2017-01-30 Heros Rise
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Warning: N/A
Players: Ojin Weston Atalanta Twila Zatanna Steve Rodgers Rose
GMed by {$gm}
Title: Heros Rise

The Battle field

The first twenty four hours of hell on earth. Two universes with two tyrants in each one attacked earth at the same time. Both issued commands,


Then Chaos erupted. Those two worlds somehow Merged into one. The Titan Thanos brought to earth an Armada Searching for the Last infinity Gem, His armada blacked out the Sun and moon. Darkseid came seeking the Anti life equation. His parademons filled the skies. The First wave of attacks was blunted when Thanos Fighters took out a number of Parademons. And the two forces began fighting each other while trying to exterminate all life on earth.

That was not the worst of it, The world merger was also devastating because people who had at one time been standing in empty space were suddenly merged perhaps with other people, or inside of inanimate object.

In the first opening minutes heroes attacked Darkseid making him retreat, Thanos is missing as is his war ship. And as this was going on, a second Armada of warships appeared in earth's solar system. The new arrival began to attack The fleet of Thanos.

Now Central park is shielded thanks to the technology of the Sontarans, the ground forces that transported down to help attack the invading forces. Central part has those short squat clone bred warriors having set up a medical area for humans to be brought and cared for. Despite being in search of Glorious death… Sontarans do have a very very good grasp of medicine. As do the Rhino like Judoon, other races are down helping treat some wounded….Right now a massive energy dome surrounds central park. One of the only safe havens in New York…

Rose is in the central park. Rose is wielding a gun. A rife. A cannon. Some kind of advanced sci-fi weapon that looks almost as big as she is. And she's firing at parademons left and right - the devastating blasts of the huge rifle was enough to incinerate the parademons. Rose sighs softly, wondering where River is - and wishing the Doctor was here… she does what she can, even sniping a few of Thanos' starfighters too. The force field, thankfully, is one way and she gets some admiring nods from the Sontarans and several 'good job boy' comments. She knows of the Sontarans and the Judoon, even though she never met them before, as she keeps attacking with her rifle.

Atalanta us working on a thought, she is exploring to see if this is the same other Earth she visited before. So far, it seems to be, but she will need to meet someone who remembers her to be certain. She is passing through, helping anyone who needs it, and looking for Captain America, Iron Man, or Jacob Tyler.

Zatanna is running down the street toward Central Park because that's where the big, protective Shield thing is and she feels she has to get there. Two, three, then four parademons swoop down at her like vultures and she turns them into chickens, but two more take their place and Zatanna ducks under them. She skids to a halt as a huge car accident nearly blocks the street, "Dang it, I'll never get there," she lets out. Looking at the car in front of her, Zatanna says, "gnatsuM, ekaw pu! evoM!" and the Mustang roars to life, easing to side helpfully while apologizing for being in Zatanna's way.

Sitting at a repair station is someone that Atalanta might recognize. The Dark Hero, the Soldier who saved her from SHADE, he is having his suit being repaired by some technicians as they replace his battery pack with an upgraded form of alien technology so he can operate at much longer levels. Weeks instead of about 18 hours. He is still in armor, but it looks clawed, bitten, slashed, all sorts of damage as he needs an honest breather. His face plate has remarkably remained unbroken.

His armor plates being replaced with new rapid made ones of alien origin.

As Zatanna is being chased several energy blasts are fired off against the Parademons, Sontaran warriors are killing any one they find that is attacking humans.

They may not be the brightest but mistakes do happen as some Sontarans come up to help get Zatanna to the shield. "Well done Boy!" one says as another says, "The animal will make for a good meal people are hungry."

Atalanta pulls up beside Zatanna, "Let me know if you need a lift." She has had time to switch to her spare costume, the last one was pretty much destroyed when she generated a hyperkinetic explosion to knock around Darkseid. She will head over to join Dark Hero with Zatanna, if the Wizardess wants.

How can so much change in the span of a moment? Hard to say. The last 24 hours have been hell on earth, literately. Bjorn has been fighting, running and scrambling to survive. What with the parademons shooting at people, pieces of ship falling out of the sky, etc.

Needless to say Bjorn wasn't in good shape. Bloodily battered, limp leg, bad burns, not to speak of the fact that a freakin pipe in his leg. Damn merger. He had been watching this dome for several hours, mostly for rest and for nervousness. But finally approaches in a limp after checking the sky. All he had for a weapon was a gun he managed to scavenge from some fallen ship rubble. As he approaches the doom, he holds the weapon shakily but firmly.

In a place that few people ever see and even fewer ever leave, a girl who has vanished from one of the two merged Earths is lying unconscious. Her track outfit, a white tee shirt and green shorts is nearly ruined. Her top is just barely hanging on. The Shoulders and neck have been severely burned. The flames are extinguished now. Her body has all but healed. Still that doesn't help her when she wakes up.

Quietly the girl begins to stir. Her body aches like no one's business. Her gaze is blurry to say the least. All she can see around her is red and yellow streaking about. As this strange place comes into focus, a person appears in front of her. Her… Mom? "Mom?! What are you doing here? Where are we!"

"Hello Twila, You are in the Speed Force. Your body was propelled into this place when you were struck by lightning. You have been unconscious for a long time. Twila, I am not here. I am an echo created of the Speed Force and your memories. You cannot stay here. You must run, Twila. Run."

Twila blinks a few times. Okay this is getting really weird and her mom just said to run. That sounds like an awesome idea to her! She takes off running.

Zatanna peers at the tall soldier as he blasts the parademons swooping at her and looks upset, "Are you guys alright?" she asks, examining the weary soldiers. "Wait, we all do!" she says gratefully and smiles at Atalanta, "These guys have just carved a path through the street. Like, single-handed," she says, motioning to the weary soldiers nearby. She waves Atalanta over repeatedly through the car accident, making sure she sees her. She then points at the huge Mother Parademon who stomps around the corner, "Watch out!" she yells to Atalanta, "Wait…!" she lets out as the Mother Parademon brings its club up to crush Atalanta but Zatanna says, "POTS!" and the demon freezes for long enough for the car to escape. Zatanna grinds her teeth with the massive effort and whews, looking tired. Wow, that's a lotta effort.

BLAM! The frozen huge parademon gets a hole through its chest courtesy of Rose's rather absurd cannon - how she even carries the thing is up for debate as the huge parademon falls over. She sighs softly. "I have such a headache…" She sighs softly as she shakes her head, glancing over at the Sontarans but they're busy with seriously-wounded. The dimensional shift disrupted her in a strange way - maybe the Bad Wolf is stirring in her. Meanwhile, she is just using her BFG to keep people safe.
Having gotten his armor repaired and his Rail cannon rifle repaired and reloaded The Dark Hero comes out his armor fully restored as he goes back out onto the Battle field. It would make sense that an area like this would attract heavy hitters like the giant parademon. The Armor Solder rushes out as he begins to take aim on the Giant monstrosity. And Fires for the joints, where the weakest part of the armor is.

When it goes down without a problem The Dark Soldier continues to fire his 50 caliber, anti-tank, Armor penetration Tungsten carbide rounds. Shooting down Fighters, parademons, and any other clear hostile as he comes to help get the new arrivals inside the Shield and dome.

Atalanta knew the Parademon was there, her super hearing would not miss the footfalls of something that big. She still had plenty of time to react…but it was not required. She says, "I can handle myself pretty well, but thank you Zatanna…and you also…whoever you are with the large gun."

Limp-hopping with a pipe in your leg is not fine as Bjorn has been finding out in recent time. More parademons and fighters! And…. a big one at THAT! He ducks down behind a car. Using the odd alien gun he shoots at the giant Parademon even as it comes down yelling out some angry curse in Icelandic.

Bjorn looks up as more Parademons and fighter clash and descend "By the cosmos!" he growls. He shoots at any that seem to get to close. There WERE a few stray shots, one shooting just over Rose's head, but he was mostly hitting the intended targets at least. He goes flying sideways though when a parademon tackles him from the side "Ooph!" the gun scatters to the side with the parademon beginning to close in

Zatanna puts a hand on her hip as Atalanta pulls up to the curb in her car, "Yeah, I'm sure. Did you see how big that club was?" she asks, and then motions to the soldier, "Yeah, it was a big club," she explains helpfully. She gets into Atalanta's car. After Rose puts a hole in the Mother Parademon, about twelve of her babies rush out of the corpse like flies, "He's shooting stuff—-HEY, quick…shoot more stuff…over there!" she calls out the window, point point pointing at the swarm of parademons.

As Bjorn comes up to the Shield the Dark hero can see the wounded man and then he begins making his way to him calling to Atalanta, "Atalanta Cover me." and he will make a mad dash heading out and across the way rushing with rifle in hand heading right at Bjorn, jumping clear over the debris and like a Dark angel he manages to land right in front of him as he uses the rail gun he has to fire off hyper sonic projectiles. Once he has a brief moment reaches down to assess the injury and will pick him up to carry him back to the Dome for triage.

The world shifts around Twila as she runs The Yellow and red of the Speed Force begins to fade from her sight. The world appears and going in slow motion? Lightning crackles around her body, leaving a trail behind her as she continues to run.

Suddenly there is there is a parademon in front of her. It’s moving very slow to her but it’s there and she reacts like about anyone would. She tries to slow down. Sadly when you're moving well beyond the speed of sound and you are still discovering you're new found powers, stopping just doesn't happen easy. She slams into the creature sending it flying and most likely killing him.

Twila is thrown off balance. Her body goes barreling along, rolling at high speed. She sails through the dome and winds up on the ground. Everything is still moving slow for her. She focuses as she lies on the ground. Things begin going into a normal speed.

Atalanta runs about the battlefield, grabbing one parademon and throwing him into another (who happens to be the one near Bjorn). She stops at a pile of stones and makes like a machine-gun…flicking up stones quickly and throwing them at supersonic speed with a staccato rapid-fire CRACK.

Bjorn eyes are wide when he finally found, picked up and carried. Granted the armored man (Dark Hero) along with Atlanta just saved him from the flying death creature. He wasn't sure how to react… but he was being carried closer to the aliens and he was even more nervous, not that he was physically in any position to object "Lordy lord. Your one of the friendlies right? Oh I hope you are." actually he was kind of getting ready to punch he first person that gets near him, his fist clenched, ready to fight tooth and nail

As he carries Bjorn he nods, "Yes the Dome is a protective force field to help keep out attackers!" he says and then comes over to the dome and it allow shim to pass through it. Heading inside. And slowly He carries Bjorn over to a medical area. There are hundreds here, maybe even thousands of civilians dying or dead. Those who can be saved will be. Those that can't well. They are taken away for lack of a better word. Storage. Placing Bjorn down on the medical table a Nurse with green skin comes over to begin examining Bjorn. Giving him something to lessen the pain. But not kill it. In a war zone, the more powerful painkillers have to be for those who need it. Still The dark hero has to wonder, how and why all these good guy aliens came to earth.

Rose goes to check the girl who zoomed out of nowhere and obliterated a parademon. She exits the dome as she studies, clicking her tongue as she fires at more parademons, standing guard over Twila as she recovers her wits. She just stands guard, firing at anyone who approaches- they’re giving her a wide berth now.

Atalanta returns to Zatanna, who seems reluctant to just be carried…so she picks up an abandoned cab and carries it to by Zatanna, "Where too miss, meter's running."

Within a moment’s time, there are weapons pointed at the girl on the ground. Twila just puts her hands up. "Don't hurt me! Please! I'm innocent! I didn't do anything! Except running into whatever that thing over there is, was."

"Get up, Female." One of the Sonatarians states as he gestures with his weapon. Twila gets to her feet. "You are in a safe area. A good place for a female. This battlefield is no place for you."

Twila looks around. "Battlefield? What happened? This is Central Park. I know this place. I was here just a few days ago. " She looks at the girl with the huge gun near her. "Ummm, whoa. Okay that is some serious heat!" She states.

The teenage girl is standing there with a top that looks like it’s going to drop any second. Even the bra underneath is barely holding together. "Ummm I think this might be the wrong time to ask for another set of clothing?"

As The Dark Hero allows the Medics to take care of Bjorn and examine him, he is of course left there by the Dark Hero. Right now The super soldier begins to head back to the Field area where he can get outside the dome to rescue people and bring them into the dome. The Dark Hero Spots the half-naked girl and will of course grab one of the many shelter blankets that people are being wrapped in. And he comes over unfolding it so that she can stay Decent. "Medics are able to make sure you are alright." Assuming Rose doesn't shoot him for trying to help he will wrap the blanket around her to help her to the triage place. Unless she has a serious injury they will check her out and have her taken to an area where she can recover her wits and hopefully be able to help out with the mass of casualties.

Rose sighs. "This girl needs a blanket - she is going to catch cold in her current state," she states. She glances at the Sontarans, then down to TWila. “The world's trying to end…" she muses softly. "Something happened - first this armada came from space… then… some kind of strange dimensional event - still giving me a headache from the aftershocks - now another fleet is taking out the first fleet - also some demon-things are attacking out of nowhere from the other dimension - so - we're at war right now. Hopefully it won’t' last." She smiles at the Sontarans as she fires at some more parademons that were going for the shield.

Zatanna crosses the street and Atalanta puts a cab down in front of her. She looks confused and scratches her head, "Huh?" she wonders, "Why do you want to pick me up so bad?"

Bjorn eyes the green skinned alien warily. He was used to strangeness, but he never expected this. But seeing all the dead and dying people, and those less hurt. He nods to Dark Hero "Right, right." he is relieved with the painkillers. But soon enough is taken to a tent for some quick surgery to get that pipe removed from his leg. Thank goodness for the force field. Though he can't help but glance to the various heroes doing their best to help folks.

Atalanta shrugs, "If you do not want a lift that is fine. I just thought you wanted to be somewhere else. I have been trying to help out since the main ship was diverted…or whatever that was."
With the Alien war still raging, Central park has become a safe haven. Of sorts. A number of aliens have established a force field around the park and have set up a medical triage area. Tending to the wounded. Sontarans protecting the Dome from attacks of parademons. The sounds of the wounded and dying. The light flashes still in the sky filling the area. Fighters still being shot down. The attackers are putting up one hell of a fight.

The Dark Soldier is making sure that he is monitoring the area. Right now, he is using his Rail cannon to snipe fighters through the Dome that line up for shots or try to ram it to breach it.

Twila just jaw drops. "War?!" She looks around trying to figure things out. "I… I can't be here!" She frowns and looks around. "I can't!!! I'm not asoldier!Idon'tknowthefirsthingaboutfighting." Her words accelerate becoming extremely fast. Well past sounding like a chipmunk. To her she sounds completely normal.

She looks around. Everything within her wants to run away. Her body begins vibrating wildly. Lightning arcs over her body. She runs. *BOOM!* Several trees get blown backward and a few people get pushed back by a sonic boom at close range. When she finally stops running, she is clear across the city and surrounded by attackers. "Oh come on!"

She takes off running, returning to the dome and managing to stop beside Rose. "Is this going on everywhere? Also WHAT THE HELL! I was here then I was in the freaking Bronx!" She is panicking at this point. She takes the blanket and drapes it over herself.

The next day, and the fight continues…and an exhausted super soldier is definitely part of it. The shield knocks out a parademon, returns to the Captain's right hand. His left? It's hanging at his side, currently useless. He's exhausted, he's injured, but he's not going down and he's not giving up. The sonic book causes him to turn in time to see the girl pretty much appear, but he doesn't have the opportunity to do anything about it. He swings the shield again, and offers a weak smile to a Sontaran who takes out a third attacker coming in on him.

As Twila wrecks the safe zone and runs off, Zatanna says, "pots gnillaf," and stops some trees from tumbling over, levitating them back into place because she's nice like that. She calms the lightning down with an easing few backwards words and directs in a safe direction, making sure it doesn't harm anybody.

Atalanta realizes that she sees someone she hopefully knows, she excuses herself, "I see someone I wanted to talk to, excuse me." Se rushes over to where Cap is…though she almost runs off after the other speedster she decides that can wait a moment. She appears near cap, slowing down to be seen before stopping by him, "Captain America?"

The Dark Hero spots the Solder, Wearing American colors as he uses a shield like a super Frisbee and he makes a running lunges for the barrier. The armor allowing him to move at incredible speed, as he jumps over Captain America and the Sontaran right on top of a Parademon. His foot pinning the monster's chest to the ground as his other foot stomps down on its head pulping it.

Turning to yell orders at Captain America. "Soldier get inside the Shield NOW!" He says And draws his Sontaran battle Rifle and begins to fire at the parademons with ruthless efficiency. His moments are perfect, measured and precise

A hesitation…and then a glance to Atalanta. "I'd say it was good to see you, but under the circumstances…" Inside the shield. Captain America knows he needs to tag out. He doesn't want to, but he knows he *needs* to…he ducks inside the shield.

Twila is still freaking out. Her body is shaking wildly. Way wildly. Wildly enough for her to look like a blur. On top of this she is talking extremely fast and is nearly impossible to understand.

"Thisisn'tfair!Idon'twannabehere!Iwannagohome!CanIgoHome?!" She frowns and shakes her head. Sure she could run home but, she likely wouldn't like the situation there. On top of this, her family likely wouldn't be able to keep up with her right now.

She begins tearing up and as she does, she starts slowing down. "I just… I wish I know what was wrong with me! Nothing makes any sense. How did I get the whole freaking way across town and back that fast!" She sighs and looks around.


A medic comes up to Steve as The Alien is blue skinned, as a quick scan of the arm will reveal how damaged it is. With his abilities he is someone who gets priority for medical treatment. As the alien comes to press an injector to Steve's arm to kill the pain he is in. "This way we'll get that arm treated and repaired. A second alien comes over to help lead the wounded Captain America, to an area where he can be treated. They begin to place some sort of silver liquid on his arm as it flows into the broken and damaged flesh, slowly mending broken bones and restoring nerves and tendons. The nanite solution is doing its job. Steve's body may be enhanced, but it is still human in function and the nanites are programed to know how a normal human arm is supposed to be built like, and then repair the damaged limb. The nanites will begin to pull out of the Super soldier as his arm is restored and healed. Other injuries are taken care of as he is provided a high protein energy drink. Think of an Ultra sports drink.

The Dark Hero seems to constantly be drawing much more enemies than anyone else. Word is he shot one of the leaders, the rock skinned war lord causing his retreat. And as a result they are all attacking him with fury and outrage. But the Dark Hero rips and tears, breaks bones and slices the parademons apart. But eventually he too will retreat back into the Dome as he really can't do much more good out there as when he is seen he is swarmed by the parademons. They may be almost mindless, but they know someone who attacked and forced their god to bleed. Forcing his retreat. Heading into where Captain America and grabs a Rifle for the super soldier. "Here this will help you be more effective." At this point he places the rifle on the table and comes over to Twila, "Calm down. You are not helping anyone child. You don't have to fight if you can't but you need to calm down. You are safe here this is a safe area." He says speaking almost like a father to her. "There are doctors here who can help you figure out what is going on. But you have to stay calm, there are many many injured people here.


Atalanta is both happy and sad, happy that Captain America seems to remember her…which means this is the world she was in, and sad that means she might have something to do with what is happening. She also notes that Cap is hurt and lets the healers tend him while she goes to speak with the other Speedster. She says, "Hello, I am called Atalanta…and I was in almost exactly the state you are now a month ago. Like you, my powers are mostly based on speed."

For his part, Steve is not about to turn down alien medical treatment…and yes, the arm is broken, although it will be rapidly healed. He flips his shield onto his back so his other hand is free to claim the protein drink.

Zatanna is walking among-st the patients being treated for their injuries and she waves her hand over one of the kids, "uoy leef hcum retteb," she says to her and the little girl smiles in appreciation, as her cut heals. Zatanna rubs her temples for some reason, and probably shouldn't have used all her concentration to do that, "The kid needed some help, what was I going to do? My head is really killing me. I think I'll sit down. I don't think I can teleport anyone now if they get in trouble. I'm really disappointed in myself," she explains to one of the soldiers. She sits on a chair.

Having been gone for a bit, Bjorn finally limps out of the tent he was taken into. The pipe in his leg was now gone. He didn't get the 'advanced nanite' treatment, as he was more a civilian, but they certainly did a good job. Though judging by the unhappy green-skinned nurse, they didn't actually want him walking about yet "Oh, no no. Not staying in there" way to many freaky machines at the moment. He looks around spying Captain America, the Dark Hero that carried him over talking to some girl. He was restless even as he spies Zatanna healing a child. But his eyes were mostly on the sky

Twila calms down as she's spoken to by the much larger guy. "I… I'm sorry. This is just all really freaky. I don't even know when it is! I just want to know, what the hell is going on!"

Then Answers!!! "Wait Powers?! That can't be. I meanI'mnotsuperintheleast!" Her words accelerate way faster than they ought to. "Iwasjustmindingmyownbusinessyaknow!Iwasdoingatrackeventandwoundupinsomeweirdplace!!!" She exclaims wishing things just made sense.

The Final Repair of Steve's arm is complete as through the small cuts and scrapes the nanites begin to slide out of his body and his arm is held over a container so they can be collect, cleansed and re used. As his other injuries are not that bad. Finally Someone white White skin comes up to him with what looks like a new uniform that is a match to what he has. "Replacement uniform. It will offer the same protection and mobility as your current one. There was enough to reconstruct it. It's made of Earth materials Sorry we can't get anything more durable our resources are…" and they leave that trailing off to let Captain America change uniforms. Of course the drink also renews his energy, although his repaired arm is a bit… stiff as it it had been in a cast for a few months. But strong as ever.

Sadly for Bjorn no, he doesn't get the advance healing. Right now Civilians and noncombatants are to be stabilized, and treated so they are safe from infection or serious complication. The more advanced healing such as the nanites is for those who are going to end up going back onto the battle field. Who need to be patched up rapidly to return to duty. For the moment the talk of the space battle, and someone mentions The Enterprise.

Then finally The Dark Hero sees her freaking out and does the only thing he can, he pulls her into his chest and hugs her holding her protectively. Despite the danger she could pose or harm she might cause him he needs to get her calmed down. His voice is soft and soothing telling her that they will figure it out they will help her they just need her to breathe deeply and slowly. Holding her like a protective father holds a child scared in a thunderstorm.

Atalanta has not trouble understanding at super speed, as long as they are both talking slower than the speed of sound. She responds, in kind, "Youobviouslyhavesuperspeedjudgingbyhowfastyouranoffandbackamomentagoandhowfastwearetalkingnow."

There was…bound to be…well, more than one, to be honest. New superpowers. Steve walks over. He has to go back out there. "Breathe. We can sort this all out after the right. I have to go back, but…"

Zatanna looks up from her chair as she rubs her neck, wishing she could help out Bjorn or some of the others with their injuries. She stands up, "I better leave before they get all disappointed," she comments. "latrop ot nwotpU," she says slowly and conjures a blue portal in the middle of the park, "If anyone needs to go uptown, this will remain open for sixty seconds," she calls out to the others nearby. She walks inside of it and disappears.

Bjorn eyes widen when he sees the portal. Even in this hell hole, he is easily impressed by such things. But it quickly dissappear when he comes back to the present. For a moment he perks when he hears the name The Enterprise. He blinks "…why does that sound familiar?" his brows forward and he touches his head as if he had a headache. "Ojin…" he blinks "Not even sure who that is" he chases the odd thoughts away. He limps towards the others, in particular Dark Hero as he is hugging Twila and Atalanta . He quiet a moment before saying towards them "Umm,, ermm, I just ummm.. Thank you" he says.

Twila hugs the man back. "Thankyou." She states a bit slower. It takes a lot for her to really calm down. Quietly she lets go of the man. She is still clinging to her blanket.

Her attention shifts to Atalanta. She registers every word with amazing ease. "I have super speed?" She blinks a few times. At least she's trying to keep herself speaking at a normal speed. "So I am some kind of Super powered… Mutant?" Not really.

Finally one of the Doctors comes over and begins doing an exam on her. The blue being shakes his head, "Metahuman. You have no X gene as some of you humans call them. Your body's metabolism is off the charts."

Her jaw drops. "So… Everything about me is faster?" She winces and just looks down. "How fast? I mean I guess I won't ever be overweight…" She laughs a little nervously."

As he takes Note of Captain America as he heard and things. He has a smile under his helmet as he turns to make a motion to him and says. "I need to speak with you Captain America." and then he will look over to Bjorn and nods, "I am doing my duty as a soldier sir. That is all." he says and he keeps hold of Twila as he he will allow her to relax and stand up with a hand on her shoulder. "I have to get back out there to keep fighting. Are you going to be Alright?" he asks. And the assuming she will say yes The dark Hero turns to Captain America. "I can't go out there without the Parademons swarming me because I put a shot between their master's eyes forcing his retreat. I doubt he is dead, but I need some sort of back up to help keep the numbers off of me." And he extends his hand to Captain America. "Dark Hero, Super Soldier. I come from the other world." he says. Could he be some reflection of Captain America?

Atalanta says to the other speedster, "The metagene, as they call it on the other world, is similar to the X-gene, it allows beneficial body changes when subject to life-threatening stress. Presumably you have that. As to how fast you are…if you want to take a brief run with me, we can get an estimate. I need to go clear the parimeter…and remember Dark Hero, I was the one who put a magic sword in Darkseid's back…they are after me as much as you…but fortunately most of them can't catch me." If Twila agrees, Atalanta will run around the area, bowling over Parademons and Thanos' troopers impartially and getting an estimate of the other girl's speed.

Captain America nods, reaching to shake hands. "I'll go out there as soon as I have all of my breath back. If you want company." He's taking the guy at his word - because he has no true reason not to. He has to assume that people are honest and worry about the liars later, to keep his sanity.

Bjorn nods slowly before glancing to Atalanta "…not sure what this other worlds of yours is like… but lot of folks here hate mutants. Kind of dumb if you ask me, to hate them for a gene" he says. But as he listens and eaves drop on Dark Her and Captain America conversation, he is quick to say "I can help provide cover fire. Not no super soldier… or armored juggernaut. But I can help"

Twila smiles to Dark Hero and nods, "I will be okay. I umm… Okay I need a shirt though." She states. One of the Aliens hands her a shirt labeled UNIT. She quickly slips it on and shrugs, "Okay. I guess this will work."

Quietly She looks up to Dark Hero, "Hello, I umm, don't have any cool name or anything. Twila works." She folds up the blanket and hands it over to one of the people. She looks at Atalanta. "Alright. Lets do it!" She takes off running.

For a few moments, she is keeping pace with the other speedster. "Ummm… I can go faster…" With that, she takes off. A mach cone forms around her as lightning crackles. She explodes with speed tearing around the whole of Central park several times over with no issues.

As he allows the Speedsters to head off he nods placing his hand on Captain America's shoulder. "That is a good thing. Someone in this adversity gains powers, and instantly wants to help out." he says and the turning to Bjorn. "No you’re not a soldier, while we won't turn down help of all ways. Right now I fear you would only get in the way. Your injuries are not fully healed." he says While he can't have his face seen, The dark Hero is offering a sympathetic voice as he will pick up a few more ammo packs offering a weapon to Steve. "The Sontaran weapons are calibrated to be able to be fired through the shield without damage to it, you could stay here and pick off those trying to get through." he says to Bjorn…

Atalanta keeps pace at first, though she is sweeping the area with her super senses as she goes to find Parademons and Thanos troopers and dealing with them…she has both strength and speed, though her strength is comparatively minor. She Picks up the pace to test the other girl's limits, but slows down and indicates for the other girl to do so also. When they drop-back below the speed of sound, she explains, "I can go faster…but the point where I stopped is the start of orbital velocity…almost four miles a second. If I go any faster, I fly off the planet…I am not sure if you have that problem…speedsters like the Flash don't."

Bjorn has a look that is a cascade of emotion. Bitterness, envy, understanding, determination. But overall… wanting to simply do more than stay put. And as Dark Hero explains the Sontaran weapons capability he smiles "Well, good a time as any for target practice eh?" it was a chance to help within his capabilities and he'll take it… even if he wanted to come he knew better than to be a burden. A Sontaran having been near and seeing the conversation unfold came with such a weapon for Bjorn along with extra ammo.

"Aim fast, shoot head. And try not to hit your comrades" seeming to approve of Bjorn wanting to fight.

Bjorn takes the gun and (making sure not to point at anyone) get ready to fire "Going to need alot more ammo" he says with a grin. It's payback time

Captain America nods. "I wish I could be more glad you are getting your chance to make a difference, Bjorn." And with that he'll walk back to the edge of the dome, flipping his shield neatly back onto his arm with the metallic clasps. His armor is still dirty, but at least he's moving normally now, with both hands functional. Back to the fight.

Twila blinks a few times, "Oh umm… Well I didn't feel like I was going to fly off the planet. Who is the Flash?" She asks curiously. "That is an awesome name though. I mean, it sounds so cool!" She smiles a little. Yup she's still a teen.

"I dunno what to do or where to go though. I mean, I think I'm from that other world. I never even heard about anything like a metahuman. I heard about mutants. People were always protesting them and stuff. Some people have really crazy powers now. Others just look really gross."

She shrugs. "Anyway. I dunno if I should go home or not. What if something bad happened to my family? I mean I think I was only gone like a day or something but I dunno."

At this point The armor man allows Bjorn to settle into what he can do as he begins following Captain America. "Wait ten seconds then follow up behind me Captain. I hope your aim with that Shield is perfect." and then says "three two, One!" and the The dark Soldier runs out as he fires off the Sontaran weapon at the Parademons, At once those that see him do begin to attack him as he is clearly drawing more of their Ire, as the Super solder begins to cut through their ranks but still as those ten second tick down he is being swarmed, and finally the ten seconds ticks off as he is now counting on Captain America to do what he does best. Use that shield and give him some breathing room. Some sontarans begin to fire in the air trying to keep more of the swarm off of him but still in the middle of a ruined building there are plenty of things for that shield to bounce off of.

Atalanta says, "On many worlds, the Flash is the name uses by the fastest man alive, who can match or surpass the speed of light. I have yet to meet him, but I have hears about the lightning effect that accompanies his travel…it is much like yours." She continues, "As to your family, I would give a lot to be able to see my family again, but you see, I am not from EITHER of the two worlds which have aligned here, and I do not know how to get home. I have met the man who on my world is my father, but he does not know me or trust me. If I were in your shoes and I COULD go home, I would…to check on if they were hurt by the aliens if nothing else."

Bjorn may not be a soldier or trained as one, but his ability to shoot may make one think otherwise! Might be good eyesight or maybe he actually practices, who can say? But regardless…. he was shooting. Alot. Now that he was somewhat patched up, and got some help, his ability to hit has improved considerably. As he sees the parademons descend on Dark Hero he shoots the largest of the parademons so they fall onto smaller ones. BANG BANG BANG!!! He shoots without prejudice as he tries to cover the hero from his position with the Shield

Accurate with the shield? It flies…to precisely the spot Steve intends to put it. Bouncing off that to the next one…and then back to the man's hand. Ready for another toss. He glances at Bjorn - okay, the guy does know what he's doing. Not the smartest, but maybe…well, that's for the future.

Twila nods, "you're right!" She takes a deep breath. "I need to go. Thank you everyone." She smiles and then takes off running. There is a burst of speed which blows out a few nearby windows. She is definitely quick. That is putting it lightly.

About a second later she walks into her home. "Mom? Dad? Are you okay?" Her dad walks out and quickly moves to embrace her. "It’s okay I'm here. You're mom… She is… She isn't doing well. I think when everything happened, something happened to her. It’s really bad."

She moves to go see her mother. It’s rough. It’s as though two versions of her, both sick have been fused into one very sick woman. Quietly she waves her daughter over. "Twila… My dear, I am so sorry. I love you so much. I wish we had longer. You spent so long helping me. Never lose that. The world needs people who help others. You do it my little girl." She kisses her. "I don't… I don't want to leave…" She states as she breathes in deep. "It’s… really bright…"

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