2017-02-03 The Artful Dodger
This scene is rated Everybody
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Players: Charles, Twila
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Title: The Artful Dodger

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A man stands infront of a painting with his hand on his chin rubbing the stubble he seems to be dressed in a relaxed, but dressed up out fit with a leather jacket over a silk shirt. His long hair seems brushed back in a wave that comes down to his back, and on his face is a mustache that seems also well kept. He ponders the painting infront of him in silence, even tilting his head as he looks at the thing. After a moment he just sighs, and shrugs.. "I just don't get it… is it supposed to be an elephant?" talking to himself as he stares at the painting.

As far as time goes it is late afternoon, a bit after school has finished and the other students are moving around through the school, though he is alone in here at the moment. He is currently keeping track of the school though no-one would know as it is in his own head, though not the inside as much as out keeping the thoughts of lots of people pushing through to make sure no-one is aware of the school, or spying on them from the outside while the whole time walking, and talking so seems a bit distracted.

After her adventures on the water, Twila made it back to the school. She doesn't really have much in the way of shoes but after her normal shoes getting a little wet, she had to break out an older pair. The pair of shoes are a little holey and they look a bit… well, ratty. She shrugs and heads out. Time to do some more exploring!

She darts down the east wing. Its easy for her to avoid the other people. When everything (and everyone) looks like its stationary, Its just easy to more around around people in that situation. Her attention is drawn by a room with art! OOOO! Art! She ducks into that room. Quickly she begins looking at the different pieces. She also notices the man in the room. "Oh Hello!" SHe gives a little waves.

The man turns around and looks at her. His face looks soft, and he smiles a bit but his eyes are tired though he does seem to give one of those nice guy vibes. "Well hello there young lady.. I was not expecting company, but since you are here." he turns to look at the painting.. "Do you know what this is supposed to be, they want to hang it in the main hall and art is just not my thing." he chuckles slightly. He doesn't seem to mention her quick appearance or her ratty shoes. Though as he looks at the painting he falls to silence for a moment, but then continues. "To be honest this is all kind of new to me, but aren't you supposed to be with the others? I do not mind, as long as you don't tell Rogue I snuck out of my office, but usually the students tend to find friends their own age to hang around, and snap… oh what is it…. Selfies?" he asks confused about the whole thing in general.

In the blink of an eye, she is in front of the picture, looking it over as she tries to figure it out. "Well, umm… I think we could say it's the elephant in the room?" She smirks a little. "Honestly it looks some sort of elephant or a rock figuration. I dunno." She shrugs softly.

When the man asks her about why she isn't with the others, she gives a smile, "Well I am sorta new to the school. I only arrived yesterday. I've been trying to get to know people but its really tough. Mr. Nightcrawler brought me here because he figured I could use some help learning how to use my powers safely. I've only had my powers for a few days. Its a long story." She laughs a little. "By the way, I'm Twila Kohl. I go by Pulse though."

As she zips over the man doesn't seem to bat an eye… Well given after the long moment one would normally as he has seen many abilities it is difficult to surprise him anymore. He does chuckle a bit, "I see.. Well you know what I thought the same thing maybe neither of us have an eye for art." and grins a bit. He holds a hand out. "Well welcome to the school Miss Kohl, or Pulse, I am Charles Xavier, but you can call me Chuck they all do. Headmaster of the school when they can catch me." and gives her a wink to show he is joking. "Kurt is wise at times you should listen when he says we can help I have seen many students learn a great deal about their powers here. Though I wish I could go through the paperwork that quickly." he sighs a bit and looks at the door searching for the ones searching for him.

"It is weird to come into your powers so late, though there is no race." he holds up a hand, "I do not mean to pry I just am mearly curious to learn more about my students as you are all important to me, so I tend to get a bit too nosey.. I apologize." he chuckles, and moves to the window opening it a bit as he looks around out of it. "Also.. just so you know I have an open door policy so if there is anytime you want to discuss that long story you have someone who will listen." he smiles again as he picks up the painting and hurls it out the window as he gives the shhh noise about it. "Lets not tell anyone about that part okay?"

Twila's eyes go wide as the painting takes a flight! She laughs a little. "I just thought of what to call that painting! Dumbo!" She snickers playfully before she starts to actually calm down a little bit more. As she does, she seems to slow down a little more, even her mind slows a little more. "Sorry. Everything is a race these days. At least for me."

She crosses her arms over her chest as she begins speaking again. "Well, I used to run Track at my old school. We were having a winter meet since the weather was a little warm. I was doing the pole vault. Last run, I was getting close to taking second. I took off, planted the pole and got hit by lightning. It hurt like hell. It knocked me out, it was that painful. When I came to, I was in this really weird place. Like an alternate dimension or something. Everything was red and yellow."

The professor nods, and smiles. "Dumbo.. I like it, if they find it again I will definitely name it that, though one may hope that it is lost forever." Shutting the window he turns, "Humm.. I see it sounds like when I enter the dimension of the mind, though it is more gray then any other colors. It seems like you are a dimensional traveler young lady.. So welcome to Earth!" and grins again giving a peace sign. "I take it from the condition of your shoes that you are still running, maybe faster now then before, but always on the move." he moves back into more the center of the room, "Though I hope this place is one you can stay at for a while. I know new places can be scary, or odd, heck even I for the first few days woke up and though I was still in Manchester." he shrugs, "If you ever have that problem just remember we are here to help, and that means the good times and the bad.. Don't be afraid to ask if you need to talk okay? I know I said this before, but it is important.. We don't need another Logan." and actually laughs to himself on that one.

Twila smiles and gives a shrug. "I dunno who Logan is." She then laughs, "Actually I am from New York City. This version, Not the umm, Metropolis of the other world. I sorta have been picking up bits and pieces about this other world that's now merged with outs and stuff. Its really cool!" She smiles before going back to what she was saying before. "Anyway I woke up in this weird place. Everything was Red and Yellow. My mom appeared. She said she was an echo created by my memories and the Speed Force. She told me I couldn't stay there. That I needed to leave. She said, 'Run!' and I did. I took off running and ran clear out of that place, that… Speed Force. When I got out I was moving insanely fast. Accidentally ran into a parademon and sent it flying a good hundred yards and it smashed into a tree. I've been moving at crazy speeds since!"

Charles looks up like he heard something and moves back to the window. "Well remember, open door.. I am sorry to have to leave so soon but business calls and if I don't leave it will find me." he smiles at her as he climbs out the window. "You don't have to run now your here, you are safe here as long as I have anything to say about it." He is climbing down as his voice slowly gets lower. "And remember I wasn't there I am just an illusion Professor who? Goodbye Miss Kohl. I hope we meet again soon I wish to learn more about this.. Speed Dimension." he adds falling the last few feet with a barely held back swear, as he gets back up and runs. They were not going to catch him this time! He hated to do the work he just like talking with the students and laying in the sun!

Twila blinks a few times, "Okay, this school actually might be a little, weird." She states to herself before turning to head to the cafeteria. Professor's gotta paperwork, Speedster's gotta eat!

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