2017-02-02 Fast times at Xavier's
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Kurt, Twila, Piotr, Illyana, Lorna
GMed by N/a
Title: Fast Times at Xavier's

Rating: PG

Walking through the park is Kurt, in his hand is a hot chocolate and something he decided to try called a funnel cake. Going to a bench he sits down taking a bite of the food finding it rather good and silently he watches some kids playing in the snow.

It took everything she had to get her dad to back off and let her leave the house. He had heard what happened to Twila. He had heard that some guys tried to do stuff that was very ungentlemanly of them. Tried to stab her as well. Thankfully, after a little work, she managed to get him to back off. Even more importantly, No one talked about her special talent. That is the best of news for her.

So, quietly she is walking into the park. She has a small stack of hot dogs. Only five or six. She desperately needs to eat and the way things are going, Its gotta be now as opposed to later. So quietly she sits. She isn't terribly far from Kurt. She does see him but she doesn't really say anything yet. Why would she. Its hard for her to be judgemental towards another person when she's got her own quarks these days.

He has been protecting different area but is nice that the park has been protected so the kids can have fun. Kurt of course is weird looking but he believes in just being himself. Sipping from his cup he sets it aside before eating a bit of his funnel cake. Noticing Twila he offers her a polite nod rather surious with the food she has but he says nothing.

Twila looks at over to Kurt as he nods. Suddenly she is feeling self conscious about her new eating habits. She does the only thing she can think of. The world slows down for her. Quickly she begins devoung the hot dogs. If Kurt is watching, he'd see a quick blur an the hot dogs are gone. She licks her fingers off and burps quietly. "Oh Excuse me. Sorry about that."

Kurt gets up tossing his plate away and goes to the drink stand get another hot chocolate. He walks over to Twila now offering it while sipping his own, "Hot chocolate?" is asked while offering a polite smile.

Twila smiles to the blue and fuzzy guy, "Oh umm. Thanks. I think I will pass though. You don't wanna see me jumped up on Caffeine. I'd probably be doing laps." She doesn't mention that by laps she might mean around the world. "Hi Mister. I'm Twi. Nice to meet you." Even if she has a name now, She is using her nickname. She extends a hand.

Kurt finishes down his cup and sets the full one inside of it. Reaching out he shakes her hand, "My names is Kurt." he gives his name. "Mind if I sit with you?" he asks motioning to the empty part of the bench.

Twila smiles and shakes Kurt's hand. When he asks to sit next to her, she gestures to the seat. "I guess you seen the amazing disappearing hot dogs." She looks down. "Also, you're blue." She blushes just a little and then covers her mouth. "I am so sorry sir. I didn't mean that."

Kurt sits down and chuckles lightly, "I don't judge otherz and that is alright. I am vat some call a mutant. Zis is zee way I was born. Some have asked if I am a smurf, others just stare. I am what I am."

Twila smiles a little, "Cool." The girl quietly looks down at the ground. "I am umm. According to some alien doctor, I am a Meta human. Not unlike a Mutant honestly. A gene was activated and caused me to develop abilities. I am from this world. From what I was told, Metas are from the other world and everything has just gotten very confusing. I've only had my powers for the past few days and its kinda freaky ya know?"

Kurt nods his head, "I understannd and things have been confusing. Like a new world crashed into us." he admits with a shrug. "I have a few powers too but the one I use most is zis…" he BAMFS out appearing at the drink stand buying a bottle of water and then back to the bench offering the bottle to her.

Twila blinks a few times. "Okay that was awesome!" She accepts the water and takes a sip. "This is what I can do." She stands up. It sounds like a gun going off when she takes off running. She is gone and back in less then a second. "Bagel?" She has a bag in her hand. Onion Bagels and Cream Cheese. "Its a long story how."

Kurt grins as she shows off what she can do, "It is alright. I know those that can fly, shoot beams from their eyes, make ice by a touch, a girl that can take a life if she touch her bare hand to someone. I am a teacher at Xavier's academy. If you'd like to maybe visit and possibly trained in help controlling these abilities. Zen we can help."

Twila blinks a few times! "Wait, You're with Xavier's!? A friend told me about you all. I accidentally wound up on the roof of Stark Enterprises Tower. Turns out I can outrun Gravity. Anyway Its pretty clear I'm not going to be able to go back to my old school. A person there said I'd have two choices. Either the Academy of Tomorrow or Xavier's."

Kurt nods his head, "At xaviers youse can be yourself. Don't have to hide zere." he explains while sipping his cocoa. "Youse be welcome to come take a look if youse wish."

Twila hmms, "Would I be allowed there? I mean I'm not exactly a umm. Mutant?" She doesn't exactly like using that word. She's never been against mutants even if she wasn't one. "Still umm, I'd love to! I think it would be cool! If you think I'd be okay there?" She looks down for a few moments. "I umm, I don't have much money. I know Xavier's is like a preparatory type school."

Kurt cants his head, "Of course youse be welcome and safe. We don't turn others away. Money iz not vat we are about. We want to help others to learn their abilities and zings sey would learn in regular school."

Twila smiles a little and blushes, "Well. Ummm. I'd be really stupid to not agree to go check the place out. When do we go? Where should I go? I mean I know I could run there."

Kurt shrugs, "Probably could but we could take a cab too."

Twila smiles, "But they are so slow!" She giggles a little. "Okay Sure! A cab is fine." She states in a playful tone.

Kurt rises to his feet, "I bet I could get us zere even faster."

Twila smiles a little. "If you can teleport I bet you can! I know that was a teleport cause if it was speed I'd be able to see it!" She laughs. "I sorta can see stuff at a fast pace too."

Kurt holds out his hand to her.

Twila looks at Kurt and winces, "Ummm… Okay. Err, just a heads up. When I touch your hand, relax as best you can. Slow your thoughts cause I tend to cause others to accelerate to my speed when I touch them." She blushes. Quietly she takes his hand. Immediately everything would seem like its come to a stop.

Kurt could feel what she was talking about and he then BAMFS them away.
Twila holds on as they are suddenly passing through something that she has no idea what it is. Then OH! At as a school. As soon as they are there she releases his hand. Everything would start moving again.

Kurt takes a moment to rub his head as she would notice the sent of sulfur in the air. "Here we are…" he motions to the gate that leads towards the school. Grabbing her hand he attempts to tug her along with him through the gate as he notices some of those enemy things down the way.

Twila is taking in the sight and really not thinking about the jerks up the road when Kurt grabs her hand and pulls her in. "EEP! Okay okay!" She smiles. "Sorry I was just reading the plaque out there and stuff!

Kurt leads her inside of the gate and then shuts the gate quickly sticking his tongue out as the enemies. "Zat is alright. I didn't want zose zings to hurt youse." he motions towards them.

Twila blushes, "Err, The last time one tried I sorta made it explode." She blushes and looks at the ground. "I think it had to do with how many times I hit it. I was going really fast. Fast enough that It looked like it was frozen. I took its weapon and just beat the tar out of it. When I slowed down it just went to pieces."

Kurt blinks at this, "Wow and here I vaz trying to be a hero." he then smiles walking towards her a finger going beneath her chin to lift her gaze back up if she allows, "No need to look down about that. Youse did good in protecting others by doing it."

Twila shrugs and still tries to look away. "I just. I was worried. Ya know? If I'd had done that to a person, it would have been a mess! I gotta be really careful not to do that to people."

Kurt nods, "As I said we can teach you to control your abilities. Professor Xavier loves to help new students as well as does the other teachers."

Twila smiles a little to Kurt. "So this is the place? It looks really cool. I… Is it to early to just say yes?" She states with a smile.

Kurt grins at that as he stands with Twila inside the closed gate of the school. "Not at all. We would be most happy to have youse join zee school."

Piotr emerges from the Mansion's front door carrying a couch that looks like it has seen better days. He's in his metal form, with its distinctive striated appearance, and has the couch balanced on one shoulder like it weighs nothing.

Twila smiles and nods, "Then yes! That would be awesome!" She smiles brightly. "What do I need to do. I am guessing I need to go get some things and let my dad know what is going on. He's got a new job anyway and likely won't be home as much. Oh Umm… My metabolism is really high. I have to eat a lot." She begins rattling off and her speach is getting progressively faster, "Ijustamlikereallyexcited.IwasworriedIwasgoingtohavetodropout!" She states finally reaching an unintelligible rate of speed.

Kurt notice Piotr and waves to him just blinking as Twila seems to go into hyper drive. "Twila please calm and meet Piotr also known as Colossus. I am also known as Nightcrawler." he tells her in case she ever hears the name.

Piotr comes walking down the driveway with the couch, which is destined for a dumpster near the front gate. He gives a freiendly nod to curt as he passes, and takes a moment to look over Twila. The big metal man asks in his deep, Russian-accented voice, "New student?" He gives Twila a nod, and shifts the couch to the other shoulder so he can offer a handshake. He moves the unwieldy piece of furniture like weighs nothing.

Twila smiles a little and slows her self down, "Sorry. Umm, I'm still getting adjusted." She looks up at the towering metal man. "Woah! Err, Nice to meet you. Very fitting name!" She states. "So, Colossus." She point to the Metal man, then to Kurt she points, "Nightcrawler." She smiles. "Umm… The name I was thinking to use is Pulse." She reaches out and shakes Piotr's hand, Immediately things slow way down around him. "Oh Sorry!" She lets go and time seems to speed back up.

Kurt nods to his big metallic friend, "New student that is a metahuman. She is new to her abilities. I thought we could help her as we have others." he explains to him. "Pulse sounds cool to me. If youse notice the accent I am German. Sometimes I might speak in German without thinking. If I do just tell me."

Piotr seems surprised by the shift in speed as Twila touches his hand, but smiles at her apology a moment later, "Is OK." To Kurt's note about speaking in German, he chuckles, "Da, and I do much the same in Russian. Is habit that is hard to break. Welcome to school… Pulse. I am sure you weill be wlcome here." to Kurt he notes, "SHe has power much like Pietro… but not quite. I do not think he can extend his power to others."

Twila blushes, "If I start talking too fast just tell me. I will slow up. Its oneo f those things I think. Everything about me became faster and Its a lot to really try to take in." She smiles. "I will do my best here. I was involved with Track before everything happened. I guess I can't exactly do that anymore. Not without being flagged for cheating."

Kurt chuckles lightly to her rather enjoying the way she speaks, "Zat is alright, he speaks of a guy called quicksilver and he is a speedy one as well. Zo he can't slow time like you can or make it so fast it seems slow."

Piotr nods sympathetically, "Da… Is true that many of us could not compete athletically, despite talents." By way of demonstration he looks towards the dumpster he was headed for, and hurls the couch as easily as someone else might shoot a basketball free throw. There is a loud crash as the couch breaks further on impact" Then he shifts down to his (somewhat) smaller human form.

Twila looks at Piotr then at Kurt. She shrugs and boom! She's off! Streaks of red and yellow lightning mixed with a black and blue blur are all that is seen as she runs over to the dumpster, runs inside and returns with a leg of the couch. The whole thing takes about a second. She hands it over to the now much smaller Colossus. She shrugs. "That was a first. I never ran down the edge of anything. Its kinda cool! I mean I knew I can run on walls but not down them!"

Kurt just blinks as she shows off her power there to them both. "I'd love to see her and Quicksilver race." he walks up next to Piotr with a grin as Twila returns. "See youse are alreayd learning vat youse can do."

Piotr chuckles as he is handed part of the couch he just tossed (literally) in the dumpster. To Twila he comments, "You are very quick" The arrival of the girl from her stepping disks provokes a grin from him, "Yana! I am glad to see you up and about. You are feeling better, eyes?" Then, to Twila he comments, "This is Illyana, my sister. Illyana, this is our new student…" he trails of and looks apologetically at Twila, "I did not catch your name."

Twila blushes a little, "Umm, Oh! My name is Twila. Twila Kohl, but I guess I go by Pulse too. I figured that name would work for a person who can move as fast as I do. It was either that or Heartbeat and Pulse just sounds a little cooler." She giggles a little. Turning to Illyana she smiles, "Oh umm, nice to meet you, Miss Illyana. I'm Twila, or Pulse."

Kurt looks as Illyana joins them now, "Hey zere." he raises a hand waving it. "Twila is new to her abilities, so I figured what better place to help her learn control zan wht we can offer here."

Slipping out of the house, Lorna looks around, surprised to see so many people outside. "Y'all gonna catch your death out here in the snow." She quips and tucks her thermos against her body. She's dressed for hiking, eyes taking in each person. "Illyana, good to see you up. Kurt, Boris is feeling a little home sick I think. He'd love to have someone to speak in German with." She suggests and looks up to Piotr. "Hello again."

Illyana nods. "Yeah…" she murmurs, still not looking anyone in the eye as she just looks… ashamed. Piotr knows why, but it's not certain if he told the others. "I should've stayed in bed… I'm not ready…" she murmurs, slumping.

Piotr gives Lorna a warm smile that his sister would probably be quite interested to see, if she were looking. It's not exactly a 'just friends' smile. But then Illyana speaks and, looking deeply concerned, Piotr puts an arm around his sister, "You should not be straining yourself. I understand, medical bay is boring and lonely place, but you need to recover strength." He explains for Kurt's benefit, "She strained her powers during big fight." He adds proudly, "Saved city in the doing of it."

Illyana sighs softly. "And… I am ashamed…" she finally murmurs softly. "I have lied to you all since my return… even my best friend Kitty." She just slumps, sitting on one of the benches nearby as she looks down at the ground. "That I am a monster…"

Twila winces a little. "Sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better soon, Miss Illyana." She then looks over at Lorna and smiles, "Oh cool hair!" She comments. Then she just decides to step back and let the adults talk. She doesn't exactly know anyone really.

Kurt moves over next to Illyana and puts an arm around if she allows. "Lorna this is Twila, this is Lorna." he introduces the pair to each other. "Do youse need to go lay back down?" he glances at Illy now.

"Oh, there must be some attack or something in the water." Lorna sighs and looks at Piotr's sister as she sits. "None of us are monsters. Even my father." She tells the girl compassionately. Glancing to Twila, Lorna hooks a half smile. "Thanks, side effect of my mutation." She offers and returns Piotr's smile with a weak kneed grin of her own. "I was gonna go for a hike, stretch my legs a little. I guess I'll see you later?" She wonders of the tall man.

Illyana snorts. "I am a monster, because unlike you… I'm missing half my soul. It was ripped out of me, and replaced by demonic sludge. I am half-demon… and when I give in to the Darkchylde within… I'm more destructive than Logan and care less. I dared to invoke her on purpose to help with the invasion… and couldn't focus on my mission… if my brother didnt' snap me to my senses I would've died… along with that broken starship… and most of New York City." She slumps and starts to cry.

Piotr answers Lorna with a soft, almost bashful, smile, "Da, sounds good." Then he looks at his sister, "You are not monster, Illyana. And no one here will judge you on appearances." He nods to Kurt, whose presence is particularly relevant. He supports Illyana s she starts to slump to the groud, "What might have happened, did not. What did happen, is you were hero, Illyana. Many people would have died without you."

Looking at Illyana's crying, Lorna looks back up to Piotr. "A pretty smart man once told me that what we are doesn't make us good or evil. It's our actions. You should ask him about it." She tells Illy, stealing a last glance at Piotr. Glancing at Twila she gives a brisk nod. "Welcome to the school. Student lounge is on the first floor, good place to make friends. Right then, I had meant to hike." She says and backs up a little, ready to slip away.

Illyana murmurs, "But I am not a good person… I almost killed myself teleporting that ship away - and did break the timeline… though… I don't think Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin told many about it…" She just slumps against Piotr. "I lied to you all… for years… and until now… until it was discovered… I was happy about it…"

Twila looks at Lorna and smiles a little. "Okay Umm, I will be right back." The young girl vanishes. There is a blur where she was and even that's gone. She The door flew open about a half second. A few moments later she returns. "WHOA THIS PLACE IS HUUUUUGE!!!"

Kurt blinks as Twila is gone and then back in mere moments. Thoguh he does look at Illy with a frown, "Some zink I am a demon. I am whose I am. I don't try being anything else no matter vat zee world sees. Youse helped and zat makes you a hero." he tells her lightly.

Piotr brushes Illyana's hair back from her face with his fingers, "Yana… you are being very hard on yourself. You hid a private, painful thing from your past. Was it something we should have known? Possibly. But in the end, when it really counted, you were one who made choice. You were one who pushed yourself to save others. That is not something that bad person does."

Illyana murmurs, "Some thing you are a demon, Kurt. I really am. You are all… more human than I." She sighs. "But… I guess I did save the city.. and got to meet Neil Armstrong so…" She shrugs. "I guess… yay me? Oh, I'm a sorceress too… just not very well on Earth." She sighs softly. "If… you hadn't snapped me out of it, Piotr, I would've went down with the ship, giggling at the carnage…"

"See? Smart men. If you can brag about the moon, I have a feeling you'll be ok. You're just tired from the power drain and that much exposure. Listen to your brother, and rest." Lorna advises and offers the collective group a smile. "Right, time to commune with nature, later." She offers and lifts a hand, turning and putting her feet down the road.

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