, she gets suited up in her Umbra armor. Her last thought before getting on the radio is 'Peggy's going to kill me for putting this on again so soon'. Then she's all business. "This is Agent Vorhes, reporting active. Umbra online in two minutes."

That was ten minutes ago. Now her quinjet is up flying itself through the tangled mess in the air, its grav cannons turning Thanos' fighters and Parademons into much, MUCH tinier versions of themselves. And Umbra is down on the ground doing as Agent May says, getting civilians clear and performing field triage. Oh, and turning any Parademon or strike fighter that gets too close into a target for her suit's ultrarifle. "My suit's sensors show some kind of dimensional merging on a planetary scale. Translation: two Earths, one parking spot. Looks like Grand Central is still viable as a shelter so I'll be sending wounded there."

The Darkchylde, the demonic version of Illyana, growls happily as she jumps on another Parademon, ripping its head off with superstrength and potent claws. She stares at Piotr with glowing red eyes… then sniffsniffs. "There is another demon here… a real demon… I must find her…" she growls. "More allies… oh, this is FUN," she states, giggling, as she opens a disk and teleports, and reforms… near to the other demon she noted. A glowing circle appears near Raven and forms down into the demonic form of Darkchylde, who is holding a translucent sword - armor is slowly spreading from her left hand up her shoulder.. "You - demon girl…" she purrrs. "Let's go blow up that ship - the God of Death is on board and I want to make sure he is worshipped no more." Her tail twitches happily.

Kory decides to keep up her assault on Darkseid - moving fast and firing faster - simply trying to keep him distracted - though she's starting to get tired from the constant solar use.


"Fly into the danger zone." Tony can be heard singing through his coms. He spins and does other tricks to miss the shots coming at him before punching an enemy in the head both of them spiraling towards the ground, "Sorry I don't dance with those I don't know." he sends sparks from his suit sending the enemy off him and hurling into a building side. "CHING CHING!!! Fifty points for Iron Man."


One glance at Jacob, one nod to him. "Cell tower. I'm going to try something." And she's running up the stairs. Not using short term teleportation because it would undeniably attract attention. It's going to take her a few minutes to get to the controls. Fortunately, in big cities, they put them IN buildings.

Raven, for her part, is still showing things to the demons and aliens to confuse them, although she's already breathing hard. Keep them distracted. Keep them… And then…Raven finds another person in front of her. She narrows her eyes at "demon girl." "If you have an idea, I'm listening." Demon girl. Well. She'll explain to this demon what she is and isn't…later.

Darkseid lifts his hand up and nothing more as Diana swings her blade into his wrist, stopping dead. He smiles and twists his hand violently striking out to disarm the Wonder Woman. No words, as he looks past Diana to the bricks thrown at him and suddenly they cease to be. A follow up blow to the woman's torso aims to launch her through the air, aimed at her speedster ally before he turns his attention towards Kori.
Thanos sits down in his throne, monitors of all shapes and sizes are hung before him as he watches this battle unfold with a detached vague interest. He knows his forces will complete their order, but this new earth has piqued his interests, and an eye is focused upon the leader's flashy battle with unusual looking warriors. When a small warning light flashes, showing him an approaching force from the direction of the system's star. "What is it?" He demands a subordinate before getting an answer he does not like. "Shot it down! Nothing reaches this ship!"
When two realities meet, there's some overlap, and it's generally not a good thing for the, organic occupants of either reality. Mae dodging new traffic makes her one of the lucky ones. Many people are simply gone, having been in the same spot as a vehicle, a wall, or even another being. The screams from the survivors fill the air! It's horrible, the groans and gargles of unfortunate beings and ships and buildings intersecting and interrupting themselves.

Wonder Woman's sword is sent tumbling out of her hand and it stabs into the side of a heavily damaged building. She is then, herself, sent flying backward into the same building causing a burst of debris and crumbling concrete to pour down to the streets below…. Moments later, however, she charges back out with shield in-front of her and a blazing golden lasso swirling through the air and striking out at Darkseid's throat!


As he sees the new big Bad and the two Warrior Women Jacob takes note. He hears River, and right now. Nothing he can do really, She has better protection and hopes she can alter her shields to mask her life signs or perhaps a personal cloaking device.

He lifts his cannon to the sky and fires off a Burst that takes down one of the shielded fighters, punching right through the shields and impacting the ship knocking it out of the sky.

One of the Problems that he has is it draws attention. Not the good kind. Spotting Iron make he fires his rifle on Three PArademons on his heels. His cannon needs to recharge. five seconds as he moves off to try and make h imself a harder target.



Hot on Iron Man's six, Techstar is dodging debris, fighters and parademons, trying to follow Tony until he has to break to avoid flying face first into some kind of mechanical contraption. In a sense this offends Sam, there's technology flying around that he hasn't seen before and doesn't yet understand. For all the high tech gear he's carrying, he's no more than just another object in the sky. How is he… —BUILDING!. As the two worlds finally merge, Techstar's systems go mad, dozens if not hundreds of more objects suddenly appearing and creating even more hazards. He pulls out of a turn just in time to avoid splattering himself against a new skyscraper, all shiny and modern. And with it, he starts to see patterns in the movement. A single glance upwards confirms the suspicion… mothership! "Any Avengers or SHIELD personnel receiving, this is Techstar. I'm seeing what appears to be the command ship, vectoring in now. Could sure use some assistance here." And with that, he angles up, towards the ship, feeding power to his repulsors, bringing all of them online at the same time. Very soon the smaller suit is accelerating beyond the speed of sound, burning enough energy to leave a bright trail behind him. Mach Two… Mach Three… Mach Four… From his external speakers come the first bars of 'Indestructible'.


Colossus calls out as his sister vanishes through her stepping disk, but he is a moment too late. So instead he focuses on the fight at hand. The big metallic mutant does not hesitate. Starting from that place where the beam from the ship had been focused, he moves out, simply trying to deal the maximum casualties to both parademon and striek fighter alike. It won't take much effort to follow the trail of wreckage hie is leaving in his wake.


The Dark Soldier keeps firing as he needs to give his plasma rifle a cool down. Dropping the Heavy assautl Rifle he uses his Plasma Rifle aas a Parademon comes at him and instantly he Lashes out with a Punch, A blade extends from his wrist as the blade Vibrates at tremendous speed and allows it to slices through almost anything. Slicing that head in half as he pulps it's head int he process.

Shouldering his Plasmarifle he pulls out the Rail Cannon, And then he Fires. A hyper Sonic projectile through the air impacting some of the Fighters. He is slowly working his way closer to Darkseid. He needs to Get closer, his goal to use his rifle to try and shoot the Darkgod in the Eyes, might cost him his life, be he hopes that it might give Wonderwoman a chance to do something effective.


He knows the skies but when the worlds merge new things appear in front of him. Tony flies right into some kind of eletrical thing sending off many sparks taking out some on the enemies nearby him and freeing himself his suit can be seen smoking and sparking a bit. He about runs into Wonder Woman but misses her running into the building she came out of and out the other side going into a free fall until his back impacts the street below leaving an Iron Man imprint in it his arms out wide and legs outstretched as well.. smoke rises frm his suit…


"What the shit biscuits? Did Mulan just yell at me? For shang!" pipes Wade into the radio. He looks up at the giant ship and shrugs. "Well, if SHIELD's going to give me shit and I am not getting orders or paid by Tony from the Avengers, I gotta wonder, what's the mere with a mouth doing here?" He then pauses as he looks over his coding, hoping he remembers what he's doing. He looks up at some of the creatures around and readies his weapons. He starts assembling a red and black bazooka that he wrote the words, 'KillZooka' on it. And then he nods to Spider-Man. "Way too busy."

Wade rolls a pair of dice to see if he can change his rating to NC-17 and succeeds.
Red Squire has a problem in that he can only use one power stunt at a time with his portal. It is not a major problem just now, he us using his "cloak" to defend himself bu warping anything that attacks him around him. Since he is still visible, it is almost like he is a walking illusion.

Patriot see Iron Man flying in the distanceand heads towards him. He his already seeing dents and cracks in his shield, even though he angles it to avoid direct hits, and has had to recover his throwing stars after running out twice…this is a target rich environment.

Atalanta would help slow down Wonder woman, but the Amazon's own flying took care of it. That sword cut through stone like butter when it hit, perhaps it can be of use. Atalanta pulls the blade from the wall and times her attack…Darkseid is fast and tough, but he is humanoid, he can only face one direction at a time, if she times the attack and comes in from the opposite side, a sword impalement at several miles a second might do SOME harm.


Oh yes, please DO shoot at the force approaching from the system's star! The flagship opening up on her is one of the most welcome sights Ember's seen in months. Not that it surprises her, really. She is a 100-meter wide sphere flying towards them at relativistic velocity absorbing every dreg of energy it passes through. A singularity in flight, and one that doesn't seem to even notice when the ship's weapons open up. Sure, some of them manage to track her with good aim, but any pure energy weapon just bends in through her event horizon and physical projectiles lose all kinetics at the same point and get knocked away by her passage.

She's got a few seconds to decide on her plan, then turns sharply to start flying along the ship's hull, just inches from its surface. Her aura pushes down through every tiniest gap and chink to rip the energy from the ship's surface systems and turn them into so much dead scrap in 100-yard wide brush strokes. And while she's flying she's looking for anything resembling a command center.



Tony for now is out cold in the middle of the street.


"Acknowledged, Umbra. Let me know if you need support gettting a clear path to Grand Central." Agent May snaps a few short words at police officers who are suddenly there and baffled, hopefully getting them moving to help. "Wait… Deadpool?" May almost curses aloud into her comm. Almost. The merc is a complete wildcard, but if he can be a wildcard in their favor…

"Deadpool, meet up with Umbra, coordinates incoming. She's getting civilians and wounded out of the line of fire and into Grand Central Station. I need you to clear the path for her, and be as brutal as you want with those alien things flying around. Just leave my quinjets alone."

Spotting Iron Man Go Down JAcob manajes to barely avoid a direct hit and then he is forced into the air by an explostion at his feet. It knocks him through the air as he sees stars. And as he hits thr ground he is glad he hasn't lost his weapons. He can feel a few ribs bruised fromt hat as he lifts the rifle and canon and first them off in his direction as he struggles to get up. A little woozy but the pain is forgotten in the hype of Battle.

Heading over to Wear Tony is JAcob will Try to kneel down and Cover Stark as he is trying to yel, or hit the man in the face with his boot, like a slap through his metal helm to get him work up.


Nearly there. Things happen quickly when you're traveling at six times the speed of sound. Still Sam knew the ship was absolutely massive, and a plan on how to proceed is still forthcoming. Of more immediate concern is a warning flashing urgently at the top of his HUD… the signal from Iron Man had been lost. Instantly he's on the comms again, transmitting on the Avenger and SHIELD frequencies.
"SHIELD, this is Techstar. We have Iron Man down. Repeat, Iron Man down! Sending coordinates now, someone go get him!"
As for Sam? He's getting close enough he can nearly touch the hull. No time to turn back now…


Illyana smirks widely as she murmurs, "I can get us on board - I have a talent with poratls - I can get my brother - he's that big metal guy over there - and maybe some others as well if you know anyone who wants to do a suicide mission aboard an alien flagship!" She giggles as she slashes at a parademon with her sword - sadly to no efect. "Damn - nothing here is really magic…" She scowls as she shakes her head, starting to lope back towards Colossus. "Follow me, demon girl. I am Darkchylde."

Kory continues to try to hold Darkseid's attention, mimicking him by firing starbeams out of her eyes, smiply trying to be as big of a pest as she can - she knows he's above her weight class but is doing her best anyway.

And River's…found the cell phone stuff. She's fiddling with it. "Come on…you guys have to be vulnerable to *something* here." Because, well, she can't fight them. She could run. Oh, she could run so easily - it's not like she's even from this planet. Something keeps her where she is, though. For a moment, SHIELD comms might pick up on static. She's mostly trying to find something to disrupt the biological cyborgs, she already knows Thanos isn't using radio. Oh. Sontaran is a highly satisfying language to swear in. Almost as good as Klingon.

"Raven," she introduces, and she does follow. A suicide mission…well…she hopes it will be better than that. She hopes so. She does not, after all, wish to die. Unless it's necessary. But the world might be ending, right now.

Demon grils. Daemonite girls. And Priscilla does what she can to protect more innocent lives, largely telepathically commandeering parademons to help. But eventually she has no choice but to get into the fighting herself, at which point the civilians are running away from her carapace-covered clawful form as much as they are the parademons and the alien fighters. Ain't life grand?


AS Dark Hero Levels the Railcannon At DarkSied he has a plan. Seeing a dead parademon he takes Aim at Darkseid and then he fires off the Hypersonic Round, so that it should hopefully impact Darkseid in the Face. And instantly he will move, getting closer to that dead Parademon, he figures Darkseid will use his Omega beams, and his goal, is the grab the Parademon and Throw it as fast as he can into their path, hopefully allowing it to take the hit instead of him


###"And the civilians. Please don't shoot, slice, barbeque, or otherwise harm the civilians any more than they already are, Wade, or I won't let you use the new skin cream I invented." Umbra has had to pause in her shepherding of civilians towards Grand Central in order to treat another batch of wounded. All the horror and carnage around them is so far beyond the worst case scenario that she's reverted to basics… Focus on the ones you can reach and keep moving.

Right now she's got a handful of agents and a few dozen mobile civilians following her and just as many wounded being carried in gravity fields generated by tiny devices launched from her armor. Other devices fly out to latch onto debris and clear it by turning it into more of the gravity devices or ammunition for her ultrarifle. Which is getting a workout to the point of the barrel actually starting to glow from the heat of unceasing attacks. "And Wade?" Her voice shows a bit of the worry she's squashing down, "Please hurry. We could really use your brand of mayhem here."


The capital ship lurches hard when Ember streaks across it's hull, something inside must have gone wrong and it starts to lose altitude suddenly. Small looking fires appear across it's bulbous surface as she zooms by. Thanos in the interior barks his orders and disappointment at the way the battle has turned so quickly.
Darkseid lands on the pavement of the street, still facing Diana even through the dust and lifts his hand once more as she comes at him with a new weapon. A simple rope shouldn'- "What?!" He cries in shock and drops to his knees with the golden lasso wrapped around his neck and beams from Kori starting to actually affect the god being, there's pressure on his skin from her assault until. Ata pierces his back with that blade, something he was too arrogant to see coming. The god drops to his knees, eyes locked on Diana and he growls, blade in his back, starbeams splashing off his grey skin. Darkseid is struck by the bullet, his head turning with a geyser of blue and suddenly, he vanishes with a sphere of sound exploding out from his last position.
The cities seem to shake at the onslaught around them, these are truely the end of days. An all out war has broken out within almost no time at all.
The only signal that's unsual is the strike fighters communications system amongs themselves and the larger ship's coordinating them. They're busy trying to deal with the countless Parademons in their paths and sights.
The Capital ship is starting to fall just as Sam is nearing it and it will touch him if he's not cautious.


Tony groans a bit rather out of it right now. "Oh look at all the pretty stars fighting each other." he giggles, "Is that rainbow bright over there?" he notices Wonder Woman none of the area he is in looks familiar to him. "Am I in My Little Pony?"


"Bullets you want? Bullets you get!" Wade then proceeds to fire the bazooka into where he sees a swarm of… "Evil things that I need to kill!" He then looks back and forth, "Oh man, this is one nasty crossover scene. Please tell me we're about to sing something that's relative." He looks at the message from May and nods. "Old Godzilla was hoppin' around Tokyo City like a big playground when suddenly Batman burst from the shade and hit Godzilla with a bat grenade! Godzilla got pissed and began to attack but didn't expect to be blocked by Shaq who proceeded to open up a can of Shaq Fu when Aaron Carter came out of the blue…"

Deadpool furnishes two handheld pistols and begins to shoot his way around while trying to get to the coordinates. He then is convinced he spotted a downed Iron Man. "Oh crap, not you too? Do you need some wine to refuel, Mr. Stark?" He hopes to save the metal man. "What's going on with all these people that I've never seen before? It's like a marvelous crossover!" He then poses, "True believers, this is the end of days. Will the Dastardly Deadpool save the marvelous world of Oz before the detective comics infiltrate? Tune in next week on the same Bat Channel at the same Bat Time to see as The Wade Turns!"

Wonder Woman had ducked from the Iron Missile that tried to take her head off, but her attention couldn't be spared even a moment to look at who/or what that had been. With her golden glowing lasso around Darkseid's throat, she descends down to the carnage on the street with him, and then pulls it taught allowing others to take whatever shots that wish at him! When Darkeid vanishes…. Diana swirls the lasso around, up over her head, and then sends it lacing around her own body in a criss-cross fashion over-and-around her torso.

Stepping around now, Diana looks up toward the sky, and catches her sword by its handle as it had tumbled out of the air right down toward her.

Techstar's cutting in on the SHIELD line to say that Stark is down is what gets Agent May to curse audibly over the comm line. "Acknowledged, Techstar, I'm on it." She snaps out another order then turns and RUNS toward where Iron Man fell, firing at anything that gets too close to her, but not really bothering to try and do more than keep them off her tail. "Deadpool! Clear the channel! I'm on my way to Stark, you get to Umbra! Go!" One thing's for damn sure, the medic is going to need the backup more than Stark is.

Okay. Unusual signal. Found it. River smiles…and then she sends, across that frequency, the strongest jamming signal she can. It might take care of *part* of the problem at least. She can't see from where she is that DarkSeid has retreated. She's still very tense. This is the one world she'd trust to handle this, but…

Manages to make his way over to Wonder Woman. As The Dark Soldier slots his Rifle on his back and pulls out his plasma gun shooting several Parademons that were trying to get at Diana. "This is NOt how I wanted to meet PRincess!" and then He is Attacked. Some Parademons had seen him attack DArkSeid and then he is all but swarmed as he tries to fight against their ripping teeth and cutting claws.

Still the amror holds up, Barley as a number of Parademons work to try and open holes in him



As he fires at Parademons, and Fighters that get too Close for Comfort. Jacob Stands over Tony protecting him, and as he does, he can't keep up with everything as he is soon over welmed as his shields fail and he takes a hit in the back knocking him forward


Illyana giggles as she catches up to her brother, Raven following her - as a glowing stepping disk engulfs Illy, Piotr, and Raven - and maybe anybody else close enough - they'd see a breif flash of a hellish landscape, then appear on the capital ship. "OH my, we're sinking!" she giggles as she rips into a wall and tries to do as much damage as she can, having no concern for her well-being, trying to damage any system she can, her voice having an inhuman cadence to it as she gives in more fully to the darkness within.

Kory just looks at the spot where Darkseid was. "Well, Wonder Woman. Looks like we have some work to do." She shrugs. "Where's a can of Raid when you need one?" she asks as she goes after parademons with starbolts and melee.

Dusty finds himself near Umbra. He places himself and starts playing bullfighter, with a red glowing cape in his hands that he uses to sens whatever it touches ELSEWHERE. He is moving with speed and grace, standing between the crowds of innocents and the enemy…even if he has b no idea who the enemy are.


Patriot is getting nowhere. There are just too many enemies. He finally reaches Tony after losing what is left of his shield ad starts helping…whoever that other guy is…to protect the fallen avenger using a wing piece that had broken off a fallen alien fighter.


Atalanta is startled, "Wow, that actually worked! Here is your sword, Wonder Woman. She hands over the blade and then runs to join Raven, "Did I here something about an attack on a big ship?"

A frown from Raven. "Keep *control*" she says to Illyana. Even in this situation, losing her soul is…well…not the smartest thing. Not that she's not doing what damage she can herself with her telekinesis. She wants to get them to run. Or blow them up. But…she HAS to stay in control. DarkChylde is a…temptation.


"Its a small world after all.. its a small small worldddddd…." Tony can be heard singing and laughing out of context. He can see Wonder Woman mostly from where he lays, "Its He Woman!!! Its female Thor on steroids. By the power of grey skull!" the Iron Man laughs now noticing the enemies around him, "Oh they want to play. Lets watch this." suddenly missles shoot from his suit connectiong with the enemies around them causing them to blow up. "All the pretty lights! Bad guys go BOOM!" he laughs.


Colossus speaks, in his accented voice "Da, Yana. The girl is right. You must direct your efforts. We are small force against very large threat." He doesn't know the full supernatural and mental niceties of his sister's situation." THen he starts hitting walls Not randomly… the big metal Russian is effectively a walking battering ram, making his own holes in the interior bulkheads of the shyp until he either finds somethign that looks important or the ship's personnel or interior defenses start responding.


In the Darkest hour, when all hope to possible save the earth is lost. So many ships, even with heroes, Villians united. There is no hope.

But it is always DArkest before the light. One person at the right place, Right time CAN make the difference.

A single starship. The Enterprise had Jumped away, using information she gained from Her interaction with the Seventh Doctor's Tardis, And the information that River song used for her Vortex Manipulator. And in that moment she opened a Hole into the Time Vortex, and escaped.

And she has emerged.

Infact, She emerged several weeks prior to today and alerted the Nova Corps, and the Identified, THANOS With Infinity Gems.

They Showed the Information to the Shiar, The skrull, and the KRee. And now… The Enterprise Returns, and behind her, Flashes of light, Dozeons, which turn into hundreds, turn into Thousands. Nova Corps, Shi'ar, Skrull, Kree war ships.

All right ontop of the Invading fleet, and instantly on the Command of the Nova Corp Captain in Command of the Enterprise Two words are spoke.

"Open Fire."

And the alien ships begin to open fire on The fleet Thanos brought. Energy, torpedoes, all of it streaking across the light sky and thousands more ships continue to join the fight. Thanos is one of the most dangerous people in the universe…



"Oh, very good idea." Sam murmurs to himself as his comm systems start to pick up the telltale static of a jamming frequency being broadcast on the surface. It's something he should have thought of himself, really, but of course he was too eager to fly off into the largest dogfight ever recorded in aerial history. But now he's here, and it's time to… to… well… he hadn't really thought that through. Not, it seems, that he needs to, because something hits the ship from the other side and it starts to list quite dangerously. In fact, if he didn't know any better… ah crap. Almost immediately he's on the comms again, flying underneath the ship and then angling up, trying to nudge it away from the city at least… knowing already that it's a wasted effort, repulsors glowing as they spool up to maximum power.

"Anyone receiving… evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. This ship is going down. Repeat, it's going down."

"Wait, He-Woman's here? Caitlyn Jenner?" shouts Wade in response to Tony Stark's babbling. He knows somethings up. Things have changed lately. He ponders where he should attack. "I'm so confused. I need a new pair of my Spider-Underrooos." He sees some injured Parademons on the ground and he makes short work of them with his pistols. "Who needs help? Captain Deadpool is here to save the day!"

Wonder Woman used her returned sword to attack the creatures that went for the man who had momentarily greeted her. Once they were removed she turned, glanced at those around her and walked over to Iron Man who laid upon the ground, she ducked when he fired off his mini missiles and then went to him.

Diana knelt beside him and went to place her hand on his shoulder. She looked at his faceplate and spoke at him. "Fight." She told him. "Your people need you."

Wonder Woman then stood and she put her sword and shield behind her back, rose up into the air and shot off at super speed… once altitude was gained she slammed her braces together in the sky aimed at the clouds of demons, causing a massive explosion of kinetic energy that sounded like thunder in the sky.

Thanos rises from his chair as he views the fast approachign world on the monitors before him and grumbles his own defeat. The ships from all across the galaxy are suddenly here to prevent his triumph. With a disgusted gestures of his hand a whole side of the capital ship bursts out in pink flames and the tyrant vanishes from the ship.
The ship, now badly damaged and falling from the sky has one final trip and will land with some finality…

Illyana doesn't stop as she is going after anything shiny on the ship, teaering at it - lost in the carnage, even destroying a few crewmembers with tooth and claw. She is basically feral right now as she feels the chip crash and laughs giddily at the excitement and the risk of annihilation - caring not for anything else as she smashes and destroys without a care in the world, acting every bit like a demon would.

Where is it going to land. Raven braces herself for impact. She glances at Piotr. "Get her home when this is done." She's never lost control like *that*, it's…the second darkest of her fears, right now, becoming something like that, becoming her father's daughter.


The fleets of Warships are drawing fire away from two groups of ships. Sontarans and Jadoon. And as the ships get close enough for Transmat Range, Instantly in flaashes of light all over the world are several million armored figures about four feet tall, with blue domed helmets chanting, SOn-Tah Hai!" And then they begin to open fire on the Parademons, and the Fighters.

There may only be a few hundred scattered through out the city, but the Sontaran warriors and Jadoon will begin to make some headway agains the invading force. Taking some pressure off the heroes. As the Sontarans seem almost eager for battle, and Glorius death!

One even teleporths in next to River song, "Identify your self boy!"

Several ships from the rescuing fleet, try to get down, to try and tractor beam to slow the decent of Thanos Ship, to keep it from destroying the world if it explodes…



What can't be seen is his head is bleeding inside of that helmet. Tony begins getting up after the woman speaks to him and he doesn't miss the ship that is coming down. It takes a moment but he manages to take flight though in his ear are all kind of sensors going off with JARVIS busy making repairs and giving status updates. "Wade, did I somehow get teleported into your head." he says lightly.


The Colossus falls. Not in combat… he just loses his footing as she ship lurches and lists. The fact that he can feel the tilt tells him they're feeling Earths gravity rather than the ship's artificial systems. It also tells him something is very wrong. He scrambles towards his sister,calling out to her in English and in Russian, repeating her name and trying to get some recognition out of her. Finally he calls out, "Illyana! We need o leave, and you are one who can do this!"

"Boy?" River sounds amused. "I," she says finally. "Am the Doctor's wife." Which will either get her attacked or deeply respected. Or both. The signal might or might not be helping. The Sontarans…the SOntarans will help far more. "Thanks for the assist."


Where is a hero supposed to be when a disaster is about to happen? Exactly where he needs to be to stop it. Or try to, anyway, even if the attempt is doomed. Underneath the ship slowly coming down, Techstar is watching the ground coming closer, observing with a certain sinking feeling that his efforts are futile.

Just to have something to do, he estimates the weight of the ship and calculates the delta-V required to push it back into a stable orbit, or at least slingshot it away from Earth… the results of that calculation are not very promising. But he has to try. "Always wanted to know how far I could take this thing…" With a touch of desperation and a diminishing supply of optimism, Sam overrides the safeties of his equipment and pushes the repulsors beyond their restrictions, channeling more and more power to push against the bulk of the ship while the tractor beams try to grab it from above.

He cannot allow the ship to fall. "If anyone is receiving, I'm going to need about five hundred meters per second more delta-V than I can produce to shift this thing… anyone capable of assisting… would be much appreciated."



When she senses the ship lurch and star to fail, Ember ceases her assault on its outer systems. The last thing this fight, this world, needs is a ship the size of Manhattan falling down ONTO Manhattan. She hopes it's big enough that there's some redundancy in its engines to keep it in low orbit. Instead she does a very fast sense recon of the area around the ship, and then backtracks when she catches Techstar's transmission at the edge of her senses.

A few 'paces' from where Sam is attempting to be the flea that stops the dinosaur, she becomes visible with an appearance he might remember from the Xavier School. "Hi there. Let me help with that. YOU, on the other hand, need to be NOT under this thing."

As the pink(?) explosion rips out the ship's side and her hopes of it staying up are dashed, Ember vanishes from sight again and starts attacking the ship's structure once more. This time she finds every gap she can and goes /THROUGH/ the ship, sucking the energy from its physical structure to encourage it to break apart into much smaller pieces, and then trying to tear up those 'smaller' pieces into chunks small enough to burn or break up on reentry. She tries to be surgical in her attacks, making her best guesses as to the best spots to tear it up and just hope that this thing doesn't destroy a good portion of her favorite coastline.


Down on the road to Grand Central. Umbra, her remaining escort, and the crowd of civilians they've managed to pull together is almost at their destination when the remaining sensors on her quinjet (still flying around on its own contributing to the fight) alert her to the flagship's uncontrolled descent. She stops briefly and her shoulders slump, then she's moving again. "All SHIELD assets, alert! That big bitch is coming down! Any remaining orbital assets try to break it into smaller chunks! Agent May, my group is nearly at target site. I'll try to reinforce its structure as best I can… Just in case."


Atalanta just misses the stepping disc as it closes. Well she looks around and realizes there is a big problem…literally. If that ship crashes into the city, well there willnot be much city left. She has not seen her father…or this world's equivalent…but this is clearly a job for a Kryptonian. She can not grab the ship and carry it, but possibly she can change the direction it is going. Grabbing a part of a fallen fighter ship, she starts to spin in place to pick up speed intin she finally releases it flying at a fubstantial fraction of the speed of light…

Red Squire is hit and falls…he can not defend himself with his powr and use it other ways t the same time…

Patriot is doing what he can in helping protect Tony…which means he is taking a battering as is his improvised shield.

Illyana whirls and snarls, claws extended as she runs towards Colossus - then stops, blinking. "Huh? Oh… leave… right…" She sounds dazed as the stepping disk opens again, returning the three to where they started as she slumps. "I… I…" She stares at the ships from across the galaxy. "What… what is this….?" The shock started to reawaken her senses as the demon features start to dissolve away, as she returns to her human state as she just kneels there. "I'm sorry, Brother… I should've told you… but how do you tell your brother, "Oh yeah, not only did I suddenly grow seven years overnight, but half my soul was ripped out and filled with demonic sludge…" She just lowers her head and starts to cry, now looking just like a normal person once more.

Kory is also fighting parademons - but moves away when the ships attack. She lands and stops her attacks so she's not mistaken for a target.


Finally Recovering JAcon begins to Fire on the Parademons as do some Sontarans and Jadoon.

Coming over to help Patriot, he will say "HElp's arrived!" as Jacob will Now start helping provide Fire and Cover for Patriot to recover and recollect himself.

The Dark Soldier is back in the fray as he is unleaashing more plasma shots until his rifle is shot and exploded in his arms forcing him to use his wrist blades in melee as soon he is covered in parademon blood. The parademons want him dead badly as some are shot by the Sontarans, one who throws him a weapon allowing him to use the energy rifle with deadly effect.

In Orbit the Fleet is attacking with out mercy as the rescue fleet lites the sky up with massive fire and explostions, that fill the sky like sunlight lighting the battle field. Most ships manage to get down to tractor the large hip trying to pull it back into a stable orbit.


Coming up next to Sam, Tony works on helping him and everything else with the ship though he can only go so high.


Grabbing some supplies from the taco truck, Wade grabs a microphone stand and speakers. "Hey, tugging ucklies, I dare you to come over here and fight with me!" He then brandishes to katana swords, "Stark, get to the tower and regroup everyone else. This is my place to die." He nods to himslelf, "Yep, and I am wearing clean Spider-Man underroos so at least this will be a good day to die." "

Colossus stops to put his arms (gently0 around his sister, one huge hand on the back of her head. Then she ship lurchaes again and he speaks in Russian «Illyana. My beautiful baby sister. Leave now, cry later.» Switching to English, he beckons Raven over, "Time for us to leave, I think? "

Hearing that Deadpool seems to be quite merrily clearing a path for Umbra to get those civilians to safety, Melinda gets to where Stark had been just in time for the armor to blast up and into the air again. And she can't help but curse again as she turns and heads toward where Umbra last reported in. "Umbra, Mockingbird. Sitrep."


Hope, it seems, is not entirely lost. Sam smiles inside his helmet when he sees backup arrive. First Ember, then a whole fleet, and now… now Tony's here. This just might work. "Some evening huh, dad? From dinner to aerial combat and applied astrophysics…"

As much energy as can be channeled through his flight systems gets dumped through the repulsors, glowing enough that given enough atmosphere they will likely start to catch fire. But this might work. This must work. Again he triggers the sound system. Aptly enough, 'Rise', and soon he's singing along at the top of his voice.

"Sound it off this is the call! Rise in revolution!"


Illyana stares at Raven and Piotr. "Goodbye - it's up to me now." She puts discs under them and teleports them back to the ground. She then finds a window, closing her eyes, as a disk starts to form under the ship - a glowing bright disk that begins to expand more and more. A gigantic glowing white disk is expanding faster and faster. Somehow, someone is trying to stop the ship from crashing… will that hero succeed? Piotr and Raven are on the ground now, watching the effort.


"Ah The Doctor is he here, is he an ememy to attack my dear?"

The Sontaran says to River Song, "Ah no matter, We are here to help the Earthlings… A ship called Enterprise has spent the last few weeks getting reinforcements…" The Sontaran says to River Song


"Is she *always* like this?" Raven asks of Piotr. She trusts the teleporter isn't actually going to get herself killed. Can't stop her, anyway.

And River laughs. "Oh, I love it. She did my job for me." Because River had been blindsided. She *should* have time jumped. She didn't. And it answers a question that's been bugging her. "Your help is fully appreciated."

The ship is met with lots of resistance, but inertia is one cruel mistress. Thanks a lot Newton, you jerk. The tractor beams, the small kid in a power armor suit, the small strike fighter flung at sub light speed are all small pieces whose sum doesn't quite cause the ship to stall, in fact it seems to make the disaster take even longer.
Then a white circle appears beneath it and begins to spread outwards from below the ships center. It's unknown what this new force is acting upon the ship to those outside, but only the one creating it knows what they're doing and even they are not certain of its outcome.

As the Sontaran says, "Here." and he hands River a large energy pistol, "Come there are enemies for us all to kill! Glorious death awaits us!" and he begins marching out shooting any parademon that enters his fray. His little probic vent twitching madly.


"Sam, get out of here and be sure Pepper is safe." Tony tells him as he tries to turn his thristers on full. Then some of his other suits remotely appears on either side of him. "Samuel, go now!"


The fact that hss metallic flesh is a uniform color, right down to his eyes, makes Colossus's expression much arder to read, but his face is clearly pained as he looks up and sees that white disk spreaduing under the ship, "Illyana, no…." He shakes his head as he answers Raven in typical understatement, "My sister… she has been through many changes. I do not know how much she has been hiding from me." Though just the fact theaat he called her his sister probably explains the portions of the conversation that had been in Russian.


"Breaking now!" There is little that can change Sam's mind when he's decided to do something. A direct command from Tony is one of those things. Instantly he lowers his thruster output and rolls to the right, clear of the growing white circle and angling back down towards the ground. On the way down, he catches sight of the coastline… what the?

"Are you seeing this? What happened to Earth?"



"Umbra here. My group is at Grand Central. NYPD and Transit authorities are sending out everyone they can on every train line still intact. We are assisting the evacuation." She keeps her response to May brief then gets off the comms. It's just more pandamonium in here, so she does her best to help. Outside, her custom quinjet comes over and lands on the roof of Grand Central as it receives a string of final commands. Various devices emerge from slots along its surface, devices whose entire job is to break down and reconstruct matter at the molecular level. And they break down the quinjet and use its structural components to strengthen the walls, roof, and supports of the large transit station. Umbra can't do anything about the ship falling out of the sky, but she'll do everything in her arsenal to try and keep her immediate area as safe from the crash as she can manage.


Up inside the ship, Ember continues her assault on its structure. She pushes her energy absrorption power farther than she has before, tearing apart atomic bonds in the ship's bulkheads to make it fall apart faster. But it's not a small ship by any means. And then she senses the energy surge from the massive stepping disk being formed and all she can think is, "What the WHAT?" Although it's likely the least wise course of action, she flies towards its center to try and locate what's causing it. And maybe, JUST maybe, get there in time to help keep Illyana from turning this into her swan song. Maybe.


River catches the Sontaran rifle and laughs, following him out of the building. She'll fix the cell tower later…for right now, there's stray parademons to shoot.

Raven nods to Piotr. "If she survives this, I can help her." The offer is made simply, but there's an understanding to it. Wherever these people came from, whatever just happened, she knows demons. She knows Hell.

On the bridge, with a commanding view, Illyana stands, staring out, watching the disk grow and grow and grow… until it's large enough to engulf the ship. She is swaying in fatingue, the disk flickering as it slowly starts to scan upward - it's starting to become unstable. The added time that halted its fall gave Illy enough time to make its stepping disk large enough - she grunts in pain as the disk flickers again, not caring or knowing of others - she turns as she sees someone else arriving. "Go… go now…" she whispers softly to the person there, not having the energy to talk louder toEmber. "The ship… I'm taking it away… far away… to the moon…" The gigantic flickering disk scans upward, as the ship begins to disappear out of the sky.


With Enemy fighters still in the air all over the world, Now that they can get through Allied Fighters begin to cut across those fighters to destroy them. their weapons are carefully aimed as they shoot down the Fighter's of Thanos, and the stray parademons.

Jacob has finally run out of power for his weapons, and shields and has grabbed the rifle of a Sontaran who died in glorius battle as he keeps firing.

The Dark Hero, unleashing duel wielding, carefully doing his best to keep a small group of children he has found safe fromt he parademons. His armor clawed, Torn, parts missing.


"Sam, tell Pepper I love her and I love you son." Tony tells him all the alarms in his suit going off he lets go of the ship his suit starting to fall down this time over the water and once close to the surface these is an explosion the suit going into pieces but.. where is Tony?


After an intense battle with some more Parademons, Wade realizes that his Hello Kitty bag is out of reach just as his katana is shattered. He quickly leaps through the air with his twin sais in each hand as he tries to fight his way to rearm himself. Just as he shouts, "Winning!" the energy blasts from the Parademons squad manages to connect to Wade, causing him to lose his lower half of his body. With a thud, the upper part of him crashes to the ground like a pile of meat falling off the butcher's counter. "Major blood lose. Going to need some time." He tries to use what's left of him to climb atop the closest Parademon to finish that one off but… the Parademon begins self-detonation as it grapples Wade's torso to prevent him from escaping. R
"Well, SHIELD, send my paycheck to Lucy. I'm cashing out!"


Ember does not go away. Instead she pulls her aura inwards so she's no larger than she was as a human, and patterns her core's energy to become solid with the illusion of her human self layered over. Now she's just from appearances a girl in an X-Men uniform standing next to Illyana putting a hand on her shoulder. "I like the moon this time of year. It's very scenic. Don't stop on my account. I can get us home."




Moments after the warning, Techstar lands in a skid next to the Dark Hero, starting to blast at the parademons menacing the children with his repulsors, still glowing hot but cooling slowly. Once he's relatively sure the other hero can handle the rest, he blasts off again, knocking a fighter out of the sky and heading towards Stark Tower, stopping on the way to help beleaguered defenders or shifting rubble to allow civilians to escape. All the while, he tries to call Pepper, to find out where she is. This is going to be a long night…

Things get worse quickly when the alarm at the top of his HUD flashes again, and Sam turns his head just in time to see the explosion. "DAD!" Systems redline as he blasts through fighters, friend and foe, at nearly eight times the speed of sound. If Tony is still alive… oh god, please let him still be alive!


Agent May reaches Grand Central Station in time to see that Umbra has everything well in hand. She promptly moves to start helping with the evacuation, though Deadpool's words filter through her comm.

With the Pressure taken off of him Dark Hero Can protect the children as the tide is starting to turn truely in the favor of the Heroes.

AS Jacob is moving throught he area He is getting right close to Diana as he shoots some of the PArademons off of her and then as he is about to talk to her, Suddenly the armored man is enveloped in a redish energy beam as he screams out, vanishing into the light.

The derelict ship rematerializes on the Moon… and everything looks normal. In the distance is a tiny object landing on the surface. Illyana frowns as she looks aruond, and finds a spacesuit. "I think we don't have life-support…" she whispers softly. "I made it… but… the Earth… where's all the little ships?" she asks softly. "No sign of devastation…" She doesn't notice the small vessel settling in for landing as she starts breahting easier onthe alien spacesuit.

Jacob beams out. River makes note of that, using the Sontaran weapon with entirely too much of a smile on her face. Oh, she's not giving it back either. It might just come in handy in the future. Occasionally. Or maybe she'll just give it to Jacob so she's not…tempted.

Raven tosses away another parademon, glancing at Piotr. She's looking tired, strained. She's used as much telekinesis as she really has in this battle.


Out of the suit Tony manages to climb out onto the bank of the river. Bleeding from the forehead, he has cuts and burns along the rest of him. No clue where he is he collapses blacking out.


Seeing Raven's apparent ehaustion, Piotr shifts his efforts to the defensive. Fortunately he does not really feel fatigue in his altered form, because there are an awful lot of Parademons to take care of. Some meet metalic fists, others are spshed into the ground, into the sides of buildings, and frequently into each other.


Sam burns out nearly a quarter of Techstar's systems in his haste to get to the crash site, and circles for a few agonisingly long seconds before his scanners pick up Tony. "JARVIS? I'm going to need a medevac for Tony at these coordinates…"

And then he lands, carefully, checking to make sure his adoptive father is still breathing and standing vigil until help arrives…



Being more focused on Illyana's safety than on their exact condition when the teleportation is finished, Ember first helps her to get into the spacesuit. She doesn't go for one herself since she gave up the whole 'having a body' thing back during the /last/ colossal world ending battle over Manhattan. She suddenly understands the line Riley Finn uttered on Buffy… 'What is the plural of appocalypse?'. Illyana's question about the lack of ships or damage causes her to look out through a tear in the ship and extend her senses outward. The relatively quiet EM band gives her pause. "I'm not sure. I can only hear a dozen or so satelites on this side of the planet, and…" She stares out at the small craft coming down to land and flails just a bit before pointing. "Um… is that…?"


Back in 1969, where Illyanna deposited, the capital ship, the thing still had the momentum from it's fall and it's crash landing causes some severe damage to the surface of our natural satellite. Lucky the thing didn't explode when it collided with the lunar surface, it would have been catastrophic if it had. With some careful words from Ember, the two girl's convince the Nasa crew to keep it quite, though a large enough telescope would make the derelect ship visible on earth. Nasa would then use the rest of the apollo missions to gather all the intel and technology they possibly could from the ship, only using their new knowledge to understand the threats that may someday arrise, and to better prepare humanity for such an event.
Back in the present day, Parademons and strike ships continue to assault the planet but mostly each other, most of the two forces destroyed in enormous skirmishes and conflicts all over the planet. The merger has changed the landscape and most cities across the globe.
Nothing will be the same.

Finally, a stepping disc forms near Piotr as Illyana (in an alien spacesuit) and Ember appear. And… Illyana collaspes and passes out in front of him, not having time to explain.

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