2017-01-31 Breakfast in the Sky
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Warning: N/A
Players: David Xanatos, Elektra
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: Breakfast in the Sky

It is morning in Castle Wyvern. The sun hasn't yet risen, but there is the soft amber glow through the windows, or would be, were they not currently drawn. But in a place such as the Eyrie Building, someone is working at all times. For example, there is already a cook on duty, just one, since his duties at this hour are rather light. He's prepared a wonderful gourmet breakfast, which was then handed off to one of Mr. Xanatos' associates, who wheeled it to the private chamber of Ms. Natchios.

He would knock on the door, announcing his presence. The first time he tried this, didn't go quite as planned, but after a week of it, he's gotten into the habit. He would knock, announce himself, wheel the trolley into the 'living room' area of the room. Technically, she had more of a suite than a simple bedroom, with her own bathroom, walk-in closet, balcony, and the aforementioned living room area.

Though before he could pour the orange juice, Mr. Xantos himself popped in. Already dressed, he put his finger to his lips, suggesting that the other man be quiet, and gestured for him to leave, so that Mr. Xanatos could tend to Elektra's breakfast personally.

It's true that the first time didn't go so well for the employee, ending up with a knife at his throat the moment he stepped through the door. Thankfully for him Elektra has since laid out a routine to be followed, instructing the food be left once set up.

She expects no one to be there once she hears the employee leave, so she gives pause when opening the bedroom door and seeing her employer standing there instead. "… I wasn't aware I'd be joined for breakfast." She notes coolly after a moment. Draped in a knee-length, red, silken robe, the woman steps barefooted across the plush carpet towards the cart, eyeing its contents briefly before taking up a small glass of orange juice and taking a sip. "I take it the changes to your security, so far, are to your liking?"

"Only if the company is welcome my dear," David replied. There was an unusually large portion, the kind that could easily be shared between two people. Evidentially he had a prior word with the chef. There were also an extra set of cutlery and glasses on the trolley.

"May I say that you're looking as lovely as ever." He lifted the silver domes and there was bacon, sausage, eggs, toast, pancakes, waffles, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, croissants, hashbrowns, really, everything one might expect from a buffet, but each of these had been specially prepared by Chef Gaston.

"Very much so," he finally added regarding the security changes. "Why, I feel the most secure man in all of Manhattan right now."

"I've no complaints." Elektra supposes she could kick him out if she wanted, but there isn't the need right now. His compliment, however, earns a slight, upward tug of her unpainted lips as her free hand combs back loose, black locks from her face. "And yet I'm not even done up, yet." A little tease at her own expense.

The reveal of today's meal, however, draws her eyes again. Hungry as she may be, she retains her civility and fills a plate of her own instead of picking, only then snapping up a strip of bacon while moving to sit at the small couch in the centre of the living room. "I would hope so. Before long I hope to have you feeling the most secure man in the world, but that's in due time."

He did make it clear when they were signing the contract that this room would be her home. She could do, or have, anything she wanted within its bounds. He only cared that she do her job properly while on the clock. But, he was a somewhat attentive employer when it came to her. It was clear that he was fixated by her, or else he wouldn't be here.

"Done up, or down, you are a most splendid and beautiful woman, Elektra." He began to fill his own plate, making some rather healthy choices actually, before he joined her on the couch. "Well, for that to happen, you'd have to be with me far more often than you already are… not that I would see that as anything but a positive, mind you."

Elektra keeps her gaze on her food for the moment as he speaks, toying idly with a strawberry on the plate before icy blues peer his way, eyeing him curiously past low lashes. "Is that so…?" Shifting, the woman pivots to rest her elbow on the back of the couch and cradle her jaw line with thumb and forefinger. "Mr. Xanatos, if I may be so bold, what are your true intentions for me? Or perhaps… your hopes?" A sculpted brow lofts curiously atop sultry features, studying him with casual intrigue and a smile ghosting across her lips.

He had just finished up a croissant when she decided to ask him a bold question. He ensured that he had chewed the rest of the pastry before dabbing his lips with a napkin. "Please, call me David." He seemed relaxed as he sat beside her, confident too, just, comfortable in his space, and so close to her. "Exactly as I laid them out when I hired you. You are the best, and I want nothing but the best. You have already made dramatic improvements to security around here, and you suggestions have been implemented at other facilities. You've saved me quite a bit of money, time, and effort, in dealing with sabotage, theft, and other unfortunate aspects of modern day business. But, you're right. There is the hope for more. If it's not too bold of me to say this, given your employment status, I would like to date you. We're genetically compatible, both highly intelligent, and share the same goals."

Elektra continues watching with that casual, relaxed coolness, sure of his answer. The first part, the business portion, elicits no reaction from her so far, instead reaching over to partake of a sip of chilled water. Only when he gives the expected answer of his hopes, for their professional relationship to become more personal, does she speak. "I see…"

It wasn't hard to notice. The compliments, the pleasantries. Were she some other hired hand she doubts the treatment would be as grand. And were she another type of person it would be taken advantage of. "So as per our compatibility, you believe we would be perfect together… And if I were to decline?"

"Then we would have a purely plutonic, business, working relationship. I would still be kind, courteous, friendly, really, nothing would change," except that he would move on to Plan B, Plan C, etc. He took setbacks well, exceedingly well. He continued to eat his breakfast. He was so confident about it.

He then turned in his seat to regard her, his eyes making contact with her own. He was trying to read her body language. Where did he stand with her? Was there hope for more, or was it a futile effort to pursue anything more than a business relationship.

As David had said, they were alike. And that's true in the fact that Elektra also has plenty of contingency plans for down the road, knowing how to play the game. "How very mature of you." She comments genuinely, a soft smirk on her lips. "You'd be surprised how many have outright cancelled my contract for saying no." Does she believe he'll outright give up? Not really, but he doesn't need to know that.

Eyes cast down briefly as she idly toys with the edge of her garment's fabric. "But… perhaps." Attention lifts back to him, giving a warm little squint as her smile grows. "I'm not one so easily tied down, so we shall see.. David."

It wasn't the reaction he had hoped for, but he's not surprised that she decides to tease him by playing with the edge of her garment, giving him a glimpse of her bare thigh. She didn't reject him, didn't embrace him, but instead, tried to hold onto the power. Ordinarily, he would have a problem with that. But she was worth the indignity of giving up some of his hand. You can't win if you're not willing to risk something.

Continuing with his breakfast, he glances up and down at her. "I trust you appreciated the wardrobe that came with the suite?" He was pretty sure that she was wearing one of the garments that he had left for her. Oh, he had no say in it. Instead, he hired someone to buy something suitable for her. Surprisingly, it was all in her size. He had done his research and his buyer had good taste when it came to women's clothes.

Such is how you play the game. There is risk to it, for sure, but what fun would it be without any? As the conversation slips away from more personal matters, Elektra also turns back to her meal, sampling some fluffy pancake. "It's quite lovely, I admit. Whoever you hired has an eye for fashion, my compliments to them."

Elektra, for the most part, dresses with power in mind. Clothes are a statement, so it's important they fit each occasion. And from the looks of it, she's very pleased with what she's been gifted. "I'm glad they kept my penchant for red in mind, as well." As is her signature color, though she makes sure it doesn't totally dominate her wardrobe. "That aside, I don't believe I have anything planned today outside of work here. Perhaps we should do something?" She has to get to know her employer better, after all.

"I'll be sure to pass them along, as well as my own compliments. You do look ravishing this morning." He wore his standard, black on black on black, though there were shades to it, as it was more like dark grey on darker grey on black. "I insisted on it. Red is a wonderful colour." His battle exo-frame was predominantly red, after all. He really did need to choose a name for himself in that alter ego, one of these days.

"I don't have anything planned either… anymore." He reached into his suit, typing a few things on his phone. He informed Owen to reschedule all his meetings for today. He would rather spend his time with Elektra anyway. He could see the King of Saudi Arabia another time.

"What did you have in mind? A helicopter ride to a mountain retreat, shopping along fifth avenue, sparring in the dojo, a visit to my mad scientist laboratory, a walk through central park, or, we could just spend the day here in the castle."

Elektra notes the term 'anymore' and watches him type something. Likely cancelling some things. How amusing. And while most of those things to choose from are rather tempting, one in particular catches her attention. "If you think you can keep up with me, perhaps some time in the dojo would be nice." Elektra finds thrill in fighting, even if it's just simple sparring… Also it'll be amusing to smack him around a little.

That said, she finishes up her breakfast and sets the empty plate on the coffee table before them, standing and sending a smirk to him. "Shall I meet you there? I'd like to freshen up a bit, first."

She may find that he's better than she would expect of a billionaire. Very few of them devoted the kind of hours to training that he did. "I aim to confound your expectations, Elektra." He set his plate down, on hers, picking them both up as he stood. He would place them on the trolley, since he came from humble beginnings, and still retained some of his old manners.

"I wouldn't object to sparring you, dressed as you are, but you're right. I should probably change as well. Shall we say, 20 minutes?" He was curious how long she would take.

"Ten." Elektra says with confidence, already making her way towards her bedroom. Hanging at the doorframe, she glances over her shoulder to shoot him a viperous smirk, excited to see what he's made of. "I would hate to keep you waiting any longer." And with that she disappears into the other room, closing the double doors behind her to get ready.

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