2017-02-02 The Dark Hero The Dark Knight
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Players: Weston, Batman
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Title: The Dark Hero The Dark Night

Gotham Police is perhaps a place that may have been hit hard. Not in the battle but the aftermath. People seeking shelter and safety, food, medicine, clothes. They would also need supplies of their own, so having picked up on the chatter that they are indeed running low on supplies, he has managed to convince a group of national guard to allow him to take an army truck armored and with a gunner on top to allow him to drive it to the Gotham Police Department.

Right now darkness hangs over Gotham, snow in the clouds, so far have yet to fall. With winter here, people could be in some serious straights. As the LArge four wheel drive Vehicale slowly begins to pull up the street through the secure point bringing much needed supplies, large numbers of buckets holding MRE, Winter clothes, thermal blankets, and of course, first aid kits for the police to use. Oddly with the armored man jogging infront of the large truck has kept anyone from really attacking it. That and he is carrying a heavy assault rifle in his arms as the LArge truck begins to pull up with the relief supples. And the promise that more is on the way. Not all of it will be held here, some police will have kits put together to give people something to help them until proper releif centers can be fully established. Looking around the roofs searching thermal, Ultra Violet, And with nightvision he is searching for someone, The Bat. He h as to be out here tonight… In all this armored Super soldier has quiet a large parademon kill. And he did encounter Robin (damian) when he stopped the penguine shipping military weapons into gotham…

As luck would have it, what the large armored truck finds is… the Batmobile. Its parked off to the side of a building with skid marks in the snow indicating that it slid recklessly off the road up to the mouth of an alley.

Inside the alley itself there is a series of fires and topped garbage recepticals all lining the buildings… or rather now the ground… it would seem a fight had gone on here.

Deeper back into the alley, however, it would become clear that the fight hadn't 'happened' but it was in-fact 'happening'.

There was a large city bus stuck into the side of a old packaging building and two men in black clothing were in the process of flying OUT Of the back of the truck. Inside of the truck there came the flashing of light and the defeaning sounds of gunfire!

As he notices the Batmobile he instantly looks around, And then the Gunshots as he instantly takes off running. The Super soldier moving with Blinding speed as he jumps a fence with ease running past cops and lunging to get to where the fighting is. His RRifle is put on his back and he draws his shotgun loaded with beanbag rounds!

Instantly as the fighting is joined he searches for the targets he needs to Identify, his lound large stop on the ground should attract all sorts of attention. His armor can take a lot of punishment, and he is using his entrance to serve as a distraction for those here.

Nightvision lighting up, a thermal scan of the area to Identify police, Criminal, and of course Vigilaante as he brings his shotgun up and instantly fires a shot to the roof, The beanbag round hits aas he roars out through the Vocabulator, "Drop the weapons now! Before I put you all down." He's put himself in the spot light, if batman is here, he should make great use of this flashy showy entrance.

What Weston would find inside the truck is about fifteen men all dressed in SWAT-style clothing with very nice modern automatic weapons… all of them laying in some form of disarray and disarmed heaps on the floor of the inside of the truck.

The two that had been booted out of the truck were trying to get up, however as they hadn't quite yet been knocked out. One of them went for his side arm and went to aim it AT Weston while the other started to run for it toward a side alley that lead north toward the river. Batman, was no where to be seen as of yet.

As he looks at the Swat who has his gun drawn Weston Identifyes it, "Glock 22, .45 calibur, you will need something a lot heavier than that to penetrate my armor." Then looking at the Running swat he chooses not to fire his gun at the officer. If Batman is in the area he will take care of him as he demands to know fromt he officer holding the weapong at him. "What the hell is going on here? Don't tell me you are one of the many crooked cops Infecting the Gotham Police department. Because I am so not in the mood to put up with any bull shit. Put the gun down and tell me what happened. Bt the way my armor has built in lie detectors."

While Weston spoke to the man with the gun, he started backing up toward the front of the crashed semi truck. He kept his gun drawn on Weston, however… though he didn't fire as of yet. "Shut the hell up!" He shouted back at Weston. "I don't got no fight with you, you dumb shit!" He had a bloodied lip that was pouring down his chin and he seemed more than a little agitated… to say the least. He went to the driver's side door and popped the handle open, tugging the disabled driver out and tossing him onto the ground….

Down in the alleyway there was a sudden scream, followed by silence… the Runner had disappeared.

The Dark Hero listens to the guy in Swat Armor and then he just levels his shotgun and fires. A ten gauge round fires from it unloading a Beanbag round aiming for a non vital part of the body like the arm that is holding the gun. "I told you." and then he begins to come at him standing tall and proud. The bullets will simple bounce off his armor as The dark Hero will try to grab hold of him without injuring him as he says. "Perhaps your not a cop. Impersonating a police officer is a serious offence."

The Guy will be tossed to the back of the truck where his compainions are starting to wake up and come to. As he holds that Shotgun, "Next round is Live, anyone want to push my patients." It's a bluff of course, as he will reach into his back and pull out what look like Zippties made of metal cables. He doesn't take chances. Dark Hero will try to radio the police department To let them know what is going on, to get their help, letting them know that he has individuals that have been attacked, as well as what was said to him by that one. Casting doubt on their station as SWAT members, wouldn't be so… rude.

The man started to fire his gun right as Weston shot back at him! His bullets rang off of Weston's suit and his gun was shot right out of his hand by the bean bag round!

"You son of a bitch!" He spat blood on the ground. "Look around, you moron! Its the end of the god damn world! Can't you see that?! Are you BLIND?!" He shouted loudly, his breath steaming out of his bloodied mouth.

The man went to scurry up toward the driver's seat of the truck when he was suddenly dropped in a heap on the ground, a dart sticking out of his back…. He louded witha meaty thud on the wet pavement, right next to the body of the original driver.

Behind Weston, up ontop of an outcropping on the building, Batman was there, staring down at Weston in his arm… barely visible in a deep shadow that almost completely would hide him from the naked eye.

Batman's cape wipped in the wind behind him as he just stared at Weston, watching him.

AS he Stands there and watches the man slump over he says. "The world is not ending. The battle is over, We won." He says and then he turns his head slightly to acknowledge batman and he will get the Man out of the driver's seat and then drag him over to his buddies. He stands there paying no attention to Batman waiting for them to recover so he can speak to them. Once he is sure he has their attention he says.

"The world, is not ending. The invasion is over. We survived. By Fate or act of god we survived. The world is changed, yes. But you have a duty, a responsibility to this city, That uniform. Look outside. Listen, Do you hear the sound of ships flying through the air. laser fire filling the skys. They are gone. We can rebuild, we will rebuild."

He just stands there speaking to them, not scolding them buy speaking calmly, evenly, trying to make them calm down, to wake up to the reality that the world won't simply end.

"Most of them are not real cops." Batman's modulated voice spoke from his perch high above. "Most of them are escaped convicts." He adds. "The one you shot. He's the Cop. Prison Guard, to be precise." The Batman's voice was modulated in a way to make it sound inherently different, darker and angrier.

"Gordon has been notified. He's sending people to clean this up."

Out at the street that Weston had come from the Batmobile suddenly came to life and it reversed itself out into the street with a sudden and loud rumbling of a powerful engine!

Doesn't seem to be bothered by batman's anger as he loosk down at them and says. "You have a chance a once in a life time chance to start your lives over by helping people. This world will be put back together. Socioty will fluorish again. What will be your places in it? I suggest you consider that. Of course… it's only a suggestion." He says turning to load two more shells into his shotgun, bean bag rounds by the look. The Dark Hero starts to walk past batman. "We need to talk. I been looking for you since before the merger." For the most part The Super soldier will walk out still holding his shotgun when Gordon's men arrive. He has his own grappler system as he will use it to fire a line up to the top of the warehouse roof, so he can talk to Batman privately.

Batman stands there when Weston arrives on the roof. He eyes the man, but remains completely motionless, aside from his cape fluttering in the cold winter breezes. He has nothing to really say to the man in the heavily armored suit, so he waits for him to speak then…. since he said he needed to say something afterall.

Down below the uniformed offers were handcuffing and arresting the man.

Dark Hero reaching into one of his pouches he produces what looks like a pair of Flash drive. "Here, Information taken from The classifed databanks of CADMUS, SHADE, including the US goverment. They are trying to produce Supersoldiers. Some of the experiments are extremely twisted, more fitting to be used in horror movies than labratories I recently rescued a group children from a SHADE FAcility, Atalanta was among them. She mentioned the Titans. It's over ten years old, but should be valid for you to do some good with." and he will toss the flash Drives to Batman. "The Groups in the Drive, some want to produce super soliders to protect themself, others have less than noble goals with it. With the Merger They will be more active than ever before, attempting to get hold of what the other world calls Mutants, Super humans. The second drive holds what information I could get out of the other world's computers in the short times I was forced to rest for a period."

Batman didn't reach for the flash drives as of yet. He stood there and watched and listened. When Weston finished speaking, Batman's eyes glanced at the drives and then back up to the man in the powerful armor across from him. "Where do you primarily work?" He asked Weston then. "You're not from Gotham. I haven't, nor heard, of you coming from Metropolis either." Its likely that the Dark Knight was more than a little suspicious of the man in this highly expensive and dangerous armor. "You bring this information straight to me?" He questions then, and to test it out he extends his left gauntled hand to see if Weston would hand the flash drives over.

"According to the Agency you are one of the most intelligent men on the planet. The Agency respect you. As for who I am. I am what these groups tried to make, and will always fail. They do not want soldiers. They want slaves who will obey orders without question. A true soldier thinks, as well as acts on instincts and reflex when needed. We had always intended to let you know of us before the rest of the league. The Agency's only desire is to protect humanity from alien threats like Darksied. Not police it." He places the Drive sin Batman's hands.

"There is a fine line between making soliders, and comitting what would be considered crimes against humanity. And the words, I was just following orders, doesn't cut it."

"When I was augmented, It was a painful experiance, these people on those drives, put others through a lot worse." And he will turn to leave. "Don't waste a tracker. I'll locate it easy and remove it long before I return to base." he says starting to head off."

Batman accepted the flash drives when they were handed to him, his guantlet closed around it and his hand returned to his side. A second later and his other hand extended and he offered a small container toward Weston.

"Communication device." Batman's modulated gruff voice spoke then. "Use it to contact me and vice versa." A small pause. "Let me know if anything comes up that requires my inclusion in what you have going on. Especially if its related to the streets of Gotham."

Down below the Batmobile roared down the alleyway and slid to a halt beside the building that the two of them were standing on. Batman turned to walk toward the ledge. He paused at its end looked back to Weston. "What do you call yourself?" Batman asked then.

Taking the Communicator he nods to Batman and smiles under his helm. "Dark Hero. My rounds are primarly Rubber and wax. Once of my standing orders, Lethal force is to be avoided at all times save the most extreme of circumstances. But if I can avoid taking a life, that is my primary obligation." He knows that batman is sure that he has more lethal amunition, But he was ordered to inform batman of this and he will place the communicator in a special container that will block signals from it. Lead lined does more that block radiation.

"I'll keep you informed of what I head from the few contacts the Agency has inside these groups. When possible, but information will be hard to get." he says and starts to move off. He's pushed his endurance to it's limits and begins to head off. Sooner or later Batman will figure out who he is, and information on the agency as well. But something that the Agency figures is that Batman like any detective enjoys a mystery.

But what is the point of this, informing a group of the most powerful people on the planet?


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